Hold Me Tight and Love Me the Way I Am

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As Akiza walked into the airport, Yusei smiled when he saw her. She smiled at him and they went up to one another, before sharing a kiss on the lips. “I’m so proud of you,” Yusei said, “You graduated early and now are moving back to New Domino City.” Akiza smiled too. “Thanks Yusei. I wanted to be with you more often, so that was a bigger factor. I did enjoy my summer and winter breaks with you.” Yusei blushed. “Me too. Come on! Let's go back to my place in the Tops.”


Akiza smiled. The twins had given Yusei his own apartment in the Tops to live in and he loved it. Yusei knew it was where he wanted to live with Akiza for the rest of his life. Of course, he would have to pop the question first and that wasn't what he was looking at right now.


Instead, Yusei was staring at Akiza's massive tits as they bounced as she walked with each step. Yusei could feel his pants tightening as his massive meat was getting hard. Akiza looked up and they stopped walking. She turned to stare at Yusei, who slightly flinched. “What were you looking at?” she asked. Her breasts bounced with even just a slight movement of her head. Yusei knew Akiza always wore bras, as she told that to Crow when he bugged her many times about her size.


As Yusei was lost in his thoughts, Akiza wasn't. She looked at him, curiosity clear in her face. “N-Nothing!” Yusei stammered, his face bright red. “I wasn’t staring at anything.” Akiza looked at him with confusion and turned her attention to his pants. She noticed a bulge was popping out in the front. “Oh Yusei…” She sighed, putting her hands on her hips. He always was like this whenever she was around him. In fact, during her winter break, his hands were always trying to get into her panties. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Can you at least hold it in until we get home?”


“I think I can hold it.” Yusei gritted his teeth, trying to keep himself calm. “Come on,” the red haired girl said, taking his arm and putting it between her breasts. Yusei gulped and even just the slight contact made his pants tighten more. As they walked, Akiza noticed the bulge in Yusei's pants bouncing a little. It didn't take a rocket scientist for her to know he was huge down there.


She giggled to herself as her face turned a shade of pink. As they walked, Akiza's breasts kept bouncing like bouncy balls and it felt super good when they did. By the time they got to the waiting car, they were both turned on. Yusei let her in first and she thanked him as he got in. The car got moving and they headed to the Tops. “Yusei, while I was away at college, did you fap as you thought about me?” she asked.


“Uhh…” Yusei trailed off, unsure how to answer the question she asked him. Of course he had masturbated while thinking of her wrapping her soft marshmallowy tits around his cock while they were in the shower. But he couldn’t tell her any of that or she would keep pegging him for every single small detail and he didn’t like to talk too much about that stuff. He couldn’t lie through his teeth either so he decided to go with number two. “I will admit that I did fap while thinking about you, but in my defense, I was so lonely. Jack always boasts on how he has a bigger cock and a better love life in front of me. He called me a loser multiple times,” Yusei said in exasperation. Akiza was speechless. “Well, I guess that’s a logical reason,” she said and her hand crawled over to his throbbing erection. Yusei felt her touch and looked down. He noticed that her hand was unzipping the zipper and slithering into his pants. “I’m going to test you,” she whispered, smirking softly. “If you cum before we get to your home, you can’t put it into my pussy.”


“But Akiza…” The black haired man started, but she cut him off. “Sshh…” she hushed, her hand reaching into his boxers. “Let’s not distract the driver and get all of us into a serious accident. You’re already hot and bothered as much as I am right?” she said huskily, dominance clear in her voice. Yusei bit his lip and nodded furiously. Akiza chuckled mischievously and her hands came to the tip of his dick, pressing gently. Yusei threw his head back and closed his eyes. She wasn’t going easy on him early that’s for sure. “Come on Yusei,” Akiza darkly said, her hands moving up and down. Yusei gulped and tried harder to suppress it. ‘Yusei isn’t half bad at holding back his urges,’ Akiza thought. The more her hands roamed his dick, the wetter she got.


Yusei’s dick fully came out of the space in both his boxers and black pants. His dick was thick, massive, bulging veins, and was 15 long inches. Akiza’s hand was actually getting tired having to go up and down so much dick. However, Yusei knew he had a weak control in situations like this. Akiza quickly put up the blocker on the screen, as the driver was luckily occupied by the heavy traffic. The window went up and Yusei held himself for just a few moments afterwards, before finally cumming. Akiza watched as cum squirted all over the backseats of the car. Yusei was a huge cummer and it came out like a fire hose. The couple found their feet completely covered in cum, as the feet holders were like giant puddles of cum. When Yusei finally managed to stop, the cum was so high, that it went up past the seat.


When they got to the Tops, the driver drove into the parking lot  and put the car in parking mode. Akiza took her hands out of Yusei’s pants and noticed that they were covered in white, thick, milky cum. “Driver, please let us off here,” she told him. The driver nodded in approval. “You may open the door then, and no payment is needed.” Yusei and Akiza gave their thank yous to the driver and they opened the door. As soon as they opened it, a stream of Yusei’s cum spilled out onto the parking lot. “You failed, but I’ll let it pass this time, since I haven’t seen you in so long.” Akiza spoke and grinned at her lover. “Well, thanks for letting me off the hook this time,” Yusei said and zipped up his pants. Akiza took his hand. “Come on! Let's go!” she said, forgetting all about their deal. They grabbed Akiza’s luggage from the trunk and quickly went upstairs, cum still dripping down their legs.

When they got to the top floor, Yusei and Akiza smiled. They looked at one another and Akiza’s massive tits bounced yet again. ‘They’ve gotten bigger since last summer,’ Yusei thought.  “Whew!” Akiza panted and took her white jacket off along with her shirt. “A-Akiza, if you’re going to take a shower, can’t you take your clothes off in the bathroom?” Yusei asked, trying to be moral. “I’m not taking a shower right now.” Akiza replied. Yusei frowned, but smiled when Akiza went up and hugged. “Aww! I love hugs!” Yusei said happily. “I do too,” Akiza replied. Yusei and Akiza both smiled as they hugged. They were both super affectionate with each other and loved physical contact. Akiza then started to lower her eyelids and leaned her face closer to her lover. “Akiza...Are you…” Yusei spoke but Akiza beat it to him first, connecting her lips with his. Yusei closed his eyes and took a few moments to get things straight and enjoy the kiss he shared with his red haired girlfriend. ‘Her lips are so soft,’ he thought. Come to think of it, he never really paid any attention to her lips. After they broke apart from each other, Yusei looked at her lips. They were a very light pink with a hint of gloss. Yusei suspected that she wore makeup because she wanted to look her very best for him and maybe seduce him a bit. “Any reason you wore makeup?” he asked, “I’m only asking because you never wore any when you visited me on your breaks.”


“Makeup isn’t my thing, but since today was a special day, I wanted to prime myself a little. Is there anything wrong with that?” she questioned. “N-No, I think you look gorgeous with or without makeup either way,” he blurted, and then covered his mouth. “Thanks, but I want you to love my natural beauty more,” she pulled him back to her and they both shared another kiss. Instead of it being innocent and sweet like it was the first time, it was much more rough and passionate. Yusei took the lead, slipping his tongue into her mouth to meet hers. To Akiza, she could feel both of their tongues meld into one so was more than happy to have her tongue entwine with his. However, Yusei quickly gave the lead back to Akiza. He was extremely submissive with her when it came to affection and put her needs first, which she was both grateful for and loved. After their second kiss and first make-out, they both pulled away from each other, breathing deeply for air. At that point, Akiza couldn’t take it anymore so she tugged on Yusei’s clothes and ripped them to shreds. “Those were my best clothes.” Yusei pouted. “Not anymore. I can buy you new clothes later. Besides, you have a million of those same outfits,” she said and led the now naked Yusei to the bathroom. His massive 15 inch dick was shriveled and small from the cold air. Every since he came, it wasn’t hard and bouncy. “Wait just a moment.” the red haired female said and started stripping herself down until she had nothing on. Yusei could feel himself growing hard again as he watched her huge breasts jiggle up and down like crazy. Only now, it wasn’t hidden by her clothes or her massive bra. His large dick sprang up again, which got the attention of Akiza. She went on her knees and stuck the tip of her tongue on it. “Come on, no more teasing.” Yusei begged. The red haired woman shook her head and flicked her tongue against it for a few moments. Yusei knew that if he came from her tongue flickings, he would be deeply damned. Luckily, he managed to survive, which made Akiza a little impressed. There was no way that she was going to let her big boy out of here without him panting so hard. “See how you like this!” She said and wrapped her massive marshmallows around his ginormous 15 inch length. “Intense!” he exclaimed as his libido skyrocketed. Akiza proceeded to take his ginormous cock into her mouth and she bobbed her head up and down as if she was nodding in approval. Yusei was stunned that she could get it all inside. Most females would choke at just a few inches, but Akiza took the over a foot long dick all into her mouth. Yusei moaned and and Akiza did too. They loved making the other feel good and happy. Yusei could feel himself coming at his limit, so he decided to warn his red haired girlfriend.


“Akiza. I'm getting close. Stop!” She quickly followed his orders and pulled mouth off of his long dick. “Akiza, I’m going to come soon.” Yusei rasped out. Akiza took her mouth off of his dick and coughed for a few moments. “Alright then, let’s get to the main point,” she said and stood up. She placed her hands between her legs to masturbate, so that humping her future hubby would be much simpler and less painful. When she was turned on again, she spread her legs out over Yusei’s dick. “Uh..Aki..” Yusei started, but before he could finish, Akiza slammed herself down on his dick. “Oh!” Akiza screamed in surprise. This was a feeling that didn’t feel in such a long time, a feeling that she absolutely loved. “Tch...Aki…” Yusei started, getting lost in the pleasure.


Both of them stuck their tongues out and rolled their eyes to the back of their heads. Their eyes turned blurry. “There is so much dick!” Akiza moaned. “Your insides feel so good!” Yusei moaned, feeling very aroused. He placed his hands on her hips and held on to them while Akiza bounced up and down. Riding his dick had never felt this good for her before. Akiza’s massive breasts were bouncing like crazy and all the pleasure from Yusei's cock and bouncing her giant melons finally caused them to start squirting milk.


Akiza’s massive tits were always full of milk. Over a gallon could fit in each breast and, even after emptying in a time like this, they would refill in seconds. It felt extremely good when she got to release milk and when they refilled. Thus, squirting milk from her boobs,  producing milk from her boobs, bouncing her boobs, and even growing her boobs all felt good. Thus, they were giant pleasure balls that seemed to make Akiza and the people around her aroused. Of course, what also help was that the people of New Domino City were all nymphomaniacs, which basically meant they were aroused 24/7 and every day of the year. Not that there was anything wrong with that though, they were just human. And they all loved sex. Plus, all the guys in New Domino City had huge dicks and could go for hours without stopping. They also cummed a ton and for a long time. To balance it out, the females of New Domino City could go all night too, all had giant breasts, and could produce and squirt a ton of milk.


However, the couple knew this couldn't last forever, as they heard a very loud knock at the door. “YUSEI!” A loud voice boomed. Yusei felt his stomach tighten. “Oh no…” Akiza groaned. They both  knew that voice and who it belonged to. The person then broke the door and went in. “Jack!” Yusei exclaimed.


“Yusei, you didn’t tell me that you were screwing with your little wife here.” The blonde sneered. Yusei and Akiza blushed. “Jack!” Carly scolded giving him a hard slap on the back. “That’s enough. If you think that you are better, why don’t you challenge Yusei here?” Carly said. “What? A challenge?” Akiza asked. Yusei frowned. Jack loved to find ways to mock and make fun of him.”You know what, I accept whatever challenge you were going to give me.” Yusei finally said. “Ok then.” Jack said and looked at Carly. “Strip,” he ordered. “No one orders me around.” Carly said and lifted her shirt off. Her giant DD breasts bounced as she took it off, even with a bra fully on. The black haired woman then unclipped her translucent bra and brushed herself onto her Jack Atlas. “Come on…” She cooed softly, grinding herself against him. Jack started to blush and his dick ripped right out of his pants. “Oh come on!” Carly pouted, taking off her glasses. “You couldn’t even wait can you?” She asked. Akiza and Yusei looked at each other. “Should we resume or start over?” Yusei asked her. “Start over. You can top me,” Akiza said and brought his hand up to her chest. “Akiza…” Yusei trailed off, before Jack gave him a hard slap on his back. “Get started wimp!” he teased and stuck his tongue out. Yusei could feel himself grow a little livid so he pushed Akiza down gently into the water. Rather than kissing first, Yusei went to Akiza’s soft chest and latched his mouth onto the left nipple. Akiza let out a sweet yelp as Yusei’s wet tongue rolled around and his other hand  softly played with her other breast.


Yusei was so gentle with her. No biting. No pinching. Just pure soft and gentle. Akiza moaned and Yusei stopped everything that he was doing. “Are you okay Akiza? Did I cause you pain?” he asked. Jack rolled his eyes and Akiza smiled. “No. You’re super gentle. I love having you be like this.” Yusei smiled. “That’s what I was hoping for,” he replied, before laying on his back. “Just to be sure I don’t cause you any pain, can you be in control instead?” Akiza smiled and climbed on top of him. “Of course. I always love being in this position.” Akiza loved that it was their usual, no majority, no practically every single time position. Akiza knew Jack would blow a gasket if he found out that Yusei was extremely submissive in their physical play.


Jack had his face in his hands and shook his head as Aiza took over and gently caressed his body. Yusei smiled and she could tell he was less nervous, as they went back to what was normal and good for each other. Jack could only watch so much, before finally breaking his silence. “Get going Carly!” Jack then yelled. “Jack, I am trying to pleasure Akiza first before we get to the real thing!” Yusei fired back. “Jack, can’t you be more patient?” the black haired woman hissed, “Well they should hurry up! They seem be taking forever just to get going!” Jack yelled back.


As the two continued to bicker, Yusei and Akiza sweatdropped and turned back to look at each other. “Should we tell them we have already done in many, many times?” Yusei asked. Akiza shrugged. “Nah, because then there will be questions.” Yusei nodded. “Good point. You’re so smart Akiza.” The two then kissed on the lips and continued to make intense love to each other. Akiza then went to his ear and gently bit it. She then licked it and planted light feathery kisses from his ear all the way down to his collar. Yusei enjoyed it when she went soft on him at first. She didn’t like to do it often with him because it wasn’t her preference. The red haired woman then climbed on top of him as Yusei laid down, giving her control. Akiza proceeded to flick her tongue against his flat nipples. She then continued planting kisses down his abdomen, his torso, until she reached his legs. She touched his length again and stroked it gently, making Yusei feel tight. He gritted his teeth once again and Akiza smiled. Her hands went down to his balls and she cupped them gently. “Yes...Yes…” Yusei groaned and turned his head.


Jack and Carly stopped bickering, but still Yusei and Akiza were slow and gentle. Too slow for Jack to keep watching much longer. “Oh that’s it! Let a real man show you how to do this!”


Jack took Carly and grabbed her by the ass. “Oh Jack!” she moaned and Jack immediately shoved his tongue into her mouth. He started pulling off her shorts and panties, ripping them with his massive hands. He took off his shirt, showing off his muscle ripped body. Jack looked at Akiza. “Now this is a man,” he said, taking note of Yusei’s lanky build. He then pulled down his pants and showed off his massive, bulging, giant like him 17 inches of hard, juicy meat.


“Oh Jack! It’s so big,” Carly noted. Jack looked at Yusei. “And it’s bigger than yours you little dick loser!” he said before grabbing it and shoving it right into her pussy. Carly moaned. “Ow! Jack!” But Jack didn’t listen as he shoved inch after agonizing inch inside of her. Jack finally got all of it to fit into her tight pussy, before he started slamming in and out of her.  


Jack slammed her for minute after minute, both of them grunting and moaning. Jack hissed as the sound of sex echoed in the room. “Jack. You can go for hours,” Carly noted. Jack nodded. “I know, but I need to show these two who the king of the bedroom is. I’m going to release.” he said in a rough tone. Carly didn’t agree. “But Jack! I want more!” she whined. Jack glared at her. “We will do this later you sex crazed whore.” Carly nodded and Jack used his power to control his dick.


As Jack was approaching his climax, he gritted his teeth.“I’m...I’m...I’m cumming!” he shouted and cum overflowed her. Carly came as well, her juices all over Jack’s gigantic length, which put him at peace. He turned to the other couple, who were still watching them. “I win.” Jack smirked. “Since you’re the loser Yusei, I feel like I have to give you something to make you feel better.” He said and smiled in a mocking way. Jack touched his cock with one hand and rubbed Carly’s pussy with his other hand. “Jack, I thought you said…” Carly started. “Shut it!” Jack roared at her. Within minutes, they reached their climaxes for who knows how many times they were getting it on in just one normal day. Their juices started shooting all over the place, including Yusei and Akiza. Once he was done with them, Jack lost consciousness and fell asleep with Carly, who was knocked out too. Yusei and Akiza watched as Jack snored loudly. “Well, he’s out cold now.” Yusei said looked at Akiza. “Let’s go and take a nice walk before he wakes up. Write a note to him saying that he’s going to clean up the whole house since he won and made fun of you.” Akiza said. Yusei nodded and went into the kitchen. He saw the post-it notes on the fridge door and took one off the pad. Akiza took a red pen out of her pocket and placed it in his hand. Yusei clicked on the pen and wrote as fast as he could and placed it on Jack’s bare chest. “Good, now let’s go.” She said and took his hand. They closed the door quietly before Akiza realized something and stopped in her tracks. Yusei turned around and noticed her standing there.


“Akiza, is there something on your mind?” Yusei asked. “You and I are  drenched in cum.” Akiza said, pointing to his clothes stained in Carly’s juices. “Oh.” Yusei said in realization and looked down at his clothes. He studied his stained shirt for a moment and then chuckled. “I don’t care. We can do something about that later. I just don’t want Jack to wake up.”


Akiza smiled and touched his chin. “You are the best thing that has happened to me for a long time. I am glad to be back with you.” She whispered. “I feel the exact same way.” Yusei said and stroked her cheek gently with love. Akiza closed her eyes and brought Yusei’s face down to hers. She placed her soft lips on his and kissed him tenderly.  When she leaned back, she added, “Don’t listen to Jack. I don’t care what he says. I know you’re worried if you’re still good enough for me. And you are.” Yusei smiled and wrapped his hands around her neck. “You really are my special princess.” He said and took her hand.  They both smiled at each other. They happily left the Tops as they laughed and giggled with each other. Life was truly perfect at the moment for them. No one could get in their way and ruin the great time that they were having right now.


Hours later, Jack’s eyes fluttered open. He sat up and touched his forehead. “Ugh, my head hurts. What was going on?” He groaned and looked around, realizing that he was still inside Yusei’s apartment. “Oh yeah, I challenged Yusei to see who could be better at sex and I won. I then…” He stopped talking as he saw a yellow sheet stuck onto his chest. “A post-it note? What could it say?” He took it off and read it. His whole body shook with anger. “YUSEI!” Jack bellowed, waking up Carly, who was asleep right next to him. “Can you lower your voice?” Carly said in a crabby tone, grabbing her glasses off of the table, half asleep. “I have to clean Yusei’s apartment as it says right here.” He pointed to the yellow sheet. “Give me that!” Carly snatched the note out of his hand and adjusted her glasses so she could see the writing on the note well. “Jack, Akiza and me are going out for a while. Please clean up the apartment before someone notices and calls Domino City Department of Health and Wellness and they fine us. Yusei.” Carly read.


“A King doesn’t clean up a mess he makes.” The blonde said in defiance and put his clothes on. He walked up to the door and turned the knob. “Oh no you don’t.” Carly said and grabbed him by the jacket. “You were the one that dragged both of us into this apartment in the first place and didn’t let Yusei and Akiza spend some quality time together. We are going to do what the note says”


“No!” Jack pouted childishly. “If you choose to be disobedient, then I am going to throw away all of the ramen cups in the pantry when we get home.” Carly sternly said and put her hands on her bare hips. “No! Not my ramen! Anything but my ramen!” Jack begged. “Then get to work!” She said and dragged him to the kitchen to get the rags. “Why does this have to happen to me?” Jack whined and stared at the ceiling.


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