Awakened Oath

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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Chapter 1: Viper 

In one of the other villages known as Seishi is where those of spectral, holy, and those dealing in necromancy dwell. It’s also home to wraiths, ghosts, and any manner of the half-dead. Stretching, a caramel bronze skinned man with wild white hair woke up from a long rest. It had been told to him before being stowed away to safety by his family in hopes to keep their bloodline alive that there would come a time when certain events are set into motion when he would wake up. Opening his eyes revealed slate gray orbs. Glancing around, he frowned at noticing that none of those he had come to know and love had made it except him. There’s the slight hope that his younger brothers made it out in one piece. Knowing that Bakura and Yami are resourceful does reassure the fact that he believed they must’ve figured some way to get out of the wreckage. The tricky part would be trying to find them.

“Damn, it’s been what feels like ages since I’ve been here,” said Akefia to himself, raising out of the shallow grave, his limbs all stitched up with ruby and onyx thread, unsure of what happened to him during his time asleep. “Everyone I know except maybe my brothers are dead and gone. Am I really meant to take up the throne?” 

“Why of course you are,” said a velvet smooth voice from the darkness, revealing a pair of scarlet eyes that sparked the half-dead man’s recognition.

“Master? Oh, my apologies, I didn’t notice it was you at first,” blushed Akefia, feeling a wash of relief come over him at seeing and hearing a familiar person during this time of confusion from coming back to the waking world.

“it’s alright,” reassured Zorc, revealing himself in all of his glory, dressed in his usual dark robes that exentuate his skeletal pale form well, having shoulder length obsidian hair with horns atop it along with the ability to have wings outspread on his whim, having dominion over the place known as the Shadow Realm located in the belly of the Underworld that lies below the mortal plain. “Come, I’ll take you home. Your brothers have been waiting for when you would come back.” 

“Where are they?” Asked the stitched up male, accepting the offered hand without hesitation, eager to go see them.

“Back at the nest in Hizuna,” answered his counterpart, knowing with his abilities they should get there within a few blinks with being capable of teleporting through the shadows themselves, adept in his power. 

“Ah, I see,” nodded Akefia, excited to see them again after so much time has passed, wondering if they’ve found their mates yet.

Accompanying him back to where the nest is located, he can’t help to feel excited about seeing both of his siblings again. It pleases him to no bounds of knowing they made it out ok. Obviously the two came into their own in different ways. Zorc informed what became of them after the fateful day when their village had been destroyed. It intrigued Akefia to learn that Yami had been changed into a vampire and Bakura a shifter. It would definitely form an interesting dynamic. It’s good to hear that their personalities and such didn’t change from their transition. Within a decent amount of time they reappeared inside of the secure walls of the coven. Releasing him from his grasp, he watched with a twinge of amusement while his partner went to go reunite with his brothers. They would meet up again when Akefia finishes up. Until then he has some matters that needed to be settled. One of them being to create a time and day as to when he would be meeting with the ruler of the most influential guild in this world. It would help ensure that no further harm comes to his flock nor the other man’s. Heading off, he hoped that Akefia enjoyed the time he has with those two. Holding a fond smile on his lips, the demon lord ventured off to carry out his duties.

Meanwhile, Akefia dashed to where he could feel his brothers signatures. Unable to conceal his excitement he went to go to where they seemed to be waiting for him. Apparently his Master had informed them of his awakening. Going into the room, he hoped that this would go over well. It’s been what feels like ages since he’s been with them. Knowing they all are immortal beings except they can be killed with certain ways did mean that necessarily they wouldn’t be without each other throughout the sands of time. Seeing the white haired male enter, Yami came over to hug him tightly. The two grinned like fools. Bakura huffed, coming over to join. It seemed like such a happy moment for the trio.

“So, tell me about what’s been going on while I’ve been asleep,” pestered Akefia to the other two. “Have you both found your mates yet or not?” 

“I have,” informed Yami, sweat dropping at how their eldest brother can be at times, knowing he means well by it.

“Kind of,” shrugged Bakura after backing up. “I caught a bunny a few days ago. He seems to smell like the one I’ve been looking for.” 

“And?” Prodded Akefia for details.

“Just gotta break him in first,” answered the silverette with a smirk creasing his lips, knowing Akefia has the same tendencies as his own. “Have you spoken with Master?” 

“Of course,” heat rushed up to his cheeks, darkening them a shade akin to Bakura’s eyes, wondering what they knew of his relationship with Zorc.

“Any developments?” Teased Yami, figuring the two would want to know what’s going on as well.

“Um, he planned on having me meet him in his chambers after I had my reunion with you two first. He knows that I wanted to see you two first thing when I returned back,” explained the half-dead male, bringing a rare smile to both of the younger males, while he’s of the appearance of twenty-two and his younger siblings of two years younger than him their real age is a few millennia long each.

“Good,” grunted Bakura in a pleased manner of hearing this.

“You can come meet our pets after your time with Master. I’m sure he’s eagerly waiting on you,” smirked Yami, waggling his eyebrows at their older brother.

“Oh hush,” chuckled Akefia, having missed being around these two for such a long time. “Besides, I have to keep up the reputation of our lineage. Forging a marriage with Zorc will ensure we’re brought to greatness.” 

“Yeah, yeah, we know,” scowled the werewolf with a roll of his eyes in exasperation. “that’s why you and he are so anticipating on us getting our own mates too to ensure there’ll be heirs if anything happens.” 

“Nothing will,” stated Yami firmly, knowing no matter what he and the others would fight tooth and nail to ensure royal blood isn’t spilled. 

“Mmm, that’s the hope,” murmured Akefia, thinking he should try seeking out a certain blonde haired assassin later when he has some free time on his hands. “Now that I think about things, can you find someone for me, ‘Kura?” 

“Of course. Who?” Demanded Bakura to know, withdrawing a knife to sharpen absently, having a bountiful supply of them for whatever occasion may arise.

“Get Malik for me. He might be in some trouble…. Bring your partner along with you. He’ll be of use considering Mal’ probably has his little birdie accompanying him.” 

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