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Chapter One


"Please stop.."

Words he thought he said aloud. Maybe he did maybe he didn't. The familiar fog of unconsciousness started creeping in around him. The smell of dirt and blood assaulting his senses. Dizzy, he was so dizzy. He could feel rough hands on his thighs, finger tips and nails digging in he was sure he'd have marks there. Hot breath came in waves on his face, words he could hear, words being spoken to him. A firm painful hand laced in his hair holding his head to the side. The sensation of something trying to forcefully enter him. He knew, he knew and yet he couldn't stop it. Why couldn't he stop it? Where was his strength? A whimper escaped his lips like the only breath leaving his lungs. There was a metallic taste in his mouth. The attack came from nowhere catching him completely off guard. He prided himself on always being aware, always being prepared to defend himself. He swore he'd never be a victim again and that's when he knew. He knew who his attacker was. Words being whispered in his ear became clearer threw the haze. He begged into the darkness to be left alone, for him to stop. Joey gasped one last time as his body just couldn't handle the physical abuse anymore and he slipped into blackness. A smug smirk was the last thing his vision could make out and all he wished if this was the end was to be in his arms one last time.


"Tonight on the 10 o'clock news..."

"Local resident Joey Wheeler was attacked upon leaving work this evening," the news reporter said into the camera.

Eyes wide with shock Mokuba barreled threw his brothers office doors. Before Seto could question him and his sudden outburst Mokuba turned the tv on and flipped it back onto the news.

"Mr Wheeler's body was found in the alley way behind his job outside of the KaibaLand amusement park. Its unclear the motive at this time behind the attack but sexual assault has been identified along with what is now being considered attempted murder. The attacker is currently still at large and we encourage anyone who may know any information to report to the local authorities as soon as possible. Police at this time are unable to determine if a second attack will be made or if this was an isolated incident. Mr. Wheeler is in an unstable condition and currently fighting for his life." The news anchor continued on with the nightly news like she was giving a food order.

Seto didn't know what angered him more in that moment, the fact Mokuba ruined his night with this or how the information had sliced threw him. An indescribable feeling of panic raced down his spine and he could still feel his eyes wide with shock frozen in place at his desk.

"Big brother.." Mokuba asked."Big brother," he said again even louder.

As if sound came rushing back to him at once Seto looked at his brother with confusion. Seeing the unasked question in his eyes Mokuba answered.

"I know you two had a fight and you haven't manned up to apologize yet but Joey needs you, big brother he could die."

"Mokuba.." Seto finally finding his voice even if small in this moment. "Mokuba, Joey made it clear he didn't want to see me anymore why would you..."

Mokuba cut him off before he could finish.

"Stop acting like you don't care. You stay detach, not wanting to commit but you and Joey have been acting like a couple for months and he loves you and you know it". Mokuba exclaimed. "Will you please for once stop acting like an insensitive asshole and go to him. Will you ever forgive yourself if he dies and you weren't there? Will you ever forgive yourself if you don't go and find out what happened to him?!" Mokuba was practically paces threw the CEOs home office.

Seto forgot how mature Mokuba had become in the last few years, he has to remind himself that hes not a kid anymore. Mokuba now 19, had long been friends with Joey and he would see to it that at least one Kaiba brother was by his side tonight. Though Mokuba knew it was Seto's place, no matter how much his brother tried to hide it. No matter how much he tried to say he didn't want his life to be complicated he had let the blonde in. After months, if not years of Joey trying to mend bridges and befriend him for Mokuba's sake, Seto started softening to him, even started to crave his companionship. Swiftly Seto pushed himself to a standing position, he knew his brother was right and without a second thought, not that Mokuba would give him the chance to think any longer he was briskly walking out of his office.

Roland appeared as if on queue, "I have your SUV ready and waiting sir."

Sometimes Seto had wondered how Roland always knew what they needed and when they needed it but I guess that's why he paid him ten times what he should.

"Roland, locate what hospital Joey was taken to. We need to get there as soon as possible and find out what happened, especially if this attack happened on one of our properties."

With a curt nod Roland fell in line walking with the Kaiba brothers with his phone to his ear. The drive seemed like a blur, Seto thought intently to himself. "If that fucking piece of shit did this I will kill him myself". Seto could feeling his chest constrict when looking at the worried expression on his brothers face, even Roland had a look of concern in his eyes. "Has Wheeler really made his way this deeply into my life?" Seto thought to himself. How could he be so blind? Joey was generally excepted and adored by everyone, how could the people closet to him not care for the energetic blonde.

Pulling up to the curb of the hospital Seto and Mokuba exited the SUV and didn't even wait to ask what room Joey was in they already knew he was in ICU. Privileges of being a Kaiba, information was never hard to get and get quickly. Walking off the elevator Seto was greeted by a personal security guard. Roland must have arranged this he thought, knowing the brothers would want to keep Joey as safe as possible. Seto and Mokuba walked up to the guarded door of Joey's hospital room. A doctor exited the room stopping the brothers from entering. Seto gave his best Kaiba glare at the doctor for blocking his entry. The doctor looked up at him and with the most sincerity in his eyes said that Joey was not in a condition to be seen just yet and begged the brothers to listen. With a long sigh Seto let the feeling of exhaustion roll over him, it was late and he wanted answers.

"Can you please tell us what happened, whats going on with Joey?" Mokuba asked a small shake in his voice.

"Will you boys please join me over here?" The doctor pointed to a conference area with a small amount of privacy.

Seto looked expectantly at the doctor trying to give nothing away with his expressionless demeanor.

"Is Mr Wheeler family?"

A quick yes came from Seto's lips before the doctor could finish his full sentence. Knowing very well who the Kaiba brothers were and the overkill of security currently residing in his ICU the doctor made no move to object and made his own assumption of their relationship to Joey. The doctor cleared his throat finally..

"Mr Wheeler has suffered a severe concussion. It seems his head was smashed into a hard surface, the bone around his right eye has been fractured. There was a small puncture wound on the left side of his lower back, this attributed to the majority of his blood loss which was extensive. To my understanding he was found half naked so a rape kit was preformed as there was also visible bleeding from his rectal area. There was no semen present but that doesn't negate rape, which there is clearly severe anal trauma so I will be including this in my final report as positive for the authorities. Also because of the time of year being half clothed he was found nearly freezing. There are varies other small bruises and trauma to the body conclusive with an attack and Mr Wheeler trying to defend himself." The doctor looked up at both brothers with sympathy.

Mokuba whose hand was now covering his mouth in shock. "Will Joey be okay?" he asked, his words muffled by his fingers.

The doctor took in a deep breath, "Mr Wheeler needs blood transfusions and to be monitored for any swelling to the brain. He is alive and his brain activity is very positive though he is unresponsive himself. He will live, its unclear right now the lasting damages though. His recovery will be long and more then likely more mental and emotional then physical."

Standing all three men walked back towards Joey's room stopping at the door the doctor made sure with the nurses and attendants that Joey was done being examined. With IV's running and transfusions started Seto and Mokuba quietly made there way into the room careful to stay out of the way until they were alone.

Mokuba was the first to approach Joey's broken form. Seto could hear the choked sob his brother tried to hide. Without thinking Seto walked to the other side of Joey's bed and carefully sat down next to him. The stoic CEO then did something that shocked not only himself but his brother as well. For the first time since they were children in the orphanage Mokuba saw his brothers icy exterior slip. With his back to his brother Seto reached up and lightly touched Joey's face. He could feel his resolve fading. How could he be so stupid? How could he have let Joey walk out of his house that morning so angry? If he would have just spoken to him at some point, apologized for not being honest with him all of this could have possibly been avoided.

"Mokuba," Seto said shocking his brother that he jumped slightly, "I think I know who did this."

"Seto no, please don't tell me you think it was that pig?"

"He was at our last KaibaCorp event and even had the nerve to come to my hotel room with his business partner. I think there is a very real possibility he's been planning to attack Joey."

Mokuba knew his brother was probably not wrong but no one wanted to say it out loud. Mokuba knew his brother wanted confirmation and he would wait no matter how long it took to get that answer from Joey himself, then he would act. Mokuba looked down at Joey, gave his hand a small squeeze and then walked back to a chair in the corner to give his brother some privacy. Seto sat staring at Joey, regret washed over him, the guilt he felt for not just telling the blonde what he wanted to hear from him. He knew what he felt for Joey but tried to convince himself that it was a bad idea and that a relationship was to complicated. But now Seto thought about how all he wanted was for the man in front of him to open his eyes and annoy him. He could almost feel himself begging Joey to wake up and talk his ear off but all that could be herd was the beeping of the various hospital machines.

It was getting late or early depending on how you looked at it, 3AM had come and past and still no change from Joey. Mokuba had gone home some time ago, only with a promise from his brother he could take care of KaibaCorp so Seto could stay with Joey. Seto knew there was nothing major coming up and that his work was caught up, Mokuba was also more then capable of taking care of things for at least a couple days. Mokuba was relieved that there was no argument from his brother for once.

When Roland returned to the hospital to check on the elder Kaiba brother he found Seto asleep in a chair leaning over the bed, his head resting against Joey's thigh. Roland slowly backed out of the room he had his own agenda to attend to now.

Seto woke to the feeling of his hair moving and a slight moan. Opening his eyes he saw Joey's long fingers finish trailing threw his hair and drop back to the bed. Joey's eyes were closed tightly clearly in pain, he released a long shuddered sigh trying to breathe threw what he felt. Seto reached his hand out and gently took Joey's in his pressing a light kiss to his knuckles.

"I'll get the doctor," Seto said quietly.

As Seto stood Joey opened his misty rimmed eyes to looked at him pleading with him to stay. As if Seto knew what he was trying to say he leaned down to Joey's ear and whispered to him that he was safe and placed a kiss on his temple. Seto stepped out of the ICU room and with luck the doctor from the previous night was still standing behind the nurses station.

"He's awake," Seto reported as he approached the doctor.

When they returned to Joey's room his head was turned to the side and his breathing was labored.

"Joey, I'm Dr Davis, I took care of you when they brought you in last night. I know your in a lot of pain right now but are you able to look at me?" The doctor stood close hoping to see some recognition in his eyes. 

Joey weakly opened his eyes to stare at the doctor before closing them again tightly.

"Joey do you know where you are?" The doctor asked as Joey nodded his head slightly.

"Joey your ugh... partner is here with you. I'm going to go get you something for the pain and put your orders in for the day staff."

Seto felt a bristle on the back of his neck at being called his partner, but stopped the now identified Dr Davis on his way out.

Before he could ask anything particular Dr Davis said, "he's very responsive considering all that's happened which is very encouraging."

Seto gave a curt nod knowing there wasn't anything else he would be told he didn't already know. Seto sat back down resting his elbows on the side of the bed. He could feel the small twitch of Joey's fingers against his arm, Seto lowered one of his hands and let Joey curl his fingers into his.

Joey rolled his head in the direction he now knew Seto was sitting, " 'm sorry," he rasped trying to keep his focus on the brunet.

"Shh.. please Joey this is not your fault."

Tears threatened to make there was down the blondes face, his vision was blurry but all he wanted was to relish in the fact the man he loved was here. He hadn't been abandoned like he felt for weeks. Joey could feel his consciousness slipping, he wanted to reach out and caress the beautiful face in front of him, to crawl into his lap until the pain went away. His body began to involuntarily shake as waves of pain wracked from deep within him.

"Ple..please d'nt l..leave me," Joey managed to breath out between shivers.

"I'm not going anywhere Joey, rest". The more the scene unfolded in front of him the more enraged Seto became.

"Sc..scared," came the barely audible response, Joey hated to admit it but he was.

He hated the feeling of helplessness but right now he couldn't move even if he wanted. Seto got up and sat on the bed closer to the blondes upper body and started to lightly run his fingers threw Joey's hair. He knew it was his weakness and for once Seto aimed to try and put him to sleep rather then just comfort. Joey released small sob, but started to relax and soon his body stilled and the tremors ceased.

"Joey.." Seto spoke softly, "my personal security team is standing watch over you, you are safe. I wont let anyone harm you and I wont leave your side I promise.."

Seto trailed off for a moment, "I do have a question for you," he continued his fingers still running threw the others hair. "Do you know who did this to you?"

Joey squeezed his eyes shut tightly, tears finally escaping no matter how hard he tried to stop them. As he slowly nodded his head up and down Seto's fingers stalled ever so slightly. He knew, Seto knew who did this but for now Joey needed him here. His partner. His. He rolled that small word around in his head, Joey was his and Seto Kaiba was protective over the things he claimed. 



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