The Duelist and The Brawler

BY : KISSRockette
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A black haired ninja walked through his new academy. He had been given the opportunity to go to a dueling academy. He looked down at the sheet of paper given to him.

"Slifer Red? What a name for a dorm."

Shun Kazami had become number one in Bakugan. Now, he decided that maybe another hobbie would do him. When he heard about Duelists, he wanted to try. He had many cards in his pocket, well, on a belt pocket thing. It held mostly ninja cards. He walked into the office, where he got his uniform, and his dorm room number.

Judai stared up at the ceiling. He wondered who his new room-mate was. He heard someone knocking on the door, and got up to open it. There stood a black haired boy. Dressed in Slifer Red's uniform. He moved so the other could enter. The boy went in without a word. Closing the door behind him, Judai wanted to ask him questions.

"So you're the new student, huh?"

"Yeah." He said, placing his stuff on the bed. Judai watched him.

"How old are you?"


"So," Judai sat on his bed, "You're the top, what is it?"


"What is brawling?" Judai asked.

"If you don't know what it is now, how do you expect me to explain it to you?"

Judai puffed his cheeks out. Just then, three small green balls fell out of the boy's bag. Judai paid no heed to them.

"What is your name? I'm Judai."

"Shun." He said, putting away his clothes. Judai simply watched the balls on the floor open up, and begin to talk.

"Skyress, Ingram, Hawktor, get over here." Shun said. Judai jumped when they rolled over, or waddled.

"Shun, where are we?" Asked Skyress.

"Looks like a room." Ingram said.

"Meh." Hawktor really didn't care.

Judai scrambled farther onto his bed, hugging his knees to his chest.


Hawktor jumped around, angry at being called a thing.

"Bakugan." Shun said, reached down and picking them up, "Hawktor!" He warned. Hawktor quieted down.

"Sorry, but those, Bakugan, freak me out!" Judai said.

"Sorry." Shun replied, placing the three ventus bakugan on the window sill by his bed. They turned back into their balls, and fell asleep.

The brunette watched as the black haired ninja finished up and sat on his bed with his laptop.

"So, never seen you around Japan."

"I live in the Province. Well, lived."

"What are you, rich?"

"Kinda." Shun said, never taken his eyes off his computer.

That's when one of his bakugan rolled off, falling. Shun quickly caught her before she hit the floor with shocking speed. Judai stared wideeyed at him.

"What are you, a ninja!"

"Yeah." Shun said, looking at him with a gaze that could pierce. Judai quickly quieted. He pulled out a book and begun to read.

Judai and Shun entered their dorm as Shun threw his bag on the bed.

"One more wise crack about my attenna, and the next person goes through the window!"

Judai cautisly moved around him to get to his bed.

"You haven't made fun of me, why are you so sketchy around me?" Shun asked calmly.

"I don't feel like getting thrown through a window."

Shun laughed.

"I ment that blond chick."


"Yeah, she's pissing me off. Hitting on me and when I say no she asks if I have a radio in my head." He said, moving to get changed into pjs.

"She's a girl, you're a guy. She's gonna hit on ya."

Shun looked at him.

"I'm gay." He said, then got into bed and drifted off to sleep.

He looked at him. Shocked. Is it really a good idea to have two boys whose sexualities were the same, staying in the same room?

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