A Slayer's Temptation

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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A Slayer's Temptation

Chapter 1: Quake

It's the beginning of the new school year at Domino High. Returning students are here for their junior year while there are some students just starting off as measly freshmen. Those who are returning would consist of Yugi, Ryou, Jonouchi, Marik, and the rest of their gang. Currently, the white haired albino brit had arrived shortly before the first bell rang. Trotting over to the designated door of his homeroom he couldn't help overhearing some whispers. Apparently there's a lot of talk about some new students that are enrolled here. Furrowing his brows, it made him wonder as to who these newbies could be. Dressed in his usual blue hoodie with a striped white and blue tee underneath along with jeans and leather boots he didn't feel out of the ordinary around everyone else. The only thing that separated him from the others is his accent, where he's from, and some other factors. What he tried is not to let it get the better of him. Having his luxurious long white hair pulled into a loose ponytail to have the strands descend elegantly down to the middle of his back he felt rather content in his own skin. Having his bag slung over one shoulder along with the Millennium Ring around his neck tucked into his shirt he continued on.

Opening the door to homeroom, he scooted on in to go to his regular seat. Glancing around he did catch notice of someone sitting directly beside him to his right. When he did catch notice of him it caused his breath to leave him. The male beside him looked sexy as hell. With wild silver hair, ruby eyes, and albino skin while wearing all black he definitely had the bad boy vibe about him. What he wears is a duster trench coat accompanied by a tee and ripped Jenas underneath along with heeled combat boots. His skin is the same complexion as his own. For some reason this smoking hot guy did seem familiar to him. Having the feeling that he's being stared at the new student raised a brow at Ryou.

"It's rude to stare, kitten," teased the gruff British voice of the older male, guessing that he's probably a few years older than him.

"Oh, um, sorry," blushed Ryou, feeling heat coat his cheeks in a light shade of pastel pink.

"Heh, it's ok," the other male held out a hand for him to shake. "Bakura Touzoku's my name."

"Ryou Bakura," replied the whitette, shaking his hand to feel a few jolts of electricity flow through their fingertips, causing him to jerk his hand away as if it had been burned upon a slight bit of contact.

"Huh, good to know," nodded Bakura, curious as to how they have a similar name, stowing it away for further contemplation later when he has some alone time to himself.

Homeroom came and went in almost a blur. Getting his books, Ryou left the classroom to go back into the hall. Unbeknownst to him it seemed as if someone seemed to be following him. Glancing over his shoulder, Ryou relaxed when he saw it's only Bakura. It did confuse him about why he felt so drawn to someone shrouded in mystery. Smirking at the reaction he received, Bakura walked alongside him, falling into step with relative ease.

"So, what should I know about here?" Asked the silverette, hands in his pockets though when his arms can be seen there are tattoo sleeves on both of them with the left being of a jet black ruby eyed snake while the right is of a skull and crossbones.

"Um, w-well, there's Ushio to watch out for. He's known to be the bully around here," explained Ryou, wondering if they have any classes together aside from the one they just left. "Then you could join me at lunch to meet up with my friends."

"Oh?" This intrigued him, wondering why he felt so curious about a human of all things, guessing it's something he would need to figure it out.

"Uh, yeah, you'll see them later," replied Ryou, not sure why he felt so nervous about someone even though this guy is someone he barely knows.

"Good," he flashed him a smile, making Ryou blush again, enjoying to see the other male's cheeks heat up along with his heartbeat racing, seeing the pulse in his neck though he knew in a public place isn't the right area to satiate his hunger pains.

Time passed throughout the day with both males having gone to classes. Some of which they had together while others they didn't. Going out into the hallway when it's time for lunch, Ryou met up with Bakura again to head to the cafeteria. Once there the two went to where the rest of the gang would be waiting for them. Settling down in an empty chair, he noticed that Bakura slid into one right beside him. Being in such close proximity did make his apprehension rise. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to quite handle it. Yes, he did prefer and is attracted to the same sex, but no one has caused this reaction in him before until now. What's so different about Bakura compared to everyone else?

"Hey," said Yugi, waving his hand in Ryou's face to get him out of his thoughts. "You in there, creampuff? I swear sometimes you're just lost in the clouds."

Pouting, Ryou playfully nipped at Yugi's fingertips, causing the shorter male to giggle, "So? I like being lost in the clouds sometimes."

"Hehe, no problem with doing it every once in a while," reassured Yugi, holding up his hands to show he meant no harm by it. "Have you seen the new guys yet? Damn, they're just like sexy gods sent to torment us, ya know."

"Oh yes," murmured Ryou, giving a look at Bakura though the said creampuff is still blushing a dark shade of crimson. "This is one of him."

"Bakura," said the silverette, waving absently at the rest of the group.

"This is Yugi and that's Marik. Where' Jono?" Ryou asked, noticing that the other blonde seemed to be missing today.

"He called in sick," answered Yugi, knowing he needed to give the excuse, not wanting the others to worry that Jonouchi has gone missing since last week before school started up again.

"Oh," frowned Ryou, unconvinced although he wouldn't push Yugi to give the truth.

"Yeah, I'm sure we'll see him tomorrow," pitched in Marik to erase any unease about Yugi's answer, trying to help break the tension. "I, um, well....can't stay long. I have to leave early."

"For what?" Yugi asked, hoping it's nothing pertaining to troubles at home.

"I met someone yesterday. I'm supposed to go meet up with him today," admitted Marik, receiving congratulations from both Yugi and Ryou about it. "You two should find someone too eventually."

"Already did," grinned Ryou, giving Bakura another look that made him smirk in response, eyeing him up and down appreciatively.

"And I like what I see very much," murmured Bakura, lowering his tone slightly to cause pleasant chills to rush down Ryou's spine.

"I don't know, but thanks," shrugged Yugi, getting up after he finished eating his lunch to go to the library, hoping to put some distance between him and the others for now.

Sure, he did love his best friends as if they're practically brothers except not by blood. It did bother him that they seemed so set in their lives which is good considering both have dealt with so much strife so far. Yet, Yugi still had to deal with the loss of his parents that happened when he was young. His grandfather had been the one to raise him as if he were his own son. Yet, even his grandpa couldn't avoid death. Having to deal with losing so much in his seventeen years of life so far feels like an uphill battle. Everyday is a struggle with the inner turmoils he has to face. Dressed in his jacket, spiked choker, wristbands, along with his leather boots, pants, and tee he does have some muscle on his petite frame. Most people ridiculed him because of his size. At this point he just brushes it aside, giving it no attention. Hoping for some peace in the library he went to go check out some books. At the front desk he noticed someone he didn't recognize there behind the desk. Looking up from the computer screen is a near mirror look alike of himself. Though there are some visible differences. This older male has fair skin, tricolored hair though it's mostly black with crimson at the tips along with lightning bolt bangs, ruby coal eyes, and wearing similar leather clothes. Though for his footwear instead of what Yugi has on the other male has heeled combat boots. Raising a brow, he wondered when the old librarian had retired from their job.

"Ah, you must be Yugi Motou, right?" Asked the taller male in his smooth baritone voice.

"Um, yes," replied the shorter male warily, wondering how this guy knew his name.

"My name is Yami Sennen. I only recently took over this position after Ms. Mizaki retired from her job here. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other often from here on out. Be careful when you leave the school," warned Yami.

"Huh? Why?" This just ended up confusing Yugi even more, wondering what this guy knew that he clearly didn't.

"There's been some murders happening as of late. The killer hasn't been caught yet. That's why I wanted to make sure you'll be careful," clarified Yami, causing Yugi to recall about it from the news.

"Oh, I see," frowned the shorter starfish, nodding in response to reassure him. "I will. Thanks."

"You're welcome. I would hate and be sad if you ended up as a victim. It's just not safe to go out alone nowadays," Yami engaged with him in some friendly conversation.

"Are ruby eyes a natural color?" Yugi blurted out, having this question in mind at noticing it.

"For some yes....it's a birth defect," replied Yami defensively, making Yugi wonder what he could possibly have to hide from everyone else.

"Oh....ok then," shrugged Yugi, going back to getting his books checked out before walking off to a quiet place in the expansive library to read.

What he didn't know is Yami had watched him leave. Plotting in his mind to eventually make him his did please him immensely. Indeed he would need to converge with Bakura, Malik, and Seto later on when they had the time to properly do so. With encountering interests could prove troublesome. Though with being highly skilled in their profession it shouldn't be difficult to manage. At least that's what he hoped. So far he and the others of their select group haven't been caught by authorities. What they desired is to keep it that way. If any humans found out their secret then they would either be eliminated or turned depending on what choice is made along with other factors that might be put into play.

Well, it seems like this is going to be an interesting year here at Domino High.... I wonder how long this so called chaos is going to last. Eventually there will be slayers after us. Then we'll be in some hot water. Though we know how to deal with our foes. One way or another by the eve of the blood moon this city will be ours.

A/N: Yays! Done with chappie one! Wow, managed a 2k chappie for once in a long time. I'm surprised though I had trouble figuring out a good stopping place. Hopefully y'all enjoyed how this first one unfolded. I'm really excited to work on more of this. I also hope it'll be well received by y'all. If not, then at least I tried. Hehes

The next chappie will be out shortly whenever I have it finished being written up. That'll probably be sometime this weekend or next week. Until then please remember to review darlings!

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