Your Master Knows Best, Slave

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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Your Master Knows Best, Slave

Chapter 1: Helix

In this world that inhabits magic and a wide variety of creatures has a hierarchy that includes a pecking order. The highest status that any individual can reach is alpha. Those within this particular allocation are ones who rule without question. Though there are a decent amount of people who fall in this category where to each other they regard one another as equals. The pecking order that goes after them is beta, omega, delta, and gamma. Any below beta are considered as those used for the auction house if they are properly caught. That would be where they're bought and sold by the highest bidder. Currently, the trader at the said building has received a line of fresh meat thanks to his team of hunters.

The new additions that had been collected are within the said lower classes. Each one caught either is imbued with magical abilities or is of a different species. Rarely are there humans still alive. If any are found then they're given to the leeches to be used as blood donors. Right now, six individuals in particular are kept in cages to await their turn on the block to wait for whoever will end up buying them. The six males in question do know each other whether it be from the past or present. Some of them are siblings to one another.

The first one would be Yugi Motou. He's a petite fair skinned male with amethyst eyes and tricolored hair. With his hair it's mostly black with amethyst at the tips along with gold bangs. What's peculiar about him is that he can control fire along with being a two tailed neko. At the ends of his tails are flames that can be dulled to being cold or blazing hot depending on his mood along with other factors. Irritated about this situation, he yearned to return back to his forge where he felt safe. Here, he knew that nothing good would come of it being in such a place. Besides, what if the person he's bought for is a callous person that doesn't give a shit about him? Uncertainty made him anxious, swishing his tails back and forth out of a nervous habit. Glancing over at the other occupied cages nearby, Yugi felt his eyes widen in recognition of seeing his friends along with his older brother Atem.

"What the hell?" Hissed the short stack out of aggravation of their dire predicament.

"I don't like this either," sighed Atem, having mostly gold hair with some black underneath though there's crimson at the tip of each strand along with his eyes being a dark shade of violet, having caramel bronze skin along with a well toned body, being the same species as his younger sibling though he's capable of using spiritual magic.

"I-It's not f-fair," said a soft voice, sounding British in tone, glancing over to see Ryou who's a snow white haired Inu with dog ears and tail along with chocolate almond eyes, capable of light magic.

"Damn it, I don't like this at all," frowned a blonde haired Egyptian male with lavender lilac eyes, obviously being a sphinx with avian wings folded on his back along with cat ears and tail.

"Yeah," sighed another blonde though this one is darker haired than Marik, having honey brown eyes along with wolf ears and tail.

"When do you think it's going to be our turns?" Asked a teal haired serpentine male with mismatched eyes of emerald and gold, having the lower part below his waist a serpent's tail along with varying shades of sapphire for his scales.

"Don't know," shrugged Yugi, batting at the bars of the cage to see if he could find a weak spot, hissing in disappointment when he found none.

After a while, the trader trudged in to begin taking them out one by one to be lined up on the block for the bidders to get a good look at the merchandise for sale today. The trader himself is a dark haired male with onyx eyes, having tanned skin along with holding a staff in hand. The aura rolling off of him in waves could be defined as powerful and malicious in nature except it's also calculated with what he has done within his area of business. There's no weakness shown to those being put out to rake in the yen for their purchases. It's just par for the course.

"Here are six of the newest additions that have been collected for display today. Bidding will," announced Shadi, knowing this would be a good and exciting time, expecting these to be bought with a hefty amount.

Calls came out from the crowd of varying high amounts of yen. Eventually, a few won to claim the six on the stage for their own. Each of these other six pertaining to the alpha class went to their purchased individual. Giving Shadi the exact amount of money they owed him is what had to be done first. Once that's all squared away, each of them went to retrieve their purchase to return to the home that they shared together. Fortunately, the others wouldn't be separated. The thought did reassure Yugi with knowing he wouldn't be somewhere far away from his older brother. Looking up at seeing who had him, Yugi blinked in surprise at seeing a mere look alike of himself. Tilting his head in curiosity, he wondered what he could possibly be compared to himself.

"You'll be returning home with me, kitten," said the smooth baritone voice of the male with tricolored hair that's mostly black with crimson at the tips and lightning bolt bangs, having it pulled into a low ponytail while his eyes are twin ruby coals, dressed in a formal kimono, noticing that he has horns atop his head along with odd markings on him accompanied by a pair of ebony wings folded neatly on his back.

"Um, o-ok," shivered Yugi, knowing there's no hope of getting out of this, not wanting to be sent to the leeches instead, going along with him as there seemed to be no other choice available.

Chuckling lightly, Yami did feel amused by the neko's reaction. Indeed he expected as much to occur. Taking him back home to the obsidian stone constructed castle, he took Yugi up to his bedroom. Opening the door, he put him gently on the scarlet satin sheeted bed. Taking in all of the new sights and smells, Yugi wondered if he would even get close to being used to this new environment. Everything felt as if it happened in a blur.

"You won't be harmed here. Trust me, you are safe with me," murmured Yami, sitting on the edge, keeping his distance just in case.

"Fuck off. I don't know if you're not lying to me," bristled Yugi, amusing the other male from this response.

"Well, that's up for you to decide," shrugged the demonic individual, figuring this would be the way an omega would react to such rapid changes in his life. "To help you, my name is Yami Sennen, but you can call me Master if you wish."

"No way in hell would I do that," glared Yugi in response, appreciating to know his name, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Are you going to be a good or bad slave?" Yami asked him nonchalantly, having a warning undertone to his question, knowing that this could go one of many ways depending on the feline's answer.

"What do you think?" Sighed Yugi in resignation, knowing it's futile to fight against a losing battle, knowing his situation had been inevitable with how the way their world works with its system.

"Good," smirked Yami, liking to have a spitfire because then it won't be boring. "We'll have supper shortly where we'll meet up with the others."

"Ok," Yugi continued to eye him, not settled on what to make out of him, figuring it would take more time until he reached a conclusion of what he thinks of his captor of sorts.

"Until then make yourself at home. The collar stays on to ensure you can't leave the castle, but the leash is only used when you go outside with me. So, you're able to roam freely through the halls. Investigate and explore to your heart's content."


Meanwhile, seeing the others being taken away, Ryou bit his bottom lip out of apprehension. Peeking up to see who he had made him squeak out of surprise. Blushing, he felt heat rush to his cheeks in order to turn them a light shade of pastel pink. The man before him seemed very attractive with caramel bronze skin, spiky blonde hair, maroon colored eyes, and a well toned figure. What he's dressed in is a pair of leather pants along with a v-neck dark purple shirt. It's accompanied by a similarly hued cloak draped across his shoulders. Grinning, the blonde grabbed Ryou's chain before having him fall into step with him to follow him back home. The others would be met up with later on when it's time. What Ryou noticed that felt off-putting to him is that the blonde has features akin to Marik's. Though for this one his wings are a dark shade of gold. His talons click clacked as he walked, setting the tempo for their walk back to the castle.

"The name's Malik," said the older sphinx that broke the tense silence between them. "I've been eager to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from 'Kura and 'Kefia for a long time."

"W-What?" His eyes widened in shock after hearing this, having thought his older siblings had perished when their home had been destroyed way back when, having not known what became of them truly, though felt relieved to hear that somehow they made it out alright.

"You heard me, dove," smirked Malik, amused by the reaction he received. "They've been anticipating the reunion. You'll see them at dinner. Until then you'll be getting fully acquainted with me."

"Um, o-ok... I-I guess you know m-my name then," shrugged the canine, hating the way he stuttered even though he tried yet failed to remain strong in front of someone that he suspected to be unhinged.

"Yep," Malik's grin didn't disappear from his lips until they're behind his bedroom doors which is when he then turns serious. "So, you know my name, but I'd prefer you to call me your Master. I know what's best for you after all."

Gulping, Ryou nodded, "I-I can do t-that."

"Good," the fellow feline felt pleased by this response, figuring he had received one of the easier cases compared to the others, knowing it would be fun to see how things will unfold between them. "You can tell I'm not exactly all together. There are a few screws loose."

"Y-Yes," sweatdropped the whitetee, having noticed it fully well enough. "I-Is there anything I should be aware of?"

"Not that much. Just keep in mind that one wrong move will end you up in my dungeon. Well, it's not necessarily mine, but you get what I mean. I'm mostly harmless....sort of...not really... So, maybe you have nothing to worry about."


When the others are taken, Marik looked up to glare daggers at the one who chose him. Finding out that it's someone from his past doesn't surprise him in the slightest. Seeing that all too familiar wild silver hair and ruby eyes brings back memories to bubble up to the surface. Grimacing, Marik had hoped it wouldn't be him of all people. It seems that life just loved being a bitch sometimes. Smirking at the expression the sphinx is giving him is an interesting one. It sparks amusement to appear behind those iron walls he keeps up majority of the time. Grabbing the leash, the immortal began to walk with the feline in tow. Arriving at the castle shortly after they left the auction house they arrived within the castle walls. Going straight to his room, Bakura threw him onto the bed, pinning him there underneath him.

"Well, well, we meet again, Ishtar. How long has it been? I'd say a few years more or less. Too bad you're not blood donor material, but you're definitely suited well to be my perfect pet."


Arriving at the auction house, the Thief King approached the older of the two starfishes. Grabbing his leash, Akefia smirked at claiming what he had bought to rightfully be his. Indeed he planned on making the Pharaoh his bitch in more ways than one. Though he did want to gain his trust first obviously. Nothing could be properly forged until that's obtained fully without question. Otherwise it would just be bothersome having to train someone new to the flock. He and his younger brother Bakura are vampires by nature. They had been turned by the demon king himself ages ago. The ruler's bite could turn whoever he bit into a variety of things pertaining to the undead kind. Dragging Atem behind him, Akefia ignored the irritated hisses from the feline.

When they reached the castle, he walked inside to head straight for his room. It's not necessary to meet up with the others quite yet. It wouldn't be until suppertime when they would be seeing the others. Anticipating seeing the youngest of his siblings, Akefia hoped that Ryou still remembered him and Bakura. It had been such a long time. Most likely the dove thought they had perished in the destruction of the village they had been born and raised in. Hopefully it'll go better than he doubted it will.

"What do you want?" Demanded the neko to know, crossing his arms over his chest, glaring lightly at him.

"Aside from you?" Inquired the gray eyed male, licking his lips at the delicious morsel sitting on his bed, watching Atem swish his tails back and forth that give off a ghostly ethereal glow at the ends. "Not much except from satiating my hungers."

"Oh," swallowed Atem thickly, nervous about what that could precisely mean considering what this other male from his past is.

"Now, are you going to be a good slave or not?" Asked Akefia bluntly, figuring he has the right to know.

"Go to hell," growled Atem in response, giving him the answer he had hoped for clear as day.

"Good. It's glad to see that you won't be boring," smirked Akefia, moving closer to circle around his prey before tilting Atem's neck to the side.

Elongating his fangs, Akefia grazed them against the supple flesh. Within a few moments he pierced his neck with his incisors. Taking his full, the whitette drank the divine liquid until he felt properly satisfied. When he finished, Akefia licked the twin puncture wounds closed. It left Atem breathless, panting while trying to regain his composure. Never had he thought in all of his years that he would be marked by someone like him of all people. Right now, he couldn't help feeling as if he had mixed feelings for him. There's a part where he does hate Akefia and the other feels alive. To him it's like he has finally been truly set on edge.

"What do you think now?" Asked the leech huskily.

"I don't know," mewed Atem, unsure of his exact pinpointed feelings about him along with this entire situation.

"That's alright. During your stay here with me you'll come to understand more about yourself along with other things than you ever could possibly imagine."

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