Amber Scars

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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Amber Scars

Chapter 1: Incisor

It had been a dark evening with the moonlight shining in silvery rivulets. It brightened some patches, but it could never reach that far into the shadows. There are always a few it could never pierce through. Although it did cast illumination upon most things. It lighted the way for a young man with star shaped tricolored hair and amethyst eyes. Walking down the street after having a rough time at where he worked he had been on his way back to his apartment. What he's hoping is it wouldn't be too difficult to return without getting messed up in anything terrible. Having the feeling that's easier said than done caused him to silently sigh to himself when that fact came to mind. He knew he had to be careful whether he wanted to or not. There could be anything or anyone out at this time. With his footsteps echoing quietly around the area just in case he knew that only a few would be able to hear it. Yet, he somehow had caught the unwanted attention of a particular specimen. Yugi flicked his eyes around, letting out a sigh of relief when he had noticed nothing threatening nearby. Or so he thought as he didn't notice that a shadow seemed to be moving towards him. Unable to notice the swiftness of it until it's too late, he let out a small squeak when he felt strong cold arms grab him from behind. Dragged into an alleyway he didn't see who had taken him here. He had noticed the slight hint of wild silver hair. He almost made the move to scream, but a pale hand over his mouth silenced him. Trying to bite the hand in a fit of defiance caused it to only earn him a harsh slap. That made him stop fighting. Knowing that he couldn't get away from this stronger male caused him to think that his attacker seemed familiar. Unsure of why he was getting the strong feeling he knew this person made him just unable to remember right now with terror having a fierce grip on his heart which seemed to be paralyzing him where he is currently standing.

He felt the man tilt his head back slightly. It exposed the pure fair skin of his throat. The man licked his lips when seeing this. He knew that he would have a lovely meal tonight. Sweeping his tongue over the area where he wanted to do it. His venom stung the short male's neck. He cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as his fangs sunk into the supple flesh. Shuddering in terror when hearing the male begin to drink from him caused Yugi to feel himself grow woozy. He wondered how much was being taken. Well it was enough for him to start getting lightheaded. Able to taste some of the man's blood entering his mouth when he had bitten his hand he was forced to swallow. Yugi had been given no choice. He was a little afraid of what might happen whether or not he retaliated because of this encounter. Seeing dark spots dance across his field of vision, he didn't know how much longer he could hold out for.

Feeling the man move away for a few moments. This allowed Yugi to catch his breath. Though that didn't last long because he was grabbed by the scruff of his neck before being taken to an abandoned warehouse. Confusion overcame him as to why he had been brought here. He doubted he would receive an answer anytime soon. Being chained to the wall before the man left he could have sworn he heard something about waiting for him to change before the silverette had left. He wondered if his yami knew he had been gone longer than he had planned to. Hopefully his shadow noticed, and would come to his rescue. Somehow it wasn't that likely he would be saved. There had been no consent except to stay where his current location is. The chains didn't allow him to move around too much with how tightly they were secured on his body. Capable of feeling a burning sensation tearing through him. Clinging onto the strands of hope that Yami wouldn't take too long to arrive here before it would be too late.


During the time that an unfortunate fate befell onto his Aibou, Yami had been snoozing underneath a tree within the nearby forest. Its dark leaves hanging off the long branches gave him coverage when he deemed it necessary. It felt peaceful, but he couldn't help having a bad feeling sprouting in the pit of his stomach. Opening his eyes slightly when hearing someone sit down beside him. He looked over to see mostly tame white hair and chocolate almond eyes. Noticing the albino skin of the man to notice who it is caused him to wonder why Ryou is here. It made his suspicions grow stronger when he noticed this. It then dawned on him that Yugi seemed to be late coming back. He thought it seemed strange that only Bakura's hikari is here instead of the thief coming to meet him. Something didn't feel right here. Narrowing his eyes slightly as he felt tempted to throttle the whitette in order to get some answers out of him. He took a sharp breath as he tried to calm himself. If he is too rash then he would end up getting nothing.

"H-Hey," he said with a small smile plastered on his lips as he turned to face the tricolored haired man.

"What do you want?" Yami's lip curled into a snarl in response. "Do you know why Yugi is late?"

"Jeez, n-no need to be so pissed off at me," Ryou pouted. "No, I-I am not sure. I haven't seen 'Kura around recently either."

He sighed before saying, "That's strange. Maybe he vanished off somewhere."

"Do you think something's wrong here? Or is it just me who thinks so?" Ryou asked with a brow raised.

"No, it isn't you," he muttered. "I'm worried about him. I knew I shouldn't have let him stay out this late."

"It probably would have been better to lock him up somewhere. You know how he's obsessed with him," the almond-eyed male pointed out with a sigh as he wished the thief is that way towards him.

"He'll notice you sooner or later, Ry. If he doesn't anytime in the near future I'll kick some sense into him," Yami promised with a light chuckle.

"Thanks," the brit said with a slight hint of a smile curving his lips. "Did you have an idea where he might be?"

"Where who might be? Bakura or Yugi?" Yami asked with a brow raised. "I can't sense my pet meaning he probably is somewhere underground. Your yami is right behind you."

Ryou jerked as he's startled by the sudden pair of arms that had wrapped around him. He hadn't been expecting that. Glancing up sheepishly to be met with amused crimson eyes he's pulled into the wild silver haired man's lap. Feeling a deep blush coat his cheeks from this action caused him to wonder what had gotten into his dark side. He had never acted this way towards him before. Able to see a smirk forming on Bakura's lips meant it spelled trouble for anyone and everyone. It caused a shiver to run down his spine. Wondering what his shadow half could be thinking about. Hearing the smack of Bakura's tongue licking his lips in anticipation. Though it only caused another shiver to rack his body. He didn't know why Bakura had such a strong effect on him. Unable to help it, he knew that's what Bakura took advantage of.

"It seems he's rather excited tonight," Yami noted dryly.

"Oh shut it, mutt," Bakura growled with a light glare to show he's merely being playful.

"Whatever you say, bat shit," Yami retorted.

"How did you know that?" He asked innocently.

"I know because we are both halves of darkness," he answered simply. "How dare you call me a mutt?! Is that the best you could come up with?"

"Not right now. I have a special person that needs to be attended to soon. He was suffering the change," he answered with a smirk. "Oh wait, weren't you missing someone? Was his name Yugi by any chance?"

"Yes....did you do something to him?" asked Yami through gritted teeth. "If you have harmed him I won't be afraid to tear you apart."

"Oh, aside from changing him?" asked Bakura teasingly. "I'm surprised you haven't taken a bite out of Ryou yet. All the while he's pinning for me. Isn't that just adorable?"

"Your condescendence towards him amazes me to no end," remarked Yami sarcastically.

"Oh really? I could always leave him here.... Let's say I swapped for something better," Bakura replied casually before shoving Ryou over to the tricolored haired man who's curling his lip in a snarl. "Now, now, none of that. You get something and I get something. It will aid us both in our high positions."

"I don't believe you," he spat angrily as he helped Ryou to sit in his lap while he verbally fought with the man that he knew had kidnapped the one he had been waiting to bite for a very long time.

"Oh? Do you need proof?" asked Bakura with a dangerous glint in his eyes before revealing a picture of the state he had left the poor young man in. "Is that enough for you? Or do you need something more than this picture?"

Yami felt a growl rip through the back of his throat. With his eyes glinting a primal gold for a second before returning to normal. He couldn't shift here. No, he didn't want to spook Ryou. Right now, he's having a little trouble keeping his temper from getting the better of him. He let out a deep breath as he tried to calm down. That's easier said than done. He would try anyways. Though seeing that picture Bakura had shown him caused the shifter to be unable to erase it from his mind now. He hoped nothing else had happened to Yugi yet. He had to hope since he had nothing else to do. Narrowing his eyes when noticing the smirk on Bakura's lips widening. Tempting to wipe it off his face crossed his mind, but knew if he did then it may be worse for his hikari later. He couldn't afford to make Yugi's torment worse than it already was. He had to at least do something. Clenching his fists while he tried to settle his emotions strengthened his resilience. Yami would have plenty of time later to punish the bastard.

"That's enough," he growled. "You made your point."

"Are you sure?" Bakura asked with sarcasm dripping off of every word he spoke. "I had more to show you."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Yami cautiously as he isn't sure what else the silverette had to reveal to him. "You already proved your point. There's no need to exacerbate it. Otherwise your hold weakens in what effect you were trying to have over me."

He shrugged, "I could take you to where I'm holding him now, but what fun would it be if I did? It would be a lot more amusing if you tried finding a needle in a haystack."

"Fuck you," snarled Yami angrily before he pounced on him which had them tossing and turning on the ground.

"Get the hell off you mutt!" hissed Bakura as he tried to either get on top or away from the enraged shifter.

"Never," growled Yami as he tried to keep the leech underneath while they tussled on the leave strewn ground.

Bakura had a flash of onyx within his eyes. No, he's not afraid of letting his rage overtake him. Holding a small smirk on his lips at knowing this fact, he's rougher and more erratic with his movements. He didn't like to hold back. Especially when it's with this particular man. The temptation to do anything in order to rile him up seemed like a good option. It brought amusement to him that he could make such emotions erupt in a person. They were tussling for quite some time. Though Ryou's merely an innocent bystander. Even though Yami had his suspicions, he knew the more humane white haired male's someone who wouldn't pull this sort of thing unlike his darker counterpart. He's left unattended. That may have been a mistake, but the two were too busy roughhousing to notice. Bakura had slipped on top of Yami who had shoved him off again. They had been at this for more than a few minutes already.

"Are you two going to finish anytime soon?" Ryou asked with slight annoyance.

"Most likely not, little hikari," Bakura spat while he had been thrown aside for the other to stand up on his feet.

"Or perhaps now," spat Yami. "I'm done with this petty squabble. I'm wasting time to find Yugi."

"It's too bad you won't find him in time," snarled Bakura before vanishing into the shadows.

"Damn him," muttered Yami under his breath as he glanced over to Ryou since he's still nearby.

"What?" asked Ryou in confusion with the look he's being given. "I don't know where he went if that's what you're trying to ask."

"Are you sure?" asked Yami with a brow raised. "I would think you'd know."

"Unfortunately, no I have no idea," admitted Ryou with an apologetic look on his face.

"Well fuck my life. I have no idea what warehouse he's in. There are so many in this damned place," he muttered in annoyance as he figured he should start his search.

"Wait, let me help," Ryou pleaded as he went to stand behind the ruby-eyed shifter who could easily take him out if necessary.

"Why should I?" asked Yami bluntly with no emotion in his voice or eyes that held such contempt It's thick enough for even the whitette to take a step back.

"I-I could probably help track him down if you want to find Bakura," he said while trying to hide the slight stutter as he spoke.

Yami turned on his heel quickly. Having Ryou pinned down easily. It didn't take long with his agility. His cold eyes stared into those almond chocolate pupils. Knowing that Ryou is trying to hide the inkling of fear he held. He It would be brought out in him. This thought only caused a smirk to fall upon his lips. Holding him there for what seemed like more than a few minutes. He wouldn't let him go. There is an uncomfortable silence between them. The sounds that could be heard are the normal ones one would hear in a forest. Then there's two men's breathing. There isn't much Ryou could do. Releasing a small whimper when the sharp pain emerged from canines piercing his flesh, he gazed up at him with wide eyes. He had known what Yami is , but he didn't think he would get bitten. Unsure how he would be able to handle this, but he supposed he must until the other male retrieved what rightfully belongs to him.

"W-Why did you do that?" Ryou gasped after that is over with. "I-I'm not much use to you."

"No, but you will be a nice bargaining chip to use against him," said Yami with a fanged ghost of a half-smile before he grabbed the albino man's arm to bring him to his feet while he stood as well.

"What?!" exclaimed Ryou in shock when hearing this.

"You heard me," Yami replied simply as if it were common sense. Now come along. We have work to do, and I'm not letting you go until I have Yugi back. If he even tries to come for you then I'm sure I can take him down."

"You know he will considering I'm his hikari," the mage pointed out.

"Yes, but still. That doesn't change anything," he replied before starting to walk away. Glancing back once when he noticed the other isn't coming. "Well? Do I have to drag you with me? Because that would be more of a hassle than I'd prefer. I think you're more capable of walking on your own instead of being carried like a pup."

"Hey! I take offense to that!" Ryou glared in protest as he trotted over to catch up with Yami as they began looking for the correct location that the thief would be holding Yami's look alike.


Bakura sauntered into the room he had left his captive. He noticed that Yugi's wrists had been bleeding. No doubt it's from futile attempts of escape or feral instinct. He knew the change varied from person. It normally depended on how high their endurance to pain is or how strong they were. He supposed that he needed to be patient. Knowing that he shouldn't rush things, but he could. He watched while his body writhed where he's chained. Wondering idly how much longer this would take. He could move them to another of the warehouses, but he would prefer to do that after Yugi had finished. No, he didn't want it to occur when he's still turning. That would prove troublesome. Stepping over to stand in front of the captured starfish, he knew it wouldn't be long now. He could tell it would all end soon enough. Capable of being able to tell by the signs it wouldn't last much longer.

Yugi had kept his screams from escaping him. The last thing he wanted is to give Bakura what he wanted. He wouldn't let the bastard who had caught him that sort of satisfaction. Having hands clenched in tight fists against the iron cold metal keeping him bound he could feel a burning sensation tear through his entire body. It's tainting even his soul, and stealing it of his purity. Abale to feel the heat reaching to every part of him confirmed it's slowly creeping towards his heart. He finally let out a cry of utter agony. It tore through the air in a flourish that pleased Bakura. There had been no way for him to hold it back any longer. He would be lying if he didn't admit to himself that he's afraid of what this change would turn him into. Knowing that it it's likely the same creature the silverette is, but he hoped nothing in his personality would be different. Having the faint thought that he wouldn't know the answer until it happened.

"Finish already," hissed Bakura under his breath while he watched the torment Yugi's enduring.

It took a few more moments before it completed. Eventually Yugi's eyes opened slowly. His pupils are slightly dilated, but progressively turned back to their normal amethyst hue. He had been released from his bonds, is supported by Bakura wrapping an arm around his waist. Being carried out of the place they had been in. They then traveled to another. There's no way in hell that Bakura would allow Yami and Ryou to easily catch up with them so soon. Apparently Yugi is still too weak to walk that much on his own. Of course the immortal being knew of this. That's precisely why he decided on helping him. Although that meant since Yugi isn't strong enough yet, he would be vulnerable to his compulsion. He would always try to find a way to take advantage of him. It's hard not to with how innocent Yugi always seemed to be Even with being tainted, it didn't fade from his appearance. Wondering what else he could do to this starfish before their pursuers caught up to them.

It took quite some time before they reached the other location. Approaching the locked door that would lead to the underground passageways. He locked the door once both of them had passed through the threshold. He's taking Yugi to his lair. Deciding on the fact it's about time to make sure the shifter would have a hard time finding his precious little hikari. There are quite a few of his members down here. They are currently prowling out of their coffins. This made Bakura idly wonder what they could be doing. Had they been waiting for his return? That would be expected, but strange since they normally didn't do that. He supposed it's a good sign. They must have known of his success. He didn't really care. Leading the newly changed tricolored haired vamp towards his chambers. He wanted to keep Yugi close by so he wouldn't run away. He knew that he didn't know how to hunt yet which proves to be a danger if he managed to escape.

"W-What happened?" asked Yugi as if he had been in a daze instead of excruciating pain.

"Nothing for you to be concerned about," said Bakura softly to make sure that he wouldn't sense the deception in his voice.

"Alright," replied Yugi in an oddly calm voice which proved it had worked.

"Come on," he said as he ushered him into the room before closing the door behind them. "Now this will be your new home for now."

Yugi's still a little confused. Looking around his unfamiliar surroundings caused him to feel not entirely sure where he is. He only knew that he should listen to the older leech that seemed to know more than him about this sort of thing. Though he continued questioning himself why he should. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he had the feeling if he shared them then he would probably be hit by either a hand or something else. That's the reason for why he remained wary. What he didn't want is to accidentally overstep the boundaries that seemed to be laid out by the rule of the man standing not that far away from him. He's starting to get used to this place when his attention is directed to a place in the wall. He's told that sometimes bags of the sustaining liquid would be found there. It seemed that there's usually some spot where they could be found. He nodded his head in understanding. It caused him to begin wondering if he's supposed to drink the stuff. Beginning to feel his stomach flip flop when thinking of the action he didn't think he's the person who would do such a thing.

"What's wrong?" asked Bakura when he noticed the expression on his face. "Are you uncertain about devouring blood? It is what our kind does to survive. You need it as do I. If you go without it for too'll go insane due to the prolonged period without feeding."

"I-I don't think I can," he replied warily. "I understand, but must I?"

"Yes," Bakura replied sternly. "If you won't do it yourself I will shove it down your throat if necessary."

Yugi gulped, "Understood."

"Good, I'm glad we could come to an agreement," he said with a slight impression of a cold smile crossing his lips. "Now go on. You recently awoke. You should take some. I can take you hunting at a later time when it isn't so hectic. Others of the coven may approach you. I'd say to stay away from some of them. There are those who can be rather unsavory. I'd hate to hear someone had taken advantage of you."

Shifting on his feet apprehensively, He isn't sure what to make of this man. He noticed Bakura had left after he had said that. It worried him of his words. Releasing a sigh of resignation made it seem as if he would be staying here for quite some time. He'd best make the most of it. Taking a few steps over to the position in the wall before extending a hand, Yugi retrieved a glass of the scarlet liquid. It's granted before him as he hesitantly brought it to his lips. Taking a deep breath before beginning to drink he had never thought he would be doing something like this. He supposed there's a time for anything. Wondering as to what would happen while he stayed here. He guessed he wouldn't find out until it occurred. Until then he would have to wait until his dark half found him.

Please....Pharaoh....get here quickly.

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