A Dragon's Touch

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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A Dragon's Touch

Chapter 1: Intervene

For a while now, Seto hasn't seen a certain tall dashing starfish around. It's started to bug him. Wondering as to what could've happened to Yugi's older brother made him doubt that he's hard as nails as he tried to project that he is to ensure people that no one could break through his iron walls. Yet, he does have feelings like anyone else buried deep down inside. Rarely does he ever allow them to show. Taking it upon himself to go over to the game shop, the brunette figured that would be the place to find him. Going to the door, he knocked before going inside. Not seeing the shrimp anywhere, Seto listened closely. Hearing coughing from upstairs that sounded fairly loud, Seto went upstairs to then peek into the room.

Sitting on the bed is an extremely pale Yami, trembling uncontrollably while he seemed to have a runny nose as well. Though it seemed to only appear this way on the surface level. Frowning, the brunette wondered what could've happened to him. Opening the door, the starfish snapped his attention to who stood in the doorway to notice it's not Yugi or Solomon. Raising a brow, he wondered why Kaiba of all people would be here. It's not usual for him to even give a shit about anyone. Maybe he could be wrong about it though he didn't know for certain. It's just how Seto usually acted that gave him and the others this thought. What changed it is when Seto has shown he does care for Mokuba and the others even though it's not obvious.

"W-What are y-you doing h-here?" Stammered out Yami, unable to help his voice wavering before he sneezed.

"You look like a wreck, Motou," admitted Seto, ignoring his question before drawing closer. "Where's Yugi and your grandpa?"

"Out," replied Yami before flying into a coughing fit, noticing a little bit of blood within it before wiping his mouth with a damp cloth.

"And you were left alone?" Asked Seto in disbelief, furrowing his brows in concern of hearing this admission.

"Y-Yeah," shrugged Yami, having an electric blanket on him to help keep him warm, shivering terribly.

"Why weren't you taken to a hospital?" Asked Seto, figuring he could at least see what he could possibly have done.

"Don't know," shrugged Yami again, having trouble with it though he managed it somehow from sheer will alone.

"Come, the Kaiba Corp has an excellent medical wing with the highest skilled professionals. You'll be looked at there," stated Seto, leaving no room for argument.

Confused as to why the brunette even cared, Yami couldn't put up a fight in his current physical state. Sighing in resignation, he had been lifted into the strong arms of Seto to then be carried out cradled in one arm. With the other, he brought out his cell to make some calls. One of which is to Yugi to explain where Yami is. After a heated barking from the short-stack he seemed reluctantly ok with the arrangement. It did worry him why Yami hadn't been brought to skilled medics before detonating into a worse state than when he started off. Taking him to where he said he would go, Seto then handed Yami off to be properly checked out. Being injected with an IV in his left hand there is also a heart monitor and such attached to him as well. The doctor then carried out his evaluation. Outside of the room, Seto is pacing back and forth. Running his patience thin he hoped that this wouldn't take too long. It did confuse even himself why he cared so much for Yami of all people. Indeed he did harbor feelings for him that are more intense than any he has felt for anyone else. No, he hasn't been able to precisely identify what it means yet. Though he thinks it's probably. Attraction, knowing that he does prefer the same sex. It just confirmed him of what he thought he had kept buried deep down seemed to be re-emerging to the surface. A few hours later, he's given access into the room.

Sitting down in the empty chair beside Yami's bed, he asked, "So, did you figure out what's going on here?"

"They said I have a severe flue that might lead to something more serious if it's not treated right away. They're surprised that it hasn't already," explained Yami, glad to see that he managed to not stuter this time.

"We'll begin administering the antibiotics right away," said the doctor that had attended to the patient, giving Seto the clipboard to see the results of everything that had been done to figure out what's wrong with him.

"I see. Good," said the brunette, his lips twitching ever so slightly in a faint ghost of a smile. "Will he be alright then?"

"Give him a few weeks on these then he should be," replied the doctor, changing the IV bag to then ensure that the correct medication would be going into Yami's system, assigning a nurse to ensure everything is provided for the patient.

"Seto?" Asked Yami, noticing his ruby colored eyes are fluttering to almost close, figuring the medicine is taking affect to make him drowsy.

"Hn, yes?" Asked the businessman, wondering what he needed to ask him about.

"Why?" Is all he asked before closing his eyes to then start snoring lightly.

"Because I.....I think I love you."


Two weeks later, Yami had been given clearance to leave the medical wing. Though he's not allowed to leave the Kaiba household quite yet. The doctor suggested for him to move in with Seto to ensure that he's kept on observation watch just in case. Hesitantly, Yami agreed to these conditions. He had been told that his brother and grandfather are given permission for visiting during the appropriate hours. Most likely they would be seeing Yugi tomorrow or the next day depending on when he has time to come check on him. Until then that means Yami is left on his own with Seto. A while back during that time, Yami did hear what Seto's response had been. Uncertain of what he feels for him, Yami decided to take things one at a time. It's just a little while after he's emerged out of the thick of things. Perhaps getting too overworked wouldn't prove to be a good idea.

"Come with me. I'll show you around," offered Seto, holding out a hand to him.

Eyeing it suspiciously, Yami then nodded to hold it within one of his own. With their fingers intertwining it caused a few jolts of electricity to flow. Blinking in surprise, the tricolored haired male hadn't thought that would happen. Blushing, he felt heat rush to his cheeks to have them turn to a light shade of pastel pink. Noticing this, Seto smirked lightly at the reaction he caused. Perhaps if he played his cards right that things would go smoothly between them. That's what Seto hoped would transpire between them during this time. After he showed him all throughout the Kaiba mansion, he then showed him to the bedroom.

"I can go get a spare cot out if you'd like," offered Seto, figuring he would sleep on the floor or something to give Yami space, unsure if he even wanted contact or to be alone.

"No, it's ok," replied Yami, squeezing Seto's hand as a reassuring gesture. "I'd prefer to have someone next to me if that's alright with you."

"Very well then," nodded the brunette, figuring to be careful though he didn't want to treat Yami as if he's some fragile creature made out of glass, knowing that the other male is resilient no matter what difficulties come in his way along with having such a profound strength within him.

Glancing at the time, Seto figured that they should go have some supper before retiring to sleep. Heading into the dining room, he glanced behind to notice that Yami's following right on his heels. Settling down at the table, Rolland provides them with a freshly made meal. What they have is a vegetable broth soup with boiled potatoes and a nicely portioned sized piece of chicken. Silence fell shortly in the room while the two ate. Comfortable around each other they didn't mind it. When they finished, Seto figured either they could go relax in the living room or somewhere else. If that didn't work then they could always head to bed. It depended on what Yami wanted to do of course.

Stretching, Yami yawned, "That was delicious."

"Mmm, indeed it was," murmured the other male in agreement. "Would you like to stay up or head back to the bedroom?"

"I'm kind of tired," admitted Yami, getting up from where he had been sitting at the polished table, hading back to the bedroom.

Followed suit after the brunette the two stripped down until in their boxers or briefs. Going under the sapphire satin sheets the two laid side by side. Uncertain if Yami wanted to be held, Seto kept his arms at his sides unless asked or told otherwise. It did make him wonder what it could possibly be about Yami that made him act differently. Well, he had admitted his feelings kind of a few weeks ago. Though he figured to act on them would be a progression that should be set the pace by the other male instead of himself.

"Um, could you hold me, please?" Asked Yami quietly, a bit nervous himself about even posing the question although he felt oddly comfortable around him for some reason.

"Uh, sure," agreed Seto, wrapping an arm around Yami carefully to hold him close, noticing he laid his head on his chest.

"Mmm, thanks. This feels nice," murmured Yami sleepily.

"Rest. You need it," said Seto softly, knowing that he's been through a lot these past few weeks, hoping to make his recovery and the time after a better time for him.

"Ok," yawned Yami, feeling comforted by him as he closed his eyes, feeling safe within a dragon's touch.

Watching his chest rise and fall with each breath, Seto knew that he would need to do whatever he can to ensure that Yami is well protected. The thought of him being harmed again did bother him. Yes, he had heard of the trouble he's been in before falling ill. Most likely those who tried to attack him before would come after him now too. It wouldn't be difficult to handle considering Seto's position in the social status along with his certain set of skills. What he hoped is that he would be ready for whenever Yami wanted to have a specific type of talk.

Maybe I'm overthinking things a bit too much. Nah, that can't be it....can it? Yami looks so peaceful asleep in my arms. Damn, what is it about him that makes me feel.....human? Is it something about him in particular that breaks through my icy cage I put up to keep everyone at a distance? Perhaps I don't know quite what I'm getting myself entangled in, but I don't care. I'll deal with matters when those bridges are crossed.

A/N: Yays! Done with chappie one! Damn, I'm really getting engrossed in these third person slice of life stories that I keep working on. They're very fun to write. Plus, I get my daily dose of escapism so it's a win win situation. Hehes

I hope that everyone enjoyed what happened this time. Pride is one of my favorite ships obviously so this is a real treat to write it for once. The other ships will be involved next time and/or in further chappies. It just depends on how things unfold from here on out.

The next chappie will be out whenever I have it finished being written up. That'll probably be sometime tomorrow considering how much I write within a short amount of time. No, I don't rush things. I just have too much free time on my hands. Until next time please remember to review loves!

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