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A/N: Hey y’all! Welcome to a new story. Yes, updates are going slowish. You know about it and if not then oh welp. I’m indeed working on the next chap of Even In Death and Eclipsed. Not really sure why I’m having trouble updating my Naruto fics. *shrugs* It’ll be a mystery I suppose. Hehes 

So, this is something new. Obviously, you can tell from my works and collabs with Capricorn that I like smut in a story. There will be plot in this, but a lot of smut. I’m just in that type of mood for no particular reason.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its characters.

Pairings: Blind and Ladder. Any others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Dedicated: to my amazing best friend who I consider as an adoptive mother, CapricornKitty1975, who I love and adore to pieces. I don’t know what I’d do without her.


Chapter 1: Eruption 


Working at the brothel known as House of the Rising Sun meant there are certain ways of conduct that have to be maintained. One is always wear the bondage gear and the other is to ensure each client is satisfied. The one rule that can’t be broken is that we can’t fall in love with anyone that’s considered an employer or a client.

Having worked my way up through the ranks I’m one of the highly requested people here. Wearing a pair of leather heeled boots along with a choker, wrist bands, and only wearing a mesh shirt and pair of booty shorts I can tell there are a few eyes on me. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Aside from me it’s usually Ryou, Marik, and Akefia who are also high contenders to be ordered for a night or so. Having received some intel from the man who owns this joint said I’d be attending to someone named Yami tonight. Going to the appointed room, I went inside before laying out things from the bag nearby depending on what he wanted with me. Those who work here including myself are skilled in various kinks ranging from BDSM, submissive and dominant, etc. Having some chains, rope, and a whip I laid them out on the bedside table. Having my back to the door I didn’t notice it open. Being stared at isn’t something I really like. Turning around I can tell it’s my client for tonight. Why do I feel such an odd pull towards him? No one else has caused this to happen before.

“Um, you’re Yami, right?” I asked him, tilting my head to the side.

“Yes, that would be me,” he raised a hand, stepping in to close the door behind him before approaching me.

Looking him up and down I licked my lips. He’s almost a mirror image of myself except with a few differences. His hair is mostly black, but has crimson at the tip of each strand along with lightning bolts running down from atop his head to around it and in his bangs. His eyes are blood red with some flecks of amethyst. What he wears is a pair of leather shoes, pants, a white t-shirt, and a spiked choker. Gauging him, I wonder what type of playtime I’d have with him. Hmm, he might be the one who likes to tie up his submissive. Then again, I don’t know for certain. I’m only picking up a few things from his voice and his movements alone.

“So, what are you into? I’m available for whatever type of role-play you want or maybe you’d prefer to tie me up or something else?” I suggested, looking up at him through my lashes.

“I have you for tonight, little one,” he gently grabbed my chin to have me look up into those ruby depths. “Are you ok with me taking control?” 

“Y-Yes,” my cheeks heated up, moving away to strip down until the only things I wear is my collar and bands while the rest of me is bare naked to him to see.

Eyeing me with a darkened gaze he strips down as well. Then he moves me onto the bed. I flipped over, raising my butt in the air for him. Grabbing my hips, he settled me back down. Looking over my shoulder at him, I wonder what he has planned for me. Running one of his hands down to rub at my cheeks I blush a darker shade of scarlet with how good it felt. Inserting a digit inside of me he began to prepare me. At least he’s not going to be rough at first. While I don’t mind wild partners I do appreciate those who take the time to prepare me before going inside. When I’m loosened up enough for his satisfaction he lines himself up against the outside between my cheeks. Moving in, I moaned when feeling him rubagaisnt the sensitive bundle of nerves before slowly inching inside. When he’s up to the hilt, Yami pulls out before thrusting faster back inside. This went on for a while with skin slapping against skin along with our moans resounding in the room. After a while he eventually stopped before shoving all of himself inside. Shuddering, he released his liquids deep inside of me. Moaning loudly, I released onto my stomach from the waves of pleasure he gave me. This might just be the best night I’ve had in a long time. When he’s finished he pulled out to roll away from me to lie down. Resting beside me, he wraps an arm around to pull me against his chest. 

“How was that?” He purred to cause his alluring baritone voice to drop an octave, sending pleasant chills down my spine.

“Amazing,” I breathed out.

“Good,” he gave a small smirk in response, falling asleep with me in his embrace.

Heh, this definitely has been a fun time. I hope that he’ll ask for me again sometime soon.

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