Awakened Oath

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its characters.

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Awakened Oath


One day in the village known as Hizuna, a near eighteen-year-old starfish woke up. Stretching, he managed to get all of the kinks out of his stiff limbs. Yawning, he opened his eyes to reveal the amethyst hues upon feeling a few slivers of dawn touch his face. Each village in this world is house to guilds of different trades. For the one he belongs to is of the beast clan. Sighing, he had clawed his way up the ladder in order to have his own room and board. That had been a couple of years ago when he was sixteen. Now, a month before he turns eighteen, he can't help to feel as if a storm is brewing.

Figuring he'd best get up to go check the bulletin board for any new assignments open, Yugi quickly got washed up and dressed before locking up behind him. He'd see about getting some breakfast from one of the market stalls or something. He didn't feel particularly hungry right now. Dressed in mostly leather that consisted of a vest, slightly ripped pants, and heeled combat boots along with a spiked choker and wristbands he felt rather comfortable with his attire. His nails are also painted a purplish black. His hair is star shaped with three colors in it. It's mostly black with amethyst at the tips of each strand along with gold bangs. His stature is petite at the height of four feet and ten inches. Yeah, sometimes he's made fun because of it, but he doesn't give a damn about it. All he cares about is that he feels comfortable with who and what he is. If other people don't like it then they can just piss off for all he cares. His twin tails poke out a hole in the back of his pants so they're not cramped inside. For those they're mostly black with lightning bolt designs of blonde going down it while the tips are amethyst flames. His feline ears on the other hand are black with some blonde trimming along the outline along with inside of them.

Trotting up to the board, Yugi examined it closely. There's a bunch of various papers pinned to it describing various jobs opened up along with bounty amounts listed below. Grabbing one that seemed like it would be up his alley, he had picked the one about there being some vampires that needed to be dealt with somewhere outside of the village. From the looks of things it would be somewhere in the Forest of the Nightmare Wheel. Gulping, he hoped that he would be ready for this. Getting it filed through that he's taking up this job, he's given a permit that says he's the one doing this on his own. Having his bow and arrow shaft quiver strapped to his back along with his pouch of other items strapped to his waist, he felt fairly prepared for this mission he's about to embark upon. What worries him is wondering if he's truly ready for such a job like this. At least the pay would be high to cover a little over a year's keep for where he lives. It would be nice to not have to worry for a while of making sure he has enough income to cover things. It's a constant stress on him to ensure that his funds don't drop too low beneath the redline. Heading out, the outcasted neko hoped that he wouldn't fail in this. He needed the cash after all. If he couldn't get it this way then he can go back to his side job of being a carrier. It's where he delivered packages for some high lords in the black market. Finding the right location, he leaped up to where he thought it would be a good vantage point. Getting out his bow, he notched an arrow into it. What he doesn't know is that someone he may or may not recognize is watching him idly from the shadows. Feeling a cold chill rush down his spine, Yugi shivered at the uncertainty starting to slowly cloud his mind. Biting his bottom lip, he hoped that this wouldn't end up like a slap in his face. Remaining alert, he waited to see when any would come out of the nest. Sure, he could go charging in all guns blazing, but that would prove to be a futile attempt. The stealth tactic is better for these kind of enemies. A while later all of a sudden the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Glancing around, he wondered what could possibly be causing him to feel such a way. It confused him, not seeing anything out of the ordinary except the thick foliage along with the sun passing by to show that a plentiful amount of time has passed to where it's near dusk.

Ugh, I wonder how long I'm going to be waiting here... Maybe when it's dark some will show up, thought Yugi to himself, using his free hand to cover his lips at the threat of a yawn leaking through, managing to remain silent so close to enemy territory.

"Are you sure about that, little one?" Asked a smooth baritone voice, causing Yugi to flinch in surprise of being startled, bristling in his current position. "You probably don't remember me, do you?"

"Show yourself," demanded Yugi, not lowering his weapon, keeping the bow taut in preparation to let the arrow loose, but saw with how close someone is he put it away to unsheathe one of his knives instead, figuring that would be better if there's any close range combat.

"Very well then," hissed the other male, revealing himself to Yugi, causing him to gasp in shock of who he's seeing in front of him. "Are you happy now?"

"W-What? N-No, it can't be you," he tried to remain strong, but can't help to tremble slightly in response to being face to face with a ghost of his past, not thinking that they would cross paths again since the time a while back when he had saved him from being mauled by some shifters on one of his first jobs for his clan.

"Aw, are you surprised to see me, Aibou? I did promise you we'd meet again," smirked the near mirror image look alike even though there are some significant differences between this taller male and himself. "You've grown into quite a delectable and handsome young man by the way. You'll be coming with me now."

"Fuck off," growled Yugi, trying to pounce to attack, but is grabbed by the scruff of his neck, whimpering at feeling a light pressure applied.

"Now, now, none of that," purred the older male softly, feeling his captive wriggle to get free even though it wouldn't work. "there's no point in struggling. There's no possible way you can avoid fate, my dear."

Glaring daggers at him, Yugi guessed he did have a point. Never in his life did he think he would be seeing Yami of all people again. The taller paler male has lightning bolt bangs in his hair along with the rest of it being black along with crimson at the tip of each strand. It's long enough for him to have it in a low ponytail. His twin ruby coal eyes stared at him with a tinge of amusement along with something else that made him shiver in a way he didn't know what to make of it. Dressed in all black along with a scarlet cloak draped around his shoulders and a pair of combat boots he went back into the nest with his captured pet. Going inside, there's a corridor that descends down to the stone steps past a metal door. It has a key code in place thanks to another member of the coven. It ensures that only those of their kind can enter to remain safe. Going down the steps after ensuring it's locked behind them, Yami continued on his way. Noticing that Yugi had stopped trying to get free, he contemplated on his further plans for him. Down in the crypts the decor is in shades of purple, black, and blue. The furnishings are akin along with some greens, golds, and reds. The illumination is aided by several hearths lit with hellfire. Going to his room, he then settled Yugi down after attaching a collar and leash to him. The metal chain is attached to a hook high up out of his reach. It would allow a significant amount of room for movement. That way he wouldn't feel restricted. It made Yugi unsure of what to think, noticing he's given a collar in place of his usual choker. Yes, he did know those of his kind and other shifters are used for other purposes. Tilting his head up caused amethyst to be met with crimson. Why did he feel as if they have some chemistry between them? Or maybe it's just tension? For what kind he had no idea. Moving over, Yami elongated his fangs. A spike of fear lurched in Yugi's heart, making him gulp. Well, clearly he failed miserably in his assigned mission. Perhaps this is part of the consequences that he had to pay the price for in response of it. The pierce of those twin incisors made him whimper. Soon after, he felt the immortal drinking from him. Making him feel lightheaded, Yugi leaned against him for support. Wrapping an arm around him, his supposed counterpart obliged in aiding him. When he finished up, Yami retracted his fangs before licking the puncture wounds closed. What's left behind is his mark on his chosen mate.

"Now, no one can take you away from me. You'll be staying here in the coven from here on out. It won't be too bad here if you're good, but if you cross the line you will be punished. Do you understand, pet?" Asked Yami, looking down into those amethyst pools that drew him in, knowing well enough that he's finally found his other half after what's felt like such a long time from last they've been around each other.

"Yes, I do. But if you expect me to call you Master then you have another thing coming. I won't submit easily to you."

A/N: Yays! Done with the prologue! Hehes, I thought to only evolve the Puzzle duo this time. Other ships will be involved next time along with further chappies of this. It feels amazing to start on a new longfic while working on updates for other things. Besides, it'll be kind of a stretch considering while the genre and such is in my wheelhouse the way this is going about is different.

Anyways, enough of me blathering on. I hope you all enjoyed this first chappie of the new story. The next chappie will be out shortly whenever I have it finished being written up. Most likely that'll be by sometime either tonight or tomorrow depending on when I have it finished. Until then please remember to review darlings!

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