Monarch's Bite

BY : Agami_Shukagri
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Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of its characters.

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Monarch's Bite

Chapter 1: Arrival

At the beginning of the new school year which begins junior for returning students, a certain starfish leaves the game shop to head over to Domino High. Dressed in his usual attire of all leather accompanied by his choker, wristbands, and jacket along with the puzzle attached to its chain around his neck he hoped that the first day back would go well. There's been rumors of new people having joined the city. Walking on his way down the path that leads to the school, Yugi can't help to think about various things. All of his life his grandpa had raised him as if he were his own son. His parents had died when he was young. Now, at the age of seventeen, he felt comfortable about himself. Sure, being what he is isn't easy, but it's just par for the course. Glancing around, his amethyst eyes gleamed with intrigue, figuring that today would either prove to be stressful or something else depending on how things played out.

Arriving at the courtyard, Yugi counted on his way. Going inside of the academic building, he went to his locker. Looking around, he didn't see his friends. Maybe they'd probably gone off to homeroom already. That's what he decided to chalk up for now. Hearing another locker close behind him drew his attention. Being the height of four feet and ten inches meant that he did have to crane his neck a bit to look up at someone else in the face. It annoyed him sometimes, but that's the fun part of being short. There are problems no matter which way anyone cuts it. Who it seemed to be is someone he didn't recognize. Noticing that this guy looked almost like a mirror image of him caused him to pause in his tracks. The other male has long tricolored starfish hair though for him it's mostly black with lightning bolt bangs along with crimson at the tip of each strand. His twin ruby coals fascinated him. Dressed in leather along with a pair of combat boots, the slightly older male noticed he's being stared at. Raising a brow, he wondered why the shorter male is staring at him.

"Yes?" Spoke up the taller look alike in a smooth baritone voice that sent pleasant chills down Yugi's back.

"I-I....I, um, haven't seen you around," stammered out Yugi nervously, mentally cursing himself for messing up. "The name's Yugi."

"Yami Sennen," he offered a hand, feeling the other male accept it, causing a few sparks of electricity to flow through their fingers when they touched, releasing him shortly after. "You're in the same homeroom I see."

"Yep," blushed Yugi, not sure why he felt as if maybe he's seen him before.

"Let's not be late then," Yami shot him a brilliant smile, causing the blush to deepen into a medium shade of scarlet, amused by this reaction as the two head to the appropriate classroom.

Going inside, the two take their seats. Fortunately they hadn't arrived late. It had been a few minutes before the bell rang. Sitting on the other side of Yugi is another new student. This one has mostly blonde tricolored hair with some black underneath along with crimson at the tips. His skin is caramel bronze with a well-built form. Wearing a pair of leather pants along with a dark purple top and blazer, the slightly older male glanced over to give a nod to Yami though then gave a small smirk after looking at Yugi up and down appreciatively. Gulping, he can't help feeling his temperature rise of getting so much attention from two guys in one day. Normally he's seen as the outcast amongst everyone else. Those violet eyes felt so alluring to Yugi. Swallowing hard, he wondered how he's going to make it out in one piece today.

Homeroom came and went almost in a blur. Getting up when it's finished some time later, Yugi glanced at his schedule. He has free period right after this semester. It worked out well considering normally he'd go to the library. Having a quiet place to read did help relax him. Leaving the emptied classroom, he hand't noticed that it already had piled out to leave the trio left to head out of there. Shrugging, he grabbed his bag to sling it over one shoulder before trudging out of there. Shoving his knuckle buster clad hands in his pockets, Yugi tried his hardest to ignore the two males that seemed to be following him. Cursing under his breath, he guessed that he wouldn't be given a break anytime soon. Whirling on his heel, Yami and Atem stopped to be faced by the shorter male.

"What?" Demanded Yugi to know, narrowing his eyes slightly at them. "You have no reason to follow me."

"You interest us," admitted the darker skinned of the two, extending a hand. "I'm Atem Kodai for your information. We're both in the same year as you."

"Yugi," he ignored the hand, turning to have his back facing them to then continue on his way to the library, hoping he can ignore the two extremely hot and sexy men, having a hard time believing that their intentions are true instead of a trick, knowing rarely did anyone have a genuine interest in someone like him.

What caused him to be on edge is having a knot of dread forming in the pit of his stomach. Something didn't feel right about those two. Finding the right double doors, Yugi pushed past to enter the expansive library filled to the brim with stocked shelves. Eliciting a breath of relief, Yugi went to his usual spot after grabbing a few books that he had his eye on for some time. Going to a comfortable spot, he curled his legs underneath him. Opening one, he began to read silently. Unbeknownst to him, two certain people settled at the empty chairs on either side. Ignoring them, he hoped giving the cold shoulder would work. It's not easy to break through his seemingly impenetrable walls. If newbies could achieve such a feat then he didn't really know what to do then. Turning the page, he hummed lightly to himself while enjoying his time reading. Feeling a hand place itself on his left thigh brought him out of his happy place. Snapping his attention to the owner, he sighed in exasperation of seeing the two from before.

"Are you two stalking me?" Scowled Yugi in disbelief, not sure if he wanted to stay in place or move away, feeling residual heat pool from the brief moment of contact.

"Maybe," smirked Atem, giving a look at Yami as if silently telling him to follow his lead, glancing around to notice that they're in a private reading room deep in the depths of the library with the door being able to close and lock.

Getting up, Yami went at an unnatural speed to ensure the route of escape is securely locked. Glancing between them, he can't help to feel his breath speed up from seeing both of their gazes dilate. Being stared at like a piece of meat made Yugi go rigid in a mix of fear, excitement, and anticipation. What he didn't know is what would happen next. The two approached, pinning him there.

"At the end of the day you'll be coming with us. No arguing, little one," hissed Atem, moving to graze his elongated incisors against his neck, making him shiver at the promise instead of a threat directed at him. "Do you understand?"

"Y-Yes," whimpered Yugi, trying hard not to struggle in the face of wolves in sheep's clothing. "W-What the hell are you?"

"That's for us to know and for you to find out. Now, let's have a little snack before letting you go until later.... We can promise you what happens to you with us will never be painful, but it will be pleasurable."

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