Weevil gets his revenge, and breed Tea ! (Yugioh)

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hapter 1 - Weevil Underwood cucks Yugi !

The rain pours down hard during the dark and stormy night. Weevil lies face-down on the ground, his body twitching in pain as he scowls into the floor, every inch of his body aching as blood wells out of the many wounds on his body. 

As much as his body throbbed with pain, Weevil’s thoughts weren’t focused on his wounds at all. Instead, the boy was fuming with anger and humiliation from having just gotten his ass kicked hard from the duel he just finished. He thought he was being sneaky and coy but his cheating was instantly caught, thus making the boy end up the way he is now. 
He was once a well-respected champion that everyone looked up to and wanted to be – but look at where he was now, a defeated and humiliated boy lying face-down in an alleyway! No one would even think about him being respectable anymore. Everyone just laughs at him and thinks that he’s nothing but a vulgar little punk that never wins a duel with his stupid cheating tactics. Weevil was sick of it. 

As his head continues to fill with rage, his thoughts gradually turn to target the people that made him the angriest: Yugi, that damned boy, and his friends. 
It was all Yugi’s fault that Weevil ended up like this, a loser that had no standing in society other than being a bottom-of-the-barrel loser that was more of a laughingstock than a proper opponent to most people. If that damned boy didn’t exist, the Weevil would obviously still be a respected champion! Perhaps even the most respected champion in the whole country. 

No, that’s not it either… Weevil fumes. Yes, Yugi and his friends were nothing more than damn cocky bastards who ruined his life, but the real thing that caused him to end up the way he was now was the stupid millennium items that Yugi and the others have. That was the real thing to blame. Those completely overpowered items are the only things that make Yugi and his friends have any sort of power. 

The bastards call Weevil a cheater all the time but they were the worst cheaters of all, using such powerful tools in every duel and giving their opponents no chance unless they had items just as powerful. It was ridiculous and unfair. Pegasus could read your mind, for crying out loud ! Weevil was growing angrier and angrier by the second as he thinks about it. With them, it’s “screw the rules, I have a millennium item”! How dare they call him a cheater if they were the ones that always relied on their way too powerful maguffins? 

And, on top of everything else that angered Weevil was one thing that angered him the most: thanks to his loser status and unattractive appearance, he has never had a girlfriend or even a single female who ever showed a tiny bit of interest in him. Of course, he has tried and ask girls out, doing his best to be appealing and attractive to them, but they just scoff and laugh at him, turning him down like he was nothing more than an insect. That’s all that girls see him as: a pathetic cheating loser than constantly loses to Yugi and his group of annoying bastard friends. How would he ever get a chance with a girl like this? 

Weevil’s face darkens with anger as he thinks about Tea Gardner… the girl was an absolute dreamy sexbomb, her huge fat heavy tits making him drool whenever he saw those gigantic milkers bounce around beneath her top. He couldn’t believe that Yugi was her boyfriend! 
She was just such a stunning knockout. Weevil thinks of her heavy, jiggly tits that stretched out every top she wore. So what if Weevil was a pervert with a boob fetish? It wasn’t his fault anyway. He sighs, thinking about Tea Gardner’s absolutely massive boobs… He wanted them to be his so bad but he knew that would never happen, not with the way he currently was. No girl would want him, much less the ultra-busty sexbomb that was Tea Gardner!

Before Weevil could continue with his mental rant, he freezes as he hears a sound at the end of the alleyway. Was it the previous opponents coming back to teach him more of his lesson? He squints in the dark as the dark, sinister approaches him in the raining alley. 
Weevil narrows his eyes when he realizes who it is: 
Bakura Ryou! 
Part of Yugi’s group of friends… Weevil groans. 
The man wasn’t just standing in the alleyway with nothing, however… he was equipped with his millennium ring. What on earth was he doing here and did he plan anything to do with Weevil? Taunt him some more, maybe? Or give him one last ass-kicking before leaving him to cower in the dark alleyway some more?
“What do you want?!” Weevil shouts distrustfully at the quiet Bakura. 
When Bakura speaks, Weevil is shocked when an unfamiliar voice leaves the mouth of Bakura. 
“I am here to give you what you want. To fulfill your largest dreams.” 
Was the white-haired man possessed? This wasn’t the voice of the Bakura Weevil knew. The boy continues to cower on the ground. This must be some kind of joke or a cruel prank – why would one of Yugi’s friends want to help Weevil, who they probably thought of as the largest loser cheater to ever walk the planet?
“What are you talking about? Why do you sound like that?”
Weevil looks at the millennium ring in Bakura’s hands. 
“Hah! You want to give me a millennium item? Well, there’s nothing that a millennium item can give me that will truly give me what I desire!”
Bakura laughs, the cold noise bouncing off the dark walls of the alleyway as he looks down at the pathetic boy lying pained on the floor. 
“Oh, Weevil. What I am going to give you is something that is far more powerful than anything a millennium item can give you. It far exceeds the power of any of those items.”

Weevil furrows his brows but the hostility in him dies down a bit. Something with power far greater than a millennium item? Was that even possible? 
“What do you mean? How is that possible? Why would you even want to give it to me, anyways? You know who I am! You’re one of Yugi’s friends. You would never want to give something like that to me.”
Weevil is once again distrustful. If such a power did exist, something that exceeds the sheer power of millennium items, then why would Bakura even want to give it to the largest laughingstock in the country? Why not just keep it for himself?

Bakura remains quiet for a few seconds as if he is considering something, then sighs before he continues to speak. He turns slightly to face away from the boy on the floor before he talks. 
 “The truth is, Weevil, while I am Bakura, I am not just Bakura.”
“What on Earth does that mean? Damn, you make no sense!” Weevil snorts. 
“I am also Zorc Necrophades.”
Weevil is baffled and he slowly starts to crawl up to sit on the floor. There was no way, surely… but Bakura remains firm and calm as he continues to speak, explaining to the confused man on the floor. 

“I was born out of the darkness in people’s hearts, Weevil. I am the one with the power far beyond those of the millennium items. After all, my powers are the ones that created those things after all, so it makes sense that the source is more powerful than the products themselves, no?”
Weevil nods, completely shocked to silence and focused on what Bakura – no, Zorc – was saying to him. 
 “My powers stem from darkness, so there really is no limit to them. They keep growing and growing. I would have exceeded infinitely if I extended my goals of plunging this universe into darkness if I wanted to. I am that powerful – these are all things that I can do.”

Zorc/Bakura sighs, shaking his head. 
“The only thing that stands in my way is this: I am Bakura and I am part of Yugi’s team. I need to keep my cover and therefore I am unable to do what I want. I can’t do the necessary preparations or actions that will allow me to fulfill my goal, you see. I can’t let the rest of the Yugi team get suspicious of me, that will truly be an annoying hassle.”

Weevil is stunned. So what does Zorc want from him, then? Weevil was the largest loser who only knew how to cheat and even then, he lost most of the time and got his ass handed to him! How could a mere insect like him help Zorc… why did such a powerful being specifically hunted him down? 
“So you see, Weevil, my objective is simple. I want to reunite and collect every single millennium item.”

Weevil finally gains the courage to speak. 
 “A-and what will you do with them? Why do you want them?”
Zorc smirks slightly, a cunning look in his eyes. 
“That does not concern you, Weevil. However, there is a part of my plan that involves you. If you agree to help me, then I can give you exactly what you want.”
Weevil is conflicted. On one hand the idea of helping someone with such great power was tempting… he’s never been part of anything like this. But part of him is still doubtful.  

“I know who you are, Weevil, and I know how people think about you,” Zorc continues. Weevil scowls and looks down at the floor, embarrassed as the powerful man brings up his loser status .”I know how Yugi and his team humiliates you, defeats you, and leaves you like this… a loser with no good standing in society. Don’t you want revenge for that? I know you do. I know you want to avenge yourself and to make them suffer for what they gave to you. 
And most importantly, this power I give you… it will allow you to attract all the women you will ever want.”

At this, Weevil is completely hooked. Any women he wants? Really? Weevil thinks of Tea Gardner’s huge, fat tits and his mouth waters. If what Zorc said was true, then Weevil would finally be able to make the curvy, sexy girl his own… 
“What do I need to do?” Weevil asks, already excited with the idea of becoming irresistible to the object of his affections. Zorc smiles at his enthusiasm. He knew that the boy would agree to his request. 
“All I kneed you to do is to collect all the millennium objects and bring them to me when you complete gathering them. The most important part is that you cannot let anyone know that I am behind it all. Is that understood?”
Weevil nods eagerly. That sounded simple enough, a wonderful deal for such a great result… any girl he likes! 
“I accept,” Weevil says excitedly, standing up. 
Zorc nods with a smile. 
 “I knew you would. However…” his smile drops off his face as he leans in close to Weevil threateningly. “You understand that if you fail your part of the deal, you will deal with the consequences?”

Weevil swallows at Zorc’s menacing tone and nods rapidly. 
“I promise I will!”
Zorc looms for a few more seconds before he nods, pulling back. 
“Very well.”
Weevil gasps as he feels a strange energy envelope his body, his flesh moving and shifting as if something like electricity was running beneath it… the change was starting. Weevil starts to laugh evilly. 
His revenge on Yugi will finally start!


Tea sighs sadly, looking down at the ground as she walks home. 
I love the Pharaoh, she thinks, her heart beating just a bit faster when she thinks about the other Yugi that has held her affections for so long. As much as she desired to show him her love and act upon her feelings, the Yugi was way too obsessed with finding out about his forgotten past. Tea does her best to support him as well as she can, but… she simply isn’t getting the attention she needs!
Tea blushes, biting down on her puffy fat lip. It wasn’t the emotional attention that was giving her trouble… it was her physical needs that she needed satisfying, and it was a little embarrassing for her to admit to herself. 

But it’s true… she thinks to herself, I have womanly needs too! 
It wasn’t like the busty brown-haired girl was not able to find attention in other men if she wanted. In fact, she had a body so sexy and eye-catching it made people turn heads whenever she walked past them on their streets. For good reason, too. 
Tea had absolutely gigantic milkers, huge heavy round tits that weren’t able to be easily contained at all. No matter what top she wore, her impressively massive melons simply bulged right through, the clothing stretched way too tight around her gigantic jiggly milkers. Every step she takes makes the huge round melons wobble, bouncing up and down from the smallest movement. They were so big that she broke through way too many bras that failed to properly contain the massive weight of her huge, fat milkers… they protruded out from her chest in two gigantic fat mounds of flesh, larger than even basketballs. 

Yes, she knows that her huge gigantic milkers were completely able to attract whatever male she wanted to help satisfy her womanly needs. However, that was not what the kind and gentle woman wanted. Tea’s heart was completely taken by the Pharoh – she wanted to wait for him. Yes, she would wait until the man finally understands just how she felt for him, and then her deep physical needs would be able to be fulfilled along with her emotional ones. 

So what if men constantly ogled her huge gigantic heavy tits? It didn’t matter… no man in the world would be more worth it to Tea than to Pharoh, so of course she would be willing to wait for him! She loved him, after all. She smiles happily, daydreaming about the day that she would finally be able to confess her feelings for him and have her dreams come true. 
As Tea is still pondering over her thoughts when suddenly a familiar figure approaches at the other end of the road. 
Is that… no, it can’t be…

It was Weevil, the annoying little brat who cheated at every duel he was in and still never seemed to learn his lesson despite being beaten up so badly each time! Tea didn’t liked him, he was never subtle about ogling her huge, fat tits. 
What a pervert...Tea thinks to herself, along with being the ultimate loser, he can’t keep his eyes off my huge fat boobs either… 
“What are you up to, Weevil?” Tea asks when he is close enough, not wanting to talk too long to the boy. Only recently had they just dueled with him. 

However, instead of replying, Weevil starts laughing an evil laugh that makes Tea uncomfortable. 
“What are you planning?” she asks, slightly cautious of the sly tricks of the man. “Whatever it is you plan to do, Yugi is going to stop you!” 
Tea is about to say more, trying to warn off the boy from doing anything evil or sly, but before she can speak her whole body freezes and she gasps, her nostrils flaring as Weevil gets close enough to her for her to breathe in the smell of the boy. 
What was this??

Her cheeks start to flush and her head grows dizzy as she starts to swallow in deep, big mouthfuls of Weevil’s smell. It was strong and musky, so masculine and virile it made her water up the closer and closer he got to her. It smelt awful, completely virile and musty, and it seemed to be sticking to the insides of her lungs. However, her body reacts instantly despite her distaste towards the young boy. She squirms, her huge fat milkers jiggling as they are squished together. She can feel her pussy lips twitching and tingling from the stench of the boy… what was happening? Surely she wasn’t becoming aroused from him? 
“What do you want?” Tea asks again, trying to hide her body’s lewd reaction to the boy’s musky, strong virile stink that was causing her head to swoon and her pussy to get wet much to her horror. 

“Oh, Tea…” Weevil says, a smile on his face as he stares at how Tea is squirming around, her fat jiggly pussy twitching prominently underneath her bottoms. Her pussy was just as fat and prominent as her tits and ass, sticking out like a mound of fat flesh that formed a cameltoe that was now pulsating and throbbing as he sees his scent’s impact on the curvy, brown-haired girl. 
 “I know you have desires that aren’t being fulfilled, Tea Gardner… sexual desires.” 
“Wh-what are you talking about?” Tea says with a blush, biting down on her fat lip as she tries to deny the words that the cocky blue-haired boy was saying. 
 “I mean, it makes sense. I know you’re always the second one in Pharoh’s mind… he’s forever too preoccupied with other things, right? You want his attention so bad… both emotionally and physically…”
He stares greedily at her huge, jiggling tits that were once again stretching out the front of her top like two huge heavy melons. 

Tea tries to shake her head, but her mind is completely foggy with the smell of Weevil’s new body... Her mouth is salivating and her eyes are growing glazed. Her pussy is dripping, her pussy lips twitching and clapping lewdly beneath her bottoms as her nostrils flare, greedily taking in breath after breath of that virile, nasty concentrated musk that was rolling off the young boy in waves. 
Ahh…. The more of that stinky musk I breathe in, the more my pussy is reacting like I’m nothing more than a sow in heat… this is horrible… 
“You don’t know what you’re talking about…” Tea says, stammering over her words as her fat, stiff nipples start to twitch, also eager and aroused from the smell of Weevil, “I… I love him… I will wait for him… no one can make me think differently!” 

Weevil shakes his head and steps closer to Tea, making the brown-haired girl bite down hard on her lip as the smell grows even stronger. 
No… this isn’t good, I’m going to lose my mind if I stay here any longer!
Her whole body is reacting like crazy. She had no idea what was going on but her pussy has never tingled so crazily for anything before, her lips clapping wetly as the once pathetic loser steps even closer to her. 
“But you know, Tea, he is never going to be what you want… he’ll never be able to truly fulfill your needs. You will forever be hungry for more.”
He is right in front of Tea now, his huge mega-gigantic smelly cock flexing hard in his pants as he watches Tea’s huge jiggling boobs twitch and bounce right in front of him. 

 “But I can fulfill those needs for you, Tea…”
Tea bites down hard on her lip again, her foggy mind trying to process what he just said. Before she can even speak a word in response, Weevil speaks again. 
“I will satisfy your sexual urges like no one ever will be able to. I will give you sexual satisfaction that is so great, you will forget all about Pharoh… trust me.”
Tea finally finds enough strength in her completely insanely aroused body to shake her head at his words. However, by that point, her eyes have already seen the huge, gigantic prominent bulge of Weevil’s new monster horse cock straining against his pants. 
It’s so big… she thinks, her pussy dripping insanely wet with her arousal. 
“No… you don’t know what you’re saying… why would I go to you for sexual satisfaction…?”
It made no sense but Tea couldn’t deny the facts… her body was reacting like a bitch in heat to the smell and sight of Weevil’s new body. 

I can’t believe this is happening…. 
Tea’s face is completely flushed with shame at the position and situation she is in right now. Her curvy, plump body is completely split apart by Weevil’s huge, nasty throbbing meat pole of a cock, her tight wet pussy absolutely stretched to the limits by how huge and gigantic Weevil’s donkey dick is. Her eyes are completely rolled back in her head, her perfect puffy lips forming an O shape as she moans lewdly, her tongue hanging out in total bliss as her curvy sexbomb body writhes and thrashes around, completely overtaken by pleasure. Her arms are wrapped around Weevil as she impales herself on his huge fat cock. 
They’re sat on her bed. Tea can’t remember how exactly they got in this position but she can’t bring it to herself to care….
“Ahh…. Your nasty smelly cock is so gigantic and fat, stretching my pussy out like this…!”
Weevil doesn’t move. He sits and watches as the completely aroused brown-haired girl starts to wriggle her hips, grinding her hungry clapping pussy all over his body as she moves. She starts to moan loudly and lewdly as she satisfies herself with Weevil’s huge cock, her large round tits bouncing hard in Weevil’s face as she starts to slowly move her pussy lips up and down the gigantic, thick massive cock length that was stretching her pussy apart. 
She moves up and down slightly, her mouth hanging even wider open with her puffy fat lips completely wet with her drool as she starts to bounce up and down on his fat smelly meat pole like she was nothing but a sex sow, completely stretching out her own pussy with the nasty gigantic meat that was completely splitting her in half. 
Every plump inch of her curvy, sexy body shakes and jiggles as she jumps enthusiastically on his dick. It felt amazing… Tea was practically like an animal, her eyes rolled back as she satisfied the deep sexual urges that she has tries to hide for so long. Her fat jiggly pussy lips are clapping loudly and lewdly as she pleasures herself with Weevil’s fuckstick, spraying her juices all over his groin. She was using his huge cock pole to find the most sensitive pleasure spots in her pussy, moaning and squirting like a sow whenever his massive hard cock meat pressed against them.
“AHHH!!!! AHHH!!!” Tea moans loudly in complete bliss, her eyes crossing as she starts to cum hard from riding Weevil’s fat cock, “I’M CUMMINGG!!! I’M CUMMING SO HARD BY SITTING ON YOUR HUGE FAT MONSTER COCK!!!!” 
Her whole body shakes as she continues to bounce on his massive cock length. Weevil smiles at the lewd, shameless display of the girl. 
“Sigh… look at you, aren’t you betraying Yugi like this? I can’t believe you opened up your pussy so easily for my huge gigantic cock meat! You’re acting like a bitch in heat… you’re so eager to be a traitor, huh?” 
Tea shakes her head but never stops pleasuring herself with his massive thick fuckstick, her face in a completely lewd expression as her pussy continues to slide up and down Weevil’s gigantic massive cock. 
“Noo… this is just…. This is temporary…” Tea tries to justify, “I’m not that into it… it just takes the edge off my urges…”
Despite her words, Tea continues to act completely shamelessly, her fat jiggly pussy shaking and bouncing like jello as she wriggles her hips. She gasps as she once again starts to feel herself cum hard.
“Are you sure you’re not betraying your love like this?”
Tea’s huge, fat milkers are swinging up and down from how enthusiastically she is bouncing on his thick fat cock, completely captured in her own bliss as she still tries to deny the words of the man. 
“N..no…. I promise….”
But even as she said this, Tea knew that her futile protests were a lie. 
The thick, fat massive cock meat stretching out her pussy was pleasuring her like no one ever has, satisfying the deepest and hungriest parts of her tight and wet pussy. Her face is in a constant lewd expression as her pussy squirts, again and again, her jiggly lips clapping loudly as her plump body enthusiastically wriggles and bounces on Weevil’s cock. The girl was practically a sex-addled sow, completely animalistic as she pleasures herself again and again on his fat, smelly cockmeat like it was the only thing she wanted to do. 
“Ahh…” Tea moans, leaning in and wrapping her arms around Weevil as she feels another orgasm start to build up in her tingling pussy, “AHH!!!! I’M CUMMING AGAIN….”
She kisses Weevil passionately, pressing her fat luscious lips tightly against his as she sucks on his tongue like a sow. Her pussy claps hard around his invading cock as she passionately makes out with him like a lover. 
 Weevil can feel his huge fat monster cock start to convulse as he begins to cum as well, his cock milked from the enthusiastic bouncing movements of the aroused girl.
His cock throbs and flexes before his cock slit finally open up. Tea and Weevil both moan as the huge anaconda unleashes a fat, thick flood of cum deep into her open womb, completely stuffing her fertile and unprotected womb with his fat stinky swimmers. They completely dominate her womb and cervix, impregnating her eggs easily and immediately impregnating her with his children. 
“Ohh…. You’re stuffing my ruined pussy so full of your swimmers…I’m cumming again…” Tea’s voice is completely gone now, having screamed with so much pleasure over the last few hours. 

Tea finally slides off his huge, fat stinking monster cock, her legs shaking as her satisfied pussy quivers and trembles with the immense amount of sexual pleasure that she just experienced. Her ruined, stretched pussy is lewd and split open, oozing out thick streams of his cum.

“This was just the beginning,” Weevil said as he rose to his feet, stuffing his mega penis into that amazing cunt. He squatted down, his thighs nearly perpendicular to the ground, his feet planted firmly on the bed. He was perched above her like a caveman, his dick was in her gushing cunt and her gigantic ass was smashed against his abs. Time to act like a caveman then and pound her pussy into dust.

And pound her he did. Tea felt him get up, but she hadn’t expected him to up the ante. He was pulverizing her insides now, reshaping her cunt and ruining her for her own boyfriend. She screamed into the bed, slammed her hands against the soft material, tore at the sheets and moaned. And the best and the worst part was that he was rubbing everywhere, against her sweet spot and his balls were smashing against her puffy, swollen clitoris.

That was incredible... From ultimate loser, Weevil was now riding Yugi's girlfriend in a power stance, squatting atop the bed and virtually pounding down on his Tea’s ass as he slammed his meatstick into her gushing pussy.

After nearly twenty minutes of furious pounding, Weevil grabbed Tea by her hair and pulled. Tea’s muffled scream now turned into an open-mouthed scream as her face rose off the bed and into the air. He then slumped back onto his knees and pulled Tea into him, her massive arse squishing against his belly. He then let go of her hair and grabbed Tea’s tits with both hands. These are enormous! He juggled them, parted them and slapped them together with his hands, groping and squeezing and relishing the heavy feel, even as he pounded furiously into Tea’s pussy. And then he grabbed both her nipples with strong fingers and pulled.

Tea screamed and squirted. She almost appeared to be pissing herself as a large puddle grew on the bed. 
Tea tried to scream out to Weevil to stop. The pleasure was too much – it was overwhelming and she was beginning to see spots. She really did try to scream at him to stop, but he showed no mercy. He kept thrusting into her even as she squirted around his cock, allowing her no respite at all. Her scream had long since died as she rode one high to the next, her mouth now open and her eyes rolling up into her head.

Weevil grunted for the second time, as his heavy balls seemed to pulse – once, twice, thrice, four times, five, six… it seemed to go on and on, And each time he pulsed, Tea seemed to squirt again, still letting out that choked scream. 

Weevil is satisfied, smiling down at his conquest as he prepares to turn and leave the room – after all, this pleasure and power came at a cost. He had to hold up his deal of collecting all of the millennium items, or even the bustiest and sexiest girl in the world wouldn’t be worth the consequence that Zorc would bestow upon him!

However, before the man can even stand up to leave the room, he feels Tea’s hand wrap around his wrist. He looks down to see the naked, trembling woman blink up at him with hunger. 
“Stay…. Stay with me more…” 
Weevil sighs. 
 It seems that his work might take a bit more time than he originally thought… 

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