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Title: Fiancé
Author: Jonouchi-Kaiba-Mokie
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Summary: Jaden has finally learned what fiancé means and now he decides to pay back the slayer that has protected him.
Pairing: Jaden/Alexis

Supreme King, Vampire Lord, King of Games; Jaden Yuki was all these things but one thing he was not was happy with his life. He was feeling like a fool at the moment, a fool who had just realized he had been played. Ten years after the incident had occurred he had finally realized what the word ‘fiancé’ meant. Ten years ago that he had won Alexis’ hand in marriage in a duel and hadn’t even realized it.

Of course had he known it wouldn’t have been serious back then but now this whole engaged thing was getting over his head. He wanted her this day more than anything and now he had this choice, but what could he, a vampire, offer the beautiful slayer. Well, he would just have to figure that out.

With a groan he stood, reaching over as the last of the blood dripped from the canteen and down his throat. His tongue darted out, licking at the edge of the metal to get the last drops of the blood. His refusal to drink goat’s blood had put him on awkward terms with his father but at this point he didn’t care. With a sigh Jaden heaved himself to his feet, taking a look around. He had to find Alexis first and then he could start.

Dumping the canteen in the sink Jaden stretched slightly, trying to sniff out the smell of the woman. He wasn’t going to waste any more time. Sighing slightly he moved out of the room, glancing around to find the source of the scent. Opening a door he forced a slight smile, glancing inside.

“Hey Lex,” he forced a smile as the slayer lifted up her head, glancing back at Jaden for a long moment.

“Hey Jay, how’s it going?” She smiled as she glanced back, studying him for a moment.

“Oh, fine,” stepping closer he rested his hand on her shoulder reaching down with his other hand to take Alexis’ hand. “After getting used to the whole blood thing.”

At that Alexis glanced at him, looking guilty for a long moment. “I’m sorry about all this Jay,” she whispered but she never got to finish what she was saying as Jaden pulled her close, kissing her deeply. Alexis gasped, pulling away from him as she took a deep breath.

“But that wasn’t part of your plan was it? When you told me what fiancé meant what were you planning on doing when I found out?” His blood was boiling, the color of his eyes shifting to the dual colors.

“Jaden, I never thought you’d take it this seriously.” She knew that she was in danger now, everything warning her. Jaden wasn’t the same man he had been back then and she could never forget that he was a vampire, and one that had turned on his own family for humanity. He was a creature without a soul, a dangerous monster that could not love.

“You guessed wrong,” he whispered, cupping her chin and pulling her close again. They were a vampire and a slayer and nothing could change that. “For years you’ve driven me insane. It’s over Alexis.”

Was he going to kill her? That was the first question but she soon discovered how wrong that idea was. This was Jaden; he had more taste than that. With a quick movement he kissed her, his lips pressing strongly against hers, an arm wrapped around her waist. Alexis felt herself responding, arms wrapped around his neck, leaning in closer. There was something about such a dangerous man that drew her. That was the only invitation he needed as he lifted up her legs, pressing Alexis’ body to the cool wood of the desk.

Patience was not something Jaden knew and even less as a vampire. It was very obvious now, his hands wandering Alexis’ body, exploring every curve. He kissed her deeply, lips parted, tongue seeking entrance into her mouth. He wanted her and he would not accept no as an answer. He felt Alexis responding in return, licking at his lips, feeling his tongue probe against hers, wrapping lightly around it. Her hands moved under his shirt, hands splayed over his chest, rubbing against his skin, exploring it. The skin was soft at his chest, barely visible scars forming slight bumps under her fingertips.

Exploring every bit of skin her hands slowly moved up, feeling the pert nipples react to her touch. His skin was so cold, almost un-living in a way. He was a vampire but at this moment Alexis didn’t care. Pulling him closer she arched slightly against him.

Moving against her Jaden kissed her back, his own hand moving against Alexis’ body. He needed her so badly and he wasn’t one to wait any longer than he had to. Leaning forward his hands trailed down to her ass before coming around for her waist, grinding against her hips. His hands undoing her pants and pulling them down. His hand slid into her panties, digging into her sex. He could feel the soft muscles clenching around his rough fingers as Alexis’ free hand moved down, yanking at his belt, trying to get it lose.

His free hand joined hers, aiding in pulling open his pants, her hands trailing down as she peeled off the pants, hands exploring the well-muscled legs. Slowly she moved down his body, kissing the abs and then moving down between his legs, licking lightly at his thighs and then slowly her tongue darted out, tracing over the ridges of his cock.

Jaden gave a shuddering gasp, shivering slightly in response to the touches. It was almost too much for his mind to track, the pleasure overwhelming his senses. Moving slightly she slid out from under Jaden’s body, kneeling before the desk.

“Sit on the edge, please Jay?” She murmured, stroking his outer thighs lightly. As he moved forward she pressed a kiss to his muscles, He was beautiful to her eyes, a refined vampire created from one of the oldest beings in existence. “You’re so beautiful,” she whispered, her lips trailing over every inch. Slowly she moved further up, exploring the man’s body over again. There had been a time when this had haunted her dreams, leaving her sweating in the night.

But this time it was real. She had Jaden before her, letting her pleasure him. Leaning forward she took his length into her mouth, her tongue tracing every inch of skin. She sucked harder on his cock, her tongue swirling around the tip ass Jaden gave a cry of pleasure. He tossed his head back, pleasure getting the better of him.

“Lex,” he whispered breathlessly, his back arching slightly, his back curving somewhat as his hands clenched the golden hair, his hips thrusting towards her mouth, forcing himself deeper into Alexis’ mouth. Her hands were resting on his hips as they slowly maneuvered his thrusts into her mouth. The wet heat was more than Jaden could take as he gave a loud cry before pulling away, slamming her onto the desk perhaps a bit too hard but not hard enough to frighten the slayer who could more than handle it.

Panting hard Jaden held her legs apart, pushing into her body without pause until he was met with resistance. At that he moved slower, watching Alexis’ face for any sign of pain. What he got for his trouble was a light growl and a look that had meant death for many a vampire.

“Jaden…” the name came out as a pant from Alexis’ lips. “Move, now.”

He didn’t need a second prodding as he pushed the rest of the way, her hymen snapping under the pressure. There was no sign of pain in Alexis’ face, her hips moving to probe Jaden further. He quickly got the idea, his body moving in a deep thrust, driving hard into her body. The tight heat was enough to drive him insane but something within him wouldn’t allow Jaden to end this just yet. He needed to give her more before he ever allowed himself to release.

He picked up his pace as Alexis’ nails clutched to Jaden’s body, the slight pain pushing him harder as he thrusted deep into her body, his hands gripping her hips. Alexis gave a cry of pleasure as she held to him, hips arching up as she pressed against his body, moaning lightly.

Thrusting harder into Alexis’ body he released hard into her body, crying out loud at the sheer pleasure as she clutched at his cock at the release. Panting hard her arms wrapped around Jaden, holding him close.

“Jaden…” she whispered, gazing up towards her but a finger was pressed to her lips.

“Shh...” he murmured before kissing her lightly, holding her close.

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