The Pharoah and Prince's Lover

BY : Valkerie
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REWRITTEN: Ok, so I had started this and as I was writing this, the plot bunnies I had hopped away and I couldn't think of what I was going with the story. So, I took some time off and now I've got an idea of where I was going with this. So, the story is currently being rewritten and I'll try to keep a hold of this plot bunny this time. :3


Summary: In ancient Egypt, there was a pharaoh and a prince. They were twins and their names were Atemu and Yami. Pharaoh Atemu had filled his role when their father passed on, and Prince Yami was on Atemu’s council, along with their best friends Akefia, Bakura, and Marik, along with the Pharaoh’s and the prince’s cousins Seth and Seto. Back then, you could marry either a male or a female because they both could give people children, these special people who could bear children were known as Hikari’s. Pharaoh Atemu, along with Yami and their friends, had not found anyone they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. Until one day, at a celebration of the kingdom, they had found them. Each of their soul mates were Hikari’s and their names were Heba(Yugi), Nemu(Malik), Dakarai(Ryou), and Jono(Joey/Jonouchi). Atemu and Yami, along with their friends and cousins, were very happy with their soul mates, but their happiness quickly came to an end. For an evil mage, by the name of Abasi, wanted the downfall of the pharaoh, and one day, when the pharaoh and his council were away at war, Abasi killed their mates, before going to the pharaoh and putting a curse on him and his friends. They were all bound to an individual millenium item, that made sure they would not be able to leave without the item and if they left the room without the item, they would be sucked into the item. They were immortal and unless they found the spell to unlock the curse, they would forever be bound to the curse, never to move on. The Pharoah, in a fit of rage, sent Abasi to the shadow realm to be tortured by the shadows there. For years, they could not find the spell to break it, finding out that the scroll that had it was burned and the only one who had learned the spell, was Nemu. 3000 years they waited, moving from place to place to not cause any suspicion to the others around them, silently mourning over their Hikari's through the years and their hearts turning as cold as ice. Who can melt the ice in their hearts and break the dreaded spell before they fall more into their dispair? Maybe no one, or..... maybe four Japanese teenagers will save them.


The Pharaoh and the Prince’s Lover: Chapter 1


3000 Years Ago- Ancient Egypt:


A small, tricolored haired boy groaned as he struggled to get up, trying to stay awake to go get help. He clutched his stomach, blood dripping through his fingers and splashing the ground underneath. The boy dragged himself slowly to a brick wall with one hand, grunting and clutching his stomach as more blood flowed from the dark wound. He heaved himself up on to his feet, leaning against the wall and panting as he tried to catch his breath. He looked around the room, grimacing as he saw the guards disfigured bodies strewn across the floor in front of the door. He looked to see if any of his friends had survived and his heart sank at the sight around him. A tall, blond haired male lay still on the floor, his arms and legs spread out straight, a dagger in each of his palms and feet holding him to the ground. He could just make out the hilt of another dagger piercing his friend's chest, a dark spot of blood spread out on his shirt. "Jono..." he whispered out, as if his words could reach his friend and wake up the pale teen, tears springing to his eyes as he looked around for his other friends.

He saw the small, white haired teen on the wall near him, only a few feet away from where he was leaning against the wall. He saw the only thing keeping the teen on the wall were the shackles attached to his wrists. An identical hilt of a dagger protruded from the white haired teen's stomach, along with cuts and bruises littering the pale body. "D-Dakarai..." he whispered, grunting as he tried to move towards the teen, but hearing no response from the other. He stayed where he was, more tears falling from his eyes as he searched for his last friend, almost throwing up whatever was left in his stomach at the sight of his last friend. The platinum blond had been wrapped up in bandages, like a mummy, and he could tell it was his friend by a single lock of blond hair sticking out of the bandages. Multiple places where blood soaked the bandages around his friend told him that his friend had been stabbed multiple times. "Nemu.."he choked on a sob, his whole body shaking from his sobs and feeling himself grow weaker.

He shook his head, knowing he had to go find them for his friends, knowing that it was his friends last wish for him to find their partners. He moved slowly, passing the dead bodies in the throne room and opening the door before starting the long trek down the hallway. When he was halfway to the entrance to the palace, he stopped, panting for breath and trying to keep conscious. He looked to his left, seeing the Pharaoh's private garden and he smiled, memories flooding his mind and somehow, he got a hold of the last of his strength to make it to the entrance. It took a while, but he sighed in relief when he got there, collapsing by one of the pillars. He looked out, seeing horses heading towards the palace and he smiled, knowing they were coming back for them. He let his hand clutch something hidden by his shirt, pulling it out to look at it one last time. Crimson. Just like his lovers eyes. Though he knew that the color was off, since the stone hadn't  originally been crimson, but was happy. "Atemu, Yami....... I love you, sorry." he whispered and finally let his eyes close, his hand falling to his side and the stone slipping through the dead boy's fingers. Only a moment later, eight figures ran up the steps of the palace, gasping at seeing the dead tricolored boy and two young men kneeling beside the boy, trying to wake the boy but the teen was gone. In the silence of the night, when all of Egypt slept, a wail of mourning came from the palace, no one knowing if it was just the Pharoah, or everyone who still lived in the palace.





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