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Author’s note: I never thought in a million years I would decide to write a drabble collection. I have never been one to really like them a whole lot, if only because they are so short. I am used to writing several pages (and several stories at a time) and I make sure there is a good beginning, middle, and end. I noticed that finding a beginning, middle, and end in a drabble doesn’t really exist, unless it’s rushed. At the moment, I have so many ideas that I don’t really have the time to focus on any one. That is my sole reason for this collection. Perhaps I will venture back to a drabble here every once in a while and maybe not. If there is a “sequel” to a drabble, it will be labeled with a number. [Ex: Touch (original), Touch (2).]

I hope you all like these drabbles. Enjoy!


Drabble 1: TOUCH

(Inspired by “Tough” chapter two from Yaoi911.)


Mokuba yawned as quietly as possible while he continued to pound against the buttons. His eyes drooped slightly as he tried to keep them glued on the fighting game in front of him. Next to him sat Jounouchi Katsuya, who was also busy pounding away at the buttons, a grin stretching across his face.


“Aw man!” Mokuba whined as the older male beat him, yet again, in Final Fight. The youth slumped back on the couch and sighed, trying to keep his eyes open. He didn’t want to fall asleep, not when he had finally convinced his brother to let one of his friends come over. For whatever reason, all of his other friends were welcome, but Kaiba Seto did not want any of Yugi-tatchi’s friends to come over. After weeks of begging, Mokuba finally got to invite one of them over. He chose Jounouchi, if only because if this was his only chance to have one of Yugi’s friend’s over, he was going to make it worth it.


“Hey, you beat me a buncha times before kiddo. I think I’m allowed ta win a few. Besides, it’s late n’ you’re about ta crash.” Jounouchi chuckled when he received a pout in response.


“I don’t want to go to bed Jou. Then you have to leave! You have any idea how hard it was to convince Seto to let ONE of you guys over? I’m keeping you here for as long as possible. In fact, I demand you stay the night!”


“Out of the question.” Mokuba and Jounouchi turned in the direction of the deep voice. Seto stood there, a glass of dark red wine in his hand, arms half crossed, and took a sip of the dark liquid. Mokuba glared.


“That’s not right Seto! All we did all night was watch movies and play video games! We didn’t once bother you while you worked or made any real loud noises! Give me one good reason why I can’t have Jounouchi stay the night?” Seto’s eyes slowly shifted to lock onto Jounouchi’s and he smirked.


“You might get fleas.” The blond rolled his eyes. If he got up and got in a confrontation with the CEO, Mokuba would be the one to suffer. He remained quiet, sending glares of hatred in the brunette’s direction.


“Thanks Seto, how mature of you. Are you back in second grade again?” Seto coughed slightly when the wine went down the wrong pipe at his brother’s statement. Mokuba had never stood up to him like that, calling him childish.


“Besides Seto, you said you wouldn’t drink that anymore until you were of drinking age! Last time I checked you weren’t even eighteen yet and even then, you need to be twenty.” Seto took a step forward, but Jounouchi noticed how he was moving slow and not as graceful as normal. How much had he had to drink?


“I had a rather stressful day and I can drink it if I want to. Then I come home and of all the friends you could have picked to come over, you pick the mutt? Did you even ask if he was house broken?” His words weren’t exactly slurred, but they weren’t as convincing as they should have been. In fact, they were lacking real substance.


“You are being so rude! Stop insulting my guest! Just go to your room and drink yourself stupid!” Mokuba growled. Seto hadn’t had wine in such a long time and though he never did anything bad when he did drink it, the younger boy still didn’t like it. Seto was too young to be drinking as far as Mokuba and the laws in Japan were concerned. Seto pinched the bridge of his nose and drank another sip.


“Mokuba, don’t give me a headache. Fine, if the mutt sleeps on the couch and doesn’t inhale his food at breakfast, he can stay the night.” Jounouchi was surprised how easily the CEO gave into his brother. He must have been a little more than tipsy! Mokuba smiled brightly.


“Thank you Seto! I’ll be right back with more blankets!” The youngest jumped up and rushed up the stairs, but became slower and slower with each step. Kaiba sighed and walked over to plop down on the couch a good three feet from Jounouchi. He took another sip, closing his eyes, and leaned his head back against the back of the couch.


“He’s not coming back down, you know. He’s going to go in his room and pass out on the bed… You should probably just go home.” His voice was a lot softer than it had been a few minutes ago and the blond just looked at him. The CEO reached back with his free hand to rub his neck and shoulder for a moment.


“How many have you had?” Jounouchi asked softly. Seto opened one eye and regarded the blond for a moment.


“About… four.” He finally whispered. Jounouchi turned to face him better.


“Kaiba, you look really tense… want me to rub your neck and shoulders?” The glass that was almost to the CEO’s lips stopped and he looked at the blond with a “are you fucking kidding me” look on his face.


“Why would you?”


“Well, you’re drinking wine, your tense, and ya said ya had a bad day. I can, at least, try to make your night better. I mean, ya did say if I slept on the couch you’d let me stay.” The glass finally reached Seto’s lips and he downed the remaining contents. His cheeks flushed for a moment from the drink.


“I also… also said not to… inhale your food either.” His voice was so soft it was hypnotic, but Jounouchi wouldn’t let himself get distracted.


“Right, right, right; so how bout a massage? I’m pretty good at them actually.” Kaiba looked at him through half lidded eyes and set the empty glass on the table near the couch. He turned his back to Jounouchi and crossed his arms, even more tense than before.


“Fine, as long as it’s just a massage.”


“Why would it be anything other than a massage?” He questioned before continuing, “Well, ya needa take off your jacket in any case, Kaiba.” The blond couldn’t see the blush across the CEO’s cheeks or the small frown of disappointment that all Jounouchi was going to do was massage him. He slowly took off his business jacket and folded it. Jounouchi took it from him to place it on the chair on the other side of the couch. The puppy sat behind Kaiba and pressed his finger tips lightly over the other male’s neck and shoulders, looking for the knots he knew he would find. He found a rather large one on the left side of Seto’s neck and pressed harder. There was a small gasp of pain, but he didn’t stop his firm strokes.


“Damn, Kaiba, ya gots a lotta knots! What da hell ya do ta get ya all knotted like this?” Jounouchi commented, smiling softly as the knot slowly released and a sigh of pleasure escaped passed the brunette’s lips.


“It’s called having a job. I was in meetings all day while you two played. I had to fire two people for trying to steal money from the company, not to mention that I had to fix numerous problems my incompetent staff couldn’t figure out on their own.” Kaiba’s voice rose and fell with a few winces or sighs as the blond worked out knot after knot, “It isn’t as easy as I make it look.” Katsuya almost didn’t hear the last sentence as it turned into a low moan. Little by little the CEO leaned back further and further until it was getting uncomfortable for the blond to continue.


“Wow, I forget that ya gotta lot on your plate. Makes sense why you’re always so tense. Here, take off your shirt and lay down on your stomach. I’ll get the rest of your back for ya.” Seto straightened up and looked over his shoulder, his eyes accusing.


“I know what you’re trying to do, Jounouchi. You’re trying to get me naked.” Jounouchi’s mouth dropped open in shock. He had no idea why Kaiba Seto would come to that conclusion!


“K-Kaiba… It’s just a back rub, honest! It’s just that your shirt’s in the way!” Katsuya’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment when he suddenly imagined the CEO naked. The image showed the brunette arching and moaning his name, spreading his legs wider as if to beckon him closer.


“Either way, the pants are not coming off.” Kaiba was busy imagining the blond slowly removing his own shirt and teasing him with a sexy dance.


“Unless ya got a long-ass back, I don’t see why they would!” Katsuya defended and turned his face away from the intense gaze of the blue eyed male. He crossed his own arms over his chest.


“You want it off so bad? You take it off for me.” Jounouchi snapped his widened eyes back to the CEO and tried to say a retort of some kind, but couldn’t think of one. With a roll of his eyes he leaned forward, hands gripping the bottom of the white button shirt. Kaiba’s hands on his own stopped him.


“You’re going to rip it if you yank it up like that. Just unbutton it and slide it off me, idiot.” The blond growled lowly and released the shirt. With a mumbled, “pain in my ass”, Jounouchi reached around Seto’s chest to find the first button. Finding a tie instead, he loosened it and lifted it from the CEO’s neck to drape it on the back of the couch. He returned for the button and undid the first one, then another, and another until all the buttons were undone. Seto leaned his back flush against the blond’s chest and breathed hot air onto his ear.


“You take forever.” Jounouchi’s hands brushed against Seto’s flat stomach and stayed there. His cheeks grew more heated and goose bumps traveled up his arms. Slowly his hands moved up the flat stomach until his palms reached Seto’s hardened nipples. The brunette arched slightly forward, making the blond press his hands firmly against the nubs. A warm wet tongue slid along the puppy’s ear and his heart beat faster.


“Did… Did Kaiba just lick me?” Jounouchi thought before shaking his head. He must be imagining things. Kaiba was probably the straightest man alive, no matter how much wine the guy drank. His hands quickly slid up the rest of the way and slid the shirt off the CEO’s shoulders. With a small frown, Seto sat more upright to finish taking the shirt off. He folded it and handed it back to the blond who placed it on top of the jacket.


“Lie down an relax, Kaiba. Let me take care of ya.” The CEO did as told, folding his arms under his head as a pillow. The puppy straddled his hips, nearly sitting on the taller male’s ass as he leaned down to work the rest of the knots out of Seto’s back. Soft moans, whimpers, and sighs of pleasure whispered passed the brunette’s parted lips. His eyes were closed in bliss and he let his body fully relax.


“He has such a strong back. So smooth and firm…” The puppy thought to himself as he worked out the last knot. He heard Kaiba let out a happy sigh and continued to rub gentle circles. There was a whisper so soft that the blond wasn’t sure what had been said. He stopped for a moment.


“What didja say? I didn’t hear ya.”


“I said that the only thing that would make this massage even better would be if you used the Chinese Lip Massage.” Seto mumbled a little louder. Katsuya frowned.


“The Chinese… what?” He questioned. Kaiba turned and looked over his shoulder.


“You mean you’ve never heard of the Chinese Lip Massage? They say it’s good for your skin.” Katsuya blushed in uncertainty.


“No, neva heard of it. If that’s what would really help, do ya know how to do it? I bet if ya show me I’ll pick it right up!” He gave the CEO his best smile, closing his eyes for effect. He truly did look like a cute little puppy. The blond missed the smirk that danced across the dragon’s face.


“I know it very well. I suppose I could show you. You’ll need to take off your shirt though.” Jounouchi nodded eagerly and pulled off his jacket, folding it haphazardly and doing the same thing to his shirt. He placed them next to the brunette’s and turned back around. He frowned.


“Hey, wait a minute, Kaiba. You wouldn’t be trying to get me naked, now would ya?” The CEO waved his hand in dismissal and indicated for the blond to sit next to him.


“Don’t be silly. Give me your arm, I won’t bite.” The blond held out his arm and the brunette began giving him a gentle massage. Seto lifted the arm closer and pressed his lips against the slim wrist. Jounouchi yanked his arm back.


“What the hell, Kaiba? That’s kissing! There’s no kissing in a massage!” Kaiba only smirked.


“For Ra’s sake Mutt, that was not kissing.” Katsuya frowned.


“It sure as hell felt like kissing!”


“Well it wasn’t. That’s just part of the Chinese Lip Massage. Kissed a lot of people, have you?” The blond flushed bright red and looked away.


“I’ve been kissed before… several times… a few times… okay, maybe only once or twice, but I still know that was a kiss!” Kaiba shook his head.


“You are no expert. It’s a massage. Let me show you, unless you’re too chicken.” With a huff of annoyance, Katsuya handed back his arm.


“Fine; go ahead with this Lip Massage.” Seto leaned forward again and pressed his lips to the soft flesh of Jounouchi’s wrist. He opened his mouth and sucked on the skin a little. There was a small chuckle from the blond.


“That kinda tickles!”


“Sorry, I’ll do it a little slower.” Seto let the tip of his tongue trace a circle around the tanned wrist. He blew cool air on the wet flesh and then pressed a kiss against the pulse he found there. Slowly, working with little nips, sucks, and kisses, he traveled up the tan arm. Katsuya bit his lip in pleasure.


“You’re telling me that this is a Lip Massage. Some doc invented it?” In-between the soft kissing touches Kaiba spoke softly and deeply.


“It’s from China. They have more home remedies than we do and this one is said to be their best. It’s great for your skin and your nervous system. Can you feel your nerves vibrating? How does it feel?” The blond gave a small whimper.


“Yeah, I can feel um vibrate ‘n. It feels a little weird, but not in a bad way. It… it does feel kinda good.”


“Good, then it’s working… So tell me about this kiss you had. Anyone I know?” Katsuya sighed.


“No, it was some girl a few years ago in middle school. She had a crush on me and it ended up being a dare.” Jounouchi was having a hard time keeping his voice from wavering. His skin was alive and tingling. He could feel his cock slowly start to harden, but he tried to force the arousal away. How would he be able to explain that to Kaiba?


“Ah, I see. So what happened?” He continued to massage, lick, and nibble along the muscled arm of the other male. He could taste the lingering flavor of salt from when Katsuya had played Dance Dance Revolution with Mokuba. That had been entertaining to watch on camera, especially since the blond was actually really good at it.


“We were playing truth or dare… It was her turn… She had dark hair and was really pale…” Kaiba sucked on Katsuya’s shoulder, wrapping a bare arm around him, slowly maneuvering the blond into a better position.


“She dared me to… to… Mmmm,” the blond moaned softly. Seto leaned closer, licking up the side of Jounouchi’s neck, and bit the pulse point more firmly than he had the wrist. He felt the puppy tremble for a moment, tilting his head to the side to give him better access. Blue eyes traveled down and noticed the bulge growing in the blond’s pants. His own member hardened in reaction. His slim fingertips tickled down Jounouchi’s other arm and before the puppy could comprehend what was going on, he could feel Kaiba behind him, lifting his arm up to lick down the side. Hot air panted softly down the wet trail and more goose bumps appeared.


“Are you… cold,” came the deep whisper in his ear. Jounouchi shivered in response and leaned back into the warmth of Kaiba’s chest. The CEO continued to lick and kiss his way across the other male’s side until he saw one hardened nub. Throwing caution to the wind, his tongue flicked out and grazed the stiff nipple. Jounouchi whimpered and turned so the CEO could get a better angle.


“Fuck…” The blond hissed softly as he found his back pressed down on the couch with the brunette above him, kissing, licking, and nipping his collar bone and down his chest to swirl his tongue around the other stiff bud. Slowly the CEO traveled back up to pant at the blond’s lips. Katsuya panted back and opened his eyes, staring into the bluest blue orbs he had ever seen. His lips parted as his warm breath panted over the other’s parted lips. Jounouchi lifted closer, wanting to feel those talented lips on his own.


“That’s how it’s done. Now, it’s your turn.” The look of disappointment and shock on the blond’s face had the CEO grinning from ear to ear inside his mind.


“Wha?” Katsuya watched as the other pulled away and he quickly got a hold on himself, shifting his pants so the other wouldn’t see the prominent bulge in his jeans.


“Right, okay, umm… lie down then Kaiba.” The CEO couldn’t help the grin that filtered across his features when it was safely hidden with his arms. He could feel the other’s erection against his rear and a shiver of desire went through him. This was the first time he had someone around, not counting Mokuba for obvious reasons, that he could use some of the sexual energy he gained from the wine. It was the true reason he didn’t drink it often. Not only did it work as a truth serum, but it made him hornier than shit!


Strong hands spread across his back and Seto let a loud groan flow past his lips. The blond had been right about his skill in massage. Every little touch sent bolts of pleasure through his body. Kaiba purred and whimpered when he felt a light kiss placed between his shoulder blades.


“I must really be drunk.” The CEO murmured. Katsuya frowned and stopped. There was no way Kaiba was too drunk to be using that as an excuse. He was more relaxed, yes, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t in his right mind. He was the one showing Jounouchi how to do this “Lip Massage”; something the blond was beginning to understand was a bold faced lie.


“No, ya aren’t.” Seto lifted his face and looked over his shoulder at the puppy. He wanted those hands back on his body, but he wasn’t about to admit anything to the blond. He tried to glare, but it had no effect. When Katsuya sighed and started to pull away, Seto finally spoke.


“No… I’m not.” Dejectedly, he buried his face back in his arms. The familiar weight of the other male was back over him and so were those wondrous hands. He sighed in relief. Kaiba had, actually, been pleased with Mokuba’s choice in friend. He loved arguing with the blond. He loved how the other could change moods from angry to sad to happy all in a span of seconds. Jounouchi had always been easy to rile up and he made it a habit to irritate the other. No one else stood up to him the way he wanted them too, but Jounouchi Katsuya did. He always came right back with a retort or threat and when things got physical the blond could always hold his own. It was no wonder the CEO found himself longing to turn that passion into something else. Problem was, if he put himself out there, would Jounouchi return the desire?


“Ah!” Seto gasped when the other found a rather sensitive spot under a shoulder blade. With a smirk, Jounouchi licked along that spot, nibbling harder and sucking with fever. The sounds coming out of Seto were like music. It told the blond he was doing something very right. Katsuya crawled over Seto like a graceful cat. He worked his way up, sucking greedily on the pale throat of the CEO, who moaned deeply and arched his neck to the side. The blond ventured back behind the other’s head to tickle his was across to the other side of the thin neck. One hand continued to rub circles lower and lower until it found a spot just above Seto’s rear that had the CEO arching against it.


“How ya feel n’ Kaiba?” Jounouchi whispered in the brunette’s ear before dipping his tongue inside the small cavity. A low moan was his only answer. It made his cock twitch in need. The blond continued, slowly maneuvering his way around so that Kaiba rolled over on his back. The blue eyes were closed and Seto’s teeth were gnawing at his bottom lip. Jounouchi glance down to see the taller male had his own “problem” and it was growing bigger with every lick and kiss. His hand rubbed circles lower and lower until he was able to quickly undo the button without attracting the brunette’s attention.


“I’m really turn ‘n ya on, ain’t I, Kaiba?” The blond whispered huskily and latched onto spot he was beginning to favor on the other’s neck. Kaiba arched his body up, moaning softly when he felt the other lower down and rub against his hardened length. He gasped and opened his eyes; his cheeks were flushed, and stared deeply into the honey eyes of the puppy.


“Yes,” he whispered in-between pants, “you are… You’re really good at that massage…” Kaiba glanced away for a moment. The wine was starting to wear off and it seemed like the blond had known that for a while. Now what did he have to fall back on? What excuse could he give now?


“If I were ta stop… right now… you’d probably get blue balls, huh?” Jounouchi smirked softly when the CEO glared at him.


“Yes… I would,” Kaiba began, his look softening slightly, “I can understand you wanting to stop. Wine seems to have a weird affect…” Jounouchi silenced him with a kiss. His tongue delved into the CEO’s mouth and claimed it as his own. Kaiba was shocked, but gave in easily, kissing back with a fierceness he hadn’t thought possible. His arms wrapped around the blond to pull him flush on top and between his legs, enjoying the other’s weight covering him, and pressing him down in the couch. Suddenly, his cock was being stroked and his moan echoed in the blond’s mouth.


“Can’t have that now, can we Kaiba?” Jounouchi panted when he broke their kiss. His mind was filled with ideas as he slid down between the CEO’s thighs, kissing his way down, and licked the hard cock from base to tip. Seto’s gasp sounded strangled it was so hard, but it only made Jounouchi more eager. Never in a million years did Jounouchi believe such an opportunity would present itself, but how could he not deliver? Kaiba Seto had teased and touched him and now he was returning the favor tenfold. The CEO must like him in some way, else why would things have gotten this far so fast. Kaiba must have wanted it and wanted it bad. With that thought in his mind, the blond sucked the tip of the brunette’s cock into his mouth and, without warning, slid it all the way in his throat. He was once again proud to not have a gag reflex.


“Holy… shit… Jounouchi!” Kaiba moaned. His hands gripped the black slacks he wore and he tried to shove them down to give the blond better access. With the blond’s help, he was able to free himself almost entirely of his pants.


“Am I really letting him do this?” Seto thought, “Yes you are!” He could hear his body answer back. It all felt too good to suddenly stop, but at the same time, it wasn’t enough. Kaiba Seto wanted more.


“Jounouchiiiiiii,” he moaned as the blond continued to deep throat him. He buried his hands in the long blond locks and gently pulled. Honey eyes looked back at him, cheeks hollowed as he sucked fervently and with purpose. It was the hottest most erotic thing the brunette had ever seen. It brought him nearly to the edge! He tugged again, his eyes pleading in that “I don’t want to beg you, but you should get the idea” type of look. He received a confused look in return, though that didn’t stop the blond from continuing.


“Jounouchi…y-you’re… uh… mmm… over dressed!” He panted and moaned, trying not to break eye contact. With one last suck, the blond pulled away, but made sure his hand still continued to stoke the wet cock.


“K-Kaiba? Ya mean… really?” Jounouchi flushed red when the CEO blushed in return and closed his eyes. It didn’t take the blond long to undo his pants and kick them off to the side, and then pulled Seto’s the rest of the way off. He snagged one of the blankets he and Mokuba had sat on at some point during the evening and set it on the back of the couch. He didn’t want the youngest male in the house to walk in on anything. They were in the living room and not a bedroom. An idea hit the blond and he smirked. He had always wanted to sixty-nine and this was his chance. He positioned himself over the other’s face and leaned over him to stroke the stiff member in front of him.


“Your turn.” He smirked, glancing back at Kaiba. The wide eyed look from the brunette was priceless, but not nearly as much as the look of pure desire and submission that followed. A hesitant tongue licked the pre cum from the tip of Jounouchi’s cock. Once the flavor hit the CEO’s tongue, he was hooked and swallowed the thick member. He wanted more. He wanted that cock to fill him like no toy ever could.


“Damn… Kaiba…” Jounouchi grunted as his staff was devoured before him. He turned his attention back to the thickness in his hands, licking and sucking it back into his mouth. Both males moaned, sending vibrations along their sensitive nerves which only encouraged them both to continue.


Jounouchi tasted fresh and real, something Seto had been longing for, for a rather long time. The blond, on the other hand, had no idea how things went from an innocent massage to rounding third base and heading for home!


“I can’t believe I’m doing this… with Kaiba…” Jounouchi thought to himself as he felt himself nearing his peak. Kaiba took that moment to release the pulsing flesh from his lips. He gasped and panted, his hands lightly tickling the blond’s sides until he released the flesh in his mouth as well. Katsuya continued to stroke the other’s member as he looked back, eyes clouding over in need.


Their eyes connected and Jounouchi got up to turn and face the other. Long and graceful fingers reached to his face and the blond leaned down to give the CEO another kiss. Kaiba’s hands gripped and pulled, tugging the other male back over him. When they parted and looked back into each other’s eyes, Kaiba spoke softly.


“Take me.” Jounouchi froze. The shock made a few alarms in his mind go off. Kaiba tried not to bite his lip as he began to rethink his statement.


To be continued?


Author’s note: Ok, so maybe my drabbles are a little longer than most, I simply can’t help it. This one has been driving me nuts for over a week. I have a feeling this isn’t the last we will see of this drabble, but who knows? Hope you all enjoyed. Until next time!

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