Faithful Servant

BY : kinkou
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not hold any rights to anything in the Yugioh world. That all remains with its creator. And no moneys have exchanged hands.

Faithful Servant

Author: Kinkou

Betas: MaggieMay and Jazzy:

Rating: M

Genre: AU Romance/Humor

Pairing: Jou/Seto, Yugi/Yami, Malik/Marik, Ryou/Bakura, Otogi/Honda

Disclaimer: I do not hold any rights to anything in the Yugioh world. That all remains with its creator. And no moneys have exchanged hands.

Chapter {1/?}

******This was supposed to be a Valentine's Day one-shot, but it took on a life of its own. Please tell me if you’d prefer to see this as a multi-chapter or a REALLY long one-shot?***

“Come ON guys! We’re gonna miss da festival if ya don’t hurry!” Bouncing lightly from foot to foot, Jou kept checking the clock on Yugi’s microwave.

“Settle down, Jou. We have plenty of time.” Yugi laughed as he strolled into the kitchen. “It lasts until tomorrow night; so there’s nothing to fear about missing it.”

Jou could feel the heat creeping up his ears. “Sorry, Yug. I haven’t been to a festival in a LONG while…. so I’m a little excited.”

The rest of their group joined them. Snorting, Honda put his arm around his best bud’s shoulder. “A little excited? You were pounding on my door at five this morning demanding I get ready to go.”

“Yeah, well if I  left it up to you, we’d be late.” Jou mumbled while trying to dislodge the arm.

“Enough  of all this, Bit- er Ladies. Let’s head out.” Bakura quickly caught himself at the twitching of his love’s eye.

As the herd moved out the door into the world, Marik snickered to Bakura in a whisper. “So. How’s the non-cursing coming along?”

Shifting his dark brown eyes to Ryou making sure he was distracted, Bakura whispered harshly back. “Damn hard that’s how.”

“I heard that Bakura! No sex for a week!”  Ignoring the pained groan from his lover and Marik’s maniacal laugh, Ryou continued chatting to Malik and Yugi while Jou and Honda laughed behind them. All in all it was a normal day for the teens.  

Catching sight of something in the distance among the bright festival decorations, Yugi smiled. “Hey Jou? You asked the Kaibas and Anzu to join us didn’t you?”

“Unfortunately, Seto told his secretary he had some important stuff today and not to disturb him. So I didna bother askin him.”  Jou visibly drooped. He’d hoped to share this  big day with his lover and little brother, but Seto had more important things than him to deal with. “Mokuba said he had a date, but would see us later. Anzu had dance practice and will have ta miss.”

“Ah.” Was the tri-colored teen’s response as they entered the festival area. But his smile beamed as Jou eeped at the sudden arms around his waist.

“Took you long enough, Puppy. I was almost afraid you changed your mind on coming.”

Jou’s eyes closed in pleasure as his lover’s husky voice teased his ear. Always sensitive, Seto made sure they were well abused. Purring softly, he turned in Seto’s arms. “I thought you had important stuff to do today. That’s what you told  Kimi.”

Seto barely stopped his eye roll. “Of course I told her that. Spending this special time with my Puppy IS important. And I definitely do not want to be disturbed.” Bending down, he attacked Jou’s delectable lips. Jou looked no where near claimed enough in his books… something Seto had to remedy.   Rogue hands wandered teasingly as the matching lips deepened the kiss.

Delicate coughing at their elbows went unnoticed, but the sudden whack to the back of the brunette’s head finally brought much needed air to the blonde.  Trying to catch his breath, Jou frowned. “Damn it, Dragon! I need ta breathe sometime.”

Seto’s grumbling was lost with the snickers and giggles of the group. Reluctantly, he released  Jou’s waist, but threaded their fingers. If he couldn’t  properly show claim on his Puppy, he’d just have to guard him. ‘Not that it is all that… distasteful of a chore.’ Seto smirked. Savoring Jou’s bright smile, he was hard pressed not to answer it. “Since this is your first festival in a while, where do you want to start?”

Seto shivered at the unholy shift of Jou’s grin. Something told him he was going to barely survive this, but he followed Jou’s pull on their joined hands. As the daylight slowly crept by, Jou’s smile and laughter warmed Seto. The carefree innocence surrounding his Puppy felt right. Blue eyes watched as the hyper blonde pounced from one activity to another. Even following the Geek Squad was no problem today.

“You look like an interesting young man. Strong willed, but easily wounded though you show it not. You allow your wounds to lie unchecked to fester. A long story, you hold. I can tell you much of your pasts and futures, if you wish.”

Seto turned narrowed eyes on the old woman sitting on a crate. Her old clothes hung from her frame; wrinkles hid most of her features, but her eyes… those eyes hinted at times long since lost.  Pure gold stared unblinking into his own icy blue.  “I have no such wish.”

His arctic tone did not faze the woman. She smiled, like she knew his answer. “Yes. I supposed you do not. You never did. But what of you, young man. I see the questions you have. You’ve been told what others remember of the past, yet deep down you feel something they neglect. Am I correct?”

Seto turned. He didn’t hear his lover approach. He never really seemed to. Frowning, Seto could feel Jou wavering.  “Don’t tell me you are actually thinking of accepting her offer, Puppy.”

“It might be fun, Kaiba.” Biting his lip, Jou debated on it. He always wanted to know about his past in  Egypt with everyone else. Yami kept telling him Seth protected him and cared very much for him, but something never felt completely true about that statement. Like something was left out. “Oh, don’t give me that look. I’m not gonna make ya sit here and listen ta her.” Pulling his Dragon’s hand, Jou started to lead him away. With a backward look, he saw the woman smile and nod. Sitting back down, she waited.

For several minutes, they wandered the festival. Finally, Jou could wait no longer. Stopping, he turned to Seto. “I gotta go get something real quick. Wait here fer me, kay?”

Frowning, Seto started to object, but the puppy-eye look Jou hit him with dissuaded that. Sighing, he nodded towards a bench not too far away. “OKay, Puppy. I’ll wait for you right there. When you get back we can head to dinner; it’s getting late.”

Jou’s smile widened. “Sure thing, Seto. I’ll be right back.”   Taking off at a dead run, he twist and turned among the stalls. Like a colorful maze, it was difficult, but he managed to find his path. With a final turn, he stood before the old woman once more.

Smiling, she shook her head. “Per usual. You stay true to your words. You did not make him sit here and listen to me. Instead, you leave him elsewhere to wait while YOU listen to me.” He expected her laugh to be as dry as the rest of her, but instead she gave a husky bark.  It… reminded him of something. “Of no matter. I will not hold you long. I understand hearing the Pharaoh’s tales leave you wanting more. So more I shall give.” Her withered hand grasped a colorful piece of jewelry.  It looked much like  a small gold and onyx necklace, but it was far too small for a human. Maybe a bracelet or armlet? “Take this. It will allow you to see what life you once held.”

Warily, Jou took the jewelry. With all the weird stuff his group’s been through, he wasn’t too sure to trust it. A barking laugh, deeper than before calmed his doubts. “You are correct to be careful especially given the past. But you have nothing to ever fear from me, my Child.”

Taking a better look, he noticed the large piece of onyx reflecting himself back. Awed, he stared. He KNEW this piece. Treasured it. “What do I do with it?” He whispered. Silence greeted his question. Finally tearing his eyes away, he noticed he was alone. The stall, the crate, everything was gone. Before he could fret, a gentle breeze fluttered his bangs. Whispering back ‘You will know.’   Shaking his head clear, Jou stowed the jewelry in his pocket. That done,he had a Dragon to tame and he was sure Seto would not be happy he was gone so long.  Heading back, a new dragon statue caught Jou’s eye. Thankfully now he had a peace offering.

After a nice long dinner on a very long enjoyable day, Jou relaxed on their bed while Seto showered.  The event of the day flashed through his mind. Everything they did today was perfect. A satisfied sigh escaped. Only one thing nagged his mind. Reaching into the nightstand drawer, Jou removed the jewelry.  He still didn’t know what he was supposed to do with it.   Staring into the large onyx again, he was mesmerized.  

The sound of the bathroom door opening broke Jou’s focus. Stuffing it quickly under his pillow, Jou laid down with a yawn.  Seto caught the yawn. “Tired?” The blonde hair barely nodded. Chuckling, Seto lay beside his Puppy. He wrapped his arms tightly around the other’s form. “Then it’s bed time for little Puppies.”   When no answer came except for steady breathing, Seto leaned over and kissed Jou’s forehead.  “Sweet dreams, Puppy.”

Jou stretched in the pleasant warmth. After feeling bone-cold for so long, the warmth was very welcome.  Ignoring the sounds around him, Jou slipped further into sleep.  “Are you sure he is still alive?” Why did that voice always have to intrude on his sleep.  Wrinkling his nose, Jou grumbled.  The voice’s chuckle annoyed him. “I’ll take that as a yes. The Pharaoh wants  him and the other rescues brought to the palace.” If there were any responses, Jou didn’t hear as he once more fell into a deep sleep to the swaying of his bed.


SWAYING of the bed?

Jerking awake, Jou crouched. This was definitely NOT his bedroom.  Curtains lined the swaying room with peeks of sand every so often. Comfy cushions and fabrics lay around, calling the tired male back to sleep. Shaking his head, Jou caught  a few smaller forms lying cuddled in the cushions.  Cautiously, he reached out to move one aside, only to freeze. Instead of his usual golden hand, a fairly large golden PAW greeted him. His screech startled the others from their rest.

Several smaller grey and pale blond heads popped out. Their ears swiveled in confusion as the cats surveyed the action. Yawning, a blond and red streaked female slinked out of her cozy nest. Her stride went unchanged as their ‘bed’ moved until she could coil around him. What is wrong, Big Brother? Nightmares again?

His breath  stuttered in his chest. What was going on?!! Why was he a cat and why was Shizuka also one? Counting to ten like Yugi always told him to. Jou tried to calm down. When he finally got his heart to stop Irish step dancing, he opened his eyes.  I...I’m not sure. Everything is...different from before. Okay. That sounded like a safe answer. Entirely truthful but vague to all hell. Just like a cat.

Another yawn escaped the smaller female. I know. When Mother Bast said we were to return Home, I did not think she meant like this.

Mother Bast? Jou’s eyes started drooping again. And his sister’s purring was not helping.

Yes. You said Mother graced your visions and told us to prepare to return Home. But I will admit, Mother sending an army to retrieve us was a little much.

Thankfully, Jou’s golden coat could not show his blush. Er… okay.  What else could he say? ‘Yeah. sorry I have no clue what you are talking about much less how to get out of this psycho show. By the way what drugs was I slipped?’ That certainly wouldn’t be a help.  Fighting back a yawn, Jou tried to ask other questions, but the cat had already fallen asleep.  With his own eyes betraying him, Jou had no other recourse but to follow the other into dreams. Closing his eyes between one breath and the next, Jou fell into a deep sleep again. He lounged among several cushions in his dreams, waiting for something.

“Welcome home, my Child.” He knew that voice. Opening his ’eyes’, he easily spotted the elder woman from the festival, but as he stood to greet her, her form melted and shifted. Instead, a younger woman stood garbed only in jewelry with a feline head. “I am glad you have decided this path.”

“And what path would that be… Mother Bast?”

Her barking laugh calmed his nerves. “Surprised I am that you figured that out so quickly, Katsuya. And yes, I am aware of your present situations as I am for all my children. So do not act so surprised.” Sitting on a cushion near him, Bast motioned for him to join her. “As to the path, I am glad you decided to see your past for yourself.”

“So I will be watching everything in this body?”

“Hmmm. You COULD say that.” Her hand reached out and scratch delicately behind his ear. “There is something here you must do for me and in doing so will learn your past.  But there is a catch. Your memories of yourself as Katsuya will be suppressed, and you will simply be my Child. Upon completion of your tasks, you shall awaken back in your lover’s bed and remember everything.”

Purring deeply, Jou blinked in thought. He really didn’t have anything to lose. This was a dream… she said as much. “Okay. Whata  I gotta do?”

“That you will figure out in time. Just be true to yourself, remember you are my Child, and you will do just fine.” Leaning forward, she rubbed her chin and cheeks over his head. “For now, just keep the other siblings calm and tell them they are safe. Remind them I am watching.”

The blonde bowed his head, accepting her scent markings. “Yes, Mother.”

“Now sleep. It is a long journey back to your Home, and you will need your strength keeping up with the kittens.” She wasn’t surprised when no answer she received. Smiling gently, she faded away.


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