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(I have decided to continue this story, due to the great response, so I re-wrote it and re uploaded the Chapter with a similar plot line)

As Yusei, Dexter, Leo, Luna, and Akiza walked to school, they were all smiles. They were walking to school in the most sexual city in the world: New Domino City. The girls all had giant DD breasts, except for the two females that was in this group: Luna and Akiza. Luna had just CC sized breasts, but was a massive 6’8” (203 cms)  tall and towered over everyone, except for her brother Leo, who was the same height.


For Akiza, she was on the other size of the spectrum and her chest was massive. So big, in fact, that almost no one knew her exact bra size. Something that made Luna and Akiza stick out, besides their size, was the fact that their chests didn’t move. Unlike the rest of New Domino City, they actually wore bras, whereas the rest of the females did not.


This meant that, as the rest of the girls were walking around, their breasts were bouncing like bouncy balls. Of the 10,000 students in New Domino City High School, 9,996 of them were females. The reason being that they wanted to join the cheerleading squad. The famous, ”New Domino City DDs.” The school had started out as a near 50/50 split in terms of male and females, but once the DDs kept winning competition after competition, the ratio quickly changed, until there was a waiting list to get into the school. In over 100 years of competition, the cheerleaders had never lost, and they only had one dance: The Bounce Bounce Bounce Dance. Just watching it made anyone, of any sex, of any sexual orientation want the cheerleaders to bounce their breasts faster and faster. Not to mention it made them get aroused and turned on. Thus, only the girls who could bounce their breasts the longest and fastest made the team.


With it being the first day of school, all the girls were trying to bounce their chests as much as possible. Not only did it feel good and turn them on, but with all that bouncing, their bisexual tendencies started to show. As one girl with red hair bounced her breasts in her uniform, a dark black haired girl bounced hers. They both looked at one another and immediately started kissing and making out. As other girls did the same, Luna rolled her eyes.


“Can’t they do that for just one person instead of being so promiscuous?” she asked. Akiza smiled. “Hey. Most of them doing it like to show off for more than just one person…” Akiza and Luna looked over their shoulders at their boyfriends. “Unlike us.” They both winked at their boyfriends with Akiza at Yusei and Luna aiming for Dexter. Both men blushed and blushed even harder when Luna and Akiza lifted their wrist length skirts. As if the guys couldn’t see it with the slightest breeze or even having the girls just moving their heads down, Akiza showed off her dark rose red panties and Luna showed off her grass green panties.


Every girl loved being sexual and showing off in public. Not to mention it was both a common and acceptable practice. It was so common the school uniforms had the shortest skirt in the world (wrist length or just covering the butt, whichever is shorter) and had no rule on having to wear bras or panties. The guys had to wear underwear however. All students had to go through a sexual education course, for practicing safe protected sex, and all females attending must be on the pill.


While the gang walked around the school, a new limo car came up to the building. As the white limo pulled up, the driver, who was wearing a black tuxedo, made a swift exit through the door and fluidly opened the passenger side door. He bowed while saying, “You have arrived at your destination sir.” As soon as the first word tumbled from the driver's mouth, a man with a tall and muscular stature, purple eyes, long shiny blond hair, and was wearing what looked like a very expensive white trench coat stepped out. In an arrogant manner he said, “It's about time! I, the great Jack Atlas, have arrived!” After a short pause, Jack started walking towards the school's large front entrance.


As soon as Jack entered the school, his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. All his site could pick up in front of him were the most beautiful and sexually arousing women. Licking his lips, he walked, eyeing all the girls trying to choose one to pursue first. The thing all of the girls had in common was the fact that all of them had a tiny little waist, long legs, great butts, a DD breast size and those same breasts were bouncing up and down while the girls continued minding their own business. Many of them not even moving, but their breasts still bounced.


During the time Jack spent eyeing the girls, like a predator stalking its prey, his vision was suddenly attracted to two particular girls. One was Tall with green hair, the longest pair of legs he had ever seen, and CC breasts. The other had red hair and the biggest breasts he has ever seen, both of which were very beautiful. As soon as Jack spotted them, an extremely large length was noticeably bulging through his trousers, threatening to rip through with the need to mate.


Succeeding in composing himself, Jack strode towards the girls, and reached out his hand in a handshake saying, “Destiny must've brought such beautiful girls like you both to a King like myself!” It boomed his strong British accent. Akiza and Luna jumped with fright from the voice and quickly turned towards Jack, who still had his hand out ready for a handshake. Not trying to be rude, Luna was the first to shake his hand, but as soon as she did, Jack twisted her hand and kissed her knuckles. Then, he said, “Pleasure to meet you,” and then winking at Akiza. Akiza looked at him confused at what his intention were. “Can we help you?” asked Akiza in a curious tone. As Jack was about to answer, two nerdy looking guys walked up towards the girls. “Hey Akiza,” said the black haired looking nerd while the other guy, who wore dorky glasses, stood beside Luna.


Jack stared in horror as he watched both of the girls hug and kiss each of the nerds. Dexter looked away from luna towards Jack and nervously asked, “Ummm do we know you sir?” Jack didn't answer, as he was still in shock at the situation. So again, Yusei asked this time with a concerned voice, “Are you ok?” This snapped Jack out of his trance and he spoke saying, “What relates you both to these two beautiful girls?”, Akiza and Luna both blushed at his comment and Dexter said, “They're our girlfriends.” Jack was momentarily stunned again from what that scrawny little nerd had just said. He looked at the girls again and asked, “How is that possible?” The girls looked at him and rolled their eyes while Akiza said, “Anyway Jack, it was nice meeting you but we have to go.” As all four of them walked away towards a boy who looked similar to Luna, Jack stood their watching the gang walk away.


When they were gone, Jack gritted his teeth and scrunched his hands into fists as he felt anger and rage boil in his veins. “How can such goddess like females choose to be with such nerds?” he said to himself. He was about to go and ask until he looked down and realised his monstrous erection still needed to be fed. “For now, I’ll have to settle for some other girls to have fun with. But don't worry! I will do Akiza and Luna eventually,” he thought as an evil smirk grew across his face.


As Jack made his way to class, he noticed that the girls were not shy about showing off their bodies. Jack quickly realized that none of them seemed to be wearing any underwear whatsoever. He looked as girls smiled and winked at him, as he saw both their bare butts and groins. As Jack sat down in class, he noticed he was surrounded by females and not one male was in his class. As the girls talked and moved even slightly, their boobs bounced like crazy. Jack felt himself get hard as he saw their nipples poking through the uniform.


Once class was over, Jack thought he was going to have a roaring erection all day. Sure enough, it seemed to come true. Girls were making out with each other out in the hallways, even right next to teachers, and no one batted an eye. Jack watched as two girls played with each other’s massive tits. Jack had trouble walking and could feel his massive meat want to burst with his seed.


All day long, Jack saw girls being so slutty for him. He noticed no other males in school, except for the two nerds and guy who looked like Luna. Otherwise, he was surrounded by girls. Not only did they show off their bodies for him, but they also encouraged him with their words. “Please do me now!” they begged. Jack grinned. “After school,” he replied and couldn’t wait until the end of the day.


As Jack walked, he was not only being checked out by the students, but the female teachers too. Like the students, they were just as slutty and horny. “Ohhh. There’s a new male student,” one female teacher said. “And he’s massive from what I can see in his pants,” the other female teacher replied as their tits bounced in their dresses.


As school ended, Jack knew it was time to get down to business. While he was walking to his locker, he stopped suddenly realising he couldn’t handle the resistance anymore, His enormous  erection was too painful. He was afraid if he doesn't relieve himself then his erection would rip through his pants. In a hurry, Jack found the first slutty student he laid his eyes on. She had long silky jet black hair, soft creamy skin, double D breasts and a perfectly rounded butt. Soon, Jack found himself in front of the mystery girl. “Hey what's your name?” he asked with his strong accent. She looked at him with a sly grin saying “I'm Carly and I want you to do me from the back.” She bent over until her butt and crotch were in full display, “Take your pick of which hole,” she said in a purr, which made Jack’s whole 10 inch length twitch and rip through his trousers.


As Carly saw the beast, which was Jack's length, her eyes almost left their sockets. It was veiny, rock hard and at least 10 inches long and thick. “I can't wait!” she thought with hunger, ”But first, I need to get my camcorder.” She reached inside her bag and lifted a grey device. “This is going to be breaking news!” she thought, while flipping it to selfie mode, which showed her slutty pleasure filled face.


Jack couldn't hold on much longer, and soon shoved himself in Carly’s tight front entrance, causing her to moan in pleasure while she recorded them both. As soon as Jack entered, he couldn't believe how wet and warm she felt, which led him to start pounding her rough and hard, making her scream his name, “Ahhhhh!…..Ah!....Ah!....Jack!...Ah!....keep..going!” screamed Carly.


While Jack continued pounding Carly, it got more intense by the second. Jack reached for her hair and pulled it back in a ponytail causing her neck to snap back and her DD breast to bounce up and down as he rocked her continuously.


This continued for a while until Jack got tired, he pulled out and laid flat on the cold tile floor, while Carly quickly lowered herself on his length. As soon as he was buried deep inside her, she started bouncing up and down, her breasts bouncing in full view, whilst still recording.


Many hours later we see Jack on top of Carly pounding, trying to make her orgasm for the 20th time during their session. This time however Jack felt himself about to release “Ahhhh!....Carly...i'm...gonna...CUM!” Jack started releasing his built up load inside her, causing her to give in and have her 20th orgasm, as she screamed “Ahhhhhh!”. Jack continued to cum inside Carly, filling her belly and causing her to look pregnant. Soon, Carly couldn't hold anymore in, so Jack pulled his length out and started spraying her and covering her massive breasts.

When Jack eventually finished, Carly was almost buried in his thick seed. Soon, both Carly and Jack laid together on the cold floor on the school hall, both satisfied and passed out from their unbelievable orgasm. Jack knew, once he awoke, that this was only the first of many times having sex at this school.

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