Emergence of the Tombkeepers

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Emergence of the Tombkeepers‭ 
Disclaimer:‭ ‬I don’t own Yugioh and make no money off of this.‭ ‬I do own the OC’s‭ (‬Aten,‭ ‬Aria,‭ ‬Umi,‭ ‬Robbie,‭ ‬and anyone else not Yugioh-related.‭)

Warnings:‭ ‬If you are new to my stories,‭ ‬welcome.‭ ‬I’ve written about‭ ‬30‭ ‬Yugioh stories so people should know what my series are about.‭ ‬If not,‭ ‬my stories contain the following warnings.....YAOI‭ (‬lots of it‭)‬,‭ ‬HENTAI,‭ ‬ANZU-BASHING,‭ ‬NCS‭ (‬and mentions of NCS‭)‬,‭ ‬ANGST,‭ ‬SHOUENEN-AI‭ (‬lots of it‭)‬.‭ ‬I always put warnings on yaoi explicit chapters.‭ 

Warning for first chapter:‭ ‬Shouenen-ai.‭ ‬Two guys touching.‭ ‬Oral.‭ ‬Masturbation.‭ ‬Robbie x Aten YAOI LEMON,‭ ‬Seto‭ ‬/‭ ‬Joey.

/.........../‭=‬hikari to yami
//..........//‭=‬yami to hikari

Forgiven,‭ ‬But Not Forgotten

Malik Ramses Ishtar purple eyes stared into the flickering flames reflectively.‭ ‬The glow of the firepit behind the Ishtar-Itemri home illuminated the backyard.‭ ‬Beyond the edge of the fire’s light,‭ ‬dark shadows danced among Malik’s Bleeding Hearts and Violas.‭ ‬Crickets chirped in the darkness of the warm summer night.‭ ‬His blond hair lightly swayed in the air as he took a deep breath.‭ ‬The Egyptian Light sipped from a glass of ice water as he thought of his family’s latest encounter.‭ 
I don’t remember much of the past few days.‭ ‬It all feels like a blur.‭ ‬Was it days we spent back in time‭? ‬Weeks‭? ‬Months‭? ‬When we returned,‭ ‬there was no time to look at the clock or check the calendar.‭ ‬Ryou needed to be rushed to the hospital.‭ ‬The last thing I remember before Marik and I lost consciousness was a bright light in Kaiba’s summer home.‭ ‬We were in Ancient Egypt when we became aware of where we were.‭ ‬My head still hurts a bit from whatever happened.‭  ‬ 
Marik and I returned home last night exhausted when we knew that Ryou and the newest bundle of joy were stable.‭ ‬The Itemris remained in the hospital all night and day at Domino Hospital.‭ ‬When the Itemri’s returned home,‭ ‬Ryou looked very tired as he carried the new baby into the house.‭ ‬He put the new baby boy to bed and fell asleep in his own bed.‭ ‬Bakura has been on baby duty since they returned home three hours ago.‭ 
The light turned on in the nursery as Marik watched a spiky-haired Yami Bakura stand at the edge of the crib.‭ ‬Bakura looks as if he is searching for something.‭ ‬The tiny baby began to cry in the crib amid a muttered curse from the Egyptian yami father.‭ ‬Bakura left the nursery and turned on the light in the Itemri’s bedroom.‭ ‬He’s talking quietly to Ryou....Ryou’s yawning.‭ ‬Bakura just woke Ryou up.‭ ‬Ryou sat up slowly in bed.‭ ‬Bakura took Ryou’s hands and helped him to his feet.‭ ‬Ryou’s whimpering as he’s slightly bent over.‭ ‬The incision on his stomach must be very uncomfortable.‭ 
“Yami,‭ ‬you remember changing Aten’s diaper,‭ ‬don’t you‭? ‬Why do you need my help‭?”
“Where did you put the baby wipes‭?”
“I thought they were near the changing table.‭ ‬That’s where Marik should have placed them.‭ ‬Bloody hell,‭” ‬Ryou groaned as I saw his shadow disappear slowly from his bedroom and enter the nursery next door.‭ ‬Ryou walked to the edge of the crib and gingerly brought the baby into his arms.‭ ‬“It’s alright,‭ ‬angel.‭ ‬Mommy’s here.‭” ‬Ryou rocked the softly crying newborn.‭ “‬There they are,‭ ‬Bakura.‭ ‬Behind the pile of diapers.‭”
“Well,‭ ‬what wanker put them there‭?” ‬Ryou asked tiredly.‭ “‬I’m going to give you to your father,‭ ‬angel.‭ ‬Love you.‭” ‬Ryou kissed the newborn’s forehead and handed him carefully to Bakura.‭ ‬I could see Ryou staggering back to his room and laying back in bed.‭ 
Bakura brought the baby into his arms and cradled him lovingly against his chest.‭ ‬Bakura disappeared from my line of sight.‭ ‬Within minutes,‭ ‬the baby had stopped crying and was being rocked in Bakura’s arms.‭ 
The Itemris were always terrific parents.‭ ‬Bakura has always been a great father.‭ ‬He was a great father to his daughter,‭ ‬Aria,‭ ‬and to Aten.‭ ‬Even though Aten was Marik’s son with Ryou,‭ ‬Bakura treated him as if he was of his own blood.‭ ‬Bakura protected both of them,‭ ‬played with them,‭ ‬and was always there to support them.‭ ‬Ryou had always been a great mother.‭ ‬He put himself in harm’s way for Aria and Aten.‭ ‬He suffered many ills to keep them happy and safe.‭ ‬Ryou almost died giving birth to them.‭ ‬Ryou was affectionate,‭ ‬caring,‭ ‬nurturing,‭ ‬and brave.‭ ‬That new baby could not have better parents than Ryou Thomas Bakura-Itemri and Yami Bakura Osiris Itemri.
He started singing a lullabye I recognized.‭ ‬My sister used to sing it to me when I was young.‭ ‬When I was sick or sad,‭ ‬she would sing.‭ ‬I never knew parents like Ryou and Bakura.‭ ‬My mother died bringing me into the world.‭ ‬My father was a domineering,‭ ‬psychotic,‭ ‬abusive,‭ ‬temperamental human being.‭ 
//Human filth is more like it,‭ ‬hikari.//‭ 
I wonder how life would have been if things had been different.‭ ‬For years I slaved over ancient texts and scrolls,‭ ‬learned about ancient pharaohs,‭ ‬and dwelled in darkness.‭ ‬Yami’s tomb was my home,‭ ‬deep under the Egyptian sands.‭ ‬Only the sun,‭ ‬moon,‭ ‬and stars could be seen from my prison.‭ ‬Then came the day for my initiation into the Ishtar Tombkeeper Clan.‭ ‬My father dragged me into the sacrificial chamber,‭ ‬chained me to the altar,‭ ‬tied a piece of wood into my mouth,‭ ‬and carved the key to unlocking the pharaoh’s memories onto my back.‭ 
That knife......
Slicing into my flesh.....
Couldn’t move.‭ ‬Could barely breathe.‭ ‬All I could do was emit a muffled scream and pleas for my father to stop.‭ 
//Hikari‭? ‬Are you alright‭?‬//
Yami Marik entered my life in that terrifying moment.‭ ‬He emerged from the Millennium Rod and stabbed my father to death.‭ ‬I’ll never forget that moment.‭ ‬I thought Odion had rescued me from the torture.‭ ‬When the wood was removed from my teeth and my chains severed,‭ ‬I looked up expecting to see Odion.‭ 
Instead,‭ ‬my nine-year-old eyes looked up at the hideous creature before me.‭ 
//Hey‭! ‬I heard that‭! ‬I was not hideous‭!‬//
His hair was blond and spiky.‭ ‬His canines were sharp.‭ ‬Eyes black as coal.‭ ‬He was tall...
//Tall,‭ ‬dark,‭ ‬handsome,‭ ‬and downright sexy‭?‬//
He told me he would take me away from everything I had ever known.‭ ‬His intention was to rescue me.‭ ‬But that was only the beginning of another type of hell.
//......I’m sorry,‭ ‬tenshi.//
‭“‬Mind if I join you,‭ ‬my Light‭?”
I pat the seat beside me.‭ ‬“You are always welcome at my side,‭ ‬Marik.‭”
Yami Marik sat beside his husband and put his arm around his shoulders.‭ “‬It’s good to be home.‭ ‬All of us together again.‭”
Malik nodded.‭ “‬It’s going to feel strange having another baby in the house again.‭”
“Yeah,‭ ‬no more spontaneous sex anytime,‭ ‬anywhere,‭ ‬anyhow.‭”
Malik smiled.‭ “‬That’s only when he’s home.‭ ‬When he’s over at Seto’s place,‭ ‬we’re free to fry chicken and get freaky on the kitchen table while it cooks.‭”
Yami Marik licked his lips.‭ “‬So that’s our plan for this weekend‭?”
Yami Marik....always with a dirty mind...and a fondness for chicken.
‭“‬You know Ryou and Bakura are not going to let the little guy out of their sight for a second for quite a while.‭ ‬That whole parenting‭ “‬I’m not going to leave him alone because something bad might happen‭” ‬protective thing.‭”
Yami Marik sighed as he heard the soft cooing in the nursery above.‭ ‬The light in the kitchen illuminated.‭ ‬I cannot believe we were in Ancient Egypt.‭ ‬Yami Marik and Yami Bakura were just children.‭ ‬Bakura was living on the streets,‭ ‬thrown out of his parents‭’ ‬house at four years old.‭ ‬Marik was forced to study under the strict eye of his father.‭ ‬We saw them as they had lived five thousand years ago before they died and were resurrected by Yami.
‭“‬I don’t think I look bad for being five thousand years old,‭” ‬Marik added.‭ “‬My bones didn’t look too good,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬My mortal body has seen better days.‭ ‬Bakura’s bones are in worse shape than mine,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬He survived worse torture than myself.‭ ‬At least I died quickly of a single arrow to the lungs.‭”
Malik sighed as he thought of Marik’s younger self.‭ “‬One day,‭ ‬you’re going to meet someone who will help you realize this,‭”‬ Marik told his younger self.‭  ‬“Control is never the means to true power,‭ ‬Marik.‭ ‬Control through violence solves and proves nothing.‭ ‬Compassion,‭ ‬sacrifice,‭ ‬these are what characterize the truly strong person with an iron Will.‭ ‬I pray to Ra that you will be strong to resist the corruption of the world and your father’s cruelty.‭” ‬All I could think of was this little boy who would be eventually murdered in cold blood.
‭“‬At least I didn’t linger in pain for long,‭ ‬love,‭” ‬Marik spoke as he felt his husband’s sadness at the child’s eventual fate.‭ 
“Do you.....regret....dying young,‭ ‬yami‭?”
Marik took my hand and kissed the back of it lightly.‭ ‬“Nobody wants to die at nineteen years of age.‭ ‬Bakura and I had our entire lives ahead of us.‭ ‬I suppose in a way,‭ ‬we did have our lives ahead of us,‭ ‬even if it was in the state of undeath.‭ ‬Bakura and I had multiple hikaris in five thousand years.‭” ‬Marik released my hand and turned my head to look him in his purple eyes which reflected my own.‭ ‬He raised his hand and caressed my cheek.‭ ‬“Never had I one who....has brought out the good in me.‭ ‬Who has been as kind to me as you have been.‭” ‬Marik looked into the fire pensively.‭ “‬I know I have not always been the best person.‭ ‬Darkness and shadow are the essence of being a yami.‭ ‬But your light has been a beacon to me.‭”
Where is this coming from‭?
“Before you came into my life,‭ ‬Marik,‭ ‬my life was nothing but darkness.‭ ‬Torches lit the dark tomb.‭ ‬I still remember emerging from the tomb with you that day.‭ ‬From that day,‭ ‬you were my family.‭ ‬I never felt I had a real family.‭ ‬My duties were to study,‭ ‬study,‭ ‬study.‭ ‬Father wasn’t exactly a person you could go to with questions.‭ ‬My sister and Odion were there for me,‭ ‬though.‭”
 I looked into the nursery’s window again and saw Bakura carefully return the baby to the crib.‭ ‬“Pleasant dreams,‭ ‬my son.‭ ‬Father will be back to check on you soon.‭ ‬Go to sleep,‭ ‬Therion.‭”
Ryou and Bakura wanted to call the baby‭ “‬Issa,‭” ‬but it seems as if the Itemris changed their minds.‭ ‬Bakura turned off the light in the nursery.‭ 
“Ever since Aten and Aria came into our lives,‭ ‬yami,‭ ‬I feel like we are a real family.‭”
Marik hugged me and rested his head on my shoulder.‭ ‬“Most families don’t have four men living together who have an open relationship with each other.‭”
Through the curtain,‭ ‬the spiky-haired silhouette poured a cup of tea from a kettle.‭ ‬The curtain moved and Bakura waved to us.‭ ‬He waved to us,‭ ‬so we waved back to him and he disappeared behind the curtain.
‭“‬It’s been over twenty-five years since we’ve been back to the tomb,‭ ‬yami.‭ ‬Do you.....do you think we can go and visit‭?”
"No.‭ ‬Absolutely not.‭" ‬Marik lifted his head.‭ “‬I would like to go back to the tomb,‭ ‬too.....to watch it burn.‭ ‬Why would you want to return‭? ‬That place was a prison for you.‭ ‬You were tortured there.‭ ‬Forced to live a life you did not wish.‭ ‬Out here we have freedom,‭ ‬hikari.‭ ‬You were tormented there.‭”
“It was still home.‭ ‬It was where.....it all began.‭”
“I don’t think returning there is a great idea.‭”
Malik looked up at the stars.‭ “‬Something is pulling me there,‭ ‬Marik.‭ ‬Something that I don’t understand.‭”
“You spent your childhood dreaming of the freedom offered by the outside world,‭ ‬tenshi.‭ ‬I would never willingly say I would love for that arrow to enter my lungs as I suffocate on my own blood.‭ ‬Some things are best just left behind in the past where they belong.‭” ‬Marik leaned into Malik’s ear and placed a gentle kiss on his earlobe.‭ “‬It is the present where we have all good things.‭ ‬We can build a better present with what we have.‭ ‬We have everything we ever wanted,‭ ‬my love.‭ ‬Home.‭ ‬Family.‭ ‬Freedom.‭” ‬Marik pointed the Millennium Rod to the sky as it glowed faintly.‭ “‬The sun.‭”
I took my yami’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.‭ ‬I know he means well.‭ ‬“Marik,‭ ‬I know you want what is best for me.‭ ‬But we can’t deny our roots.‭ ‬We can never say we lived in the suburbs in a house with a white picket fence.‭ ‬It would be a lie.‭ ‬I want to go see it again.‭ ‬To make peace.‭ ‬Isn’t that why the sand pit where Bakura buried you is in your soulroom‭? ‬You wanted to make peace with your own death‭?‬ You always make sure to put fresh flowers on your grave when they wilt.‭ ‬Doesn’t that help you‭?”
Marik lowered the Millennium Rod as the fire’s light slightly dimmed.‭ “‬It did.‭ ‬My body was thrown into a sandpit with no marker and thus,‭ ‬no one would remember me.‭ ‬Seeing my sandy grave,‭” ‬Marik shook his head sadly.‭ “‬At least I get to keep the memory of my death alive.‭”
Malik shifted closer to Marik and put his head on his yami’s shoulder.‭ ‬The hikari wrapped his arm around Marik and held him close.‭ “‬I’m sorry,‭ ‬Marik.‭”
Marik kissed the top of Malik’s head.‭ “‬Don’t be,‭ ‬hikari.‭ ‬Returning to the tomb is returning to the past.‭ ‬A past that neither of us can forget.‭ ‬You are not going to return to the tomb.‭” ‬Marik stood up and clutched the Rod in his hand tightly.‭ ‬Malik watched his yami's hand squeeze the Millennium Item and his hand quiver.‭ ‬Their mindlink flooded with memories of the Tombkeeper's Initiation.
‭"‬But,‭ ‬Marik--.‭"
"No.‭ ‬We will speak of this no more.‭" ‬Marik walked away,‭ ‬disappearing into the house.‭  
Seto leaned back in his chair staring intently at the newspaper on his desk.‭ ‬KaibaCorp’s CEO interlocked his fingers as he glared at the Domino Herald’s headline:‭ ‬MagnaTech Offers‭  ‬Industrial Illusions‭ ‬$3.5‭ ‬Million For Merger.‭  ‬Rocher.‭ ‬What is he planning‭? ‬Pegasus won’t agree with the buyout.‭ ‬He has spent too much money and resources to simply hand over his company to a competitor.‭ ‬Even without the Millennium Eye,‭ ‬I’m sure he can see this is a mistake.‭ ‬If MagnaTech purchases Industrial Illusions,‭ ‬it would be the second largest gaming company in America.‭ ‬Seto smirked in his chair.‭ ‬He still has no hope of rivaling KaibaCorp.‭ ‬We shall not go quietly into the night.‭ 
Seto Kaiba reached for the phone and flipped through his book of contacts.‭ ‬I don’t call Pegasus often.‭ ‬I know the first numbers are‭ ‬920.....or‭ ‬902.....something like that.‭ ‬What the--‭?‬ Seto raised a curious eyebrow when he saw a child’s drawing of a cat over his contacts starting with the letter‭ “‬C.‭” ‬Mokuba’s kids have been drawing in my contact book again.‭ ‬What am I going to do with them‭?‬ Seto continued flipping through the book until he found Pegasus‭’ ‬number.‭ ‬He moved the cord to dial the number.
Beep.‭ ‬Beep.‭ ‬Beep.‭ ‬[Industrial Illusions.‭ ‬How may I direct your call‭?]
“Maximillion Pegasus.‭”
[Whom shall I tell him is calling‭?]
“Seto Roka Kaiba,‭ ‬CEO of KaibaCorp.‭”
[Yes,‭ ‬sir.‭ ‬One moment please.‭]
Seto leaned back in his leather chair as the Looney Tunes theme played continuously.‭ ‬Almost‭ ‬60‭ ‬years old and this man hasn’t grown up.‭ ‬Wonder if his testicles dropped yet.
‭[‬Kaiba Boy,‭ ‬what a fabulous surprise‭! ‬To what do I owe the honor of your call‭?]
“Are you seriously considering a merger with MagnaTech‭? ‬Rocher is a slimy weasel who will run your company into the ground and build it in his own twisted image.‭”
Pegasus chuckled.‭ [‬Isn’t that comment calling the kettle black,‭ ‬Kaiba Boy‭? ‬I know you are not completely forthright and honest in your dealings either.‭]
“That has nothing to do with it.‭”
[That has everything to do with it,‭ ‬Kaiba Boy.‭ ‬Your‭ “‬Public Relations‭” ‬people,‭ ‬as you so quaintly called them,‭ ‬are quite skilled in the art of espionage and getting your competition to mysteriously....and conveniently,‭ ‬might I add,‭ ‬disappear.‭]
“It’s just business,‭ ‬Pegasus.‭”
[Precisely,‭ ‬my little man-cake.‭ ‬That’s my point.‭ ‬You don’t play by the rules,‭ ‬so why should your competition‭?]
“Did you.....just call me.....‭’‬man-cake‭’?”
[Well,‭ ‬I certainly cannot keep repeating‭ ‘‬Kaiba Boy,‭’ ‬can I‭? ‬I know what you are,‭ ‬Kaiba Boy,‭ ‬and I have since Duelist Kingdom.‭ ‬How is Mokuba,‭ ‬by the way‭? ‬Give him a kiss for me.‭]
“That’s the creepy comment of the day.‭”
[I know Rocher is no saint,‭ ‬Kaiba Boy.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬I am getting up in years and I have no children to take over my company.‭]
“No surprise there,‭” ‬Kaiba responded flatly.
‭[‬The newspapers,‭ ‬as usual,‭ ‬have skewed my intentions,‭ ‬silly willy.‭]
“Stop it with the cute talk‭! ‬We are both adults.‭”
[But we’re old friends.‭ ‬Surely you cannot forget your old friend,‭ ‬Maximillion Pegasus.‭]
“What are your intentions,‭ ‬then‭?”
[Rocher approached me with his fabulous goonies and offered me the money.‭ ‬I hadn’t thought about selling Industrial Illusions,‭ ‬but I’m an old man now.‭ ‬I cannot stay young and sexy forever.‭]
“You were never--.‭”
[However,‭ ‬the offer is simply that.....an offer.‭ ‬It does not mean I will agree to the sale.‭]
“I recommend you don’t agree to the sale.‭ ‬Rocher is a dangerous man.‭ ‬And I’m not telling you because I care about you.‭ ‬I really don’t care.‭”
[Then why did you call me to discourage me if you don’t give a Funny Bunny what I do‭? ‬See what I just did there‭? ‬I went there...as the children say.‭]
Something is wrong with this man.‭ ‬Seriously wrong.‭ “‬Why am I not surprised that you know what the children say‭?”
[Because both of our companies are geared towards children‭? ‬That says something about you,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬Kaiba Boy.‭]
“I’m hanging up now.‭ ‬Bye.‭”
Seto slammed the phone on the receiver.‭ ‬Something is definitely wrong with that man.‭ ‬A knock sounded on the door as the CEO rubbed his brow.‭ “‬Enter.‭”
Seto watched as eighteen-year-old Robbie Morgan entered the room with an armful of folders as he leaned on his cane.‭ “‬Is that all the information on the France affair‭?”
“Oui,‭” ‬Robbie replied with a smile as he approached Seto’s desk.‭ “‬The architects have finally finished KaibaLand’s schematics outside of Nice.‭  ‬Their city council has approved the Recreational Land Use permit,‭ ‬but they have some inquiries as to storm water installation.‭ ‬They have some drafts for you to review.‭”
Seto sighed.‭ “‬Why aren’t the engineers looking at this‭?”
“They did.‭ ‬They just want your approval.‭”
Robbie watched Seto review the plans.‭ ‬His eyes went to the multi-colored cupcake tie around the CEO’s neck.‭ ‬/Hey,‭ ‬Aten,‭ ‬your uncle is wearing a cupcake tie‭!‬/‭ 
Uncontrollable laughter filled the mindlink between Robbie and his husband,‭ ‬Aten Ishtar,‭ ‬the son of Yami Marik Ishtar and Ryou Bakura Itemri.‭ ‬//No way‭! ‬Is there a pink cupcake on there‭?‬//
/Ohhhh yes.....with pretty pink sprinkles‭!‬/
//Take a picture if you can.‭ ‬I smell blackmail later that I can show my father.//
/Your father works here,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬I’m sure Malik is dead at home with laughter if he’s already seen it./
‭“‬Seto,‭ ‬I must say your tie is very.......silly.‭”
Seto groaned as he looked up at the teen.‭ “‬I have no idea whose idea it was to have‭ ‘‬Silly Tie Day‭’ ‬here at KaibaCorp.‭”
“Who in the world bought that for you‭?”
“Mokuba spawn.‭”
Robbie chuckled.‭ “‬Enough said,‭ ‬then.‭ ‬You may want to consider putting limits on the employee suggestion box.‭”
“Tell Aten I think his father is the one who suggested this just to see me make an ass out of myself.‭”
“No,‭ ‬I think he was the one drawing nude caricatures of you and sticking them in the employee suggestion box.‭ ‬I think he also drew a picture of himself naked.‭ ‬Quite...umm...disturbing...to see your father-in-law draw himself with a ten foot wiener in perfect detail.‭”
Seto shuddered.‭ “‬There goes my appetite.‭”
“At least the majority of employee suggestions are valid requests.‭ ‬It would be nice to have some healthier choices in the cafeteria vending machines.‭ ‬I have to watch what figure I do have.‭”
“Do the dead have to watch their figures‭?” ‬Seto asked.
Robbie nodded.‭ “‬Just because I’m dead doesn’t give me license to lay around doing nothing.‭”
Only in our family can we have this discussion,‭ ‬Seto thought.‭ ‬Robbie was murdered by Eric Barnes one month before.‭ ‬He was shot in the abdomen in an effort to protect his adopted daughter,‭ ‬Heaven,‭ ‬and Umi,‭ ‬Aria’s husband.‭ ‬Robbie died several minutes later in Aten’s arms.‭ ‬Aten later died at the hands of his father in an attempt to stop Yami Aten’s plans of destruction.‭ ‬Marik and Bakura resurrected Aten and Robbie from the dead.‭ ‬Robbie had returned to work for Seto much to the CEO’s relief.‭ ‬Robbie’s parents were relieved to have their son returned to them.‭ ‬Ryou and Yami Marik were overjoyed at Aten’s return.‭ ‬The two eighteen-year-olds continued to live with Miranda and Daniel who did not mind their company.‭ 
“I don’t want to crush Aten to death when we.....you know.‭ ‬He’s still skinny as a rail.‭”
“It’s good to have you back,‭ ‬Robert.‭”
Robbie smiled.‭ “‬I’m happy to be back home with my family.‭”
“Let me look over this and I’ll call you when I’m done.‭”
“Sure thing,‭ ‬Seto.‭ ‬And don’t worry about the cupcake tie.‭ ‬We’ll only harass you a little bit.‭”
Seto smiled with narrowed eyes.‭ “‬Get out of here before I release the hounds.‭”
The teenager giggled as he limped out of the room,‭ ‬his cane tapping lightly on the floor.‭ ‬When the door closed behind Robbie,‭ ‬Seto relaxed in his chair.‭ ‬I certainly hope Pegasus is smarter than he sounds.‭ ‬If he submits to Rocher,‭ ‬it will be the end of Industrial Illusions.‭ ‬He already has sought to undermine my company.‭ ‬I will be dead in the ground before I allow Rocher to acquire KaibaCorp.
Seto interlaced his fingers as the door slightly opened.‭ ‬Joey peeked his head into the room curiously and took a step into the room.‭ “‬Come in,‭ ‬puppy.‭”
“Why do you still call me that after all these years‭?”
Seto smiled.‭ “‬Because.....‭” ‬The CEO rose to his feet and walked around the desk to the blond.‭ ‬He closed the door behind the blond.‭ ‬He backed Joey against the door and caressed the blond’s cheek.‭ “‬Because that is all you will always be.‭”
The brunet leaned over and kissed his lover lightly on the lips.‭ ‬Joey wrapped his arms around his husband‭  ‬and caressed Seto’s hair.‭ ‬Seto’s warm breath brushed across Joey’s cheek as they kissed against the door.‭ ‬A trail of peppered kisses trickled down Joey’s neck to his shoulder.
‭“‬You know,‭ ‬Seto,‭ ‬it’s hard.....‭”
“I know you are,‭” ‬Seto responded as he pressed against Joey.
Joey moaned as Seto’s fingertips brushed across his stomach.‭ “‬No....it’s hard....to take you seriously....when you have....cupcakes on your.....tie.‭”
Seto groaned and rested his head against Joey’s shoulder.‭ “‬Not you,‭ ‬too.‭” ‬Seto turned and walked to his desk followed by the blond.‭ “‬Ivy bought the me tie.‭ ‬I promised her I’d wear it.‭”
Joey grinned.‭ “‬Hey,‭ ‬man.‭ ‬It takes a real man with balls of steel to wear a cupcake tie.‭ ‬Especially if each cupcake has frosting and sprinkles.‭”
“So is this why you decided to come in here‭? ‬To harass me about my tie,‭ ‬Joseph‭?”
“It’s almost lunch time and I thought you may want to take a break.‭”
Seto wrapped his arms around Joey and sat him on the desk.‭ “‬I suppose a little break wouldn’t hurt.‭”
Joey grabbed Seto’s cupcake tie and pulled him into a deep,‭ ‬hungry kiss.‭ ‬Seto pushed the name plate on his desk aside and laid the blond on the desk.‭ ‬Joey moaned quietly under his lover as he felt Seto between his legs.‭ ‬The CEO moved Robbie’s file aside as he lifted Joey’s shirt.‭ ‬His lips kissed Joey’s chest lightly as the blond squirmed with need.‭ 
Seto tugged at his tie and removed it.‭ ‬He caught Joey in a hungry kiss and wrapped the tie around the back of Joey’s neck,‭ ‬trapping him in the kiss.‭ ‬The blond wrapped his legs around Seto and held him close.‭ 
Joey moaned as Seto slipped his tongue between his lips.‭ ‬Joey’s breathing staggered as Seto’s left hand crept down his side and cupped his left buttock.‭ “‬Seto,‭” ‬Joey whispered as he kissed Seto’s ear.‭ ‬The blond took a deep breath as he felt Seto’s hands reach into the front of his jeans and caress him.‭ ‬Joey’s legs weakened and dangled over the edge of the desk as his hips rose against the CEO’s tender touch.
‭“‬That’s my boy,‭” ‬Seto moaned as Joey started to tremble from need.‭ 
The blond wrapped his arms around Seto and pulled him close as he thrust against Seto’s hand.‭ ‬Seto pulled Joey into a hungry,‭ ‬possessive kiss.‭ 
[Aria....‭] ‬he thought he heard Aria moan nearby.‭ ‬Joey closed his eyes tightly.‭ ‬In his mind,‭ ‬he imagined Seto thrusting hard into Aria,‭ ‬moaning in her ear as he was moaning in his own.‭ [‬That’s my girl.‭] ‬Joey tensed and froze as he thought of Seto and Aria trapped in their memories as Seto took her on the desk where he lay.‭ 
“Seto.....stop,‭” ‬Joey whimpered.‭ 
Seto stopped his soft caress as he slowly pulled away from Joey.‭ “‬What’s wrong,‭ ‬baby‭?”
Joey pushed against Seto.‭ “‬Get off of me.‭”
Seto removed his hand slowly from Joey’s pants and backed away,‭ ‬allowing the blond to sit on the desk.‭ “‬What’s wrong‭?”
Joey lowered his head.‭ “‬I can’t,‭ ‬Seto.‭”
“Are you feeling alright‭? ‬You’re looking pale.‭ ‬Do I have to call the doctor‭?”
The blond slowly shook his head.‭ “‬No doctor will be able to cure heartache and betrayal,‭ ‬Seto.‭”
Seto closed his eyes.‭ “‬We both tried to fight our flashbacks,‭ ‬Joey.‭ ‬We did everything we could to fight it.‭ ‬I didn’t want to sleep with Aria.‭”
“Then why did you‭?!” ‬Joey’s head rose sharply.‭ 
“I tried‭! ‬We were caught up in the past.‭”
Joey crossed his arms over his chest.‭ “‬Are you the father of Ryou’s baby,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬Seto‭? ‬I bet you took your friendship a step further and took him to your bed,‭ ‬too‭!”
Seto’s eyes widened.‭ “‬I....I don’t know if I am.‭”
“UNBE-FUCKING-LIEVEABLE‭!” ‬Joey exclaimed as he jumped off the desk.‭ “‬You should get tested to see if you are Ryou’s baby daddy‭!”
“Did you think of how this would impact us before you pulled your pants down and fucked them‭?”
“I blacked out with Aria‭!” ‬Seto took a deep breath as he felt his anger rise.‭ “‬I thought you had forgiven me.‭”
Joey walked to the door.‭ “‬Forgiven yes,‭ ‬but not forgotten.‭”
“Joey,‭ ‬please,‭ ‬stay.‭ ‬We need to talk about this,‭” ‬Seto said as Joey opened the door.
Joey turned to Seto.‭ “‬I need to go for a walk.‭”
“When will you be back‭?”
Joey felt tears prick the back of his eyes.‭ “‬I don’t know if I will.‭” 
“Joey,‭ ‬wait‭!” ‬Seto called,‭ ‬reaching for his lover.‭ ‬Joey closed the door behind him.‭ ‬Seto lowered his arm as he closed his eyes.‭ ‬What have I done‭?
Aten stood back from his canvas as he tilted his head to the side.‭ ‬Maybe I need a different shade of green in the grass there.‭ ‬Where’s my emerald‭?‬ The Egyptian teen hummed to the Beethoven music playing on the stereo in his art studio.‭ ‬Paints of every color and cans of every size littered the table beside him.‭ ‬Several tiny cups of water stood beside the easel.‭ ‬The Egyptian sifted through his paints.‭ “‬Where’s my emerald‭? ‬I know it was here this morning.‭” ‬Aten put down his brush and opened a cabinet with more paints.‭ “‬Crimson....Kelly Green.....Azure Blue....Where in the name of Ra is it‭?”
A flip of a page by the wall was the only response in the room.‭ ‬Aten’s husband,‭ ‬Robbie Morgan,‭ ‬turned a page in his book.‭ “‬Der Turm‭” ‬by Uwe Tellkamp‭ 
“Robbie,‭ ‬have you seen my Emerald Green paint‭?”
“In der schublade nach oben,‭” ‬Robbie responded as his attention remained to his German text.‭ 
Aten raised an eyebrow.‭ 
“Rusim,‭” ‬Aten responded in Arabic.‭ “‬I mean,‭ ‬paint.‭ ‬Where is my Emerald Green paint‭?”
Robbie looked up at Aten,‭ ‬suddenly hearing him.‭ “‬What‭?”
“Where is the Emerald Green paint‭?”
“Oh,‭ ‬sorry,‭ ‬Aten.‭ ‬It’s upstairs on the dresser,‭” ‬Robbie smiled with a chuckle.‭ “‬Wasn’t paying attention.‭”
“I can see that.‭”
Aten sighed as he looked at the painting.‭ ‬I enjoy painting,‭ ‬but somehow,‭ ‬I feel I want to do something different.‭ ‬Since I was a young boy,‭ ‬painting was a means to escape,‭ ‬to forget bad memories,‭ ‬and occupied my time because I could do little else.‭ ‬I couldn’t run like the other kids and horseplay was almost out of the question.‭ ‬My heart always hurt.‭ ‬My surgeries only prolonged my life.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬I want something more in my afterlife.
‭“‬Robbie‭? ‬Is this what we are going to do for eternity‭?”
“What do you mean‭?”
Aten took a deep breath as‭  ‬he walked to the couch in his art studio.‭ ‬He sat beside his husband and turned his head to him.‭ “‬Is this all we are going to do for the next millennia‭? ‬I’m going to paint and you’re going to read‭?”
Robbie shrugged.‭ “‬I don’t know.‭ ‬I mean,‭ ‬we’ll never grow old,‭ ‬right‭? ‬We’ll always be eighteen years old.‭” ‬Robbie groaned as he leaned back in the chair.‭ “‬Schieze....does this mean I’ll have to work for eternity‭? ‬Can’t I retire in a thousand years‭? ‬My Social Security will be through the roof‭!”
Aten put his arm around Robbie’s shoulder.‭ ‬Robbie’s blue eyes looked into Aten’s purple and brown eyes.‭ ‬A different spark lit up the yami son’s eyes.‭ “‬Let’s do something.....wild.‭”
Robbie’s eyes widened as he slowly pulled back from Aten’s embrace.‭ “‬What do you mean‭?”
“In life,‭ ‬my chest always hurt from my cardiomyopathy.‭ ‬Now that I’m dead,‭ ‬I don’t have to worry about my heart,‭ ‬taking medicine,‭ ‬having surgery,‭ ‬or being in excruciating pain.‭ ‬My pain is gone.‭” ‬A mischievous smile crossed his face.‭ “‬I want to do something that I never could when I was alive‭! ‬What do you say,‭ ‬Robbie‭? ‬Come on‭! ‬Let’s do something wicked‭!”
Robbie put down his book and shifted uneasily.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬we can’t do that.‭”
“Why not‭? ‬Now that I’m dead,‭ ‬I can finally live,‭ ‬Robbie‭!” ‬Aten bounced excitedly in his chair.‭ “‬You should come with me‭! ‬We don’t ever have to worry about dying again‭! ‬Well,‭ ‬I guess that’s not entirely true,‭ ‬but....come on,‭ ‬Robbie‭!”
Robbie looked at Aten.‭ ‬From as long as I’ve known him,‭ ‬he’s been a sick one.‭ ‬Missing school for surgery.‭ ‬I used to bring him his homework.‭ ‬When we would play,‭ ‬he’d have to stop and catch his breath.‭ ‬Sometimes we would have to cut our fun short because his pain became too bad.‭ ‬He does have a point,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬We’re both dead....and young.‭ ‬But still....he is Yami Marik’s son.‭ ‬From what I understand,‭ ‬that will make him slightly crazy.‭ ‬I could go along with it and make sure he doesn’t do anything too crazy.
‭“‬Alright,‭ ‬Aten.‭ ‬What do you have in mind‭?”
Wow,‭ ‬that was a fast reaction.
‭“‬Mr.‭ ‬Gillam has beer in his garage.‭”
“How do you know this‭?”
Aten smiled like a child when he wasn’t caught being naughty.‭ “‬My stepfather is a thief and I am observant.‭”
This could be bad.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬perhaps we can do something else.‭ ‬We’re not old enough to drink.‭ ‬We will never be old enough to drink.‭ ‬We’re both nineteen.‭ ‬It’s illegal.‭ ‬Maybe dancing‭?”
“You can’t dance.‭ ‬You have a bad foot‭!”
Robbie crossed his arms.‭ “‬I CAN dance for your information,‭ ‬Mister‭! ‬We danced at our wedding‭! ‬We danced at Seto’s wedding to Joey‭! ‬We danced at your sister’s wedding‭!”
“Robbie,‭ ‬I’ve spent my entire life not being able to live it to the fullest.‭ ‬I want to experience what I could not during my lifetime.‭ ‬I always had you by my side in life.‭ ‬Will you please be by my side in death‭?”
Oh crap.‭ ‬“Alright,‭ ‬Aten.‭”
Aten threw his arms around Robbie excitedly.‭ ‬He jumped up and turned off the music.‭ “‬You’re not going to regret this‭!”
“Why do I feel like I already do‭?” ‬Robbie asked quizzically.
Aten pulled Robbie to his feet.‭ “‬Let’s go,‭ ‬Robbie‭!” ‬Robbie grabbed his cane.‭ “‬Wait here,‭” ‬he whispered.‭ ‬The Egyptian lead Robbie outside and jumped over the neighbor’s fence.‭ ‬Robbie watched the Egyptian creep silently towards Gillam’s garage.‭ ‬He reached inside the porch light where he found a hidden key to the garage.‭ ‬Robbie watched Aten kneel before the doorknob and effortlessly unlock the door.‭ 
Robbie watched Aten disappear into the garage.‭ ‬I don’t think this is such a great idea.‭ ‬He weighs one hundred pounds wet.‭ ‬He’s never had a beer in his life.‭ ‬We’re going to get in so much trouble.‭ ‬Uh oh....what if mom and dad ground me‭? ‬That will stink.‭ ‬I don’t want to get in trouble.‭ ‬But,‭ ‬I can’t let Aten do this alone.‭ ‬He’s taking too long in there.‭ ‬Did something go wrong‭?
/Ankhenaten‭! ‬Where the heck are you‭?‬/
//He’s got bacon jerky in here,‭ ‬too‭! ‬FUCK YEAH‭! ‬You want some‭?‬//
/Aten,‭ ‬don’t get us in trouble more than we already are‭!‬/‭ ‬Robbie scolded his husband through their mindlink.‭ ‬/Get the booze and get out of there before Gillam finds you and we get grounded./
//My parents won’t ground me.‭ ‬I’m a married man.‭ ‬We’re too old to be grounded.//
/We’re going to get in sooooooo much trouble‭!‬/
//Relax.‭ ‬Damn,‭ ‬I think you need a beer.//
/No,‭ ‬I certainly do not‭!‬/
//I think so,‭ ‬my handsome German better half.//‭ ‬Aten emerged from the garage carrying a case of beer.‭ 
/Aten,‭ ‬don’t take a whole case‭! ‬He’s going to notice it missing‭!‬/
//Gillam’s got five cases in there.‭ ‬He won’t notice.//
/Gillam HAS five cases.‭ ‬English,‭ ‬Aten./
Aten climbed over the fence with the beer and sat on the bench in the backyard.‭ ‬//Get your sexy ass over here and join me.//
Robbie rolled his eyes in the darkness as he hobbled over to the bench.‭ ‬He looked up at the stars as he heard the case opening in the night.‭ “‬The sky is really pretty tonight.‭”
“I don’t know how I let you talk me into this.‭”
Aten handed Robbie a can.‭ “‬You need to calm down,‭ ‬Robert.‭ ‬Have one.‭”
Robbie shook his head.‭ “‬No,‭ ‬thank you.‭ ‬One of us has to stay sober.‭”
“Suit yourself,‭” ‬Aten said opening the pilfered can.‭ ‬After a couple mouthfuls,‭ ‬he coughed.‭ “‬Hey,‭ ‬that’s pretty good.‭”
“We’re going to get in so much trouble.‭”
“Relax,‭ ‬habib,‭” ‬Aten said before taking a few more mouthfuls.‭ ‬Aten looked up into the night sky.‭ “‬Isn’t it strange that those same stars we see were seen by our ancestors‭?”
Robbie nodded.‭ “‬Yeah.‭ ‬Now they’re all dead.‭”
“I always enjoyed looking up at them.‭” ‬Aten licked his lips and chugged the rest of the beer can.‭ ‬The Egyptian threw the can on the ground and grabbed another can from the case.‭ 
/You had one.‭ ‬Time to stop./
//We already went this far,‭ ‬right‭? ‬Besides,‭ ‬it’s not bad.‭ ‬Is it getting warm out here or is it just me‭?‬//
Aten opened the next can and filled his whole mouth with beer.‭ ‬He swallowed it and relaxed against the back of the bench.‭ “‬This is fun.‭”
/Glad you’re living it up./
Aten began to giggle.‭ ‬//Funny because we’re dead‭!‬//‭ ‬Aten poured the rest of the can down his throat and threw the second can on the ground.‭ ‬//Oh god.....I’ve gotta....//
‭“‬Don’t throw up,‭ ‬Aten‭!”
A loud burp echoed in the backyard of the Morgan home.‭ ‬Aten pat his thin stomach with a smile.‭ “‬I thinks I wants mores.‭”
“Aten,‭ ‬if my parents find out about this,‭ ‬we are going to get in so much trouble‭! ‬You already had two beers.‭ ‬That’s enough living for one night.‭”
Aten reached into the case and grabbed a third beer.‭ “‬Dontsch be such a schpoiled schport.‭ ‬Sh-have a beer wif me,‭ ‬Kobbie.‭”
/Aten,‭ ‬seriously,‭ ‬stop./
Aten opened the can and turned to Robbie with a grin.‭ “‬Your sho sexy when you’re conc---concer.....when you talk about me.‭” ‬Aten quickly finished the third can as Robbie began to fidget uneasily beside him.‭ 
“Alright,‭ ‬Aten,‭ ‬we had our wild time.‭ ‬Time to return Mr.Gillam’s beer and go to bed.‭”
Aten grabbed a fourth beer and stood up on staggering legs.‭ ‬Robbie watched his husband stand on uneasy legs as he opened the new can.‭ “‬The young ish night and I am.....‭” ‬Aten giggled as he drank from the can.‭ “‬An Egishin.‭”
Robbie leaned forward and buried his face in his hands.‭ ‬/What have I done‭?‬/‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬we have to go inside and get you to bed.‭”
Aten staggered back as he looked at the cans on the ground.‭ “‬Shtring.‭”
“I dunno.‭”
Robbie stood up and put his hand on Aten’s shoulder.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬I love you and I know you want to do things you never could in life,‭ ‬but I don’t want to get in trouble‭! ‬Let’s go.‭”
Aten finished the beer and threw it on the ground.‭ ‬The Egyptian looked at Robbie’s hand and kissed it tenderly.‭ “‬Your handsh is sexy.‭”
“Aten,‭ ‬come with me.‭”
“Wif peasure,‭” ‬Aten said as he dropped the can and pulled Robbie into a deep kiss.‭ 
Robbie’s nose wrinkled at the bitter taste of Aten’s kiss.‭ ‬The bitter aroma of beer filled his mouth as Aten deepened the kiss.‭ ‬/What do I do‭?‬/
Aten broke the kiss and almost fell over grabbing a fifth beer from the case.‭ “‬Yeah,‭ ‬fun,‭” ‬Aten giggled as he opened the next can.‭ ‬Robbie caught Aten before he could fall over.‭ “‬We need to do something elsh.‭” ‬Aten gasped excitedly.‭ “‬Letsh go to the park and play‭!”
Robbie put his finger to his lips.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬keep it down‭! ‬Someone will hear us‭!”
“I wanna play on the schwings‭! ‬Rember when‭  ‬we were young and we ushed to play there‭? ‬Didn’t you kiss me there the first time‭?”
Robbie sighed.‭ “‬No.‭ ‬That’s not where we were when we had our first kiss.‭”
Aten looked around as he drank from the can.‭ “‬How we go get to go to the park‭?”
/I’ve created a monster./
Aten grabbed the case of beer and staggered through the yard.‭ ‬Mr.Gillam’s riding lawnmower was sitting beside his house.‭ ‬Gillam had been mowing his lawn and had stopped to take a nap.‭ ‬He never returned to finish the job.‭ 
“Time to goes for a ride.‭”
Robbie stood in Aten’s way as he knew his husband’s intentions.‭ “‬No.‭ ‬Absolutely not‭! ‬We’re not taking his riding lawnmower for a ride.‭ ‬It’s almost midnight and it’s time for us to be in bed.‭ ‬Put down the beer and-.‭”
“Only down the blocksh.‭” ‬Aten walked around Robbie and climbed the fence.‭ ‬//Schwings‭!‬//
/Oh my god,‭ ‬this is going from bad to worse./‭ ‬Robbie looked up at the sky.‭ ‬/God,‭ ‬if you can hear me,‭ ‬please make him pass out./
Aten climbed onto the riding lawnmower and threw the empty fifth can on the ground.‭ ‬Robbie halted his breath as the lawnmower started.‭ “‬Come on,‭ ‬Robbie‭!”
Robbie closed his eyes.‭ ‬How am I going to explain this to my parents if we get caught‭?‬ Robbie climbed over the fence and onto the lawnmower.‭ ‬Aten pushed down on the pedal as the mower began to move.‭ 
“Wooo‭! ‬Fun‭!” ‬Aten screamed into the night.
Oh my god,‭ ‬we are going to get into so much trouble for this‭!
Aten turned the mower to the right and swerved onto the Morgan property.‭ “‬Look,‭ ‬Robbie‭! ‬I’m drifing‭!”
Robbie saw Aten swerving on the lawn,‭ ‬cutting a snake pattern into the Morgan’s lawn.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬watch it‭!”
The Egyptian raised a fist into the air.‭ “‬Breakin‭’ ‬the law‭! ‬Breakin‭’ ‬the law‭!” ‬Aten loudly sang Grand Theft Auto as the mower swerved onto the pavement.‭ 
Robbie looked at the pavement where he was murdered.‭ ‬The bloodstain had washed away,‭ ‬but he always shuddered when he saw it.‭ ‬I died there.‭ ‬I was trying to protect Umi and Heaven.‭ ‬I couldn’t let Eric murder that baby.‭ ‬I remember the hot sting of the bullet in my stomach.‭ ‬Blood was everywhere.‭ ‬I was afraid.‭ ‬I could feel myself die.‭ ‬I fought to live,‭ ‬but I died in Aten’s arms.‭ ‬Now the drunken maniac is riding a lawnmower in the middle of the night.‭ 
The lawnmower jolted Robbie back into the present.‭ ‬Robbie held onto the mower tightly as they approached the Ishtar-Itemri home.‭ “‬Robbie,‭ ‬there’s my house‭! ‬HI,‭ ‬MOMMY‭!”
“Aten,‭ ‬he’s probably asleep‭! ‬In fact,‭ ‬your newborn brother is probably asleep,‭ ‬too‭!”
“He’s not asleepsh‭! ‬Hesh probab-abl-abably‭  ‬making out with my dad.‭ ‬They’re probably doing it now.‭”
“Aten,‭ ‬that’s your parents‭! ‬Don’t talk about them having sex‭!”
Robbie’s face blushed a million shades of red as he closed his eyes.‭ ‬This is a nightmare.‭ ‬I’m dreaming.‭ ‬I fell asleep reading my book and this is all a terrible,‭ ‬terrible,‭ ‬terrible dream.‭ ‬He’s so drunk he doesn’t know what he’s saying.
Aten turned to his husband and pointed ahead.‭ “‬The parkssssss that way‭! ‬Let’s go to de park,‭ ‬Wobbie‭!”
Oh,‭ ‬sweet Jesus.‭ ‬Oh my god‭! ‬I just remembered‭! ‬Aten donated his liver to Joey after he died‭! ‬He doesn’t have a liver‭!‬ “Aten,‭ ‬we have to go home right now‭!”
Aten threw away his sixth can of beer onto his parents‭’ ‬lawn.‭ “‬Nope‭! ‬Wooo‭!”
Robbie reached for the wheel and tried to turn it,‭ ‬but Aten turned the other way.‭ “‬Give it to me‭!”
Aten chuckled as he tried to wrestle the wheel from Robbie.‭ “‬I will later‭!”
“No,‭ ‬Aten,‭ ‬give it here‭!” ‬The lawn mower swerved into a parked car.‭ “‬Aten Bakari‭!”
Robbie was grateful as the mower arrived at the park.‭ ‬Robbie jumped off the mower and helped his intoxicated husband off.‭ “‬Thank god that’s over.‭”
“It’s getting hot,‭” ‬he said as he removed his shirt,‭ ‬socks,‭ ‬and shoes.‭ 
“Aten,‭ ‬put on your---.‭”
“Schwings‭!” ‬Aten exclaimed as he ran to the swings with his arms in the air.‭ ‬He suddenly stopped and returned to the mower.‭ “‬Can’t forget this‭!”
Robbie sighed in resignation and limped over to a park bench.‭ “‬I’m going to be so happy when this night is over.‭”
“Come play with me on the swings,‭ ‬Robbie‭!”
Robbie looked around nervously,‭ ‬expecting to see the Domino Police or a rampaging mob of angry,‭ ‬tired neighbors.‭ ‬It’s going to be a long afterlife if this becomes the norm.‭ ‬I guess I should have expected this though.‭ ‬His father is a little bit crazy.
Aten played on the swings,‭ ‬laughing like a little boy.‭ ‬Robbie saw him slowly stop swinging after five minutes.‭ “‬The slide‭! ‬Let’s play on the slide‭!” ‬Aten jumped up and climbed the slide.‭ “‬Weeeee‭!” ‬he smiled as he slid down.‭ “‬Again‭! ‬Again‭!” ‬He giggled as he climbed the slide again.‭ “‬Weeeee‭!” ‬he smiled as he slid down again.‭ “‬Again‭! ‬Again‭!”
Robbie leaned back on the park bench and covered his mouth as he yawned tiredly.‭ “‬This is going to be a long night.‭”
“Weee‭! ‬This is fun‭!”
Robbie sighed as he tapped his cane against the ground.‭ “‬Maybe I should have brought my book.‭”
“Robbie‭! ‬Robbie‭! ‬Robbie‭! ‬Robbie‭! ‬Robbie‭!”
“WHAT‭?!” ‬Robbie snapped.‭ 
“Watch me‭!” ‬Aten slid down the slide on his back with his legs spread eagle.
‭“‬That’s magnificent,‭ ‬Aten.‭”
Aten landed at the foot of the slide,‭ ‬the air seemed to heat as he played.‭ “‬It’s hot.‭”
Robbie gasped as he saw a naked Aten run to the monkey bars.‭ “‬Oh my blessed Lord‭! ‬Jesus‭! ‬Aten Bakari Ishtar‭!” ‬Robbie rose to his feet and limped over to his lover’s blue jeans laying on the slide.‭ “‬Get your pants on,‭ ‬you lunatic‭!”
Aten hung naked upside down on the monkey bars.‭ “‬I DON’T NEED PANTS‭! ‬I AM NO-PANTS MAN‭! ‬DEFENDER OF....ummm.....fuck.‭ ‬YES‭! ‬DEFENDER OF FUCK‭!” ‬The Egyptian teen giggled as he looked up.‭ “‬Hey,‭ ‬my penis is looking at me‭! ‬Hello‭! ‬Aren’t you a handsome fellow‭? ‬Hey‭! ‬Robbie‭! ‬He’s looking at me crooked‭! ‬Are you trying to start a fight with me‭? ‬I’m gonna teash you a lesson‭!” ‬Aten wrapped his hands around his member as he hung upside down.‭ 
Robbie watched Aten squeeze tightly and struggle to get a grip.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬that’s your penis‭! ‬It’s not picking a fight with you.‭”
Aten moaned and whimpered.‭ “‬It’s starting to rain,‭ ‬Robbie‭!”
That’s not rain.‭ ‬Robbie stepped up to Aten and looked down at him as his husband became aroused.‭ “‬Aten,‭ ‬let me help you down.‭” ‬Robbie gasped as he felt Aten rub his cheek in front of his pants.‭ ‬He closed his eyes as Aten released his member.‭ “‬Aten...‭”
“Robbie,‭” ‬Aten moaned as he unzipped Robbie’s pants.‭ 
“We can’t...‭” ‬Robbie whimpered as he felt Aten swallow around him.‭ ‬Robbie wrapped his arms around Aten and pressed his cheek against his stomach.‭ ‬A pleasurable warmth surrounded him as he took a series of sharp breaths.‭ “‬A...Aten.‭”
Aten swallowed deep around his lover as Robbie felt his knees tremble.‭ ‬//I love you so much,‭ ‬Robbie.//
Robbie kissed Aten’s stomach as his senses were drowning in his husband’s seductive motions.‭ ‬Robbie thrust lightly against Aten’s warm.‭ ‬The Egyptian moaned around Robbie as he felt his motions reciprocated.‭ ‬He felt Robbie tremble and whimper with Aten’s motions.‭ ‬Aten swallowed as Robbie released a little.‭ 
The Caucasian teen swallowed around his lover,‭ ‬hoping to reciprocate the pleasure.‭ ‬The Egyptian attempted to reach up to grab the monkey bars to dismount,‭ ‬but he missed the bar and fell onto his back with a grunt and a drunken giggle.‭ “‬I falled down.‭”
Robbie smiled.‭ “‬Poor baby.‭” ‬Robbie kneeled on the ground between his lover’s legs and swallowed around him again.‭ ‬What am I doing‭? ‬This is a public park‭! ‬What if someone catches the lawn mower parked here and finds us‭?
Robbie lifted his head,‭ ‬but Aten caught him in a bitter-kiss.‭ ‬Robbie’s nose wrinkled from the beer taste,‭ ‬but whimpered as Aten reached into his pants and began to touch him again.‭ ‬/Aten,‭ ‬we can’t.../
//Please,‭ ‬Robbie....I need you.//‭ ‬Aten cupped Robbie in his hands,‭ ‬making the other teen breathe heavily and try to bury himself in Aten’s hand.‭ ‬Robbie’s thrusts became rhythmic as Aten lightly caressed him.‭ 
/Oh god...Aten./
//That’s a good boy.//
Robbie whimpered as he thrust against Aten’s hand.‭ “‬Don’t stop.....‭”
“I want you,‭ ‬Robbie.‭”
Robbie thrust hard into Aten’s hand as sweat beaded down his throat.‭ “‬I need to....prepare....‭”
Aten pulled Robbie on top of him.‭ “‬Please,‭ ‬Robbie...‭”
Robbie thrust against Aten even as Aten’s hand was no longer there.‭ “‬Can’t stop.‭ ‬I have to....please,‭ ‬Aten...‭”
“Do it,‭ ‬Robbie.‭ ‬Please.‭”
Aten gasped as Robbie slipped into Aten and thrust hard and fast into his lover.‭ ‬Aten’s body jerked with every penetration by his lover.‭ ‬Robbie lifted Aten’s right leg over his shoulder and thrust deep into Aten’s body.‭ 
Aten arched his back and moaned as Robbie stroked him.
‭“‬Release,‭ ‬Aten.‭ ‬Come on,‭ ‬boy.‭ ‬Let it go.‭”
Aten whimpered as he released over Robbie’s shirt.‭ ‬Robbie buried himself deep in Aten and released again.‭ ‬Robbie collapsed on Aten,‭ ‬breathing hard.‭ ‬Aten trembled beneath him as he slowly stopped thrusting against his lover.
‭“‬Now....are you......ready to.....go‭ ‬.......home‭?”
Aten chuckled.‭ “‬You’re naughty when you’re cute.‭”
Robbie pointed at Aten’s chest.‭ “‬Me‭? ‬I’m naughty‭? ‬Speak for yourself,‭ ‬mister‭! ‬We need to get that mower back to Mr.‭ ‬Gillam before the entire neighborhood and wakes up to find us butt naked in the park with a stolen mower.‭”
Aten’s‭  ‬pawed at Robbie’s face.‭ “‬Alright.‭”
“Let’s get your clothes back on,‭” ‬Robbie said,‭ ‬helping Aten to his feet.‭ 
“I don’tsh needs cloves‭! ‬I’m No Pants Man‭!”
Robbie sighed as Aten staggered over to the case of beer and opened the seventh can.‭ “‬Let’s go home,‭ ‬Ankhenaten.‭”
Aten rose the beer in the air and drank from it.‭ “‬To the No Pants Man Cave‭!”
“Yes‭! ‬Yes‭! ‬We must get to the No Pants Man Cave‭! ‬Hurry‭! ‬Here’s your shirt.‭”
Aten stuck his arm out of the head opening.‭ “‬No Pants Man can’t dress‭!”
“Sweet Jesus....here.‭”
Robbie put Aten’s shirt back on,‭ ‬but the Egyptian had already sat on the mower before Robbie could grab the pants.‭ ‬Aten started the mower up again as Robbie watched it head towards home.‭ “‬Aten‭! ‬Wait for me‭!”
Robbie limped after the mower.‭ “‬Aten‭! ‬Don’t make me wake up the neighborhood calling after you‭! ‬Aten‭!”
“Back to the No Pants Man Cave‭!”
Bakura held Therion in his arms as the baby finally fell asleep.‭ ‬He hummed a lullabye as the lawn mower slowly crept up the street.‭ “‬What the fuck‭? ‬Who the hell is mowing their lawn at midnight‭?”
Therion began to whimper and began screaming as the lawn mower approached the house.‭ ‬Bakura stood up and tried to rock the baby to sleep again.‭ ‬I just had him asleep.‭ “‬Shhh,‭ ‬Therion,‭ ‬it’s nothing.‭ ‬Go back to sleep,‭ ‬angel.‭ ‬Shhhh....Don’t cry.‭”
“MOTHERFUCKER‭!” ‬Ryou screamed from the Itemri bedroom.‭ ‬Bakura’s eyes went wide in shock and surprise.‭ ‬Ryou never used that word.‭ ‬Ryou rarely cursed at all.‭ ‬A smile almost crossed Bakura’s lips.‭ ‬He finally said it.
‭“‬Who the hell is making that bloody racket outside‭? ‬I just got to sleep‭! ‬I’m going to find whomever is making that noise and kick his arse‭!”
Bakura heard the Itemri’s bedroom fly open.‭ ‬Oh my god.‭ ‬Ryou’s pissed.‭ ‬Yami Bakura returned the crying baby to the crib.‭ “‬You stay here while daddy prevents your mommy from going to jail for murder.‭”
Bakura ran out of the room and intercepted Ryou at the top of the stairs.‭ “‬Baby,‭ ‬I will take care of this.‭ ‬You go back to bed.‭”
Ryou’s anger quickly shifted into tears.‭ “‬I’m so tired....so sore.....I just want to go to sleep.‭ ‬That’s all I want.‭ ‬Why won’t I sleep‭?” ‬Ryou grabbed onto Bakura,‭ ‬hugging him tightly and crying on his shoulder.‭ ‬Bakura wrapped his arms around his hikari and kissed his cheek.‭ 
“I’ll take care of it.‭”
“Who’s going to take care of the baby‭?” ‬Ryou sobbed.
Bakura sighed.‭ “‬I’ll ask Malik.‭ ‬You go back to bed.‭”
“I’m so bloody tired‭!” ‬Ryou sobbed harder.
They have him on tons of pills for pain and sedatives.‭ ‬It’s no wonder he’s ready to kill someone one minute and sobbing the next.‭ ‬Guess those hormones have to readjust.‭ 
“Angel,‭ ‬go back to bed.‭”
“So tired,‭ ‬but can’t sleep,‭” ‬he shuffled back to the bedroom crying into his hands.‭ “‬And I want pineapple and we don’t have any‭!”
Okay.‭ ‬That was random.
‭“‬Bakura‭! ‬You have to come see this‭!” ‬Malik called from downstairs.
Bakura raced down the stairs to look out the front window with Malik and Marik.‭ “‬What the fuck‭?”
Aten drove the neighbor’s lawnmower and raised an eighth beer above his head.‭ “‬Hi,‭ ‬Father Bakura‭! ‬Woooo‭!” ‬Robbie was following the lawnmower,‭ ‬still calling to Aten.‭ ‬The lawnmower had almost arrived at the Morgans.
‭“‬There’s something you don’t see everyday,‭” ‬Yami Marik said.
‭“‬Ishtar,‭ ‬we need to have a good talk with your son.‭ ‬Malik,‭ ‬can you go upstairs and take care of the baby‭? ‬Ryou’s slightly......emotional...and he needs his rest.‭”
“Bloody hell,‭ ‬I just want some sleep‭!” ‬Ryou exclaimed upstairs.
Malik nodded.‭ “‬Sure thing,‭ ‬Bakura.‭ ‬Let me know how it goes.‭”
Bakura grabbed Marik’s arm.‭ “‬Let’s go,‭ ‬daddy dearest.‭”
Bakura and Marik stepped out of the house and saw the lawnmower stop on Gillam’s property.‭ ‬Bakura and Marik stood in front of the Morgan’s door as Aten staggered beside Robbie wearing only his shirt.‭ 
Bakura crossed his arms sternly against his chest.‭ “‬Ankhenaten Bakari Ishtar.‭ ‬What is the meaning of this‭?”
“Hi,‭ ‬Father Bakura.‭ ‬Nish to see you at the No Pants Cave.‭”
Bakura turned to Marik.‭ “‬You know you made this‭?”
Marik looked at his half naked son with a grin.‭ “‬I sure did‭! ‬Did a damn fine job of it,‭ ‬too.‭” ‬Marik’s gaze fell on Robbie.‭ “‬What did you do to my son‭? ‬Did you encourage him to do this‭?”
Robbie’s eyes widened as he stepped back.‭ “‬No‭! ‬I tried to discourage him‭!”
“Robert Allen Morgan-Ishtar,‭ ‬I am appalled that you would provide beer to my stepson and take his pants‭!”
Aten giggled as he gulped down the beer.‭ “‬He fucked me in the park.‭”
“Aten‭!” ‬Robbie groaned,‭ ‬elbowing Aten in the ribs.‭ “‬Language‭!”
“Aten,‭ ‬you know your mom just gave birth and is trying to get some rest.‭”
Aten walked up to his father.‭ “‬You’re a great dad.‭ ‬I love you‭!”
Marik tensed as his half-naked son hugged him.‭ “‬Love you,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬boy,‭ ‬but you may want to put pants on before you hug your father.‭”
“How did this get started,‭ ‬Morgan‭?” ‬Bakura asked.
Robbie fidgeted on his feet uneasily.‭ “‬Well,‭ ‬Aten was painting and he said he wanted to do something that he never could when he was alive.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬he came up with the idea himself to steal Mr.Gillam’s lawnmower and beer out of his garage.‭ ‬I tried to tell him that he had enough,‭ ‬but he kept drinking.‭”
“Boy,‭ ‬how many beers have you had‭?”
“Eleventeen.‭” ‬Aten stepped to Bakura and hugged him.‭ “‬You look like mommy...only spikier hair....‭”
“He’s had eight,‭” ‬Robbie corrected.
‭“‬I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this,‭ ‬Ishtar.‭ ‬We’ve always known the fruit of your loins would be just as crazy as you someday.‭”
Bakura felt Aten squeeze him hard and felt warm liquid spray onto his neck,‭ ‬shoulder,‭ ‬and back.‭ ‬Aten violently wretched over Bakura.‭ 
Marik stepped to the side,‭ ‬wrinkling his nose.‭ “‬Ummm....Itemri‭?”
Aten wretched again over Bakura’s shoulder and arm.‭ “‬Woo.....fun,‭” ‬he groaned as he weakly punched Bakura’s chest.
Bakura sighed.‭ “‬Wouldn’t be the first time he threw up on.....‭” ‬Bakura felt something warm trickle onto his pants as he closed his eyes in horror.‭ “‬He peed on me,‭ ‬didn’t he‭?”
Marik and Robbie nodded silently.
‭“‬Wouldn’t be the first time he’s puked and peed on me.‭ ‬Ishtar,‭ ‬get your boy to bed.‭ ‬I have to get cleaned up,‭” ‬Bakura groaned,‭ ‬muttering to himself in Egyptian.
Marik took Aten’s arm and draped it around his shoulder.‭ “‬Alright,‭ ‬boy.‭ ‬Robert,‭ ‬get the door,‭ ‬please.‭”
“I love you,‭ ‬daddy,‭” ‬Aten groaned beside his father.
‭“‬I love you,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬boy.‭ ‬Let’s get you cleaned up.‭”
Marik helped Aten into the bathroom as Daniel emerged from his bedroom.‭ “‬Hi,‭ ‬Danny Boy.‭”
“What’s all that noise outside‭?”
“It’s nothing,‭ ‬dad,‭” ‬Robbie answered quickly.‭ “‬It’s over.‭ ‬Go to bed.‭”
Aten swallowed hard as his father carried him into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.‭ “‬I no feel good.‭”
“I’d say not,‭ ‬Little Marik.‭”
Aten gripped onto his father as his body shook with diarrhea.‭ ‬Aten fell forward onto his father unconscious.‭ ‬Marik looked at Robbie.‭ “‬I’ll hold him.‭ ‬I’ve cleaned his ass enough when he was‭  ‬young.‭”
Robbie gagged as he cleaned his husband.‭ “‬I thought he would know better than this.‭”
“Well,‭ ‬we mummified Aten.‭ ‬When I removed his brain,‭ ‬that’s when I found the aneurism that killed him.‭ ‬When we brought him back to life,‭ ‬all of his organs need time to regenerate.‭ ‬I’m surprised he drank eight beers.‭ ‬Part of his liver was given to Joey,‭ ‬so he must have the liver the size of a child’s now.‭ ‬I’m going to guess the reasoning part of his brain hasn’t fully regenerated.‭”
Robbie washed Aten’s chest with soap and water.‭ “‬I can see why he wanted to do this.‭ ‬When he was alive,‭ ‬he was too sick to really do much.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬he and I don’t need to worry so much about death.‭”
Marik caressed Aten’s hair.‭ “‬Death is always a possibility,‭ ‬Robbie.‭ ‬Killing the dead is tough.‭ ‬We may be dead,‭ ‬but we are not immortal.‭”
“Oh,‭ ‬I thought we couldn’t die a second time.‭”
Marik nodded.‭ “‬As I said,‭ ‬it is difficult to kill what is already dead.‭ ‬Bakura’s endured much and has not perished,‭ ‬but even he has succumbed to death since his initial murder.‭”
Robbie shuddered.‭ “‬I don’t want to be murdered again.‭”
“No,‭ ‬it is not my idea of a good time,‭ ‬either.‭ ‬Let’s get this naughty little monkey into bed.‭”
“Thank you for helping me out with him.‭”
Marik cradled Aten in his arms and carried him.‭ “‬He’ll always be my baby boy,‭ ‬even if he is a little crazy.‭”
“Runs in the family,‭ ‬huh‭?”
Marik chuckled.‭ “‬A little.‭ ‬He’s an Ishtar.‭ ‬His blood is part of a long lineage of insane psychopaths who in-bred and spent their entire lives trapped in a dark,‭ ‬musty tomb of a pharaoh who was nothing more than a murderer.‭”
“Sounds terrible.‭”
Marik nodded as he placed Aten into bed and covered him with comforters.‭ “‬I was too late to save Malik from their insanity.‭ ‬Unfortunately,‭ ‬Aten has known the same fate as Malik.‭” ‬Marik ran his hand gently over Aten’s back where‭ “‬MINE‭” ‬was scarred into his flesh.‭ “‬I feel like I failed to protect him,‭ ‬too.‭”
“I took good care of him in life and I promise to do the same in death,‭ ‬Marik.‭”
“I know,‭ ‬Robert.‭ ‬Thank you.‭ ‬I should probably get home.‭ ‬Ryou’s on an emotional rollercoaster after having the baby,‭ ‬Malik is taking care of the baby,‭ ‬and Bakura is showering up.‭” ‬A mischievous grin crossed Marik’s face.‭ “‬Perhaps Bakura needs an extra hand.‭”
“You won’t tell anyone about this incident,‭ ‬will you‭?”
Marik nodded.‭ “‬I swear on Malik’s father’s sandy grave.‭”
“Good.‭ ‬Thanks again,‭ ‬Marik.‭”
Marik walked down the stairs with a chuckle.‭ ‬Jokes on him.‭ ‬I burned his father’s body.‭ ‬He was never buried.‭ ‬Seto and Joey may find this an amusing tale.


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