Turning the Tables

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Hello again, Internet! It's good to be back, and shipping one of my favorite pairings. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

So,without further ado:

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Turning the Tables

Seto felt his knuckles whiten as his professor dismissively filed away his paperwork. He opened his mouth to protest, and she looked at him sharply over her wire-rimmed glasses. “Not this time, Mr. Kaiba. Your status has no sway over me. I can't be bought.” She said, fighting a smirk. “You are to report to detention every day this week.” She slid his essay across her desk, the bright red 71 glaring up at him, condemning him to four days of wasted hours after school.

That bitch always had it out for him. He crumpled the essay in one hand and turned on his heel, storming off without being excused. And what insolence! Sure, once or twice, he'd used his net worth and corporate connections to 'adjust' the system in his favor; but Professor Genji had remained immune to all of his charm and influence.

Gods was it hot! The spring semester had only two weeks left, and the summer weather had been pressing eagerly against the windows. It did nothing to lift his mood as he stuffed the essay in his bag and stalked down the corridors towards the detention room, livid.

It was like the universe was taking every opportunity to frustrate him. Mokuba had been away at prep school, and his house had begun to feel huge and empty. The weekly board meetings for KaibaCorp were more excruciatingly droll than his Literary Analysis course, and he had grown tired of the drooling yes-men who comprised his hired help. And to top it all off, he was sweating through his jacket as he arrived at the after school classroom.

Seto took a deep breath to curb his rage and slid the door open. The monitor looked up from his tablet and motioned disinterestedly at the rows of desks. Aside from one irritatingly familiar blond, the room was empty. Jounouchi was taking up two desks, surrounded by textbooks and sheaves of crumpled notes. He looked up at Seto's entrance and sneered, which Seto returned with his trademark glare as he huffed to a seat in the back of the room. Jou made an effort to cover his mess with one arm, but it didn't stop Seto from peeking at the smudged 'Remedial Mathematics' across the top of one page.

He snickered and slung his bag over the arm of the chair before sinking into the hard plastic seat. Jounouchi immediately stiffened, his shoulders squaring as he fought to ignore the taunt. Stupid, smug, rich-boy Kaiba would never let him live this down. Stupid Remedial Math, flaunting his weakness around like it was funny. Which apparently it was, to certain stuck up jerk-wads. “You uh...got somethin' to say, Kaiba?” he muttered under his breath.

“Nothing your puny brain could comprehend,” Seto retorted, putting his feet up on the desk.

Without looking up, the monitor cleared his throat. “Resume your studies, gentlemen. In silence please.”

“Nyehh...” Jou growled, burying his nose deeper into the confusing array of letters and numbers. He just had to focus enough to pass the one frigging test at the end of the year. Of course, it'd be much easier to do so without that condescending look burning into the back of his neck.

It did Seto a modicum of good to torment Jounouchi. It allowed him to leech off a little of his frustration and get one over on the obnoxious mutt.

“Mr. Kaiba, ceiling tiles do not count towards your final marks.” The monitor said pointedly. Seto put his feet down, but the monitor was re-absorbed into his tablet by the time he reached into his bag, slapped a book down on the desk and pretended to read.

The hours ticked slowly by as, every now and then, Seto flipped a page and pretended to annotate. In his head, he was busy calculating exactly how many minutes he'd have to spend here just for shirking his Literary assignment. Jounouchi had remained absorbed in his own work, affording nothing to look at, save for the occasional ruffling of his hair. He seemed to do that whenever he was caught deep in thought, and Seto found he liked the way it glimmered in the sun. At that thought, he resolutely returned to not reading his book until the monitor had packed up and dismissed them.

Finally, he was free. He quickly packed his things and paged his driver, eager to get out of the un-air conditioned room-- 'And go home to what? Another gourmet meal at an empty table?' Seto scowled at the thought. Jou was right on his heels when Seto reached the doorway and stopped to unbutton his jacket.

Jou collided with him, spilling his notes everywhere. “Jeez, Kaiba, walk much?!” He said in anger, stooping down to collect the fluttering papers.

Seto turned and casually put one foot on Jou's shoulder, pushing him over with ease. “I'd watch how you talk to me, puppy.”

Baring his teeth, Jou sprung to his feet and charged at Kaiba, forgetting the disheveled mess on the floor. His foot caught a page detailing sine curves, which was kind enough to throw him face down on the floor. He lay there for a moment, waiting for Kaiba to pounce.

“A failure at math and physics? Tch.”

Jou looked up and Kaiba was gone, his footsteps fading into the courtyard outside. Wiping blood from his nose, Jounouchi sat defeated amongst the scattered papers. Seething, he swept them into a pile and stalked home, the remark burning in his ears.


The second day of detention proved as long and hot as the first. Jou was still the only other student, but he moved himself to a corner of the room in order to maintain as much distance from Kai-butthole as he could.

After an hour, the monitor stood up and excused himself to the courtyard. While he smoked, Seto took to un-doing his jacket and packing his bag.

“Uh, dummy, if you couldn't buy your way out before it sure ain't gonna work now,” Jou drawled from the corner.

“Said the dog from the slums,” Kaiba taunted. Jou's eyes flickered to Seto's fingers, which were deftly unbuttoning his shirt. He watched a bead of sweat roll down Kaiba's smooth chest, and was momentarily distracted from the insult. “My eyes are up here, pervert.”

Blushing furiously, Jou muttered a “get bent” and hunched back over his work. He did feel slightly better when the monitor met Kaiba at the door, and ushered him back to his seat.

“And do up your shirt Mr. Kaiba. You're not an animal.”


Detention dragged on for two more days.

Furious at each other, Jou and Seto had not exchanged a word while they studied; or rather did not study, in Seto's case. For the past week, the mouthy mutt had been invading his dreams in ways that made Seto feel ashamed of himself. A deep, depraved part of his brain kept envisioning Jounouchi restrained and helpless, begging for Seto's attention. He did his best to ignore Jou, refusing to let his eyes wander and chastising himself severely when they did.

He began his usual routine and placed a book down on the desk. It had started raining shortly before school ended, and the storm gained momentum as the minutes crawled past. The stifling room and the soft patter of rain against the windows encouraged Seto to close his eyes, only for a moment. Before long, he drifted off to sleep, his head propped up on one hand. Jou smirked. So the stupid arse was bored with detention. Gods how he hoped Kaiba would get more time for sleeping on the clock, but the monitor never looked up from his tablet.

When the session was over, as usual, the monitor packed up, but he payed no notice to the sleeping Kaiba. He left in a hurry, his jacket pulled over his head against the rain.

Jou repacked his bag, contemplating how gratifying it would be to just leave the trust-fund baby at school overnight. Going against his instinct, he crumpled a sheet of scratch paper with a sigh and chucked it at Kaiba's head. “Time to go.” he said, as he swept past.

“Thanks,” Seto said sleepily, but Jounouchi had already left the room. Stretching lazily, he paged his driver and made his way to the courtyard. It was devoid of anyone else; all of the staff cars were gone and there were no students milling about in the rain. It didn't take long for his driver to arrive, but he still got in the car damper than he would have liked.

Kaiba Manor was thirty minutes from the school, and its owner fully intended to resume his nap. As they pulled up to a red light, Seto stripped out of his wet jacket. Turning towards the window, his eyes fell on what had to be Jounouchi in the crosswalk After all, even with the collar turned up, he'd recognize that ratty green jacket anywhere. Perhaps it was the fatigue, but the usual impulse to torment or humiliate the other boy failed to tug at his ego.

It was raining, hard, and he had no idea how far Jounouchi would have to walk. Instinctively, his finger hit the partition button and he ordered the driver to pull over. “Yes sir, Mr. Kaiba.” Seto shuddered slightly. He loved giving orders almost as much as he loved seeing them followed.

The brakes squealed as the transmission shifted into park, and Seto opened the door. Jounouchi scowled and kept walking. Surely this had to be some kind of set-up.

Seto sighed and called after him. “Just get in, Jou.”

Hearing Kaiba call him by his real name made Jou stop. Racking his brains, he couldn't recall hearing the other boy ever use it. Even over the rain, he'd heard it, and it was unexpected music to his ears. Backtracking, he got into the stretch limo.

“...Thanks” he muttered stiffly. Taking help from a pompous ass like Kaiba was a major blow to Jou's pride, but it beat walking home in a downpour.

“Yeah.” Seto shifted uncomfortably, crossing his legs against the impure thoughts baying at his brain. He could see right through the wet white shirt that clung to Jounouchi's chest. Gluing his eyes to the ceiling, he swallowed against his sudden burgeoning arousal.

Jou shivered, instantly freezing in the air-conditioned car. “Y-you can just take me to East side. The 1200 block of 98th street.” He said to the driver, who nodded and hit the button on his side. Rubbing his arms, he gave Kaiba a hard, appraising look. “Why'd ya stop?”

The question hung in the air as Seto avoided Jou's glaring brown eyes. “It's raining.” He replied, as though the answer were that simple.

Jou's teeth were chattering. “Like you didn't want to make f-fun of me the w-whole drive.” He turned away and hugged himself tighter against the chill.

Seto rolled his eyes, although Jounouchi had a fair point. Ignoring the bait, he flipped up the center seat and rummaged around until he found a sweater. “Here. You'll catch cold.”

Jou snorted. Kaiba? Showing actual human emotion? And kindness, at that?! “Are you some kind of cyborg?” Regardless, he took the sweater from Kaiba's outstretched hand.

Caught off guard, Seto scoffed. “Cyborg?”

Jou took off his jacket and dropped it on the floor. “Yeah. You gotta be. The real Kaiba ain't that nice.”

Seto finally looked at him. “I'm not a robot, Jou.”

“I guess not. And it's Jounouchi to you.” Jou pulled off his wet shirt. The sweater was really soft, some fabric he didn't recognize. He opened his mouth to ask what it was as the limo turned a corner and threw him up against Kaiba.

On reflex, Seto's arms came up and wrapped around Jounouchi's bare chest. The other boy looked up, a snappy remark primed at the tip of his tongue until he saw how Kaiba was looking at him; frightened, and a little...curious, if Jou wasn't mistaken?

A silence fell between them. Seto's entire world had shrank down to the elegant limo interior, with Jou in his arms and his breath catching in his throat. His heart was pounding; he could feel it hammering against his chest, against Jounouchi's bare chest, and unable to quell his desire any longer, Seto kissed him.

The other boy's eyes went wide, and he wriggled out of Kaiba's grip. “What...the hell are you doing?”

“I...I don't know,” Seto admitted.

If pressed, neither boy could remember who moved first, but their lips met again in a desperate frenzy. Seto's fingers rooted themselves in Jou's wet hair and pulled him closer. A quiet moan slipped out of Jou when Seto's tongue coaxed its way into his mouth. Heat flooded the blond, confusing him, pulling his body flush against Kaiba-

!!Kaiba! Kissing me!

Arching his neck, Jou pulled away, breathless. In an instant, he realized how vulnerable he was; wet and shirtless, his nipples stiff against the air-conditioned chill of the limo, and Seto Kaiba, of all people, touching his chest.

Jou caught his hand by the wrist, and pushed Kaiba's frame back against the seat. He undid the top button of Kaiba's shirt, and when Kaiba didn't stop him, he moved closer; encouraging the brunette to slide further down the rich, Corinthian leather of the seat. While one hand undid the second button, Jou's other hand snaked into Kaiba's hair and pulled his head taught. The third button came undone as Jou again pressed their chests together and kissed Kaiba's neck. Seto's eyelids fluttered as Jou crawled on top of him. The final button popped open, and entranced by the rich scent of Kaiba's cologne, Jou nipped at the other boys collarbone.

Seto cried out, his arousal throbbing against his slacks. It was unexpected, but he liked this fierce, dominant side of Jounouchi, whose body was sliding down towards Seto's belt. The blonde made short work of it, and felt himself harden as he undid Seto's fly and pulled his trousers to his knees.

A dark spot had leaked onto Kaiba's boxer-briefs, and grew darker when Jou's palm stroked the quivering tent. Every muscle in Seto's body grew taught as Jou stroked him again and whispered “say you want me, Kaiba,” against his neck.

Goosebumps trailed down Seto's skin as Jou's lips moved against him, the command ending with another gentle nip at his tender flesh. It was hard even to draw breath through his desire, but somehow, “Jou, please--” slipped out of Seto's mouth.

“Say it, Kaiba,” Jou repeated, his thumb caressing the tip of Seto through his silky underwear.

Blue eyes rolling back, Kaiba moaned “yes, I want you Jounouchi,”

High on the rush of having Kaiba at his mercy, Jou freed Seto's erection from its Calvin Klein prison. It felt so good to be in control like this, over Seto Kaiba. Seto “quiet, puppy”; richer than you'll ever be; arrogant, pretty-boy Kaiba. The same Kaiba who relentlessly tormented him just for fun. “I didn't hear a please,” Jou said, curling his fingers around Kaiba's rock-hard shaft.

Seto's body arched into Jou's touch and a “please” wormed its way from between his lips.

As in command as he felt, Jou wanted Kaiba too. He reached beneath his waistband to palm the arousal straining at his damp jeans before turning his attention back to Kaiba. Tightening his grip on Seto and himself, he slowly stroked Seto's length before massaging his own. Kaiba's hips bucked into Jou's hand at the pleasure; so foreign, so good, and he cried out for more.

Jou touched himself with more vigor as he made to reposition, which earned a quiet whine from the spellbound Seto. Jounouchi pushed him back against the seat and dipped between his legs, taking Seto completely into his mouth before the brunette could protest any further. He began to suck on him, gently at first, increasing the pressure as his head bobbed up and down Seto's shaft.

Seto moaned, his fingers tangling in Jou's hair as the other boys tongue licked him like an ice cream cone. When it reached the tip, Jou probed against Kaiba's leaking slit, the salty taste making him stroke himself faster.

Without warning, Jou suckled the tip of Seto's cock. As before, he was gentle at first; but as he sucked harder, Kaiba's body went stiff and flushed. Unable to control himself, Seto choked out “Oh, God--” and Jou felt his own pleasure peak as Kaiba came. He spilled into his hand as a deep groan escaped Kaiba, who filled Jou's mouth with his orgasm. Jou took it all, milking Seto's every writhing thrust until he couldn't help but swallow.

Surprised at himself, Jou pulled his hand from his pants. He grabbed his wet, discarded tee shirt and wiped away the mess . Kaiba was panting as he pulled up his trousers, and the limo rolled to a stop. The intercom buzzed. “The 1200 block of 98th street, Mr. Kaiba.”

The boys looked at each other. A moment elapsed before Seto's blue eyes slid away and he posed quietly “How would you...like to come over for dinner?”

Jou reached for the sweater and finally put it on. “Yeah, I could eat.”

Seto tapped the intercom. “Back to Kaiba manner. Tell Chef Atsuki to prepare dinner for two this evening.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Kaiba.” The driver responded, and Seto re-buttoned his shirt before opening the mini-bar and fishing out two sparkling waters. He handed one to Jou, who cracked it immediately and took several large gulps. Still glowing, Seto sat back against the seat, transfixed by the sight of the other boy. The blue cashmere sweater looked good on him, even with his hair hanging wet and stringy in his face.

“You could shower too, you know.” Seto found himself saying. “At my place.”

“That sounds fun,” Jou said lightly, taking another swig.

Seto smiled. It did sound fun.


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