Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Hypno Zapper

BY : LiquidPhazon
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Thanks to the brave efforts and great Dueling of Yuya Sakaki, not one, but four worlds had been saved.


Not only had Zarc’s evil been purified within Riley, but all those who were sealed in Cards were freed, those brainwashed by madmen like Jean-Michel Roget and the Doktor were free from their influence, but one of the best things to happen was Yuto, Yugo and Yuri had been freed from Yuya’s soul and had returned to their dimension, to live out their lives with their friends.


Yuto had returned to the Xyz Dimension where he, Shay, Ruri, Kite and all the residents of Heartland City banded together to rebuild the city after the destruction that the Obelisk Force had created.


And in a show of both peace and redemption for their past actions, many of the Fusion Dimension Duelists, including Sora, Dennis, Aster and even Yuri had headed back to the Xyz Dimension, to offer what help they could, something that made Yuto smile.


Yuto was glad, not only that the two forces that wished to destroy each other had been brought together thanks to Yuya’s Dueltaining, but was also glad to have Ruri back in his life, for after they were revived and had a long talk, both realized how much they missed and cared for each other, revealed their true feelings to each other and became boyfriend and girlfriend.


Meanwhile in the Synchro Dimension, Yugo, after getting his Duel Runner fixed up, entered the Friendship Cup once again where he won match after match, gaining many fans and admires, none more so than Rin, who would cheer Yugo on from the sidelines and would work alongside Yugo to tune up the Duel Runner after each match.


And although Yugo managed to get to the finals and face Jack Atlas, even remembering some tricks from Yuya’s Duels, which helped him drive Jack into a very tight corner, up to the point where Jack was hanging on with 100 Life Points, Jack’s burning bond with his Deck allowed him to make a miraculous comeback and defeated Yugo as he called upon the power of his Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend and defeated Yugo.


But even though he lost, Yugo was still glad, for he got the chance to Duel Jack, entertain all of New Domino City in one of the greatest Duels of his life and still had a wonderful consolation prize, one he cherished everyday, Rin.


Remembering his past talks with Yuzu about Rin and his true feelings towards her, Yugo decided to admit he loved her, to which, after thanking Jack for a great Duel, Yugo approached Rin and told her exactly how he felt toward her, not caring that his confession was being broadcast on live TV and all through New Domino City, all that mattered to him at that moment was Rin.


And while Rin was surprised that Yugo admitted he loved her, she responded by kissing Yugo and telling him that she loved him back, making their Friendship Cup one that would be remembered for decades.


Lastly, Yuri had returned to the Fusion Dimension, where he had a change of heart after being fused with Yuya.


No longer desiring to Card Duelists or intimidate them, he decided to change his ways, starting off small by smiling and being nice to the other students, which didn’t go off so well, until Serena, knowing Yuri had changed, offered to be his friends, making the other students take a chance on Yuri and found he had changed.


And it wasn’t long before Yuri had many friends and enjoyed Dueling, using it for fun and the purpose of entertaining others, instead of using it as a way to torment and make students fear him, making him one of the best and most popular students in all of Duel Academy.


But, remembering all his misdeeds, Yuri wanted to show he had truly changed and headed to the Xyz Dimension, causing a little tension in Heartland City to see the purple haired boy, mainly from Shun, until Yuri showed he had changed by approaching Yuto and handing his Duel Disc to him, giving him the choice to Card him.


However, spending time within Yuya’s soul, Yuto knew Yuri had changed and spared him, a choice Yuto was glad he made when Yuri revealed he had brought a team of Duel Academy students to with him, where they all began in restoring Heartland City to its former glory.


And while things in the Xyz, Synchro and Fusion Dimension were returning to normal, major changes had happened in the Pendulum Dimension, and were only getting started.


----In the Pendulum Dimension----


After beating not only Declan Akaba, but his father, Yusho Sakaki, Yuya not only earned the respect and admiration of everyone in Paradise City, but thanks to his attendance at the You Show Duel School, both its status and list of students had greatly increased, up to the point they had to remodel, rebuild and add more rooms and floors for all the potential Duelists who wanted to attend the same Dueling School as Yuya had attended.


And with the added rooms and equipment came new teachers, including several from the LEO Institute, who were transferred by the request from Leo Akaba himself, as well as Yusho, his star pupil from the Fusion Dimension, Alexis Rhodes and eventually Serena joined too, who not only wishing to teach Duelists the rules, fundamentals and understanding of Duel Monsters, but also wanted to share the joy of it and how it could be used to make everyone smile, a lesson she had learnt from Yuya and one she would never forget.


And while Serena had no parents, not much money and didn’t plan to go back and forth between Dimensions, she was surprised when Yuzu gladly offered to let her stay with her and share her room, making Serena glad that Yuya’s friends were just as kind-hearted and selfless as him.


It made part of Serena feel a pleasant warmth whenever she would think about Yuya, but believing that Yuya may have feelings for Yuzu that were more than just wanting to be friends with her, Serena never acted on how she truly felt towards the one who had mastered command over the Four Dimension Dragons, but that would soon change.


----With Yuya----


Staring out at the ocean of Paradise City, Yuya had his goggles down and was deep in thought.


While he was happy for many reasons, becoming a Pro Duelist, having his parents back together, being the one who had helped in keeping the You Show Duel School’s doors open and inspiring many people throughout the city to try their hand at Duel Monsters, what he was most happy about was having Yuzu back in his life.


However, there was one small problem, he was in love with her.


Like Yuto and Yugo, Yuya had fallen for the female equivalent of the Xyz and Synchro Dimension counterparts, but unlike Yuto and Yugo, Yuya still hadn’t worked up the courage to tell Yuzu how he felt about her or what she meant to him.


While Yuya had risked everything during his time as a Lancer and traversed through all four dimensions to save her, he was still afraid Yuzu didn’t feel the same way about him as he did her, and was also scared that if he did tell Yuzu his feelings, she would not only reject him, but would show her rejection in the form of her smacking his head in with her paper fan.


But then, Yuya was broken from his negative thinking when a familiar voice spoke up.


“Figured we’d find you here.”


Turning around and lifting his goggles, Yuya was a little surprised to see who was approaching, making him ask. “Gong? Sylvio? What are you guys doing here?”


“Isn’t obvious? We were looking for you.” Sylvio said in reply, before saying. “And I think I know what’s bothering you.”


“Now that you are as almost as famous as me, you don’t know what you can to do to top your victory over your father and keep your fans impressed.” Sylvio guessed, throwing an arm around Yuya’s shoulder as he spoke, only for Yuya to shake his head.


“No, that’s not it.” Yuya replied, before taking a seat on the grass and letting out a sad sigh.


“Then what is it?” Gong asked, sitting beside Yuya and telling him in a kind and friendly tone. “Yuya, you are Gong’s best friend and Gong will always be here to listen and to help.”


While grateful for Gong’s show of kindness, Yuya smiled for a second, only to then say. “Thanks, but it’s a little complicated.”


“It’s Yuzu, isn’t it?” Gong asked, causing Yuya to blush, his cheeks turned red as he had to ask. “How... how did you know?”


“Gong sees the way you two look at each other. It’s obvious you are in love with Yuzu.” Gong replied, crossing his arms and closing his eyes as he spoke.


“So the problem isn’t on Dueling, but on love, eh?” Sylvio asked, sounding intrigued, before he walked in front of Yuya and smiled with a self-confident, and somewhat arrogant expression.


“Then you are in luck, because I happen to be an expert when it comes to romance. In fact my skills in love almost rival my amazing Dueling skills.” He then told Yuya, sounding most confident in himself.


However, his confidence and any belief Yuya had in Sylvio’s words were taken away when a flash of light appeared in the sky, before a backpack fell from the sky and landed directly on Sylvio’s head, knocking him to the ground, causing Yuya and Gong to look up, wondering if anymore backpacks were to follow and where the first one had come from.


----Moments ago----


Back in Mobius, Sonic was just outside his house, where he had finished packing the backpack, placing the scrolls, disc and the Hypno Zapper inside, now all he needed was Rogue to return so he could continue the Hypno Zapper’s legacy.


“Master?” Sonic then heard Blaze say, making him turn and smile as she left his home, completely naked, except for the light blue collar around her neck, where she walked up to her Master, wrapped her arms around him and gave him a loving kiss.


“What’s up?” Sonic asked.


“Sally and I are getting lonely, waiting for you in that big, warm bed of yours’.” Blaze purred, while trying to seduce her Master as she ran her right hand up and down his chest.


“And we are starting to get bored with your pet.” She then added, referring to Amy, who was still brainwashed into thinking like a mindless, but obedient dog.


“Don’t worry. Once Rogue returns, I’ll be right back.” Sonic promised, kissing Blaze and teasing her as he gave her butt a playful slap, making Blaze break from the kiss and seductively smile at the blue Hedgehog.


“I cannot wait.” Blaze then said and headed back to Sonic’s bedroom, feeling that her Master’s actions would keep her satisfied until he returned, making Sonic smile.


And his smile increased when he felt not just a pair of arms wrap around him, a set of breasts press against his back, but in the right hand of the woman embracing Sonic, he saw she was holding a Chaos Emerald.


“I have done as you ordered, my Master.” Rogue said, showing her love and devotion to Sonic as she started to gently kiss around the right side of blue Hedgehog’s neck, while dropping the Chaos Emerald and letting it fall into Sonic’s waiting hands.


“Thanks Rogue. You have done a great job.” Sonic commented, before saying as he turned and faced Rogue. “And you will be greatly rewarded.”


“Just being your slave is reward enough, Master.” Rogue replied with a loving smile.


But it didn’t hurt when Sonic kept his arms around her, claimed Rogue’s lips in a deep kiss, while moving his left hand up to her chest and began to rub the thief’s right breast.


“I might’ve spoken too hastily.” Rogue corrected, enjoying the pleasurable actions, making her moan in approval.


However, knowing Sonic had a small errand to do, Rogue broke from the kiss and made her way inside Sonic’s home, swaying her butt in an enticing way as she left.


And with Rogue gone, Sonic focused his attention solely on the Chaos Emerald and the backpack.


“Chaos Control!” Sonic announced, holding up the Chaos Emerald high into the air, which began to glow, before he focused the energy of the Chaos Emerald at the backpack, causing it to glow too, before it suddenly vanished in a flash, making Sonic set the Chaos Emerald aside and smile, knowing it was on its way to another deserving hero.


And his smile then increased when he remembered that Blaze, Sally, Amy and Rogue were in his bedroom, waiting to make love to him, causing him to rush back inside, back into his bedroom, where he saw the girls all on his bed, with Blaze and Sally in a sixty-nine position, probing the other’s pussy with their tongue and fingers, while Rogue was resting against the headboard, moaning loudly as Amy’s head was in between her legs, eating her out.


“Very sexy.” Sonic said in a sly tone, causing the girls to stop their actions, face their Master and gaze at him with lustful faces.


“Oh, Master, please join us.” Sally begged as she got off of Blaze and spread her legs out, showing how wet her pussy was, making Blaze and Rogue do the same, while Amy positioned herself so her butt was in the air, her Master could see her private areas and her longing for him to mate with her again.


Feeling his member harden and emerge, Sonic smiled.


“Who am I to say no to ladies as lovely as you?” He asked, making the girls blush at his words, before Sally’s blush increased as Sonic joined them, approached her, where he not only kissed her, but began rubbing the tip of his member around her snatch, making her moan in Sonic’s mouth.


And Sally had to break from Sonic’s kiss as she felt him then insert his cock inside of her, starting another few hours of nothing but pleasure between the Master, his slaves and their pet.


----Back in the Pendulum Dimension----


Within the LEO Institute, those on the tech and surveillance side were at their assigned stations, monitoring for any signs of unreported energy signatures, before one noticed a sudden spike of energy on his monitor.


“Sir.” He called out, getting the attention of Claude, the right hand man of the LEO Institute and Leo Akaba, who had taken time away from the Fusion Dimension so he could be a better husband and father to his children, evident as he was gently cradling Riley in his arms.


“We just detected a new source of energy break into our dimension.” The employee said, but then added. “However, its origins are unknown.”


“Bring up an image of where this abnormality occurred.” Leo ordered in reply, making the employee nod and comply as he began typing at his monitor, bringing up an image of Yuya and Gong, staring at the sky, while Sylvio was still on the ground.


“The energy is coming from that backpack.” Another employee pointed out, before Claude faced his superior.


“Shall I have a team dispatched to that location?” He asked, about to get a no from Leo, when the doors behind them opened up and Declan stepped in.


“That won’t be necessary.” Declan said, staring at the monitor, then at Yuya, where he pushed up his glasses and smiled. “Whatever secrets are within that bag, I am confident Yuya can handle it.”


----With Yuya----


“Whoa, where did that thing come from?” Yuya asked, making Gong shrug his shoulders.


“Gong has no idea. All Gong knows is that the weather said nothing about chances of it raining backpacks.” He replied.


“Well wherever this thing fell from, it’s going straight into the lake!” Sylvio snapped, picking up the backpack and was about to throw it into the water, only for Gong to stop him.


“Easy there.” Gong said, grabbing the backpack out of Sylvio’s hands and suggesting. “Before you go throwing that away, let’s see what’s inside.”


“Good idea. We might even find who this belongs to.” Yuya added with a nod to Gong, who nodded back before opening the backpack.


And while angered, Sylvio began to get curious as Yuya and Gong began to look inside the backpack.


“Now come on, don’t just leave me high and dry. Let’s see what we’ve got.” Sylvio said, grabbing the backpack, turning it upside down and causing the contents to fall out, which included four scrolls, all tied up with blue ribbons, a red disc that had  'To Yusei Fudo' written on it, as well as 'Or any other hero' beneath, and, lastly what looked like a toy ray gun.


Picking up the unknown device and the disc, Sylvio looked at them and questioned. “Is this some sort of joke? I took a hit to the head for some old pieces of paper, a CD and a child’s toy?”


“Something tells me those things are more than they appear.” Yuya said, picking up one of the four scrolls.


“Yuya’s right. Perhaps if we read these, we might learn what’s on that disc and what the deal is behind that ray gun.” Gong said, in agreement with Yuya as he picked up a scroll.


And seeing he was outnumbered, Sylvio gave up and decided to see what could be so important about the unknown device.


Reading through the scrolls, Yuya, Gong and Sylvio learnt that the ray gun wasn’t a toy, but a device known as the Hypno Zapper, which was designed for the purpose to hypnotize others to make the lives of those considered heroes in various realities and dimensions that much better, almost acting like a final thank you for all they had done for their world.


But curious, Yuya picked up the fourth scroll, found it only had one message from presumably another hero and read it.


What can I say that cannot be said by the other heroes that got this before me? The Hypno Zapper does work. Don’t believe me, then try it out.

-Sonic the Hedgehog.


After reading the last messages, Yuya wasn’t sure what to say, but Sylvio did.


“You expect me to believe this garbage?” Sylvio asked, staring at the Hypno Zapper as he then questioned. “You seriously expect me to actually think that this is mind controlling gun that has been going from various dimensions?”


“Don’t be too hasty to judge.” Gong said in reply, before saying. “Remember, we all encountered many strange things in the Synchro, Xyz and Fusion Dimension. Heck, we didn’t even know there were dimensions beyond our own until Declan made us Lancers.”


“Gong’s right. And mind control isn’t something to make light of, believe me.” Yuya added, rubbing his head at the pain inducing memories of Jean Michel Roget’s mind control chip electrocuting parts of his brain to make him go in a frenzy of rage during his Duel with Crow Hogan, as well the Fusion Parasite trying to take control of his brain when he Dueled Serena and Ruri.


Hearing their words, Sylvio began to open to the idea that the Hypno Zapper could work, making him smirk as he then turned his focus back on Yuya and Gong.


“In that case... which one of you wants to be the first test subject for the Hypno Zapper?” He asked, while aiming the Hypno Zapper at the pair.


Concerned, Yuya held his arms out.


“Sylvio, what are you doing?” He asked.


“Doing what the past heroes said. You two should be grateful, for you will be first to bow before the great hero of the Pendulum Dimension, Sylvio Sawatari.” Sylvio replied in a proud tone.


But too caught up in his self-gratification, Gong managed to swipe the Hypno Zapper from Sylvio’s grasp, worrying the blond that Gong would use the device on him.


But instead, a stern look appeared on Gong’s face as he then said. “The notes said that the Hypno Zapper was made for a deserving hero.”


“And you think you deserve it?” Sylvio asked, only for Gong to shake his head.


“I do not. Yuya does.” Gong replied, surprising the pair as he handed the Hypno Zapper to Yuya.


“Me?” Yuya asked in surprise as he looked at the Hypno Zapper, then up at Gong, who nodded.


“The way Gong sees it, you are exactly what the Hypno Zapper and all those heroes are searching for, selfless person who put everything on the line to make sure our world didn’t fall into disaster. You brought peace to the Synchro, Xyz and Fusion Dimension and even fought your own darkness and emerged the victor. If that isn’t doesn’t make a worthy hero, then Gong doesn’t know what does.” Gong replied, smiling at Yuya and showing the trust he had for his best friend.


“Thanks Gong.” Yuya said as he smiled back. “That’s really nice of you.”


“Can I say something?” Sylvio suddenly asked, making the pair face him.


“As much as I hate to admit it, you are indeed the greater Duelist and the greater hero.” Sylvio said to Yuya, only to then tell him. “But don’t you dare use that thing on me. If I ever figure out you did, my father, the mayor, will make you very sorry.”


“Pay no attention to what Sylvio said.” Gong said, contradicting Sylvio’s words. “You’ve got the Hypno Zapper, you do with it as you like.”


“And as for Yuzu, go to her, tell her how you feel and don’t be afraid to hide your love.” Gong then told Yuya as he placed a hand on Yuya’s shoulder, filling Yuya with a newfound confidence and making him smile.


“Thanks guys. Wish me luck.” Yuya said in reply, placing the Hypno Zapper, scrolls and disc in the backpack, before throwing it over his shoulder and activating his Rollerboots, where he then headed off to the You Show Duel School, so he could finally talk to Yuzu, tell her exactly how he felt about her and say the three most important words in his heart, I love you.


----Several minutes later----


Arriving at the You Show Duel School, Yuya knocked on the door, where he waited patiently for it to open.


But with each second he waited, Yuya’s nerves were starting to get the better of him, causing his doubts to slowly build up and take over.


‘Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.’ He thought, about to turn and leave, but stopped when the door opened and Yuzu’s father, Skip Hiiragi, stepped out.


“Yuya, it’s good to see you.” He said, glad to see his top student, before having to ask. “So what brings you here?”


“I was hoping to talk with Yuzu.” Yuya replied.


“Is she home?” He then asked.

“Sorry, but you just missed her. She said something about needing time to think about something that’s really important to her.” Skip informed, unsure what was so important that his own daughter couldn’t tell him, while Yuya’s expression turned a little solemn to learn that Yuzu wasn’t home.


“But you can wait in her room until she comes back.” He then offered, which caused Yuya to look up at his teacher and smile.


“Thank you.” Yuya said, before taking off his shoes and stepped inside, hoping the girl that had captured his heart would soon return.


----Within Yuzu’s room----


After making his way inside and entering Yuzu’s room, now seeing a second bed and many clothes and items sprawled around the area he guessed belonged to Serena, Yuya set the backpack aside, fell onto Yuzu’s bed and stared up at the ceiling, wondering how long it’d be until Yuzu would return, as well as what the important thing was that was bothering her.


But as Yuya waited, his nervousness was soon replaced with boredom, followed by curiosity when he rolled onto his side and stared at the backpack, where he remembered there was a disc inside that was addressed to somebody named Yusei Fudo, as well as any other heroes like him.


“I suppose a peak couldn’t hurt.” Yuya thought aloud as he got off Yuzu’s bed, approached the backpack and pulled out the disc, removing it from its casing and inserted it into Yuzu’s computer.


And after waiting for a moment, the disc successfully loaded, bringing up a video clip, where a young man appeared.


He had brown hair, brown eyes and looked to be around the same age as Yuya, while a big smile appeared across his face as he asked. "Hey, Yusei. Long time no see?"


"If you are watching this then you have the Hypno Zapper in your possession and I know it's hard to believe that something that looks like it came from a cereal box can hypnotize people, but believe me, it can and it made my life so much sweeter. Allow me to show you." The brown haired teen said, before he then snapped his fingers, which left Yuya blushing in surprise as a girl with blonde hair, light brown eyes, wearing only a Red coloured bra, with matching red panties and red collar around her neck and a girl with violet-blue hair, dressed in a skimpy black maid outfit, complete with white silk gloves that went halfway up her arms and a pair of white stockings that went halfway up her thighs and a black collar around her neck, each sat on the left and right side of the teen's lap, before they engaged in a passionate three-way kiss.


And though Yuya didn’t recognize the violet haired girl, he knew the blonde quite well and let out a surprised gasp of her name. “Alexis?”


After they broke from the kiss, the young man said, sounding a little embarrassed. "Sorry, Yusei. Where are my manners? This is Alexis Rhodes and Blair Flannigan two out of five of my lovers. Thanks to the Hypno Zapper, it helped bring out the feelings I had for each of them and the feelings they had for me. They all love me and I love them."


"Before Jaden used the Hypno Zapper on me I was quite the jealous type, but now I see there is enough Jaden for all of us to love." Blair said in a loving tone, revealing the identity of the teen to Yuya, before Alexis stated in her own loving tone. "Blair is right. It's a wonderful feeling knowing I belong to Jaden and I've never been happier."


"As you can see the Hypno Zapper was meant to be used for heroes, like us and it made my life and the lives of the women I love so much sweeter and I bet it does the same for you. Hope to see you again some time, Yusei. Catch ya later." Jaden said, before the movie ended, leaving Yuya stunned, amazed that the Hypno Zapper’s power was real and that there was another Alexis Rhodes in another dimension, one who was a loving slave to somebody named Jaden Yuki.


But after getting over such a surprise, Yuya remembered hanging out with Alexis, and despite her beauty, he felt no attraction to her.


Now he knew why.


But before Yuya could think about it further, wondering if there was a Jaden Yuki, somewhere in the Fusion Dimension for his timeline Alexis, another clip played, revealing what looked like the interior of a spaceship and a small robot in the centre holding the Hypno Zapper appeared on the television screen.


"Greetings, my serial number 85429671, but you can call me name is Clank. And if you are watching this that means you are the hero of your galaxy and are worthy to use its power to its full potential, just as my friend Ratchet did." The robot, now identified as '85429671' or 'Clank' said, before he turned the camera around, in which a tall, shirtless, orange coloured cat-like creature, who was working on what looked like some kind of futuristic weapon, which Zoe assumed that the alien being was Ratchet.


"Hey, Clank." Ratchet said happily.


"So Ratchet what are you working on?" Clank questioned curiously.


"I'm just modifying my Rift Ripper." Ratchet replied, before he went on in a more proud tone. "Once I make the final adjustments, this baby will be able to send the Hypno Zapper from our galaxy to yours'."


"Excellent work, Ratchet. Your skills in mechanics never cease to amaze me." Clank told Ratchet proudly.


"Thanks, pal." Ratchet replied, before the mechanic stood up, picked up the Rift Ripper and stated. "Well, I can see you're working on your Hypno Zapper language tutorial. So I'll take my leave, so I won't disturb you."


"Thank you, Ratchet." Clank replied, as Ratchet left the room, in which Clank then turned the camera back to himself.


"Now then, the Hypno Zapper has many functions, but through each of my step, you'll soon understand every single function this device is capable of. I suggest you get something to write on and write with if you haven't the best memory. And feel free to pause or rewind anytime." Clank stated, before he turned the dials on the Hypno Zapper and said. "Alright, let's begin..."


Paying close attention, Yuya waited for Clank to explain the functions of the Hypno Zapper, but was interrupted when a feminine voice called out his name, making him stumble and fall out of his seat, before looking over to the doorway, where he saw Yuzu, who then questioned. “Yuya, what are you doing here?”

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