Crimson Days

BY : Madame_Anarchy
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Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or it's caracters. I don't own any anime, movie or TV show quoted. I'm not writing for money. I don't own the medicine quoted and am no here to discredit them. Consult a doctor. Don't self medicate.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! This is my first fanfiction that is not a one shot. I simply love Yu-Gi-Oh! and started writing this during some pointless classes I have to attend. The story started to take shape in my head and I decided to start publishing it as a personal challenge to complete it, even if it takes some time.

Yes, the name of the story comes from the Avenged Sevenfold song. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Just don’t expect to find all the elements of the description right on the first chapter, ok? I promise to develop all aspects with time. And last but not least, I’m Brazilian, so my apologies for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Yami’s eyes were betraying him again, but for the first time in the past few months, he just allowed himself be. Kaiba was two desks in from of him, right on his left side. The pharaoh was tired of living in denial, sick of that old unexplained excitement to see the CEO doing the most ordinary things like attending to class or studying on the library. Things were always different about Yami’s relationships with his friends, his duel adversaries and Kaiba. He felt Kaiba would never fit either category just right. Having him as a friend was an old desire but always thought as a sorrowed delight. Just friends. Imagining that was painful, made him feel a heavy void in his chest. He wanted to be more than that. He wanted to look into those blue eyes and see kindness, oe even a dissimulated desire. One thing was for sure, Yami was not happy about how their relationship as duel rivals was.

  Kaiba was taking notes of the chemistry class they were having. He did that in the subjects he had more trouble with, Yami guest. Otherwise, the CEO would just study by the text book and that would be an easy A for him. Yami wasn’t a bad student, but he had complications adapting himself to the sciences of the new world. When him and Yugi got separated, Yami had to start working on his academical education, he would need a job one day. And once again, he admired Kaiba’s capacity to rule and assimilate information. Abilities of a good lider, like Yami once were back home, in ancient Egypt.

  The last twenty minutes of today’s class were left for the teacher to assign groups for the chemistry project. He would choose a topic for each group, constituted by two or three people. In about one month the group  had to write a text in the format of a scientific article, worth 80% of the score and a fifteen-twenty minutes presentation, worth 20% of the final score. Yami would usually take shifts with Anzu to partner Yugi, while Jounouchi and Honda were simple inseparable. But this time the teacher would choose, for everyone’s sadness. Or  so did Yami thought until him and Kaiba were the only two students left without a group.

  Yami lost a heartbeat when Kaiba raised from him desk and went straight to his direction to talk sbout the project.

  “So it seems we are supposed to be partners, Yami-kun. I say we split the work in two and email each other until it’s ready. We can met once to practice the presentation”

  Hearing that was a punch in the stomach for Yami, but this time he was determined to make a change on how things between them were. He couldn’t hide the disappointment in his face, his emotions were always so clear, very different from the cold mask Kaiba learned to reproduce so well.

  “Actually, Kaiba-kun, I was wondering if maybe we could work together this time.”

  Kaiba’s expression changed to a surprised face, but didn’t indicate a “no” straight ahead. So Yami continued, trying desperately to make up a justification for his request.

  “I mean, it’s a complicated subject. If we work together we have a better chance of getting an ‘A’”

  Kaiba thought for a moment, with an unreadable expression.

  “Well, you have a point. Our theme isn’t very easy. Studying together before we start the article will be more productive”. He said in a very decisive tone.

  Yami was not expecting a “yes” to come so easily, but allowed a crooked smile to take shape in the corner of this mouth.

  “Ok, than when can  we met up to study this week?” Yami asked

  “Hum, let me see” The brunet answered grabbing an agenda from his backpack and analyzing it for a moment. “Is Wednesday a good day for you?”

  “Sure. We can use the library, I heard they don’t let the students borrow the more advanced chemistry books anymore. We’ll have to study there”

  “No problem to me. So, Wednesday after class at the library?” Kaiba asked once more just to make sure they were in the same page.

  Yami nodded and got his own backpack to leave.

  “See you, Kaiba-kun”

  “Until Wednesday, Yami-kun”

  Yami’s friends were all waiting for Yami at the door, being the only ones left in class.

  “I’m sorry you had to partner up with Kaiba” Jounouchi said loud enough for the brunet ro listen from the corridor. “Elise was his partner last time. They got an A, but I heard she talking to a friend that he wouldn’t let her do any of the work. How can he be so arrogant? Elise is such a good student!”

  “You’re just saying that because you’re jealous she wasn’t your partner, Jounouchi!” Anzu stated in a teasing way.

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Anzu!” He said blushing a little.

  “Oh, come on, you’re always looking at her!” Honda said loudly, making the blond blush even more.

  “What do you think, Yami? Yugi asked

  “Oh, I think Kaiba won’t do that. He agreed to study at the library with me. I think we’ll share work”

  Yugi smilled, noticing Yami’s thoughts were still on the CEO.

  “That’s great, but I was asking about Jounouchi and Elise”

  “Oh, yeah, sure! It’s obvious  Jounouchi wants to be her partner”

  They continued to walk home chattering. But something was bothering Yami. “What did he mean with ‘See you Wednesday’?, it’s just Monday. He’s not coming tomorrow?” The thought made him a bit sad, but apparently, he would have to wait until Wednesday to see him again.

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