Sibling Love

BY : amk8930
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eo sighed as he got up out of bed. “Another boring day of homeschooling,” he said as he got into his usual blue shirt, white top, and white shorts. He smiled as he saw his sister in a similar outfit, but red instead of blue t-shirt. “Morning sis,” he said as he went to the bathroom. When he was done, he came out, and saw a boy with black and yellow hair. “Morning Yusei.”


When Yusei heard his name being called he almost jumped, “Jeez! Yusei! Why are you always daydreaming nowadays?” Leo sighed. “Sorry Leo. I don't daydream that much.” Yusei laughed nervously. This was a lie. Lately, Yusei couldn't stop thinking about Akiza and Luna. He was having really bad wet dreams lately and he would always think about the girls 24/7. Of course, it didn't help that his fantasy girl Akiza was in the same apartment.


Although Luna and Akiza where his sisters, ever since he was 2 years old, he started loving them in intimate ways. “C’mon Yus get a hold of yourself!” he told himself as he felt his erection slowly returning. “Fuck! Why am i always horny!” Yusei thought confused, he stole a pair of Akiza bra and jerked off all night, but still his hormones persisted.


As Yusei went into the bathroom, yet one more boy walked past. He had big, square glasses, brown hair and eyes, and wore a big red bow tie and suspenders. His name was Dexter and, although the three boys were all total nerds, he was probably the nerdiest of the three. Still, being on his computer for hours at a time didn’t bother anyone else and they enjoyed having a guy who was comfortable in his own skin.


Of course, Leo and Yusei was just as guilty when it came to their own computers too. Once Yusei was done with the bathroom, Dexter went inside and got cleaned up. Soon, he went downstairs and the guys all met the two “mothers” of the house. With the five of them having their parents gone all the time, Akiza and Luna were basically in charge.


“Hey, sleepyheads, you're all late for breakfast,” said Luna in a motherly tone. “How was your sleep guys?” asked Akiza as she flipped pancakes. Yusei felt guilty. “You don't wanna know, Akiza,” Yusei thought, remembering how he filled her large bra cups with cum. Dexter on the other hand looked down. He didn't have the best self confidence but how he wished he could have one night in the comfort of both Luna and Akiza. While plating breakfast, the girls noticed that Leo wasn't there anymore. “Where did Leo go guys?” Luna asked curiously. The gang stood there pondering where he could've gone, until they spotted him, “Leo!” The girls screamed. Leo was looking under their skirts again.


Everybody was now eating on the dining table. Leo was recovering from the scolding and the lasting effects of pulled ears. The girls were still cross with Leo’s antics. “This happens every morning Leo,” Yusei said with a amused voice. “Hey, I can't help myself, I'm too much of a pervert,” laughed Leo. Everyone laughed, except for Dexter. “Aren't we all?” sighed Dexter in a sad tone. Akiza noticed Dexters regret and went around and shoved his head in her massive bust comfortingly. “Dexter. It's ok to be a nerd,” soothed Akiza. “I...I just want to be a better person,” Dexter said starting to tear up. “Aww! You're a good guy Dexy!” said Luna. Dexter started wiping his tears on Akiza’s bust, which was strangely stimulating her. Akiza moaned and started feeling her massive breasts starting to wiggle. They jiggled and bounced and soon her shirt became wet. “What’s going on?” Leo asked.


Akiza moaned. “It feels good. Now...take...take my top off.” Everyone helped her take it off, as a white liquid started dripping onto her. “Take my bra off!” Akiza shouted. Everyone looked at one another. “Take it off! I need to get rid of this constraint!” she shouted. Luna stepped forward and took her bra off. Almost immediately, a white liquid started shooting from her nipples in multiple directions. Akiza and everyone else in the room got hit.


“What is it?” Leo asked. He took a lick from off his arm. “It’s creamy!” he noted, “And white.” Everyone watched as Akiza’s bust kept squirting until, after what seemed like forever, it slowed down. The floor was flooded with the white liquid. “What is it?” Yusei repeated. Dexter looked at it. “Is it breast milk? I mean, it came from her boobs.” Yusei nodded. “Yeah. I’ve seen that in hentai all the time.” Everyone else nodded in agreement. “I know,” Akiza said, “I’ve never had this happen before, but that must be what it is.”


Luna smiled as she scooped a cup from the floor and downed it. “It tastes amazing! Can we have this every day?” Akiza laughed. “Well...we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t know if this much can come out every day or if it’s just a one time thing.”


The kids then got ready for their homeschooling. The kids took classes online, as their parents were rich enough to pay for it. They also liked it, since they got to be with their siblings in all of their classes. The kids took the usual math, science, history, etc. courses, had a lunch time, and, if they got done early, a nap time too. The kids got their school work and grades online and all had laptops to work off of.


Finally, as the school day winded down, the kids all decided to take naps. The each went to their rooms and laid on their beds. However, it was a noise from next door that got them all awake. “Yes! Yes! Do me right there!” a female voice cried. “Urgh… can they be any louder?!” complained Luna as she tried to hide how horny the neighbours sex noises made her. Leo, Yusei and Dexter on the other hand pressed their ears to the wall. “Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh!” the male voice cried. “They're really going at it today!” said Leo as they all got extremely horny. While they continued listening to the moans, breaking glass and squeaky beds, Yusei couldn't help but feel a little depressed. “I wish I could someday make these noises with Akiza,” he thought as he looked at her through the corner of his eyes. She looked like a hot mess, so horny from the noise as she tried ignoring it. “Too bad she isn't that kind of girl...or is she?” Yusei thought as an idea popped into his head.


“Hey Leo, don't we have sexual education lesson soon?” Yusei said with his most innocent voice. Leo was too busy eavesdropping, so instead Luna butted in. “Yes, I'm really nervous about it though.”

“Yeah it is our first time learning about it,” Dexter added, “Then why don't we ask our neighbours for guidance? They are experienced adults after all?” Yusei suggested a little too excitedly. “That's not such a bad idea Yusei” Akiza added. Yusei blushed from Akiza’s attention on him.


“But how do we ask them?” Leo said with a boner in his pants. Yusei sighed. “Well, let's wait until the noise stops,” Yusei replied. They continued hearing moans and grunts. “You’re so tight!” the male voice said. “It feels so good!” the female replied. They heard the moans get louder, before a couple of, “Ahhhs!” were exclaimed.


“That should be good,” Dexter noted. Suddenly, the noises started again. “Or maybe not,” he added. The moaning continued as Luna said, “Let's make dinner.” As they did, the moaning continued, stopped, and started again. They ate and the screams of pleasure continued. Everyone did their homework and the sound of, “I’m cumming again!” from the man. “Let's go again!” came from the woman.


As it was getting time for bed, the moaning was still going on. “Maybe, we should wait until tomorrow,” Leo noted. Finally, the couple moaned loudly one last time, before it stopped. “Should we go now?” Luna asked. “No,” Akiza replied, “In the morning, before school.” Everyone agreed and decided to go to bed.


The next morning, everyone got up early, and got dressed into their usual attire. They ate breakfast, before going next door to the only other apartment on the floor. They knocked and soon a man with spiky black hair and a woman with large breasts and red hair. “Why hello children. It’s so nice to meet you,” the man said as he bended down to their level. The woman followed.


“It’s nice to meet you too,” Yusei said as he shook his hand. They shook everyone else, but Leo finally spoke up when it was his turn. “What were you doing last night? It sounded like fun!” An erection now was bouncing in his boxers. The two of them laughed. “ you kids know what sex is?” the man asked. They all shook their heads. “We’re going to learn about it on Friday. Though, it’s just some lame video I think,” Yusei replied, “We were actually wondering if you could show us.” The two adults laughed.


“Are you sure we won’t get into trouble? I mean, we don’t want to upset your parents,” the female asked. Leo grinned. “They’re on business and have been for a lot of years. They don’t care what we do! So, can you show us? Please? We could do it after school.” The man and woman looked at one another.


“Okay, what’s the name of your school?” the man asked. “We’re homeschooled, so it’s just next door,” Dexter replied. The man and woman smiled. “Okay, but are you sure about this?” the man asked, for reassurance. All of them nodded. “Great! We’ll even do a live demonstration to help out too,” the man replied. “And we’ll bring condoms and the pill,” the female added. The kids looked confused and the adults laughed as they went inside and shut the door.


The next morning, everyone was eager for school to get done. They all helped each other out on homework and soon were completed with their schoolwork early. “Guess school’s over,” Leo said excitedly. Everyone nodded and was excited for their new neighbors to come over.


They put all their school things away, but everyone kept a computer and notebook and pencil so that they could write down any new information that they needed to remember. Once everything was in place, they all went over and knocked on the next door neighbor’s door. When it opened, the group of five smiled.


“We’re ready for our sex education,” Luna said happily. The man and woman smiled. “Okay. Just give us a few minutes and we’ll be right over.” Everyone nodded and the kids went back to their apartment. They all sat down and then waited, until finally there was a knock on the door.


“I’ll get it!” Leo cried as his erection was bouncing like crazy in his boxers.


Leo opened the door and saw the man with a giant box full of colorful things. “What are those?” he asked excitedly. The man smiled. “I’ll explain in due time.” As he walked in, some of the items fell out and Leo picked some up. He gave them to Yusei and Dexter and they all examined the wrapping.


“Something is inside,” Yusei noted. “It’s a circle,” Dexter noted, “Is it some sort of candy?” Leo grinned. “It’s squishy and moves!” he cried.


The woman came in and she had a giant box as well. It made noise with each step she took. She then gave one to Luna and Akiza. “What are these?” Luna asked. “Are they mints?” Akiza asked. The woman laughed. “You’ll know soon enough,” she answered back.


As the kids sat around in their bedroom, the adults started teaching them about safe sex. Yusei, Dexter and Leo all had raging erections which made it hard for them to focus, all the while Akiza and Luna were listening intensely with curious eyes.


Soon the husband got a box and showed it to the kids. “Candy!” Leo screamed with excitement. “Hahaha! This isn't candy, it's what adults call condoms,” the man explained. “Condoms?” Dexter asked in a curious tone, “What is a condom?” Yusei asked. The man nodded in understanding and explained. “If you put these on, sex will be harmless.” The boys all stared with amazement. “You mean if we put those on...we can have sex all day without worrying?” Yusei asked skeptically. The man nodded. “But how do we put those on?” Dexter asked, “I'll demonstrate” the man replied.


Before the boys could reply the man unzipped his trousers, causing it to drop to the ground and expose a 14 inch long dick. The boys were now stunned. “Why is it so big?” Dexter asked as he felt his confidence reduce to zero. The man smirked as his 14 inch meat stood harder than a rock. “Don't worry they come in different shapes and sizes.” Dexter and Yusei where now feeling suicidal. Although Yusei, Dexter, and Leo’s penises were 8 inches big, Yusei and Dexter still had very little confidence and perceived themselves smaller than they actually were. Leo on the other hand was a very confident boy and showed off his meat openly.


While Yusei and Dexter were trying to cheer up, the man held a green coloured condom. “This is how you put it on,” the man said while he pressed the circular object to his tip. With one swift motion, he pulled it back, covering his entire length in the green elastic. The boys all looked in amazement “Cool!” Leo screamed. “Now it's your turn to try” the the man said passing around the box as they each chose their favourite colour. Yusei chose a blue one, Leo chose a orange one and Dexter took a pink one. The boys all quickly took their pants off, showing off their 8 inch dicks and after many tries finally figured out how to put on a condom.


“This is awesome!” Said Leo as the boys had different coloured dicks. Dexter and Yusei covered theirs as they were still feeling inadequate of their size. The man put a hand on both of their shoulders. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll get even bigger very soon and you might even to get to be as big as me.” He winked and the two boys smiled a bit.


For the girls, the woman with red hair and large boobs smiled as she tought them about what was in front of them. “This is the pill,” she informed them, “If you take this at the same time, every day, you can have sex without fear of getting pregnant.” She then pointed to the guys. “And they won’t need to have those on either. Which is way more fun.” Luna smiled. “So, if I take one now, can I start having sex?” The woman shook her head. “No. You should wait a few days and make sure your body is used to it before trying. In fact, maybe a week should do it.” Akiza frowned. “But that’ll take forever. With all this sex talk, I want to try it right now!” The woman smiled.


“Don’t worry hun. It’ll be here before you know it.” The woman smiled as she put the box with the other one. “Now, if you all are having trouble waiting, what you can do is materbate.” They all looked confused. The woman pulled off all her clothes and the man did too. “To masturbate, you just rub your hand with your groin,” the man said as he stroked his meat. The woman did the same to her groin. “And you can play with other parts of your body while you do it too.” She grabbed her boobs and moaned. They all watched as the guy got harder and squirted a bit of liquid from his penis. The woman leaked juices from her groin as well.


“And...And if you rub long and hard enough…” the woman said, “You...cum!” She moaned as thick water sprayed from her groin. The man groaned too and cum shot out, soaking the five kids. “Oops. Sorry. Cum is a white liquid that comes from your groin,” the man explained, “The man has what is called sperm or also seed. Inside the woman is an egg. When the sperm gets to the egg, the woman can have a baby. We want you all to be sure that doesn’t happen. So, that's why you have the pills and condoms.” Everyone had questions, but the man looked at his watch.


“We have to go now. Next week, when the girls are ready and used to the pill, then we can really talk about sex.” The kids all groaned, but the adults reminded them to masturbate and use the pill and condoms while they waited.


“Next week, the real fun begins,” the woman said and she shut the door behind her husband and herself.


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