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A/N: I never know what to call yami Marik. I went with the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged name and characterization because its my favorite.

Melvin cackled as Yugi collapsed to his knees. He could hear his friends screaming something, but he was too overcome by the agony of having the pharaoh's soul ripped out of him to understand the words. An inky blackness flowed from beneath Melvin's feet, flooding the dueling platform and crawling up Yugi's arms and legs. Lost. Yami had lost. The cold shadows crawled up his face, and then all the boy knew was darkness.

He awoke in a pile of pillows. The first things he noticed were the golden bars. He pushed himself into a kneeling position and frantically took in his surroundings. The room was made of black, white, and purple marble, decorated with gold furnishings and plush couches, all surrounded with wispy curtains. In the middle of the room water burbled from the top of a marble tetrahedron, flowing down the sides to fill a large, triangular basin. His cage dangled about four feet above the floor at one end of the room. To his left were two more cages.

Ryou Bakura sat in the one closest to Yugi. Wide, brown eyes met purple ones. The other teen seemed naked save for the white cloth wrapped around his waist. Gold cuffs with gold D-rings glittered on his wrists, ankles, and neck. After the initial shock of the surroundings faded, Yugi realized he wore similar attire.

At the far end of the line, Marik had risen to his feet. Yugi looked stunned, Ryou looked confused, but Marik looked pissed. He paced the small circumferrance of his cell, stopped to rattle the door, and paced some more. His lips moved like he was muttering to himself, but Yugi couldn't make out the words.

“Where are we?” Ryou asked.

“You lost, didn't you?” Marik demanded, looking at Yugi.

“Lost? Lost what?” Ryou looked at Yugi, too.

“I...” It was too much to take in all at once. The emptiness in his head. The strangeness of his surroundings. The pressure of his companions' eyes. He shook his head in disbelief. “I don't know what happened. I...”

The gold doors at the other end of the room opened. A tall figure glittered in the light of the sconces. Purple silk streamed from his shoulders. Black silk streamed from his waist. His eyes and grin were wide with delight. “Hello, hikaris,” Melvin beamed. “Sorry to keep you waiting. You understand I had a lot of business to attend to.” Bejeweled fingers cupped the head of the Millenium Rod as he walked closer. “You must have so many questions. Where are we? Is this really happening? Is he going to kill us?” Melvin laughed. “My castle, yes, and no. So what am I going to do with you? I'm glad you asked. You see-”

“Do you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk?” Marik growled.

Melvin's grin slowly dipped into a pout as he narrowed his eyes at Marik. “I get tired of hearing you talk.”

“I'm not scared of you,” Marik spat.

The Rod glowed. Marik clutched at his collar, twitching as his knees buckled. His face tightened with agony as he rolled onto his side, and then his back. Sweat beaded on his skin. Melvin strolled casually up to the bars and reached through to tangle his fingers in the platinum hair. The Rod returned to its inert state as Melvin glared down at his hikari. “I'm going to continue. I suggest you listen.” He gave the fistful of hair an extra tug, and then looked up at the other two teenagers. He smiled as he met their wide eyes. Keeping Marik's head pinned to the floor of the cage, he said, “So, the reason why you're here. I found it somewhat perturbing that my treacherous little thing,” another tug at Marik's hair, “thought he could let the thief banish me to the shadows and run off with him. Ever since I beat him in that duel, I'd fantasized about... recompense...” Here he shot a particularly nasty grin at Ryou.

Ryou squirmed, but he couldn't bring himself to look away.

“Then I remembered.” Melvin's gaze tracked to Yugi. “I'm the king of the world. I can have all of the little things. My own collection of throphy slaves to do with as I please. What's the point in being king if I can't have all the pretty little toys I want?”

“Creeper,” Marik hissed through gritted teeth.

Melvin simply smiled at him this time. An empty smile to match his empty eyes. “Now we get to the cages. While I could easily puppet your bodies with the Millenium Rod, that wouldn't be nearly as fun as methodically breaking each of you one by one.”

Yugi shot a frantic glance at Ryou. He couldn't let this happen. But what could he do? Without Yami... and with Melvin wielding the collective power of the Items...

Melvin walked down the row of cages, dragging the Rod across the bars as he went. “Where to start, where to start...” He stopped in front of Yugi. “Do I revel in my defeat of the old pharaoh?” He returned to Ryou's cage. “Do I take my compensation for the trouble the thief caused me?” He moved on and stopped at Marik. “Or do I finally put this obnoxious tart in his place? It might be a good bit of foreplay to make you watch the first two. Let you stew in your culpability for a while.”

Marik was starting to look scared.

The madman stepped back and pointed the Rod at each cage as he spoke, starting with Yugi. “Eenie, meeni, miny, mo, which hikari gets to...” He paused, pointing and staring at Ryou.

Yugi bit his lip, waiting for Melvin to end on him, but the silence thickened. He didn't like the way Melvin was staring at his friend. Yugi gulped. “It's me, right? I'm the last in the sequence...”

Melvin cocked his head back and slowly turned it to look at Yugi. “Are you volunteering?”

Fear weighed heavily in his gut. He couldn't save his friends, but he could delay their pain. It was the least he could do. The most he could do. All he could do. Yugi forced himself to nod.

The madman lowered his arm and shrugged. “I guess that decides it then.” The rod glowed, and then the door on Ryou's cage popped open.

“Wait!” Yugi cried out. “Take me instead! Please!”

Melvin reached inside and dragged Ryou out onto the floor. “You'll get your turn, little thing. Don't you worry.”

“Melvin!” Marik growled.

“Ryou!” Yugi cried.

“It's okay,” Ryou called back to them as Melvin latched an arm around his middle and dragged him to a gilded table with gilded chains.

“Is it?” Melvin grinned.

Ryou averted his eyes. “I spent years with the Ring spirit. I've learned how to pick my battles.”

The Rod nudged Ryou's chin up, forcing eye contact. “What sorts of battles did you surrender to the thief, little thing?”

Ryou released a shaky sigh. He was scared. He didn't like the hunger in Melvin's eyes one bit. “Nothing as bad as what you're about to do, I'm sure.” The words were sincere. The Ring spirit had never done anything too awful to him physically. Conversely, Melvin had no stake but pleasure in keeping Ryou alive, and if it pleased the madman more to kill or maim him, well... But it had become second nature to surrender in the face of dominance.

The grin widened. “Are you hoping I'll be gentle if you cooperate?”

Ryou swallowed, his throat rippling against the warm metal band. “Hoping... not expecting...”

Melvin cackled. “I knew I'd like you.” He lowered the Item, holding Ryou with his gaze. “Take off your clothes.”

Maintaining eye contact, Ryou fumbled with the folds of the cloth until it fell in a puddle around his feet. He heard Marik saying something, but he resisted the urge to look. While Ryou didn't expect Melvin to be gentle, at least maybe he could avoid being beaten into submission on top of being beaten for pleasure.

Melvin's eyelids drooped as he smirked. He made a small circular motion with the Rod. “Turn around.”

Once more Ryou obeyed, happy that he didn't have to look at him, at least. A shockingly warm hand pushed between his shoulder blades. Ryou bent over until his elbows rested on the table. Shocking cold replaced the warmth as the Rod's handle stroked his back from his shoulders to his rear.

“I always thought you had the prettiest skin, little thing,” Melvin said. “Any bruise, any welt, any gash... They would be so beautiful, so vibrant...”

The Rod lifted, and then cracked down hard across Ryou's butt. The albino teen screamed in spite of himself.

“Ryou!” Yugi yelped, half hidden behind his hands.

Marik tried to squeeze between the bars, but it was an idea born of pure desperation. Obviously escape wouldn't be that simple.

Melvin chuckled. He struck Ryou again. The skin was already pink. A few more whacks and it started to purple. Several more, and the protests from the cages had trailed off into hopeless, horrified silence. At first, the pale shoulders hitched with each blow, but now they shook uncontrollably.

Melvin finally stopped to slide a hand under Ryou's wet cheek. “Look at me.”

Ryou peaked over his shoulder. He watched Melvin unsheath the Rod and felt him press the sharpened tip between his shoulders. It dug in and dragged down, following the length of his spine. The pale back arched instinctively away as Ryou cringed and tucked his chin against his chest. When the blade finally lifted, he let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding.

“Perhaps I wasn't clear.” The blade repositioned near the top of the first cut. “I want to see your face.”

White knuckles turned whiter as Ryou gripped the sides of the table. His head twisted as far as it could to the left while trying to keep his back presented. The tip of the rod punctured his flesh very slowly. Ryou closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, but he managed to keep his face where Melvin could see it. Melvin's fist tightened around the shaft, letting tension build, and then jerked sideways abruptly. Ryou cried out as fresh tears squeezed from the corners of his eyes. His heart pounded. His body sagged to the side until his right shoulder touched the table.

Melvin braced his hands on either side of the albino and leaned over him. “I really like you,” he murmured, grinning and brushing white hair away from Ryou's face. “You might be,” he reposition the blade, “my favorite.” He slashed diagonally from Ryou's shoulder to Ryou's hip. Ryou choked out another cry.

“Stop it!” Yugi called desperately. “Please!”

The madman ignored him, entranced by the ruby pearls on the snowy flesh. The tip of a long, agile tongue chased the beads up their fine, red string. Ryou gasped and whimpered as Melvin stopped, bent over, with his bare torso mere fractions from contact with Ryou's.

“Roll over,” he purred in a husky voice, “and grab your knees.”

Ryou shuddered. This would be bad. This would be very bad. He'd known it had to be coming, what with the way Melvin had been eyeing him since he'd entered the room. He just hadn't expected it to happen so soon. Biting his lip, he dragged himself onto the table and turned over. Melvin loomed over him, body dark in the shadows of the cape that fell around both of them. The violet eyes captured and pinned Ryou, daring him to make the mistake of looking away.

Finally, Melvin smirked and straightened up. He removed his golden belt and his shendyt followed close behind.

Ryou hugged his knees to his chest, shivering. He didn't think he could do this.

The madman cocked his head. “Come on, now, pretty little pale thing, you know what I meant.” He raised an eyebrow. “Or is this a battle you want to fight?”

The albino still hadn't managed to free himself from those terribly hollow eyes. He felt paralyzed. His brain simply couldn't process this. About to be raped by some inhuman thing. “I'm scared,” he forced out in a tiny voice. Strong hands pried Ryou's arms from his legs, gripped the backs of his thighs, and forced them apart. Ryou squinted and turned his face away as much as he dared. He'd never been completely exposed to anyone like this. The vulnerability sucked. He just wanted to hide.

Melvin spat on the tight ring of muscle, but it was more for his own benefit than the captive hikari's. He slathered his cock with spit as well and lined up his first thrust. His gaze returned to the flushed pink face. Beaming with sadistic delight, he snapped his hips forward.

Ryou's eyes flew open wide, and then just as quickly squeezed shut as his body arched off the table. He screamed, louder than during the cutting, louder than during the caning.

Yugi covered his face and turned away, shuddering.

Marik continued staring, too stunned to move.

Muscular shoulders forced Ryou's knees to his shoulders as Melvin crawled onto the table with him. When the madman started fucking him, Ryou did finally grab the backs of his knees, if only to have something to squeeze. The experience was excruciating. Aside from the obvious, each thrust rocked his lacerated back against the table. The other man's hips slammed against his already bruised ass. Though he couldn't help the groaning, the gasping, the sobbing, or the yelping, Ryou endured it without uttering a single intelligible word. Begging, defiance... both were pointless.

Each squirm and whimper only encouraged Melvin to draw out more. He gripped the pale throat, digging sharp nails into the back of Ryou's neck, and pounded him harder. Faster. His eyes gleamed and his tongue curled between his teeth as he grinned down at the defenseless hikari. He leaned forward and licked one of the tear-crusted cheeks. The strangled whimper Ryou produced was enough to push Melvin over the edge.

When Ryou felt the invasive presence leave his body, he hugged his knees to his chest again. He didn't move much beyond that, because Melvin didn't seem done. He removed his cape. His jewelry. Stripped down until he was just as naked as Ryou. At least, almost as naked. There was a raw power in every line of the tanned body that shielded him from the vulnerability Ryou still felt. Catching the smaller figure around the waist once more, he pulled Ryou over to the fountain.

The warmth and depth of the water surprised Ryou. Even the shallowest bit was knee deep. At Melvin's silent direction, Ryou sank into the pool and took up a position straddling the madman's lap. He couldn't bring himself to meet the violet eyes, and he couldn't bare to look at the thing he'd just been violated with, so he settled for staring at Melvin's chest.

Melvin tilted his head, eyeing Ryou impassively. “You really are already half-crumpled, aren't you?”

“I guess,” Ryou answered uncertainly. He'd never really thought of himself as broken, just... resigned.

Melvin laughed. “I was going to make you spend a few nights in the cage first, but I don't think I'd get much from it. You seem like you're used to cages.”

Ryou bit his lip. He was torn on the subject. Yes, he was used to them, resigned to them, but that made him value any freedom he could get all the more. “What would you do with me instead?” He asked.

Melvin looked around the room and then chuckled at Ryou. “Do you really think I went through the trouble of making this whole room for a few cages? The cages are a punishment. The room is the prison.”

With this information in mind, Ryou surveyed the room again. They had a place to bathe. Places to sleep. A toilet. The room was dramatically archaic, but it was liveable. His eyes landed on the doors Melvin had entered through. They were shut now, but when they'd been open he hadn't had a chance to see anything but darkness. “What's outs-”

“Death,” Melvin interrupted sharply. Coldly. “Don't mistake my desire to keep you alive for kindness. If you open that door, you will die. If you touch that door, you will be punished, and it will be worse than a few playful swats on the rear.”

Playful?! Ryou thought incredulously. He didn't think he'd be sitting properly for at least a week.

“But I'm sure you know better than to disobey me,” Melvin smirked. “Don't you, my crumpled paper doll?”

“I won't touch it,” Ryou conceded.

“Good.” Melvin leaned back and propped his elbows on the edge of the pool. “Now wash my cock. I did just fuck a slave, after all.”

The cold, bluntness shocked Ryou, and Melvin responded with a sadistic grin.

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