Jeershipping Oneshots

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Author's Note: Here is my first story on this site. I decided to do oneshots first because, atm, I don't have any real story ideas. I am planning on putting some of my other stories that I wrote elsewhere here soone or later. Also, if you EVER have a request you want me to write(if I am up to par on writing), Go ahead and request and I shall write it.

I leaned back against the bench that I was sitting on, at the park while watching Serenity play with our two year old half-sister. Ma had remarried while I was at duelist kingdom- of course she would, she didn't want me there- to some guy that had a nice paying job and had the little girl a few months after Atem went into the afterlife. Ma didn't even want Serenity to bring her down to meet me but my sister insisted and now, here we are.

Luckily, it was a nice day out with few clouds and a gentle breeze. I watched as Serenity scooped our half-sister up and began to tickle her, making her squeal in laughter. The corner of my lips tugged upwards, enjoying the display of affection between the two. 

Distantly, I heard a revving of a motorcycle close by, probably pulling into the parking lot of the Park. Of course, I thought nothing of it as I watched my two sisters play. It was quiet once the engine shot of for a few moments, the only things that I heard now was cars occationally going by, the rustling of the leaves and people talking distantly. I sighed, tilting my head upwards and watched as clouds lazily floated across the sky. I closed my eyes for a moment, resting them.

I frowned when I felt a rather warn rush of air hitting my face after about a minute or two. I didn't open my eyes though, mainly because the sun was still hitting my face.

What did make my eyes snap open was two hands resting on my shoulders and squeezed. The first thing I noticed was a pair of blue eyes staring down at me, filled with amusement. The second thing was the goggles that sat above them, reflecting my shocked face. 

"What the...Valon?" I stared up at the man I hadn't seen in years. 

"Long time, no see, 'ey Wheeler?" He grinned before letting my shoulders go and jumped over the back of the punch and sat down beside me.

"Don't take this the wrong way...but why the hell are you doing here? I thought you went back to Austrailia?"

"I did." Valon hummed. "I just came back to see how everyone's doing."

"Mai you mean?" I questioned, thinking that I new why he was here. He did like her the last time he saw her.

"Nah, I'm not looking for her."

I looked at him with a slight frown and a raised eyebrow. "You aren't? Why?"

"She's traveling around for one thing, and I simply just didn't coem to see her."

"Big brother, who's this?"

I turned my head saw Serenity standing there with our little sister in her arms. I shifted before begining the introductions.

"This is Valon, I met him after Battle City. Valon, this is my little sister, Serenity and the one she's holding is our half-sister, Hope."

"It's nice to meet you." Valon grinned.

"Likewise." Serenity smiled back before turning back to me. "I'm going to take Hope back to the apartment, okay?"

"Sure, sis." I gave her a parting hug and watched as she walked off, leaving  Valon and I alone on the bench. A akward silence settled over us and I didn't know how to start up another conversation.

"Come with me to my hotel room." Valon suddenly broke the silence and I stared at him in surprise before snorting.

"Better be careful about what you say, people might take it the...wrong..." I trailed off when I noticed him staring at me intensly. "Uh..Val...?"

"Come on." Valon stood, grabbing my hand and started to drag me towards where the parking lot is. I didn't stop him, I didn't really want to. I just let him lead me to his bike and watched as he got on. He looked down at me, patted behind him and and slipped onto the seat while keeping my hands from touching Valon and, of course, he noticed.

"You're going to need to hold onto me, mate." He stated before reaching behind him, grabbing them, bringing them forward wrapping my arms around his stomach. I felt heat rush to my face before he backed up and we were out of the parking lot and down the road.

It didn't take long for us to get to the hotel he was staying in and it took less time to get to his room.

I looked around the room as he shut the door, taking everything in. It was a very decent room with a single bed and a impressive flat screen TV on the wall oposite of the bed.

"Man, you must have saved up some money to have-"

I was suddenly pushed against the wall, beside the door, a finger and thumb gripping my chin and a hand going under my shirt pressing against my abdomen, making my breath hitch.

'What the hell is he doing?' I thought as I stared at him. He didn't move for a moment, just looking into my eyes before he leaned closer. Before I could do or say anything, his lips pressed against mine firmly, making my eyes widen. I felt his hand slowly begin to crawl up my torso until it got to a nipple and he rubbed it with a finger, causing me to gasp at the sensation. He took the oppertunity and slipped his tongue passed my parted lips and I couldn't help but let out a groan, letting my eyes slip shut.

His hand that was holding my chin slipped away and undid my jeans with ease. My hands flew up and gripped the fabric of his shirt when he palmed my member through my boxers. I couldn't help but mewl, causing him to smirk against my lips. He broke the kiss, pulling my shirt off of me.

"Val..." I groaned as he took one nipple into his mouth, suckling and scrapping his teeth against it gently. I bucked my hip against his hand, wanting more. "Come ooon..."

"Gotta have more patience, mate." Valon hummed as pulled away from my chest. I opened my mouth to snap but it snapped shut when I felt him tug my pants and boxers down and off before turning me around and I braced myself against the wall. "You'll be rewarded more."

"What do you think your- AH!" I yelped when I felt my cheeks being spread and something warm and wet lapped at my entrance. "W-wait, Valon-"

His tongue pushed past the ring of muscles, making my prostest fade into a gasp. He started to thrust his tongue in and out for a little bit, making mewls and moans come from my lips until he pulled away and stood up.

"Had to make you as wet as I could for what's coming next." He nipped the shell of my ear before slipping a finger in my entrance. I bit my lip at the intrusion but managed to keep myself relaxed. Once he deemed my ready for more, he slipped a second finger in and I tensed a little. It didn't exactly hurt, it just felt a little uncomfortable.

"Relax mate." Valon nipped the shell of my ear again. I forced myself to and he started to spread his fingers, stretching me the best he can. He added a third finger, making me bit my lip harder and I heard something being unzipped.

He took them out after a few moments, making me whine at being empty. I heard him chuckle before I was turned around and he gripped my thighs and lifted me up. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and before I knew it, he had already thrust in and my fhands scrambled to grip his shoulders.

"V-Valon!" I gasped. Fuck, it stings slightly but it felt so good. He seemed encouraged and he began to rock, sliding in and out of me. "More...please, mo- hgn!" 

I arched my back as he started to pound into me. I gripped onto his shirt, mewls and moans leaving my lips. He started to thrusts harder, driving into me deeper until he hit my prostate.

"AH FUCK!" I yelped as the bolt of pleasure ran through my body.

"That feel good, Joey?" chuckled Valon huskily, as he continued to drive into me. My only reply was a whine before he hit it again and again until, finally, I came with a drawned out moan and all over the front of his shirt.. As I bucked my hips, riding off my orgasm, I felt him doing the same before we were both spent, slumped against the wall and panting.

After a moment, he pressed his lips against my sweaty neck before taking a step away from the wall, one hand holding my ass and the other my back, and walked over to the bed, setting me down on my back and slipped his clothes off before laying down beside me. 

I felt a finger tracing a scar on my stomach and I realized I forgot my scars. I was to tired to even say anything though and I just closed my eyes and went to sleep with Valon wrapping his arms around me.

Author's Note: Sorry if this wasn't good. This was the first thing that came to mind and I just winged it. 

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