Baby Love

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Kalin swore under his breath. Of all the things Crow Hogan had to go and bring with him, it was an adult diaper. A diaper for fucking crying out loud. Yusei snickered a little bit at his fiancé after losing the dare he was challenged to in truth or dare which he lost by refusing to do it. "Karma's a damn motherfucking bitch tonight." Kalin cursed and muttered out loud. "Kalin Logan Kessler, watch your language young man!" Martha's voice yelled from across the hall. "Yeah, yeah, mom! Whatever!" Kalin yelled back daring to talk back at his foster mother for the last time in 10 years before he and Yusei got together and started causing trouble in Team Satisfaction. Footsteps came rushing across the hall as Martha walked into the room and shouted curse words at her now 22 year old foster son and Kalin swore that he would eventually get over her motherly tendencies.

"No way! No way in the name of the Earthbound Immortals are you getting me to fucking put on an adult diaper! No fucking way!" Kalin shouted fleeing from Akiza who had challenged the dare to him.

"No way, Kalin, you get back here and face the dare like a damn man for God's sake!"  Akiza Izinski retorted chasing Kalin around the house.

Luna sweatdropped while Misty Tredwell and Carly Carmine, newly engaged as well, rolled their eyes and sweatdropped before glancing at each other. Carly was the first to speak up after a long period of silence.

"Is this typical for your truth or dare games? These kinds of crazy dares are kind of weird yet interesting and funny to watch. I almost wish I had my video camera to record this on tape." Carly said, confessing her secret fetish for these things.

"Carly, no need to worry my love, I brought mine, here, you can use it, just make sure you don't get caught by Yusei or Kalin. Especially Kalin, he'd be so livid especially if we posted this to DuelBook and YuGiTube. Oh man, I'm actually thinking about getting back at him for those pranks by doing that. Carly, my love, are you in?" Misty actually said, patting her before kisisng her on the lips and giggling mischievously at her idea.

"Oh boy... Crow, you're in for it now." Leo warned, sweatdropping.

Meanwhile in Yusei and Kalin's shared bedroom, Kalin was trying to escape Yusei from the inevitable. Kalin whimpered as Yusei held him and stroked his hair gently.

"Shh, Kalin, it's gonna be alright. Can you do this for me? I'll get your favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream out from the freezer if you do this for my sake." Yusei cooed.

"Okay, but promise me this isn't going to go on DuelBook or YuGiTube?" Kalin asked, sniffling and wiping away a small tear.

"Yes, I promise. I will personally get back at whoever dares to post the act we're doing. Now, put the diaper on, please." Yusei said,  cooing at Kalin.

"Alright. Here goes." Kalin said as Yusei got the two out of their clothes and into the nude while helping Kalin into the adult diaper. Yusei smiled and kissed Kalin as their erections started to get aroused and they moaned when Yusei left a hickey on Kalin's favorite place, his right arm. He hated to be forced into using his left arm, after he broke the left arm while trying to do some handiwork on his Duel Runner. The arm was so damaged that it had to be amputated and replaced with a prosthetic left arm in its place. Kalin was actually relieved he was primarily right-handed for most tasks and chores around the house. Kalin let out a loud moan and Yusei was so turned on by the action. Yusei and Kalin's erections grew bigger and their boners started to get more intense.

Yusei slowly inserted a finger into Kalin's diaper and dipped the finger into Kalin's hole probing around his hole, looking carefully for that one perfect sweet spot that got Kalin every time and never changed. Soon, Kalin softly grunted at having one finger probing his entrance and gasped as one turned into two fingers. Yusei's smile grew and softened slowly as he inserted a third finger and started scissoring the area surrounding his fiancé's hole and when he heard Kalin moan loudly and it turned into a scream of pleasure, he knew Kalin was ready.

Kalin was growing completely impatient and slowly going mad with anticipation for Yusei to finally get into the action. "Jesus Christ, Yusei! Move already!!" Kalin nearly growled out to his fiancé who chuckled in response.

Yusei let out a devilish growl and a wolfish growl and grin appeared on his face. "Gladly, Kalin Logan Kessler." Yusei replied grinning wolfishly. 

"Oh my god! No. Fucking. Way! I've never seen Kalin act so submissive! This is SO going on DuelBook and YuGiTube! Hands down!" Carly said, giggling mischievously.

Between every thrust Yusei put into Kalin's hole and with every yelp of pleasure and every pleasure-filled and lustful scream of joy and hot steamy love, Yusei continued to tell him how much he loved his fiancé and Kalin eventually came from the fifteenth thrust in or what seemed like it.

"I love you, Yusei Casey Fudo. G'night." Kalin said, tossing his adult diaper that was now completely covered in cum from the sex-filled night onto the ground where it landed near the door and kissed Yusei gently and tenderly.

"I love you too, Kalin Logan Kessler. G'night." Yusei said sleepily before falling asleep.

The next morning, Kalin came downstairs to find everyone watching something on their phones and having supreme fits of giggling many of the people in their little possé trying to suppress these giggling fits.

"Guys, what is so fun-" Kalin started to say before he saw the video of what happened last night. 

"Yusei, I thought you weren't gonna post it!" Kalin cried out.

"I wasn't the one who did it. Now, which one of you did it?" Yusei said, his eyes turning crimson red and his glare turning stone cold as Crow paled in embarrassment and horror and started running around while Yusei chased him.

"CROW PIERCE HOGAN!!!!!! You are SO DEAD when I get my hands on you!!!!" Yusei yelled as he chased Crow around while Misty and Carly snickered while Yusei was chasing down an innocent Crow while the culprits who had really done it were right at the kitchen table.

"Crow is a dead man." Jack muttered and Kalin nodded, absolutely livid with the events.

Giggling mischievously, Misty looked at Carly before kissing her.

"Dear, should we tell them it was us later today?" Carly asked.

"No, Carly, I think we should let things be for a little while. They'll figure it out but they would never hurt a woman physically. Everyone knows not to hit a lady." Misty replied.

Breakfast continued on with the chase between Yusei and Crow continuing and Yusei seems to have Crow cornered and everyone is laughing their butts off to the video. 

Will Yusei ever find out who really was the one whodunit? What's Kalin going to do when he finds out Carly and Misty did it? 


Owari... For now.

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