Bond or Blood

BY : Red-Eyed-Duelist
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Author's Note: I've been trying to right this but since there is no 'save as draft' feature, it's been hard. Now though, I'm able to do this because I have time! Enjoy!

Also, it's gonna be in first person. Also will put more tags in later!

My name is Joey Wheeler and I am the son of the alpha of the pack, Jack Wheeler. I had just turned 18 years old and tonights the night where I will transform for the first time. I was not looking foward to it, especually with my father's twisted plan once he has enough wolves that had transformed.

Our den was in the forest, a mile or so from a city called Domino. On the oposite side of Domino City was a coven of vampires. My great grandfather made a treaty with this coven, we won't attack as long as they stayed in their terrortory and in Domino City- which was nuetrual ground so both us and them can encounter each other in the City but can't attack. 

Dad wants to throw it out the window and get rid of the coven. He was a ruthless bastard- I should know, I've been on the wrong end of his temper, my torso proved it.

"Thank you all for coming!" boomed my father as he jumped up on a large boulder. Below it was where I and many others were. There was about thirteen others may age. Surrounding us were four older members, all watching us keenly. All of us were naked so we didn't ruin any of our clothes. 

"Tonight you will be able to transform for the first time. Remember what we taught you. Welcome the pain and it will be over quickly!"

Behind him, I could see the full moom slowly starting to rise and once it cleared the horizon, pain surged through my being and through my bones. I gritted my teeth as I felt my bones getting dislocated and shifting, relocating into new places. My face elongated, forming a muzzle and my teeth sharpened into fangs. I went to all fours and felt fur sprouting our from all over my body- than it was over.

I fell on my front, panting from the pain that I was just in. It was the most painful thing I had ever gone through in my life.

I layed there for a long moment before forcing myself to stand on my hind legs. I swayed slightly before shaking my head and looking around me. I saw other newly transformed wolves laying on the ground or just standing there. 

We were more human-like in body with the exception of our hind legs which was very wolf-like. Our hands were more human but we could still run on all fours and we did have a tail and our muzzles were shorter than regular wolves'.

I looked down at myself and saw that I still kept the color of my hair color in my fur and my underbelly, paws and muzzle was a light tan. 

"Well done." a deep growling voice came from in front of me, making me look.

A large werewolf, almost as big as dad, stood before me. He was all grey with deep green eyes that regarded me.

It was the Beta of the pack, Tyuka. he was dad's right hand man and for good reason.

"Thank you, Tyuka." I bowed slightly before straightening up and watched as he walked to the boulder and jumped, landing beside my father with grace.

He had a darker fur than me and had no other colors on him.

"I see everything went smoothly for all of you." father grunted. "Now, with a few months of training, we will have enough to take down that god forsaken coven and make sure that everyone knows that this land is ours!"

Everyone howled in agreement but me. I just watched and acted like I agreed.

I really didn't, not by a long shot. I was really going to hate these upcoming months. I really hope something happens to stop this stupid war before it starts.

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