Alexis Rhodes: Final Contract

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Terence walked up to the conference room. Eagerly, he pressed his face against the mahogany doors. There was a small crack and he could see inside.

Alexis Rhodes sat inside.

The woman had a sharp, pretty visage with fierce hazel eyes; her golden hair was short and neat. Her skin was smooth and flawless, pale and porcelain-like.

Alexis was in her dueling outfit; she wore a sleeveless white and blue top and a matching short skirt. The top accentuated the hidden forms of her feminine curves. Her bare legs extended out from the folds of her skirt. She crossed her legs… then uncrossed them… then crossed them… Rhodes had on a pair of navy blue boots.

Alexis Rhodes was a world famous Duel Monsters player. Ever since her entry into the professional Duel Monsters circuit in the United States, Terence had watched her closely. The young woman had great potential and was the only woman to make it into the professional leagues for a long time. Graduating top of her class from the best dueling academy in Japan, she had brains to match her looks, and a fierce determination to win at all cost.

For millions of male fans of Duel Monsters, she was the definition of beauty.

Terence felt himself trembling with desire…

Terence struggled to control himself. He had been planning for this moment for so long.

He knew he would only get one shot.

Terence opened the door and stepped inside.

The bored woman looked up from where she was sitting. She was surprised to see the dark-haired young agent.

"I thought I was meeting with John," she said coldly, her eyes narrowing in anger.

Terence and John worked at the same company. John had gotten to her first; she signed him up as her exclusive promotional agent. A contract with Alexis Rhodes was worth millions. Terence didn't want to give up. He had pestered her on a number of occasions.

Terence smiled at her as he stood in front of her. He extended out a hand for a shake.

''Miss Rhodes,'' he said.

She cut across him icily.

''Let's not waste any more time,'' she said coldly. ''Sit down.''

Ignoring her rudeness, Terence sat down and faced her. She continued.

''Let's make it very clear here,'' she said, looking straight at him with her pretty hazel eyes. ''This little stunts you're pulling here, is not in keeping with professional standards of conduct."

Terence started. "I've got a proposal you might-"

She cut across him.

''And my answer is still No.'' she said simply. ''I already have John to take care of all of my marketing and promotional needs; I am quite satisfied with his services.''

"You're sure I can't change your mind?"

"Absolutely not."

With that said, she stood up and headed for the door. Terence was speechless. She was almost there when she turned around to make a final point. She needed to make a strong point.

''I get it that you guys are supposed to be aggressive and I respect that,'' she said coldly. ''But you've wasted enough of my time. I have a busy life. Try this again, and I'll contact a lawyer. And trust me, you don't want to get into that kind of territory.''

A wave of panic washed over Terence. If she left now then all of his plans would be ruined…

''MISS RHODES WAIT!'' he found himself shouting out in panic.

She crossed her arms, pursing her lips.

''There's something I HAVE to show you!'' he yelled desperately. ''And I PROMISE you it will be worth your time! Just one last thing!''

She rolled her eyes.

Terence didn't want for a reply. Briskly, he stood up and walked to the corner of the room. There was a shelf and a television screen.

''Terence,'' she said impatiently. ''I have a very busy schedule.''

He pulled out a tape from inside a drawer. In a frantic hurry, he pushed it inside the player. The television screen started to play.

''I don't have time to watch some commercial,'' she said coldly. ''I…''

Alexis Rhodes found herself speechless. Her eyes were wide with shock. The scene playing out in front of her was all too familiar.

A man and a woman stood in an office, facing each other. He was old, she was young… in fact the young woman was likely not even 20.

''If… if I do this,'' she said, betraying her nervousness. ''You'll give me the UGX Membership?''

''Yes,'' he said patiently. ''Like we agreed. You play along, and its yours. You'll be the first woman in the history of Japan to compete at such a high level. You don't trust me?''

She said nothing, she was still shaking a little.

He changed his tone.

''Let's not waste any more time,'' he said coldly. ''Kneel in front of me. Now.''

She looked at him resentfully, she didn't like his tone. But she had already gone so far. She had too much to lose to back out now.

Swallowing her pride, the young woman walked up to him. She knelt in front of him, on the floor.

And then it got explicit…

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