Beauty And The Beast (Zexal Version)

BY : yamatokamiya
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Once, long, long ago, in a faraway land, told of only in legend...

There was a young King who had taken the throne after his father had passed on. Although everything his heart desired was there, something was missing, love. Girls, men, women and boys tried to flirt with the young King, tried to woo him in favor of his heart and he didn't feel anything for any of them. A woman, familiar in appearance but looking distraught in appearance, to his deceased younger sister, tried to gain entry to the castle. But with how dirty and filthy the King's would have been guest was, his baths wouldn't be suitable for her skin so he told her no very sternly. However, the King had been fooled, tricked into believing the woman looked so distraught and in need and the King tried to give an apology and didn't mean to be so cruel but the woman, an enchantress in the disguise of that woman... Would have no such thing happening. Promptly, she placed a curse on him sending the red rose, an enchanted red rose, to the west wing, and warned him that when his 21st birthday came along, that the final petal would fall and then he would be trapped as a beast forever. For who could ever learn to love... a beast? But the King was determined to shake the whole mess off and find love, true love, one way, or another. This is the story of Beauty and the Beast but not like the one in traditions. This one is different. Because the Beast... travels out of the Castle for his trial. Seeing the face of a man in his dreams, the red/brown hair streaked with small portions of blonde hair in the tips, beautiful, fantastic ruby eyes, magnficent scars only someone who's heart truly could feel the love inside of him, beating in his heart could love, skin the color of caramel candies, a desire for the man, was on the Beast's mind. This Beast was named Ryoga Kamishiro and was travelling far to an almost abandoned village, where he saw the man in his dreams, every night. Little did he know, that the man in his dreams had held the same dreams. The man had earned the nickname "Beau" and a girl, and his father and two brothers, one older and one younger had lived in the town, the father being an inventor and the girl, being someone who kept relentlessly pursuing the young man, who had tried to get his brothers to scare the girl off, even when her green hair and amber/brown orange eyes, were so tempting. But this man, would not fall for this girl's trap. She was Kotori Meadows and was a femme fatale and tried to keep her eyes on Thomas Arclight, the boy who was unbeknownst to Ryoga, in his dreams at night. Ryoga entered the town just around nightfall and knocked on the door of Thomas's house.


"Hmm... Now... who could that be?" Thomas asked as he opened the door. Opening the door, he found an unexpected surprise, a man-shark-like mutant some people would call the new King a Beast. What Thomas saw instead of a beast was a man who he has seen in his dreams at night.

"My apologies for disturbing you so late in the day, but can I ask if I might be able to spend the night here? I would normally visit my sister or parents but they've unfortunately passed away. I entered this town hoping to find an inn or something like that, but unfortunately, that isn't an option with my sister's recent death. Would you be kind enough to allow me to stay for the night?" Ryoga asked, looking at Thomas carefully.

"Of course. I would be happy to. Please, come inside. You must be freezing in this rain. Plus the town and its tavern and inn are both abandoned after some strange events." Thomas replied, letting him in.

"Thank you. I never asked your name nor did I introduce myself yet. My name is King Ryoga Kamishiro, I don't enjoy using my title though, I prefer to go by the name Shark." Ryoga said, smiling.

"Name's Thomas Arclight, but you can call me Four or Quattro if you'd like. Dad picked those nicknames. Michael, the second youngest, has the nicknames Trey and Three,  Chris, short for Christopher, has the nicknames Quinton and Five. Our mother, Eleanor, has the nicknames Una and One. Byron is our dad, he has the nickname Tron, but he prefers Vetrix. Finally, there's the youngest, Noah, also known as Duo, or Two, he's always getting into trouble, driving Michael up the wall, it's either me, Quinton or both of us who end up solving the whole mess and keeping Noah out of trouble. Sometimes it doesn't go as expected. Mom's out on a business trip but please, come inside." Thomas greeted Ryoga.

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