Battle City Chaos: Get to Steppin'

BY : Dragoon Tyjet
Category: Yu-Gi-Oh > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I do not own any character or the rights to Yugioh or its intellectual property. The following story is fiction and is not meant for monetary gains or purposes.

Téa felt her decision to simply try to get the Pharaoh residing in Yugi’s Millenium puzzle to relax and have fun; was going even better than she had hoped. They had taken a quick meal and been to the music store, and now they had just finished stopping in one of the many card shops in Domino City that the Pharaoh had seen an advert for; proclaiming a special sale that they had decided to check out. After visiting the card shop and buying a couple of packs of cards, the Pharaoh walked alongside Téa busy examining his new card acquisitions; happily explaining to her about the cards and their effects. Seeing his joy, Téa beamed widely; happy that he was enjoying himself, and no longer worrying about his fears and questions, in regards to his mysterious, unknown past. Listening in polite curiosity as he continued to discuss his new cards, Téa skillfully guided him through the streets of Domino City as they continued their unexpected outing. When she had met up with Yugi in the morning, she had known that he’d had a plan to help cheer up the spirit; she just hadn’t imagined it would turn out quite how it did. Continuing their exploration of the city, Téa was determined more than ever to help the Pharaoh in any way she could. Coming to their next destination, she stopped them and pointed at a huge building with a giant stylized spider and web painted on it.


”The next stop for us is the Arcade!” she exclaimed happily, taking hold of his hand and tugging him along behind herself while entering the building. 


Once inside the two glanced around, both their eyes widening at the sight of so many people -ranging in all ages- laughing and having fun. Walking through the arcade, the Pharaoh smiled slightly as he watched two younger children operating some form of machine with a claw as it descended into a pit of plush toys shaped as duel monsters. Looking at the Pharaoh, Téa watched; smiling happily to herself, as his eyes took in the sights around the arcade. Spying the slight smile on his face, she smiled brighter herself at the slight joy she knew he was feeling; basking alongside him in the overwhelming feeling of positivity of the place. Staring around still amazed at how large and active the arcade actually was, a commotion and numerous cheering voices drew her attention. Looking towards the source of the noise, Téa’s eyes lit up with recognition as she spotted a Dance platform game, surrounded by a cheering crowd; as two competitors went head to head in a dance-off. Motioning to the Pharaoh to follow her, she approached, joining the cheering crowd as a young male dressed in a casual pair of pants and a T-shirt, seems to be struggling; furiously stomping at the game’s dance pad, but only managing to hit several of the game’s beat indicators despite his obvious effort. The other dancer, a taller Hispanic male with dreadlocks, wearing a red dress shirt with a pair of black leather jeans, and some large modern moccasin style boots with a weird tasselling on their hemmed edge; smoothly danced to the rhythm of the song as he hit the game indicators correctly while performing on the game’s second dance pad. As the music finished, the Hispanic male ended the dance in a forruish, before coming to a stop; arms held out to the side dramatically, head held high, eyes closed. As the loudspeaker for the game blared out “WINNER! You are the Champion!” on his side of the screen, he opened his eyes before smugly turning towards the assembled roaring crowd of spectators gathered around the safety rails of the game’s inbuilt dance pad. 


“Who wants the honor of being Johnny Steps' next victim?” he called out to the crowd cockily, as his eyes scanned about;  searching for another challenger, as the crowd let loose their excitement, loudly cheering and calling his name. 


Confused, the Pharaoh turned to Téa and asked, “So is this some sort of dueling dance game?”

Beaming at him, eyes sparkling in joy, Téa smiled happily while nodding. “Yeah, that's right! It looks like such a blast too!”


Overhearing her comment, Johnny turned, his eye scanning the crowd before identifying her as the speaker. He stared at Téa for a moment before smirking confidently. “You. Girl in the feeling lucky today?”


Frowning at his cocky tone, the Pharaoh turned to Téa. “Why don’t we ignore him and head someplace else?” he asked, his eyes narrowing slightly in disapproval at this Johnny Steps’ arrogant attitude.


Shaking her head, Téa’s eyes gained a determined gleam. “No. This guy might have some flashy moves, but they're not flashy enough to scare me away.” Tossing off her pink coat so that it landed in his arms she moved determinedly up towards the steps towards the game’s empty dance pad. 


Catching her coat the Pharaoh looked on in bewilderment before calling out, “What are you doing Téa?”


Turning to look at him with a confident smile, eyes flashing with determination, she called back.  “Having some fun!” before stepping fully on the dance game’s dance pad platform.


Turning towards the newly named Johnny Steps, she stared determinedly towards him, face set in a stern confident expression. “Come on, let's go!”


Johnny snorted before shaking his head in a condescending fashion. “We only GO when I say we go,” he replied before the crowd began to heckle her; calling for Johnny to win while telling her she was going to fail. Hearing the crowd’s taunts, Johnny smirked.  “Hear that? The crowd already knows I’m going to win. Why don’t you just back out now? You’ll save yourself the embarrassment!”


Ignoring his trash talk and the crowd, Téa narrowed her eyes. “You’re the one who’s going to be embarrassed. If that last match was your best you can do at dancing, then you might as well walk away now.”


Not expecting such a retort, Johnny felt his ego and confidence falter slightly at her show of confidence before he quickly shook himself out of his surprised stupor and glared back at her. “So think you can dance better than me huh?” he sneered, his eyes boring into her own as he tried to psyche her out. “Please babe, don’t make me laugh. You have no hope of beating me,” he stated smugly. Looking at her with a concealed leer, his eyes roamed over her clothes and body thoughtfully before he re-adopted a cocky smug grin, dismissing her with a look. “Well with what you're wearing, even if you can dance; it's probably only because it's what you do for a living!” he egged, and seeing her slightly shocked expression, he decided to go for the finisher; confident he had won their impromptu battle of wills. “Though...I'm sure they don’t stay on for very long once the music starts and you get dancing.”


Taking offense at his shot at her clothes and his implied suggestion at her supposed job, Téa’s eyes narrowed angrily. “Alright wise guy, I'm not the one who looks like a Chippendales’ dance reject.” Letting her own eyes flicker over his stunned face at her retort, she continued smugly. “The nearest gentlemen's club is on the other side of the city, Johnny! I'm sure they’d be more than happy to give you an audition to dance for them.” 


Glaring angrily at Téa for her rebuttal, Johnny snarled angrily. “That tears it! I'm about to step all over you. Nobody talks to Johnny Steps like that!” Pointing dramatically towards her, his eyes locked with her own. “You're gonna wish you never stepped up on my stage.”


Scoffing at his bravado, Téa rolled her eyes disdainfully. “Get a life, Johnny.”


Hearing the music for the game startup, Téa focused and began to dance, her feet hitting the game indicators with perfect precision as she twirled and moved while dancing; thoroughly immersing herself in the beat with a happy smile on her face. Beside her, Johnny also moved; swaying and shifting about with the rhythm. But as their scores on the game rose, it was slowly becoming clear that he was hitting less of the indicators than she was. As they both danced, the crowd was completely stunned, watching in growing awe as Téa moved; dancing with grace and fluidity, as her body swayed about on the pad expertly hitting the game's indicators. Soon the crowd was cheering for both of them equally, roaring their approval at the dance match taking place. Seeing that his opponent was actually beating him despite his best effort, Johnny’s face slowly began to get more intense, losing its calm smug veneer and slowly morphing into a frustrated scowl as he fought to pull ahead in the dance-off. Struggling for real, unable to match her pace or precision; Johnny finally had enough and decided that he would need to start busting out some of his special moves. As a particular point in the beat struck, he dropped low and lashed out with his foot with a sweeping kick as he spun his body, hands pressing down on the indicator imitating a break dancing move. His foot swept out, entering into Téa’s own dance pad and disrupted her rhythm, almost causing her to fall as she barely avoided it while she miss-stepped for several indicators as she stumbled. Frowning, Téa shot Johnny a glare before quickly focusing and resettling her rhythm, once again flowing into the music’s beat; hitting the game’s indicators with precision. Seeing his tactic had little effect, Johnny growled before performing a twist and swinging an arm wide; once again almost hitting his opponent. Seeing the arm swing in, Téa’s eyes narrowed in disgust as she dodged around it without missing a beat, continuing to dance and hit the indicators perfectly. Several more times Johnny tried swinging an elbow, or sweeping a foot out to disrupt her, but she always managed to dodge without it affecting her; as now she was on the watch for his underhanded cheap tricks. Getting more and more desperate, Johnny kept missing more and more of the indicators with each of his failed attempts to mess up his opponent. The crowd, watching on and seeing his attempts to mess up his opponent, slowly began to turn on him; calling him out on his dirty plays and cheering for Téa loudly as she continued to dominate the dance match. Trying to get back into his own rhythm while attempting to match Téa’s movements, Johnny found he was unable to keep up. Desperately trying to mimic her, he moved about frantically, his eye darting from Tea’s body to the game screen, and then back; before with a startled cry one of his legs gave out from under him, and he crashed down to the dance pad. Ignoring her downed opponent, Téa kept up her moves, twirling and weaving before with a flourish she finished with a pose as the song ended and the game machine blared out “WINNER! You are the champion!” on her side of the screen.


Grinning happily she turned towards the crowd and Pharaoh before giving them a thumbs up, smiling smugly at Johnny who was still collapsed on his dance pad. “That's how you dance.” she declared smugly, before stepping off the stage to the cheers of the crowd; making her way back towards the Pharaoh. 


Taking her coat back from the Pharaoh, she slipped it back on, before grabbing his arm while walking away confidently away from the cheering crowd; leading him back towards the exit of the arcade.


Once back outside and once more on the street, Téa and the Pharaoh resumed their stroll through Domino City. Seeing how happy and elated Téa was with her victory, the Pharaoh walked alongside her as she basked in her win, her body still moving to a silent beat as she swayed and twisted about; as they made their way further through the city. After several minutes of walking in silence, the two came upon the pier just as the sun was starting to set. Coming to a stop and staring out into the beautiful scene, Téa happily sighed before turning to the Pharaoh.


“That was awesome! Did you see the look on Johnny's face? Hopefully being beaten at his own game will shut him up for a while.”


Turning to stare at her, the Pharaoh gave her a small smile. “You were great today. I was most impressed,” he stated before his face adopted a more pensive look. “You know Téa, I’ve been thinking about what you said earlier...”


Slightly confused, Téa tried to remember what exactly it might be he was referring to but kept drawing a blank.  “Earlier...Uh, could you remind me exactly what it was that I said earlier...I can't seem to remember.” she replied, her face heating slightly with a flush of embarrassment at her lack of recollection of their earlier conversation.


Paying her embarrassment no mind, the Pharaoh lent forward; resting his arms on the rail of the pier and stated out into the water. “You said you were unsure about your life too, and that whenever you were in doubt, that you followed your heart.” Eyes widening in recollection, Téa nodded her head with a small smile. Seeing her look of understanding, the Pharaoh pressed on. “Well, my heart is now telling me that I must uncover the secrets of my origin, no matter where the search may lead me; or the consequences it might bring. I need to know for certain who I was, and what my purpose for still being here...truly is.”


Staring at the Pharaoh, Téa bit her lip anxiously, knowing that even though it was the right thing to do; she couldn't help but feel worried that those answers would lead both the Pharaoh and her friend Yugi into further danger. Putting on a hesitant smile, Téa leaned forward and looked at the Pharaoh. “I’m glad my advice could help you....” Pausing for a moment her eyes gained a determined look and her smile eased into a more natural one before she continued. “And, just so you know, while you’re out there searching for those answers; your friends will be right there by your side, searching along with you, helping you every step of the way!”


Touched by her words, the Pharaoh stood silent for a moment before quietly replying.“Thank you.”


Shooting him a small smile, Téa turned and looked back out into the water, a peaceful silence falling between the two as they stood staring out into the water, each deep in thought over what had just been said.


The soothing, peaceful silence of their shared moment of contemplation was suddenly shattered, as an obnoxiously familiar voice rang out from behind where they stood. “Boo!” Turning about, Téa’s eyes narrowed in annoyance as Johnny Steps approached them, swaggering confidently up while grinning smugly. “Do you geeks mind if I step in?”


Glaring at him in frustration, Téa stared at him before huffing in exasperation. “Now what do you want from us?”


Ignoring her tone, Johnny confidently grinned, while looking at her. “I’ve come down here to humbly ask for a second chance.” 


Confused, Téa let her glare drop while she stared puzzled towards him. “Second chance?” she asked perplexed.


The smug grin never leaving his face, Johnny stared towards Téa as he replied. “I’d have easily won if my leg hadn’t cramped up. I think that you owe me a rematch.”


Exasperated and annoyed at his egocentric attitude and lame excuse, Téa gripped the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes briefly while shaking her head in annoyance. Opening her eyes again she glared in distaste at Johnny. “You lost fair and square, despite whatever excuse your mind has concocted up to help soothe your bruised ego. Give it up already.”


Noting Téa’s look of annoyance, the Pharaoh stepped forward. “I’ll give you a rematch.” he declared as he stared stoically towards Johnny.


Hearing the Pharaoh’s declaration, Téa let out a quiet “huh?” while turning towards him in confusion.


“But we’ll duel my way.” he continued, ignoring Téa’s quiet, confused exclamation while staring towards Johnny confidently. 


Uncertain what exactly the Pharaoh was doing, Téa looked at him questioningly. “What?” she asked, feeling even more confused about the entire situation.


Eyes narrowing in frustration, Johnny turned and sneered at the Pharaoh. “Stay out of this, porcupine head. This battle is just between me and the girl!”


Ignoring Johnny's angry retort, the Pharaoh turned and looked at Téa expectantly. “Téa, may I finish off your opponent?”


Still confused over how the entire ordeal had even gotten this far, and feeling slightly overwhelmed, Téa hesitantly replied “Uh, sure.”


Glaring at the Pharaoh in contempt, Johnny sneered at him even harder. “Another fool who dares to step up to Johnny Steps. Fine. I’m not afraid of either of you. Name your game, you little freak!” he declared smugly, confident in his ability to win. Pausing for a moment in thought, he let a wicked grin bleed across his face before he continued. “Only...I don’t play unless it's made worth my time.” Looking at the two, Johnny grinned before laying out his offer. “If I win, the girl -Téa was it?- She has to be my girl and go out on a date with me.” he calmly said, watching them as they reacted to his stipulation. Seeing Téa’s face  he continued hurriedly, trying to head off any complaints or arguing. “Though, if I somehow lose, I’ll never bother her again.” he finished looking cockily towards the Pharaoh. “Sound good?”


Outraged at the suggestion, Téa let her objections to it be known. “What? No! Buzz off creep. Why would I ever agree to that?!” she shouted, taking an upset step towards Johnny, her eyes narrowed, body giving a shiver in revulsion at the mere thought of having to go out on a date with the sleazebag.


Hearing Téa’s shout of clear outrage, the Pharaoh paused for a moment to look at her with a small, reassuring smile; trying to convey his confidence to her silently, before looking once more towards Johnny with eyes narrowed in determination. “Agreed. The game is Duel Monsters.” Hearing his acceptance Téa let out a squawk of protest at his decision, causing the Pharaoh to wince slightly. “And when you lose,” he continued, eyes flashing with hidden power and authority. “You’re never to bother my friend Téa again.” he finished firmly, a serious expression carved on his face.


Scoffing at the overly serious short spiky-haired punk in front of him, Johnny sneered before nodding. “Fine. We’ll duel. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up. I'm sure by the end, you’ll have realized why most don't tango with Johnny Steps; loser.” Looking towards Téa with a smug grin, he boisterously continued, “I look forward to our date Téa. I’ll be sure to match my rhythm to your own, and show you some great dance steps.”


Disgusted with his arrogance, Téa scoffed and turned away with a huff, ducking behind her friend Yugi’s body, trying to hide behind the Pharaoh as she glared in annoyance towards the self-centered creep who thought he could win her like some kind of prize, and at the Pharaoh for agreeing to the challenge. Knowing that he probably didn’t think anything of it as in his time such things were probably common, she sighed in resignation. Thinking about it a little more, a knowing grin tried to creep its way onto her face tugging at her lips as it slowly replaced the look of annoyance she had as she stared towards Johnny. Unaware of what he had just done, she thought about the look he would have on his face when he realized exactly who he had just accepted to duel with.


With the agreement made, the Pharaoh began to lead them away from the pier. Hopping a bus, the three of them soon arrived in front of Domino City’s Kaibacorp dueling arena. Entering within, the Pharaoh took out the pass Mokuba had given Yugi after the events dealing with virtual adventure: ‘Legendary Heroes’ and the coup d'état the Big 5 had concocted against Kaiba before he handed it to the receptionist. Being granted immediate access to one of the duel platforms, he led Téa and Johnny inside before choosing the closest dueling platform, Téa joining him standing in the audience area closest to his side of the field. Waiting for his opponent to reach the other side, the Pharaoh stood calmly as Johnny got into position.


“Challenging Johnny Steps to a duel was a huge mistake. You two losers have no idea who you're dealing with!” he called from his platform smugly while leering towards where Téa was standing.


Ignoring his boasting, the Pharaoh calmly replied. “You’re the one who’s going to lose.”


Seeing his opponent's stern, confident stare, Johnny’s own self-assured confidence waved a little before he scoffed. “You listen up punk. Johnny Steps doesn’t lose. Everyone who challenges me gets stepped on.” Turning towards her, he addressed Téa. “Hey! You may think you might have beaten me today Téa, but that was only because of a freak accident when my leg gave out. I’ll get to prove as much when we go on our date later.”


Getting frustrated at the disrespect being shown towards Téa, the Pharaoh’s eyes narrowed before he growled. “Téa beat you fair and square. Making excuses doesn’t change the outcome.”


Glaring back at the Pharaoh Johnny scoffed. “Believe what you want to believe, tough guy. Johnny Steps always steps up and comes out on top!”


Staring at his opponent in annoyance, the Pharaoh shook his head having had enough of Johnny's arrogant attitude. “All right. It's about time you learned your lesson steps. Let's duel!” 


At his declaration, each of the life point indicators rose and portrayed 2000 starting the duel. 


Duel: Yami Yugi vs. Johnny Steps

Drawing his cards from the deck Johnny was first to go. “Why don’t I start off this show. Placing a card down on the field he called out. “I play Sonic Maid, in attack mode.” before normal summoning ‘Sonic Maid:(1200/900)’ in attack position. “This Maid is going to clean your clock.” he declared, as her hologram appeared on the field gripping some form of crescent-headed bladed polearm weapon while standing confidently.

Not intimidated in the least, the Pharaoh began his own turn. Drawing a card he looked to it before his lips twitched in satisfaction, having drawn the ‘Celtic Guardian:(1400/1200)’ “I summon Celtic Guardian, in attack mode.” he declared, normal summoning it to the field in attack position; it's hologram appearing, standing menacingly. "Attack, destroy Sonic Maid with your steel sword.” With his command, Celtic Guardian’s hologram dashed forward with a growl before slashing the projection of the Sonic Maid causing it to shatter and disappear while Johnny’s life point indicator lowered by 200 points to 1800.

Staring in disbelief at the loss of his monster, Johnny stood looking at the field for a moment before plastering a fake confident smirk on his face. “Uhh...It looks like you just got lucky dude, but I wouldn’t let it go to your spikey head. This duel just started and Johnny Steps is about to step it up.” Drawing a card, Johnny smiled smugly before declaring, “I’ll make an even bigger splash when I play ‘Water Omotics: (1400/1200)’ in attack mode.” Normal summoning it to the field in attack position, its hologram appeared standing stoically, holding a large water urn.


Seeing the monster appear, the Pharaoh stared at it in confusion before quietly talking to himself. “That card...just what is Johnny up to?”

Seeing the Pharaoh’s look, Téa called out to him worriedly, “What? Is something wrong?”

Shaking his head, the Pharaoh looked to her before explaining, “It’s strange. Every duelist knows a strong deck must have cards that support each other and work in synergy. But Johnny’s monsters just seem to be all over the place, with no rhyme or reason.” Looking towards Johnny the Pharaoh addresses him. “If you think you can win by throwing random monsters against me, then you're sadly mistaken.”

Mocking him in reply, Johnny called back in retort, “Ooh I’m quaking in my boots. Maybe your puny brain can’t figure out my plan...if you’ve even got a brain in the urchin-looking head.” 

Narrowing his eyes, the Pharaoh sternly looked towards his opponent before replying, “Talk all you want. We’ll see who wins in the end.” before reaching forward to draw a card for his turn. Looking at the drawn card and his hand, the Pharaoh called out, “I choose to end my turn without playing a card.”

Drawing his own card, Johnny looked to it before smugly calling out, “I play ‘Spirit of the Harp:(800/2000)’ in defense mode.” normal summoning it in defense position, its hologram appearing in a kneeling position clutching a harp as large as its body. Playing another card onto the field he called out, “Along with a magic card: ‘Chorus of Sanctuary’. My Little cherub friend here increases the defense points of my Spirit of the Harp by 500 points.” Activating the effect of ‘Chorus of Sanctuary’ the defense points of every defense position monster on his side of the field increased by 500 points, his Spirit of the Harp’s point indicator rising from 800/2000 to 2500. Cockily he finished his turn off by boasting, “And that's music to my ears.”

Thinking quietly to himself that maybe Johnny was a better duelist than he had given him credit for, Yugi and the Pharaoh communicated, conversing amongst themselves mentally. They both agreed that taking his life points down with such a high-defense monster may be a little difficult. However despite his intelligent play with ‘Chorus of Sanctuary’, he forgot one crucial step; and they planned to make it costly.

Drawing a card for his own turn the Pharaoh called out to his opponent, “Ready Johnny Steps; because it's time for you to face the music.” Playing a card to the field the Pharaoh continued, “I summon ‘Curse of Dragon:(2000/1500)’ in attack mode.” Once its hologram appeared on the field, he stared at the field with a stoic glare before ordering. “Incinerate Water Omotics with your mighty Dragon Flame!” A ball of bright glowing flame-like energy built up before the mouth of the Curse of Dragon before it fired off in a wave of pulsating heat and energy engulfing the hologram of Water Omotics which shattered and Johnny's life point indicator lowered from 1800 to 1200.

“Oh Shit. I messed up. I forgot I was supposed to switch her into defense mode.” Johnny shouted out in dismay as he realized his mistake, as  he watched his life point counter decrease once again.


In the stands, Tea silently watched as Johnny was slowly losing with a small pleased smile. “Johnny has no idea who he is even up against.” Téa confidently muttered to herself, smugly looking at the difference between their life points.

Looking to his distraught opponent, the Pharaoh called out, “It seems that your last turn fell a little flat. So far you're hitting all the wrong notes in this duel, Johnny Steps.” 


Frustrated at the loss of his monster for such an easy mistake, and at his opponent's smug retort; Johnny glared angrily towards the Pharaoh. “Don’t worry about a couple of missteps. They won't matter. I’m just tuning up for the grand finale, that's all.” 


Drawing a card for his turn, Johnny looked at it before smirking. “But first, a surprise guest: ‘Witch of the Balck Forest':(1100/1200)’ in defense mode,” he called out as he placed its card on the field, normal summoning it; its hologram appearing in its black robe standing ominously on the field. “But there’s more to come, duel fans,” he continued, turning a card around from in his hand and playing it on the field as well. “I activate my ‘Polymerization’ card, fusing together ‘Witch of the Black Forest’ and ‘Lady of Faith’ from my hand to create a whole new rock’n rolling entity better known as: the ‘Musician King:(1750/1500)’.”


Summoning it in attack position, its hologram appeared on the field shirtless standing confidently while clutching a red guitar. Johnny looked towards the Pharaoh smugly. “Why don’t we play a little lullaby for ‘Celtic Guardian’.” On the field the hologram began to play its guitar, rock music rifts sounding out, creating visible waves of sound that reverberated out and slammed into the hologram of the ‘Celtic Guardian’ as it struggled, before it shattered; the Pharaoh’s life point indicator decreasing by 350 points from 2000 to 1650.

Seeing the Pharaoh's distraught look at the destruction of his monster, Johnny couldn’t help but try to add salt to the wound. “I guess your Celtic Guardian wasn’t a big fan of the electric guitar!” he called out tauntingly. Turning, Johnny looked towards Téa, leering at her; before smugly continuing, “I promise the music will be much more romantic and to the beat on our date, Téa.” Looking back towards the duel, he drew another card from his hand and set it face down on the field. “I’ll just play this card face down on the field, ending my turn. Make your move.”


Drawing a card, the Pharaoh looked out onto the dueling field with fury. “‘Curse of Dragon’, fire your flame and silence his ‘Musician King’.”

As the hologram for the Curse of Dragon began to charge up another attack Johnny laughed from his own duel platform. “You fell into my trap, I totally played you, you loser.”

Startled, the Pharaoh looked towards his opponent. “ A trap?!”

Flipping over his face down card Johnny continued, “Time to crank up the volume with my face down card: ‘Metalmorph’, which transforms my Musician King, into the punk rocking: ‘Heavy Metal King’.” The hologram on the field glowed, suddenly gaining a studded leather jacket, spiked leather boots, a spiked hairband, and large metal shoulder pauldrons with a single large spike jutting out from each. “His attack and defense points climb up to the top of the charts,” he called out as his Heavy Metal King’s attack and defense stats rose by 300 points each going from 1750/1500 to 2050/1800. “Play his dragon a couple of reps that’ll be sure to blow its mind.”


Unable to stop his attack, the Pharaoh was only able to watch as his dragon launched its own attack only for Heavy Metal King to begin to once again play its guitar the sounds waves once more reverberating before physically slamming into the Curse of Dragon’s fire, preventing it from engulfing it, before they extinguished it's flame and instead echoed out, slamming into the Dragon’s hologram with force destroying it in a shattering of particles. Grimacing at the loss of yet another of his monsters the Pharaoh looked grim as his life points decreased from 1650 to 1600.


Noticing the Pharaoh’s distress once again Johnny jeered at him. “How Pathetic, all that talk before was nothing but lame static. It looks like your nothing but a one-hit wonder!”

Regaining his composer, the Pharaoh pulled a card from his hand and set it on the field as he called out, “Giant Soldier of Stone:(1300/2000)’ in defense mode,” normal summoning it to the field, its hologram appearing in a fortified crouch as its stone body materialized itself guarding in front of the Pharaoh.


Looking at the Pharaoh’s field in contempt, Johnny called out, “You can’t really expect that boulder to stop my Heavy Metal King, especially not with metalmorph. It increases his power with every attack.” Looking towards the Pharaoh with a sneer he pressed on “I think this next song will just be a tremendous smash hit, and leave your ears ringing with the sound of your inevitable defeat. Let's show it the real meaning of Rock!”


Ordering his Heavy Metal King to attack, he watched as Heavy Metal King's attack points jumped from 2050 to 2700 thanks to the effect of Metalmorph activating; increasing its attack by half the attack points of "Giant Soldier of Stone" during the damage calculation. Its hologram once again began to play a hard rift on its guitar, the sound waves slamming into the’ Giant Soldier of Stone’ causing it to crack apart before it fractured and shattered into particles. Once its attack was complete its attack points dropped back down to their original 2050.


Taunting the Pharaoh again, Johnny called out. “Why don't you just give up, you loser! None of your monsters can jam with my Heavy Metal King! He’s just too hard-rocking for any of your pathetic monsters to try to step to!”


Ignoring his opponent's petty taunts, the Pharaoh drew a card from his deck before looking with intensity towards the field. Playing the drawn card he called out, his voice steeled in resolve. “I call forth: ‘Dark Magician: (2500/2100)’!” Appearing on the field floating mystically in the air, the Dark Magician’s hologram stared out stoically towards Johnny's side of the field, clutching its sceptre tightly. “Attack Heavy Metal King!” He ordered grimly, staring stoically towards Johnny.

Hearing the order to attack, Johnny laughed mockingly towards the Pharaoh. Man, the fun just never ends...and you're stupider than I thought you were! With metalmorph’s effect, Heavy Metal King’s attack strength is greater than Dark Magicians.”

Looking at his smug opponent, the Pharaoh remained stoic. “Johnny, your ability to miscalculate is uncanny.”

Johnny’s smug look slipped, his eyes narrowing in frustration and confusion. “Say what?!”

Pressing on the Pharaoh continued, “Your overconfidence leaves you arrogant, and renders you blind! Dark Magician, Dark Magic Attack!”


Following his order, the hologram of the Dark Magician glared contemptuously as it swept its sceptre forward, violently unleashing a discolouring wave of magic that struck Johnny’s Heavy Metal King, inverting its colour for a moment; before it shattered into particles. “Your Heavy Metal King has been shattered,” he finished as Johnny's life points dropped from 1200 to 750.

Staring at the destruction of his monster Johnny looked on his field in disbelief, before narrowing his eyes in frustration and anger. Looking towards the Pharaoh angrily he called out. “That's Impossible! Metalmorph raises Heavy Metal King’s Attack power. You shouldn’t have been able to destroy my monster, you cheated somehow!”

Staring at his opponent with contempt the Pharaoh’s eyes narrowed in disgust before he explained. “I’m no cheater Johnny Steps! And despite your accusation of such, I'll explain to you how exactly your monster was defeated. You were almost correct about your monster Johnny, but you left out one rule. It's true that metalmorph increases your monster’s attack power...but only when it's your monster that attacks. Since it was my monster that attacked though, your cards' effect doesn’t activate and Heavy Metal King didn’t receive the power bonus; leaving your Heavy Metal King weaker than my Dark Magician.” Seeing his explanation reaching Johnny, the Pharaoh continued. “Metalmorph is a powerful card...when used correctly. Maybe you should have read the instruction manual first before trying to use an instrument you have no experience with. I’ve now put an end to your musical mayhem,” the Pharaoh finished, looking towards his disheartened opponent smugly.


Dropping the cards in his hand in shock, Johnny started towards the field in disbelief before his frustration began to boil. “That's bullshit! I know I read my cards right and I'm certain metalmorph worked on your attacks as well. You're a filthy cheater! What’s your name?!” Johnny demanded, trying to shift the blame back onto his opponent despite knowing full well that he had made a mistake.

Growling at the attempt to once again call him a cheater, the Pharaoh looked angrily towards Johnny before declaring. “You can just call me Yugi! And once again Johnny Steps, I Do Not Cheat at Duel Monsters!”


Johnny paused for a moment, the name ringing with familiarity for some reason. “That name sort of Rings a bell” he muttered to himself, staring more closely at his opponent before recoiling in shock. “No Way! You-you’re not the same Yugi who defeated Pegasus in Duelist Kingdom...that can’t be you?!”

Seeing Johnny’s sudden look of recognition and hearing his exclamation, the Pharaoh looked smugly towards him. “I see that my name struck a chord.” Pressing on the Pharaoh finishes off his turn by declaring, “It’s time to finish this duel Johnny Steps, and it's your move.”

Getting confirmation Johnny began to panic, frantically shaking as he realized who it was he had been dueling and calling a cheater. Retracting his duelist platform, Johnny stared in terror towards the Pharaoh. “Fuck this! Forget that. I can’t hang with you. If I’d have known I was facing the winner of Duelist Kingdom I wouldn’t have accepted your challenge to begin with. I'm out man, I’m a dancer, not some professional duelist.” Johnny called out as he retreated, collecting his dropped cards and deck before stowing them away in his pocket, attempting to escape; only to have his path blocked by Téa, who stood with her arms crossed, staring at him in contempt.

“Yugi takes a slight lead in the duel and you decide to run like a whipped dog with your tail tucked between your legs; what happened to Johnny Steps never loses?” Shaking her head in disappointment, Téa continued. “It's just like when you tried to trip and shove me around during our dance battle earlier. The second you come under a little pressure, your true colors shine through and you either cheat or run away. You're a joke, Johnny.”

Upset over his loss and now having this smug cunt up in his face adding insult, Johnny growled with rage. “So what! A forfeit is better than an actual loss as nobody likes a loser.” Staring at her in frustration and contempt he continued. “And don't go trying to act all high and mighty, you lousy self-righteous little cunt. Acting smug and uppity just because you’re friends with the winner of Duelist Kingdom. If my friends were like that then sure I might not take it so bad, but you two basically tricked me letting me think your buddy was just some no-named punk. Deals off, and I’m out of here.” Pausing, Johnny looked at her with a cocky sneer. “I still hold on to what I said earlier. If we had a rematch, I’d beat you hands down; you skanky little tart.”


Trying to push past her, he growled in frustration as she stepped in front of him again; poking him angrily in the chest. “Self-righteous little cunt am I? Skanky little tart huh?! Real rich coming from you, you arrogant, egotistical, self-serving sack of shit! You lost fair and square both times, and you can’t even man up and accept it!” Crossing her arms back over her chest she glared angrily at him before sneering. ”Guess I really was right about you Johnny. You really should go apply for an audition at the gentlemen's club on the other side of the city, as only a little bitch like you without the balls to man up would be welcomed there as one of their dancers.” Looking at him in contempt and disgust she continued her eyes staring mockingly at his own. “And friends? Please! I bet you have none, with your arrogant, self-centered attitude and poor shitty over inflated egotistical personality. Again with your lame fake made-up excuses. Grow up and grow a pair Johnny, and stop trying to run like some coward when things start to get tough.”


Frustrated at her disrespect and snide comments, Johnny angrily shoved her to the side. “I have a ton of friends you skank, none of them as impressive as your buddy Yugi there; but we’re all tight and I won't have you disrespecting them! And it's you who should go audition as a dancer at the club. I’m sure that stripping down and swinging about on the pole is all your skills will ever amount to. Get out of my face and come back when you want to prove you're better than me without the help of your little boyfriend!” He snarled before storming off, leaving her to huff angrily at his retreating back.


Rejoining the Pharaoh, Téa congratulates him on his victory. “Great work out there. You really crushed him. Too bad he was too much of a sore loser to stick it out until the end.” Looking back towards where Johnny had exited, Téa let out a short angry shout. “ARG! He makes me so mad with his cocky attitude and snide comments!”  Walking out from the dueling arena Téa huffed before turning to look towards the Pharaoh, her anger and annoyance bleeding away. “So, before we were interrupted earlier you said you had decided. Does that mean that you want to go to the museum exhibit next?”


Nodding solemnly towards her, the Pharaoh adopted a pensive stare; quietly staring off deep in thought. Not wanting to interrupt him while he was in his thoughts, Téa quietly hailed a cab and had it drive them to the Domino Museum building. After several minutes' travel, she paid for the cab and they both got out in front of the large imposing structure. Walking towards its steps, Téa stopped before waving grandly towards it with a playful smile on her face.


“Here we are, the Domino City Museum.” Looking towards the Pharaoh with a more solemn look, Téa continued; fidgeting slightly. “ Do you’ll find some of the answers you're looking for?” she asked quietly with a hesitant smile.

Turning towards her, the Pharaoh stared at her for a moment before smiling slightly before resuming his stoic staring. “Yes. I think you were right about this Egyptian exhibit when you mentioned it earlier. I feel it may hold clues to the mystery of my ancient past...answers to some of my most troubling questions.” Turning to look at her more firmly his mouth parted in a true smile as he continued. “Thank you for bringing me here, and for helping me today, Téa.”

“What are friends for!” she replied, smiling brightly.

Staring determinedly up the steps towards the building, the Pharaoh looked on determinedly. “Thanks to your help my mind is set. No matter what.” Pausing he stared at her, internally discussing his thoughts with Yugi before he resumed talking. “However, both Yugi and I...feel we must take this first step alone.” Seeing her slightly shocked and betrayed expression at his declaration, he continued, trying to smooth out her hurt feelings. “It’s not that we don’t appreciate everything you’ve done today, nor that we don’t want you to come with us. It's just...the uncertainty of what we may discover...has both Yugi and I weary of possibly endangering our friends any further.”


Beginning to pace slightly, he pressed on; trying to explain their shared fears. “While the others remain unaware of just how close to peril they were placed, Joey and yourself are really the only ones who truly seemed to truly understand at least in some respect; just how close to danger you have all come… and even Joey, doesn’t yet truly realize that Yugi and I are not the same being... not like you do.” Looking at her face his expression remained stoic as he watched her to see her reaction to his words. “Since he first assembled the millennium puzzle and freed my spirit, the friend who’s been put in danger and at risk, the most has been you, Tea.” Stopping his pacing to stare at her stunned expression, the Pharaoh sighed before slowly continuing, this time in a much quieter, subdued tone. “From the incidents in school that lead to his friendship with Joey and Tristan, to the attempted robbery at your workplace and the attempted mugging and assault on your person by both the charlatan who claimed himself psychic and the stalker; you have been in danger at risk of being hurt time and time again despite Yugi’s efforts to keep you safe.” Looking at her sincerely his mouth twitched into a small grin. “ He is very fond of you, and cherishes your friendship above all others, and it has pained him to see you placed in danger time and time again.” Seeing her look of surprised but bashful happiness he continued, “And now, your lives -all of our friend’s lives-  were once again put at risk through the trials and duels we faced together in Duelist Kingdom; against the power of Pegasus’s Melleinum Eye, and during the duel against the spirit that was trapped in Bakura’s own millennium item.” Shaking his head he stared down towards the millennium puzzle. “We’re both certain that whatever my past may entail, it is surely linked to the millennium items…” he trailed off staring at the puzzle in deep thought before shaking himself as though reminded he was having a conversation with her. “Their origin and powers, much like my own, are still shrouded in so much mystery. They are an unknown, making them a dangerous that I- we don’t wish to expose you and our other friends too…not until we know more about their origin, and their own abilities…” Looking at her with a solemn stare he finished softly, “Please, understand.” 

Biting her lip in thought, Téa slowly released it while shaking her head as she stared towards the Pharaoh residing in Yugi’s body and Yugi, in resignation; before sighing softly. “I guess you're right. I’d love to accompany you the rest of the way, and it feels like such a cop-out to be asked to leave you alone to face this when you really should have a friend by your side, but I can see where you're both coming from. When it's all laid out like that, it is kind of dramatic and unnerving, damning its evidence and argument.” Taking a deep breath she looked firmly towards the Pharaoh, laughing while trying to grin and smile widely while throwing her arm up and pointing determinedly up towards the museum's entrance. “Alright! Go, and hopefully find some of the answers you’ve been looking for.” Staring at the Pharoah, her smile shifted to a more sombre concerned stare. “Make sure both you and Yugi stay safe in there, and please...tell us if you find anything. We are here to help.” Lowering her arm, she grasped her hands together anxiously before releasing them and grinning confidently at the Pharaoh. “Hopefully you’ll learn enough, that next time; you’ll let me and the others tag along.” Waving to them, she watched from the bottom of the steps as the Pharaoh hesitantly began to trek up towards the museum's entrance. 

Stopping several feet up the steps, he turned to look towards her watching body below one last time. “Thank you for understanding, Téa. Be safe.” Turning around fully, he squared his shoulders before walking firmly up towards the entrance, and hopefully towards some of the answers he had long sought.

Watching as the back of the Pharaoh retreated further and further away towards the museum's entrance, Téa blew out a sigh of frustration; before turning and leaving the museum, heading back in the direction towards the main transit station that would take her back home.


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