Reviews for The Night Shift

BY : Drake

  • From santos402 on July 13, 2020

    That was great , all of your writing is great . If you gonna write yugioh gx fic in future , please write manjoume asuka lemon . Because judai asuka would not be good , since he is too clueless about sex . But manjoume is not like that , he love asuka greatly , while he has lust for asuka even greater than his love .

         Also yuya asuka lemon would be hot again . Maybe this time asuka would not go to yuya , yuya try to convince her one night stand . Maybe she would be in a weak moment , after break up from her boyfriend or girlfriend.  More experienced yuya × leşe experienced asuka lemon would be hot . Also , it is great the way yuya fucking another protaganist's girl,  while he still has his girlfriend.  Maybe he would have rough sex with asuka , while he would not fuck yuzu since he is afraid to hurt her , but he would fuck asuka roughtly , without holding back .

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