The Night Shift

BY : Drake
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The Night Shift

                Aki Izayoi stepped through the back door of the shop and looked up at the clock. Fifteen minutes until her shift started. She headed into the small change room and set her bag in an open locker.

                “There you are!” A girl with grey-blue hair peaked her head around the corner. “End of your first week, excited?”

                “Not really, Grammy.” Aki shook her head. “This job has been so boring. Are Fridays any busier?”

                “Nope. The busiest nights are never.” Grammy shrugged. “Hey, at least it’s easy, right?”

                “I suppose.”

                “I’m gonna do a check while you get changed, come on out whenever you’re ready.”

                Grammy vanished back into the shop, leaving Aki to unzip her bag and pull out her water bottle and book.

                Why the parts shop on the highway Turbo Duel track insisted on being open twenty-four hours was a mystery to Aki, and everyone she had mentioned her new job to – the usual response was ‘they’re open twenty-four hours? Who do they think is going to come in at night?’ The answer was, judging from Aki’s previous four nights on the job, no one. She had spent the evening sitting at the front counter doing schoolwork and then reading a novel. Not a single customer had come in the entire time.

                On the other hand… Aki looked at the uniform hanging in the locker and sighed. I could do without having to wear that every shift. The uniform was embarrassing, but all employees at this chain had to wear it. She took the uniform off the hanger and blushed furiously as she looked it over.

                She’d never had to give her measurements when doing a job interview before.

                It was a fair question, in all honesty. They had to make sure the uniform fit, and this particular outfit was not one where being a bit too tight or too big was acceptable. The knowledge that it was a purely practical matter had not made it any easier for Aki to mumble her answer to the employer, who very thankfully was also a woman.

                It’ll be worth it for the paycheck. And, at least no customers means no one has to see me wearing this.

                Aki slid the uniform off the hanger and began to undress.

                Yusei read the monitor’s readout and frowned. Engine performance barely changed. He pushed back from the desk and stood up to head back over to his D-Wheel. He grabbed a socket wrench and began to turn the bolts holding part of the frame over the engine. Air flow over the tires might be a factor. Or the tires rubbing against the frame on turns and bounces.

                A creak made Yusei turn his head to the door of the garage. Crow squinted in the dull light of the overhead bulb. “Yusei, it’s almost one. Go to bed.”

                “Can’t sleep.” Yusei turned his attention back to his work. “Sorry if I woke you up.”

                “What are you doing?”

                “Checking my D-Wheel’s performance.” Yusei stood from the engine work and knelt to examine the frame holding the rear wheel to the rest of the vehicle. “Vizor accelerated to uncharted speeds when he performed Accel Synchro. I have to be sure my D-Wheel can do the same, if it can’t then Accel Synchro may not work.”

                “Uh, didn’t you just say he was going at uncharted speed? So how do you know if your D-Wheel is fast enough?”

                Running a finger along the inside rim of the tire, Yusei stopped and closed his eyes. He’s right, of course.

                Crow continued, “look, man, whatever puts you at ease, go for it. Just try to not wake up the whole household, okay?”

                “Yeah. Sorry.” Yusei stood and grabbed his jacket from the back of the computer chair. “I need to check its performance on the road anyway.” He climbed into the seat and lifted his helmet.

                Aki flipped her schoolbook shut and popped open her water bottle to take a swig. She glanced at the clock – it was past one am in the morning. Five hours to go. Lunch now, or in a little bit? I had a later dinner…

                Her train of thought was stopped by the dull roar of a motorcycle engine. Aki looked up and saw a light shining on the road outside come closer and then duck away as the vehicle turned to the side of the building.

                A customer? Really? Aki took a breath. She had done training during a day shift – be courteous, polite, informative, direct but not brusque. She stood up, clasped her hands over her front, and put on a friendly smile. It may not be a glamorous job, but she was going to do it properly.

                That intent slipped when the front door open and her guest came inside. “Yusei?” She stepped around the counter. “What are you doing out this late?”

                Yusei froze and stared as the door swung shut behind him.

                “Izayoi…” Aki…

                Aki Izayoi was a beautiful girl. One would have to be blind not to notice. But Yusei respected her too much as a friend and as a fellow duelist to think of her as just some sex object to be lusted over and chased after. That aside she was not one to tease men with her body; her usual outfits, while alluring in their own ways, covered her up enough to be presentable and gave her an air of dignity and elegance. Save for the occasional glance, it was no matter to pay no mind to Aki’s feminine charms.

                It was far more difficult to maintain that mindset when he was seeing Aki dressed as the Dark Magician Girl.

                Long, well-shaped legs ran from bright blue boots up to a flared pink skirt. A small triangle of fabric hid her groin from view enough to keep her modest but did nothing to hide the rest of her thighs in plain view. The outfit was tight around her waist and with the skirt seemed to emphasize her flaring hips, then narrowed and ran up to her chest. Her chest. Her breasts were practically trying to escape the tight blue fabric binding them, bulging up from behind it and curving up into the air like mountains. Her torso above that was bare save for a jeweled choker and elbow gloves, showing off bare shoulders and the graceful curve of her neck. A short pink cape trailed from her back to complete the ensemble.

                The Dark Magician Girl herself was widely adored as the sexiest Duel Monster in the game, but Aki in that outfit was making a strong case for her own consideration.

                Yusei’s pants seemed to tighten and he felt something twitch.

                Aki looked herself over. “I know. This isn’t really me. But, it’s the uniform of the chain.”

                “…right, the chain.” Yusei shook himself to his senses. Aki wasn’t the kind to be droll like some piece of meat… even if she did look delicious baring so much skin. Yusei forced himself to look at her face. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

                “My first week. I’d mentioned it before, briefly. But I think you were busy.” Aki smiled. “So, if you didn’t know I was here, why are you here?”

                Yusei remembered the reason he had stopped. “Was running some maintenance on my D-Wheel, was thinking of browsing parts when I saw the shop open.”

                “Sure thing. Go ahead.” Aki spread a hand to the shelves of card packs and D-Wheel parts. Yusei nodded and began browsing, eyes scanning the racks and shelves.

                Aki stepped behind the counter, momentarily turning away. She blushed furiously and would have fanned herself if she wasn’t in Yusei’s line of sight. That look he’d given her was the kind she had only see on his face in dreams, dreams that universally proceeded to the point she couldn’t discuss them in polite company. It was one thing for normal customers to ogle her – she had gotten used to that quick enough during her training on a day shift – but for Yusei to do it. She bit her lip and composed herself before turning around to face the store again.

                Yusei pursed his lip as he reached the end of his current shelf. “Do you carry fuel injectors?”

                Aki had to think for a moment. “Um, yes, back there.” She waved a hand at the narrow hall leading to the back of the store. Small plastic containers lined the walls floor to ceiling in shelves to let them pull out. “You can come take a look, if you like.”

                “Are customers allowed back there?”

                “I trust you not to steal anything.” Aki gave him a small smile and walked back into the hall. As her skirt bounced behind her, Yusei’s eyes snapped to it. A slight breeze would be enough to present him with a full, unobstructed view of— Stop it! Besides, given how the skirt barely covered her and the decency of her employers, Aki would surely have panties on. Yusei’s mind teased him with the idea maybe she didn’t, and he ignored it to follow her.

                “Here we are.” Aki stopped and pointed to a section of the wall. Yusei stopped next to her and looked it over. Aki leaned back on the shelf behind her. The hallway was barely big enough for two people to squeeze by each other. “So, how come you’re out so late?”

                “Couldn’t sleep.” Yusei’s hand stilled on a handle for a compartment. “The Emperors of Yliaster… they could strike anytime. They haven’t. Which means they’re working on something else.”

                “Or they could be licking their wounds from their last defeat.” Aki shook her head. “I know you’re concerned about them, Yusei, we all are. But staying up all night worrying does no one any good, lease of all yourself if you need to duel one of them again.”

                “I know…” Yusei nodded and inhaled and looked over his shoulder at her. “Thanks.”

                “Of course.” Aki smiled warmly.

                Yusei returned it and then looked back at the wall of parts. “Do you have filtered fuel concentrators?”

                “I think so, though only a couple of brands.” Aki looked around and tried to remember her brief tour. She spotted a label on a higher shelf. “There.” She grabbed one of the shelf supports and pulled herself up, resting her foot on the lower shelf.

                Yusei turned and his eyes bulged. With Aki raising herself up like that, he could confirm she was indeed wearing panties. They were black, lacy, and were doing nothing to cover Aki, riding so high on her they were practically a thong. A sea of plump, juicy ass flesh filled Yusei’s field of vision framed by a pink skirt. Who knew Aki was hiding such a lush butt all this time? She was so close he could pretty much just take a step forward and shove his nose between her cheeks.

                Yusei had been aroused when he came in the store, and the sight of Aki’s lovely ass sent him into a full erection. He looked up at her and confirmed she was inspecting the shelves, and then reached down. His hardening cock was painful against his jeans and he adjusted himself for relief. He took a breath. He had a noticeable bulge now, but he should be able to get rid of it before Aki noticed. He looked at her, forcing his eyes to move past her butt to her torso just beyond it. “Careful up there.”

                “I’m okay.” Aki pulled a container out and kept her hand where it was to hold herself up while the other hand passed the other to Yusei. “That’s one.” When she felt him take what was in her hand, she reached back up and took hold of the next container. It stuck in the shelf and rattled. Aki pulled again, but it still stuck. She frowned and pulled harder. The container continued to rattle and barely moved. She gripped the handle tighter and gave a single, hard pull.

                The plastic was yanked out of the shelf and Aki’s arm swung out with the force, the small metal engine pieces inside scattering on the floor. Aki cried out and tipped back, her foot slipping on the shelf.

                “Aki!” Yusei moved behind her and held his arms out to catch her. Aki fell back, tumbling through Yusei’s outstretched arms and one of her legs dropping to the ground. She hit Yusei’s chest and pushed him back, and Yusei instinctively wrapped his arms around her to hold her. “I gotcha.”

                Aki was still in Yusei’s arms, and he looked at her curiously, the back of her head all he could see. “Izayoi?”

                Aki gasped for breath, her heart pounding in her chest. Her foot that had flown out from under her was still braced on the shelf, but Yusei kept her upright. If he hadn’t been there, she would have surely hit the opposite shelf or else gone right to the floor. However, that was barely a thought in Aki’s mind. In that instant, she was preoccupied with two far more startling, exciting realizations.

                First, Yusei had his arms around her, his hands sprayed across her stomach and fingers pressing into the fabric of her uniform. Strong, warm, comforting arms that she had dreamed about having wrapped around her.

                Second, her skirt had flown up as she fell and was bunched against her back, allowing her to feel an extremely hard, long object pressing into the crack of her rear.

                Aki swallowed heavily. “Yusei… what’s pressing into me?”

                Yusei looked down and gasped sharply as he realized their position. His hands dropped from her midriff and he pushed himself away. “S-sorry.” He shook his head and looked away, avoiding her eyes. “I didn’t mean to, I was…”

                Aki turned and looked down at his groin, confirming her suspicions. Her heart quickened and her skin heated. Yusei is hard for me…

                “I wasn’t trying to do anything.” Yusei was trying to get out an explanation when Aki raised her eyes to his face. He was still looking away from her. “I just—"

                Whatever further excuse Yusei was going to provide, Aki didn’t hear it and didn’t care. She lunged forward, grabbed Yusei’s face with both hands, and turned him forward so she could kiss him.

                Yusei inhaled sharply, eyes wide with surprise. Aki held him against her mouth, lips hungrily pressed against his, eyes closed. Yusei stumbled back a few steps, Aki coming with him. Yusei’s hands shook at his side. Her lips were warm and sweet, a delicious taste like nothing he could have imagined.

                Aki pulled back and loudly inhaled, staring at him. Yusei stared back. Her eyes were dark and gleaming with desire, boring into his.


                “Yusei…” Aki whispered, her voice husky. “…I didn’t mind it.”

                In an instant, a mutual question passed between their eyes and was answered.

                Nothing else had to be said.

                The two came forward as one and kissed again, their hands pawing at the other. Yusei’s lips smacked against Aki’s and she moaned deeply. This was what she’d dreamed of, what she’d needed; Yusei all over her, eagerly rubbing every inch of her body with lust and passion. She ran her hands over his chest and grew frustrated. She needed more, more skin, more contact. She pushed Yusei’s jacket off his shoulders and he took his hands off her to shrug it off and discard it. When his hands came back onto her it was in a two-handed palming of her ass. Aki yelped and smiled into his mouth. With her body pressed against him so close, she could feel that wonderful, hard bulge again, a bulge meant for her and only her.

                She opened her mouth to slide her tongue forward and was met by Yusei’s. The two wet, hot appendages tapped each other and entwined. Aki desperately wanted to know what the inside of Yusei’s mouth tasted like, but she yielded to him and pulled him back into her mouth. She felt and heard Yusei moan and his hands on her rear tightened. Aki threw her arms around his neck and leaned into him.

                With Aki’s weight on him, Yusei stumbled back and she stepped with him until they were back in the shop front and he bumped against the swivel chair Aki had been sitting on. A gesture of his foot kicked it aside and the two continued to make out behind the front counter. After a moment Yusei lifted his head and looked past Aki.

                She looked over her shoulder at the shop, saw nothing, and turned back to him. “What?”

                “Maybe we should stop. Someone could see us.”

                Like hell we’re stopping now. Yusei could tear the uniform off, throw her on the counter, and ravish her while her co-workers and boss came in, and Aki would have encouraged him to keep going. Though, it didn’t need to come to that. Aki turned away from him and knelt to check the underside of the counter. Near the register she found the small up-down control box and pressed the lower button. With a whir and a creak, metal plates slid down over the front door and windows until the outside couldn’t be seen anymore.

                Aki stood up. “Better?”

                Her response was a pair of hands grabbing her breasts and a hard chest pressing into her back.

                Yusei kissed Aki’s neck, suckling gently and letting her feel just a bit of his teeth. His lips ghosted against the jeweled yellow choker that was part of her uniform, and his thoughts briefly turned to a joke he’d heard about women wearing chokers during sex. Would she go for that? He could hope.

                Not that he didn’t have plenty to enjoy already. With Aki pressed back against him so tight, Yusei was hypersensitive to her body. From her breasts filling his hands, to her graceful neck tilting to give him room to kiss her, to her plush, rounded ass rubbing against his jean-covered cock, Aki’s body was built to give and be given pleasure. He affectionately squeezed her tits and felt a gentle poke in his palms. No bra?

                He ran his fingers along the tops of her breasts, tracing along blue and pink fabric, and let out a small growl. “How does this come off?”

                “Let me.” Aki reached up to her cleavage and fingered the round jewel in the center. Yusei heard a clasp snap, and the fabric around her shoulders loosened and her cape sagged. He pulled the garment away and tossed it aside, leaving Aki in a blue corset. He saw her hand moving down her torso and heard a zipper being undone. When Aki pulled the fabric off, Yusei let his hands snap up to their awaited prize. A gasp and the corset dropping to the ground was Aki’s reaction to Yusei hungrily grabbing her breasts.

                Anyone who could see would know from a glance that Aki had been blessed with a generous chest, but Yusei could now confirm they felt even better than they looked. They were, in a word, perfect. Firm enough to squeeze and soft enough to welcome it, just the right size to fill his hands, and a good amount of bounce to them. Yusei cupped, stroked, and kneaded every inch of flesh his fingers could find, delighting in the moans and groans they elicited. He grabbed her nipples and rubbed them between his fingers, and grinned as Aki shuddered against him.

                With Yusei doing everything he could to get more and more skin-on-skin contact with her, Aki was in heaven. Everything she’d dreamed about and more was coming true. She wiggled against him, her lips curling in a moan. She reached down and pulled her pink skirt up, allowing her panty-covered ass better access to the denim bulge pressing against it. The rough fabric was simultaneously arousing and annoying – it kept her from feeling what she really wanted.

                Aki could have spent all night in Yusei’s arms like this, but there was more he could do to her and she refused to put it off any longer. She brought a hand up to his face, leaned back into him, and turned his head to face her. Unfortunately, their lips were at too awkward an angle to kiss him, but he could see her and he stilled. Aki took a moment to let the image of Yusei – eyes dark and face flushed with lust – burn into her mind, hoping she looked the same way for him. She licked her lips and whispered.

                “I need you.”

                With those three little words uttered, Yusei gave a small smirk and let go of her magnificent breasts. Aki pulled away from him to give him room to work, and she heard his pants unzip and fall to his ankles. She turned forward and obediently bent over the front counter, sliding her hands forward to grip the far end. When she looked back Yusei was tugging his shirt over his head and letting it drop to the ground, exposing a sea of firm muscle that make her mouth water. She then watched as Yusei leaned forward and slipped his thumbs into the waistband of her panties. When he slid them down, she shuffled her legs until they were at her ankles and then stepped out of them. She spread her legs and waited.

                Yusei put a hand on Aki’s moist core, making her breath hitch. She was smooth here, and unspeakably hot. Her rubbed her a bit and then grabbed his cock, still hard as a rock and as ready as he was to feel her. He put his other hand on the pink skirt still around her hips – he could ask how to take it off, but he liked the though of leaving it on bunched up over her. He pushed the skirt up to see and pressed the tip of his cock to Aki’s lips, and pushed in.

                Hot, tight, wet heat engulfed him, and he gripped her hips to hold the two of them steady. Slow, careful, don’t hurt her. Yusei sank into her more and more until he felt her ass bump his hips. He breathed deep and looked down at his partner. Thick burgundy hair trailing down a bare back to a pink skirt and a plush ass jutting from under it. Yusei rested a hand on her butt and gave a small squeeze.

                “How do you feel?”

                Face buried in the counter with her bangs stuck to her head from sweat, Aki didn’t immediately respond. She didn’t know if Yusei was particularly well-endowed or if it was because of the fact she wasn’t used to this, but with his dick sheathed inside her she felt positively full. A void she hadn’t even realized was in her was now filled with love and warmth and hard, thick cock. And it felt so good. Like almost every nerve in her body was alight with pleasure, pleasure enough to drown out the few that were in pain.

                There was only one thing she could say to properly vocalize what they both wanted and needed, and any hesitation or embarrassment was cast aside in that moment. She turned her head and looked at Yusei through the strands of her hair.

                “Fuck me, Yusei.”

                Yusei’s blood boiled at the request, and he immediately set about giving the Black Rose what she asked for. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was inside her, grabbed her hips to hold her in place, and thrust back in quick and deep. Aki gapsed out and jerked forward. Yusei repeated the motion and she groaned.

                Within moments Yusei was pummel Aki with hard, firm thrusts. Her ass rippled and jiggled every time they met, providing a soft cushion for him to plow her as hard as he could muster. Aki’s moans grew in volume as they became shorter and shallower, her breath coming in desperate pants. Yusei shuddered and bit his lip. She felt amazing, like nothing he could imagine. Velvet heaven wrapped around his cock and stroked him every time he thrust into her. He could have blown right then and there, but he tamped down his body’s needs – he wanted to enjoy this as long as he could.

                Her cheek and chest pressed against the wood counter, hair sprayed around her, Aki lay there and let Yusei do whatever he wanted with her. Even if she wanted to stop him or participate, she couldn’t, her body had been reduced to a quivering mass of pleasure and flesh and she couldn’t even find the strength or will to move her arms, just to dig her fingers into the counter. Her legs spread as wide as they could while still supporting her, giving Yusei all the room he needed to move. She felt like she could barely breathe and didn’t care, stopping for oxygen was irrelevant as long as that wonderful thickness kept pumping into her again and again.

                Yusei leaned over her and let his breath fall on her neck, and he thought her heard her moans deepen as she recognized it. His thrusts grew a bit shallower for a moment, but only a moment. He worked his hands under her body and grabbed her breasts and used them to haul her up. In this new position the counter held Aki in place while Yusei pummeled her, and his hands re-acquainted themselves with their favorite body part. Every time his cock plowed into Aki he could feel her tits bounce in his hands, the motion naturally rubbing her nipples along his palms. Yusei smirked, gripped harder, and kept going.

                Aki’s world right now consisted of nothing but Yusei – his cock pounding her like a piston, his hands playing with her chest like favorite toys, his breath hot and distant on the back of her neck, his haggard, deep moans almost in sync with hers. Small twinges of pain from where the edges of the counter pressed into her thighs or his hands pawed her breasts a bit hard were irrelevant. Her body was Yusei’s playground now, every inch of her was his to squeeze, caress, fondle, and fuck however he liked. He could do whatever he wanted with her, her thanks for letting her know how it felt to have that glorious cock inside her, filling her body and soul to the brim. Too much, too much. Her body spasming, Aki reached down and grabbed the edges of the counter, and screamed.

                Yusei had never expected to know what Aki looked like as she had an orgasm, but she’d never looked sexier or more beautiful. Her head was thrown back, hair whipping in the air, scream echoing through the shop. The tight heat gripping his cock tightened and rippled and Aki’s body went taught, shaking beneath him. The sight of her in such exquisite pleasure was enough to push Yusei over the edge, and he lowered her back to the counter to have a clear target.

                On his next thrust Yusei pulled back and let his cock pop up. He gave himself a few quick strokes and that was all it took before jets of thick cum began squirting out, painting Aki’s gorgeous ass white and running down her cheeks. Yusei’s hips still instinctively thrust forward, riding his dick up between her ass crack and launching more cum up into the air to splatter down on her. When his orgasm subsided, he drew back, exhausted, and slumped against the wall.

                The two lowers slowed and fell silent save for their heavy breathing. Aki stayed bent over the counter, her legs weakly swinging against the ground. Her pussy ached, her ass was plastered with Yusei’s cum, and she couldn’t lift her head. She smiled and let out a long, happy moan. I can stay like this a while longer. Bask in the afterglow of Yusei giving her the hard fucking she had wanted him to give her for months.

                She heard movement from Yusei, and something snapped. She jumped when she felt a rough cloth on the back of her ass.

                “Cleaning you up,” Yusei explained.

                Aki turned her head as best she could and saw him carefully wiping her butt with a paper towel he had gotten. She let him finish and then step back to wipe his deflating dick off as well. He balled up the paper towel and tossed it in a wastebin in the corner.

                She found the strength to stand and sauntered over to him. He looked her way and put his arms around her as she embraced him and gave him a kiss. She let their lips stay pressed together a few seconds and then pulled away. She looked into his eyes, her heart pounding in her lips. Just one last thing to really make this a fantasy come true.

                “I love you, Yusei.”

                Yusei blinked twice and smiled.

                “I love you too, Aki.”

                Her heart soared and she kissed him again, letting him feel how true her words were. He kissed her back with equal passion, lips smacking. This wasn’t a kiss of raging lust or need, it was a kiss of open emotion and validation.

                At least, until Aki reached between them and made to grip Yusei’s facid dick.

                Yusei broke the kiss, his eyes wide with surprise. “Again?”

                “Do you have anywhere to be tomorrow?” Aki asked sincerely.


                “Neither do I.”

                Aki kissed him again and firmly took his dick in his hand, gently pulling it back to life. Yusei was still for a moment before he pulled her into the kiss with two hands on her butt.

                Monday evening, Aki pushed open the back door of the card shop. “Grammy, I’m here.” She checked the clock – ten minutes before her shift began – and headed toward the door of the change room.

                “Aki, can you come here, please?”

                Aki paused and looked at the direction of the voice – the manager’s office. She approached the door and pushed it open to see her senior co-worker sitting at the desk calmly watching a computer screen. Grammy looked up at her, grey-blue hair bouncing, and reached up a hand to turn the monitor so Aki could see it.

                Aki’s lunchbag slipped from her fingers and clattered to the floor.

                “The store has four security cameras, one in each corner of the shop, to catch any potential thievery that might occur,” Grammy said, still watching the screen as a video file showing four different camera angles played. “In this case two of them had a good view…”

                They indeed had a good view of Yusei sitting in a swivel chair behind the counter, nude, with an equally nude Aki hurriedly bouncing in his lap, her hands on the arms of the chair while Yusei’s hands gripped her butt and his face was buried in her cleavage. Aki watched the footage in horror, unable to move or look away.

                “Oh, I forgot to turn my sound on.” Grammy reached to the monitor and the office filled with pants, moans, and gasped names.

                Aki finally tore her gaze away and swallowed heavily. “I-I’m sorry. I won’t protest being fired, but please, please don’t tell anyone else about this. If the—"

                The sound muted again. “Fired? What are you talking about?”

                Aki stopped her rant at Grammy’s interrupt and heard the woman snort. “Aki, I literally could not afford to fire you even if I wanted to. Do you know how hard it is to fill the night shift positions just for the weekend? Nevermind it would be at least another week until we could get someone full time.”

                Aki turned back to her. “B-but, I, Yusei and I—"

                Grammy rolled her eyes. “Hanky-panky on the clock is pretty much the only reason anyone takes the night shifts. And besides, look at the uniforms!” Grammy stood up and gestured to her Dark Magician Girl costume. “They make the guys dress like Dark Magician and the girls dress like DMG. We’re practically fetish cosplaying.” She looked back at Aki. “What, did you think you were the first employee to get caught having sex in the store?”

                “I’m not?”

                “Please! Aki, you walk into pretty much any card store in this chain in the city, and I promise you that every single employee there has either been bent over the counter or had someone else bent over it. Probably been on top of it too.” Grammy wrinkled her nose. “Also, I noticed you wiped the counter before the morning. Thank you. And I appreciate the uniform wasn’t damaged, too.”

                “Um, you’re welcome.” Aki swallowed. “You’re really not angry?”

                “Angry?” Grammy looked at the video still playing in silence and raised her eyebrows. “To be honest I’m kinda jealous. I mean, Yusei Fudo! Damn, girl! And he did you what, three times that night?”

                Blushing again, Aki gave a quick nod.

                “Wish my boyfriend could do that.” Grammy sighed. “A single load is all he can manage, doesn’t even have time for foreplay after.” She caught Aki’s eye and smirked. “Of course, my second month here I took a weekend night shift. Let’s just say I gave the front window a good cleaning afterward.”

                Before Aki could respond, Grammy closed the video and reached behind the computer. “Anyway, just don’t make a habit of it, okay? The higher-ups tend to visit and make sure everything is going well on Sundays and if they ask to see the security footage it’ll be kinda hard to explain why I ‘lost’ all the night shift footage.” She pulled a small data card out of the computer and tossed it to Aki. “Here, have a home movie for later. Don’t watch it with friends or family.”

                Aki caught the disk and Grammy winked at her. “Now get changed and on the floor, I have to be back here finishing some paperwork before I can go home.” She stooped to grab Aki’s lunchbag, pushed it into her arms, and shooed her out of the room and carefully closed the door behind her.

                Standing in the hall, Aki looked at the disk in her hand. She slowly smiled.

                I think Yusei and I need to watch a movie sometime soon.

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