Stinging Beauty

BY : Felidae
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Disclaimer: I do not own YuGiOh!, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

 Ohayou, minna-san, and welcome to Felidae’s very first SetoJou yaoi songfic novel. This story will focus on Jou’s and Seto’s love, their growing relationship, their fights, struggles, animosities, troubles and happy moments-in short, we will be following them over the next five years of their lives.

Now, hang on to your hankies, because I’ll start this fic at the end-or almost the end…enjoy and please review!^^




Disclaimer: If I owned Yugi-Oh, Seto would be cool and civil, Jou as smart as hot-tempered, Yuu gi 5,5 feet and Anzu not such an annoying bitch-go figure ! ¬ ¬ I neither own any of the songs used in this fic, they all belong to their respective owners, I’m just using them because they fit -no money made, so don’t sue!

Summary: A calm, somewhat sad story about a relationship, which started the wrong way and turned into something good. Follow Jou and Seto, as they grow and change over the years, and their relationship along with them.

Reviews: My, what a question to ask-of course, mais oui, ja gern!^^


Stinging Beauty
1.In the end


He knew it was their house burning, even from where he was racing down the freeway.

Anyone who have a love close to this
Knows what I'm saying
Anyone who wants a dream to come true
Knows how I'm feeling

Punching in the code for the main gate from the farthest distance possible, he pushed the gas pedal down as far as it would go.
Slipping through the semi-opened gate, he came to a swerving halt in front of the mansion and shot out of the red convertible.
However, he froze in his tracks when he faced the destruction in its full amount:
The fire had consumed a large part of the west wing and adjunct pool house and was now moving rapidly towards the main building and servants’ dorms.
Part of the main building’s roof had already been destroyed; the flames roaring out the blackened hole into the dark night sky.

Just as he made his way towards the mansion, the main door opened and out stumbled a tall, darkened figure, hairs and clothes freckled with small embers and sparks. The person fell to the pavement and started rolling in an attempt to extinguish the flames, but by then he had already snatched his leather jacket from the backseat and beat them out.
Coughing, a young, sooth-coated face turned to him and croaked:
“Mokuba, what happened? Where’s Seto?”
All I can think of is you and me
Doing the things I wanna do
All I imagine is heaven on earth
I know it's you

The raven-haired teen shook his head, still choking, and rasped:
“I..I don’t know, I had just returned from school when Seto came in and then-“
Blue-grey eyes widened in terror.
“Seto! Jou, Seto’s still in there! He shielded me with his body when the roof caved in-”
Jou was already up the stairs and through the door.

Anyone who ever kissed in the rain
Knows the whole meaning
Anyone who ever stood in the light
Needs no explaining

Scolding himself for acting without thinking, Jou kneeled and tried to orientate himself in the smoke-filled hallway.
Considering the size of the house, it would probably take him hours- which he didn’t have-to find Seto.
Still, Mokuba hadn’t been too scorched, so the two brothers couldn’t have been too far away from the entry-
A flash of white drew his attention, and Jou pledged to himself to never again make fun of Kaiba’s trenchcoats.
Crawling towards the silent figure, the blond called the CEO’s name again and again.
His heart skipped a beat, when he saw the small trickle of blood escaping Seto’s lips.

But everything more or less
appears so meaningless
Blue and cold
Walking alone through the afternoon traffic
I miss you so

Everything after that was a blur; the next thing he realized was him kneeling on the front porch, the CEO’s head resting in his lap. Blue eyes wandered unseeing over the burning mansion behind him, before coming to rest on Jou’s face.
A raw cough interrupted his speech.
„Shh, shh, don’t talk, don’t talk, it’s ok, everybody’s fine, Mokuba’s here too“, hushed Jou, gently wiping away the ashes and sooth from the brunet’s face and hair.
He knew how much Seto hated to get dirty, and he needed to touch him to assure himself that the brunet was alive.
A shadow fell across them.
Mokuba took one of Seto’s hands in his own and asked timidly:
“Nii-san, are you..ok?”
The elder Kaiba smiled, tired and content.
“No, I’m not. The carrier..beam grazed me, when it crushed down..and shattered my lower-spine. I..can feel-where some..ribs pierced my..lungs.”
Jou was about to say something among the lines that he would be fine and not to give up, when he noticed something he had barely ever seen on his lover’s face:
That’s when he knew, Seto wouldn’t make it.

Anyone who felt like I do
Anyone who wasn't ready to fall
Anyone who loved like I do
Knows it never really happens at all
It's over when it's over
What can I do about it
Now that it's over

Pulling his koibito closer, he asked:
“Are you..hurting?”
Seto gave a small shake of his head.
“No. I’m numb. It’s almost over.”
Sighing, he squeezed Mokuba’s hand and rasped:
“Outoto, I want you to promise me to stick to Katsuya, no matter what, am I understood?”
“Iie, nii-san, don’t go, don’t leave me, onegai, Seto, you-you’re going to be alright! I-I know it, you just can’t…”
His words were muffled by his sobs and Seto’s shirt, as he embraced his elder brother in a desperate grip, not wanting to let go. Patting his wild mane, the CEO kissed the teenager’s forehead before facing the blond cradling him.
“Katsuya..I..I’m sorry.”
Smiling past his tears, Jou soothed:
“Don’t. It’s not your fault.”
A slight frown creased the brunet’s face.
“Yes, it is. All this time wasted, fighting, arguing, hurting..I wish..I wish-“
“I know", whispered Katsuya, and sobbed, when Seto started coughing again, tiny drops of crimson spraying over both their faces. Sweat formed on the CEO’s brow, when he panted:
“Hai?”choked Katsuya. Seto’s gaze drifted back to his brother, caressing the crying teen.
“Take care of him. You’re all he’s got now.”
“I know. I will.”

Seto's breath came in ragged pants before calming again. His azure eyes locked with Katsuya’s blood-shot, golden ones, before he hushed:
“One for the road?” Jou nodded and lowered his head to kiss his love good-bye. Just as their lips were about to meet, Seto whispered:
“Aishteru, Jounouchi Katsuya. Always remember that.”
Jou smiled, a single tear landing on Seto’s cheek, mingling with the others running down the brunet’s face.
“I love you too, Kaiba Seto. Itsumo. Itsumademo.”
Their lips locked, and for one single moment, they were entirely one, as they poured every ounce of their beings into their final kiss.
When Katsuya moved away, Seto’s eyes had closed, his face adorned by the most beautiful, serene smile Jou had ever seen.

And then he was gone, and Katsuya cried out in despair, clutching, clinging, holding on to his lover’s body and younger brother.

Everything more or less
is looking so meaningless
And fades to grey
Lying awake in an ocean of teardrops
I float away

He was still rocking the three of them back and forth, when the ambulance arrived ten minutes later.

Anyone who ever felt like I do
Anyone who wasn't ready to fall
Anyone who loved like I do
Knows it never really happens at all
It's over when it's over
What can I do about it
Now it's all over
It’s all over, baby

Sigh, you just gotta love Roxette-I listened to many a sad song while sketching the first chapter, and when I heard ‘Anyone’ from the Ballad Hits CD, I knew, I had found the perfect intro. Please tell me, what you think!^^


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