A Wiser Generation

BY : C.King
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Thanks to Kender for the idea of Strength and Wisdom of the

A Wiser Generation: A "Wisdom of the Pharaoh" Spin-off

Part One

Jaden Yuki looked at the package that he had been sent in the mail. It
was a surprise that he would have receive this kind of present. It wasn't a special occasion like his birthday and his family hadn't told him about an news that would precede a gift. So he had looked at the note that he had been given with this particular gift.

"Dear Jaden,
I have been tracking your career as a duellist and was glad to see that you have given a good home to my little friend, Winged Kurubo. You have the markings of a great duellist. You remind me of a younger version of duellists that I knew in my youth.
I have come to an important decision. For years I have held this gift. A present that I received by surprise. It took me a while to learn how to use it. But it went on to help bring happiness to my life. As I see some of myself in you, I have decided to give it to you.
It would be best that you look at it in private as it's information is not for everyone. It does seem to have a mind of it's own. But it always helps out it's owner. It will make your life more interesting.

Your Friend;
Yugi Muto

'I can believe that my idol, Yugi Muto, has given me a gift that has
brought him happiness.' Jaden looked at the brown paper wrapped present. He was just fighting the urge to tear that paper open and see what it was. But he knew that Yugi didn't want him opening it where everyone could see it.

'Which might be a problem with four people living in one room. Syrus,
Chazz and Chumley all use this room. So keeping the gift here might be
a little bit of a problem.' Jaden thought he thought of his roommates.
The newest being that of the former Obelisk Chazz. 'I need a place that
is out of the way of the normal student. Like someplace in the woods.'

'I got it. One of the camping cottages. The ones that they use for nature studies and for weekend camping trips.' Jaden thought as he remembered the layout of the school. 'It's amazing the number of things that this school has. I guess when Mr. Kaiba was building this school he was planning for everything.'

'But when should I open this package? I would need to slip out without the other trying to hunt me down. So I would need an excuse to tell Syrus and Chumley at least. Plus I would need a time where people would be all busy doing other things to notice me.' Jaden's mind started to work through the things that he had been told during class. He didn't usually stay fully awake class was going on. But he did have part of his mind aware so that he could pass his test and know the basics of what was going on.

There was the celebration that Principal was throwing in honour of a
visiting Obelisk Alumni that was visiting. Most of the school had been
invited, but it was more a thing for the blues than the rest of the school. But it promised a couple of duels and free food. So most of the school would be heading to the party.

'From what I heard about this guy, he might not care that a Osiris Red
isn't coming to this part. Besides, even if there is a cool duel at this party, whatever it is that Yugi is giving me has to be a hundred times as cool as that.' Jaden started to plan his track into the woods, while everyone is out partying. 'The celebration is tomorrow. So I just have to move this to one of the cabins and then hide it till I can sneak up to it tomorrow night. Still, what am I going to tell the others.'

Jaden picked up the package and went to hide it. While he was doing that he thought about the little white lie that he would be telling his friends.

The next night...

Alexis Rhodes was on her way back to the female Obelisk dorm after
visiting the abandoned dorm. The last place that anyone had ever seen her older brother. She had placed a rose like usual at the gates of the dorm. She had been walking through the woods, when she saw a flash of red in the distance.

'That's strange. Who could that be? I thought that everyone was at the
party. The only person I know that wasn't going was Jaden. He said that he was needed to work on some new duelling strategies by himself. Could that be him?' Alexis was curious. Wanting to find out what it was that Jaden was working on she followed him to one of the nature cabins.

She notice the door was open to the cabin, so she let herself in. Sitting at a table was Jaden as he was looking into a book. Creeping up behind him, Alexis looked over his shoulder at the book. The erotic images on the page made her eyebrow raise. "So Jaden, what are you doing?"

The book was slammed closed. Jaden turned around at Alexis, his face
flushed redder than his jacket. "Alexis, um, it's not what you think.."
Jaden said with a nervous laugh.

"It looks like you sneaked out of the party to look at some hentai." She said, a serious look on her face. Inside she was amused. She knew that boys tended to look at such things. But it was a little surprising to see Jaden doing it. 'Unless it was a duelling hentai.'

"Well, it's like this..." Jaden started to explain. From what Jaden had told her, he had met Yugi on the day he made it to Duel Academia. Even been given his Winged Kurubo card. Then yesterday he had received a package from Yugi that contained the book that was on the table. 'The Wisdom and Strength of the Pharaoh. It looks older than normal hentai. And the pictures did look like images from ancient Egypt.'

Jaden had shown her the note that he had received and it did have Yugi's signature. From the way that Yugi described the book made her even more curious. "Tell you what, I won't mention this to anyone. But you have to let me look at the book as well." She blushed lightly at this given the nature of the book.

"Sure. I think." Jaden said as he moved to place the book on the table. For the next few hours they looked at the book. It seemed to be a book on sexual techniques and rituals that were used in ancient Egypt. It also held magic that could be used in connection to sex. Body transformation and mind control techniques.

'It seem strange that Yugi would give Jaden a book like this.' Alexis
thought about what people knew about Yugi. 'Everybody knows that he's the King of Games and the best duellist of his generation. Perhaps even all generations. Winning multiple tournaments over the course of his career. Investing his winnings to develop a minor fortune. Not as large as the Kaiba family. But still enough to live comfortably with his family for years to come.'

The thought of Yugi's family reminded Alexis that Yugi lived one of those unusual lives that celebrities sometimes live. 'It is also know that he's married to Mai Valentine, but he has four live in girlfriends. At least two of them former world class duellist like Mai. Vivian Wong, Ishizu Istar, Tea Gardner and Serenity Wheeler. Plus he has children with them as well.'

'With this book training him in that art of lovemaking, it's no wonder
that Yugi has so many lovers. But this show that he used mind control
powers to get them?' Alexis was a little surprise at the possibility. 'It just doesn't seem possible. It must be some kind of joke.' Then she smiled at the little prank that she could play on Jaden.

"Jaden, what do you use one of the tricks in the book to turn me into your love slave?" Alexis said, smiling at the redness that cross his face.

"What?" He slipped out.

"I just want to see if this mind control stuff will work. Besides, I
though that all boys wanted a sexy girl to be their love slave. Plus I'm sure that you would want one that could duel well." Alexis said, adding, "Unless you're not game for it."

"I'm not sure." Jaden said, looking a little uncomfortable.

"You could make me duel you as well." That hooked him. Duelling was his natural element.

"I'll try this eyes of Horus thing." Jaden looked up into her eyes and
then took on the look of intense concentration. Just as Alexis was going to pretend to fall for his hypnotic power and play her little joke, his eyes turned gold.

A shiny, shimmering gold that was filling her view. Soon it was like that she was falling into a deep hole the colour of Ra. As she fell she felt that her mind was floating away into a wonderful, pleasant place. One that made her feel content and a little horny as well. Deeper and deeper she fell into this hole. More and more of her mind floated away. She could hear Jaden talking. His voice like unclear whispers at first, but getting louder an clearer as her mind floated away. Till his voice and the yellow pit was all that was on her mind.

"Alexis, you are now my love slave. You are completely in love with me. Finding me the most attractive man that you have ever seen. In fact, I am so attractive, you will not be attracted to any other man." The booming voice told her.

'It's true. I know that Jaden is the only man for me. The only man that I find sexy. That's why I love him with all of my heart.' Alexis thought as she continued to float in her golden depths.

She didn't know how long it took, but another command from the booming
voice arose. "You are now bisexual. While I am the only man that you want, you are willing to make love to any sexy woman that you should happen across. You love to look at sexy woman and dream of seducing them."

'Oh my. What haven't I thought about how hot women's bodies look. Jasmine, Mindy, Ms. Fontane. I would love to get into those panties. Have my way with those babes.' Alexis stopped as a minor idea popped in her head. 'With the Wisdom and Strength of the Pharaoh, I might be able to.'

"You will love to duel. Duelling is almost as good as sex. It doesn't
matter if you win, lose or draw. As long as you are having a good duel and nobody gets hurt, it's the second best thing in the world. But your
favourite person to duel is me. Just like I am your favourite sex partner."

'I love duelling. It's not as good as having sex with Jaden or a girl, but it ranks up there with it. It just gets me so fired up!'

"You will also like to dress up in costumes. Like that of female duel
monsters. Like Dark Magician Girl, Harpy's Lady and Burstinatrix. Or
sexy outfits like comic book characters, nurses or sexy schoolgirls."

'I just love to dress up in costume. To think of myself in those sexy
outfits, playing sex games with my sexy lover. Plus I could make it flatter my body when I put it on.'

"When you he me and only me say the words, "Get your hypno on!", you will fall back into this deep trance like state. When I say, "Get your wake on!", you awake from the trance. Once awake you will feel refreshed and remember my commands."

Alexis understood that Jaden could place her in this wonderful place when ever he wanted. 'I want to make sure that I please him so that he can sent me back to this place. Or at least make me feel as good in the non-gold world as in the gold world.'

"Get your wake on!" The booming voice said before Alexis shook off the
trance state that she was in. Opening her eyes she saw the love of her
life. 'Jaden Yuki!'

"Hello, Jaden." Alexis said as her voice purred out. She moved closer to him, shoving her chair next to him.

Jaden's face turned bright red. "You don't mean that actually work. You haven't been playing a joke on me?" Jaden started to laugh nervously as he scratched the back of his head. He edge away from Alexis.

'He looks like he needs to relax. I know just the thing to make him relax and get him in the right mood.' Alexis moved with a cobra, moving her hands to the temples of the young man before her. Rubbing quickly, he fingers started to glow with a silver light. Jaden's eyes started to droop. He tried to say something. But couldn't get it out before falling into his own trance. 'Go thing I remember that Touch of Hathor trick. Now it's my turn.'

She continued to rub. "Jaden, your are mind is floating away as you relax. Floating higher and higher away. As you float away, you loose more and more of thoughts. Loosing more and more of your will. Floating higher and higher. Final as I count to ten you will float to the top of everything. To the point where you have not thoughts, have no will."

Alexis took her fingers way. "One, two, three. You are getting
lighter and lighter as your thoughts drop away. Four, five, six. Everything is dropping away as you fly away from your responsibilities. Seven, eight, nine. Almost there. Just one world and you will be free of everything. And it is... ten!"

Alexis looked at her subject. 'So what should be my next move? I have him under a trance, so it should be easy for me to accept that I am his
love slave. But what else could I do?'

"Jaden, you except that Alexis is your love slave. The first and favourite of many. You trust her to help you pick up some of the sexy girls in the school. Perhaps even a teacher, assistant or more. You are also a very sexual character with duels only ranking second to sex." Alexis said as Jaden nodded with his eyes glazed over.

"You are in love with Alexis Rhodes and enjoy having sex with her. Plus other women. But you love Alexis the most and lust after her body." Alexis smiled at that idea as she desperately wanted that hot body of his moving against hers. Plus it would be fun to have a sandwiched with her, Jaden and another girl. Ideas of giving Jaden, Jasmine and Mindy as presents did cross her mind.

"You will also develop a mind control fetish, wanting to place the girls you have sexy with under trances from time to time. You will also get excited to be placed under a mind control trance." Alexis said as she thought about her time in the golden pit.

"Jaden, when you hear me and only me say the words,'Slifer Sleeper', you will fall into this trance like state once against. Feeling the pleasure that comes with being hypnotized. But if I saw 'Wake up Slifer', you will return to the waking world. Remembering any commands that you have been given." Alexis told Jaden as she placed the backdoor into his mind.

"Jaden, you will also think that the Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh belongs to the both of us that it is a gift that we share with each and can use on others and each other. As such we will keep it in a safe location till we can find the best place to keep it." Alexis told the young man wanting just as much access to the book as he had.

Alexis too a long look at the man that had taken her as a love slave. One who thought that it had been just a big joke. Not realizing that he had gotten in over his head. She moved forward and gave him a kiss on his lips. After a non-responsive effect, she giggle to herself as she knew that as soon as she released Jaden from his trance those kisses would be returned. 'And then some.' She thought to herself. She smiled, "Wake up Slifer!"

Jaden blinked his eyes as she focused on the woman that was before him. He smiled an excited smile. "So what does my little love slave want to do with the rest of the night? I am sure that we have a few hours before we are missed." His eyes moved to point to the bedroom of the cabin that they were in.

Alexis smiled as she thought about the fun that they could have alone with each other in the cabin. The fact that the party was suppose to go long into the night also provided cover. 'Still, if I am going to do this again I am going to need help from an adult. Especially Ms. Fontaine.' Alexis thought as she wondered if she could turn Fonda Fontaine into a sex toy for Jaden's pleasure as well as her own. 'It could be useful to have a member of the school's teaching staff under their control. 'Still we have tonight.'

"I have a few ideas.' She said as she got up and escorted Jaden to the bedroom.

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