If Only for that Moment

BY : Goddess Divine
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Disclaimer: I do not own YuGiOh! GX, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I don't own YuGiOhGX in any way, shape, or form. If I did my sick mind would wreak NC-17 havoc on the poor show.

Quick note: There will be Yaoi, slight Yuri, and normal romance-or at least as normal as I get. The warnings in case you didn’t know them are: D/s, Slight non-consensual sex, Mind Control, Male Dom, Soft Core Smut, Hurt/Comfort, and Slight torment. I hope you enjoy my story none the less. And if not, please don’t flame cause it’s a waste of your time to type one, and a waste of my time to read it. Oh, and pairings are: ZanexOC (Akira) SyrisxJaden BastianxChazz and possibly a few conflicts screwing with these pairings. But it’s all for the better, I’m a sucker for happy endings.

(Two Weeks Ago)
The girl with dark grey hair and amethyst eyes wandered around the hallways as she tried to walk off the strange, longing feeling in her lower stomach. She stopped and leaned against one of the navy blue walls of the Obelisk Blue dormitory hallway and closed her eyes before rubbing her temples with her fingers. She ran a hand through her wavy granite hair and twisted a thick lock around her finger. She felt, hungry, for something. But she didn’t know what.

“C’mon Akira, what do you think you’re doing wandering the halls? If you’re caught, you could get in serious trouble.” she mumbled to herself in a quiet voice as she turned to head back to the girl’s dorms.
As she turned around, she felt a chill breeze sweep past her bare legs.
‘Damn this stupid skirt,’ she thought angrily to herself when her large eyes widened at the sound of a deep voice.
“You really shouldn’t be wandering around the halls at night.”

Without looking behind her, Akira knew it whose voice it was.
Zane Truesdale.
The girl turned around and her light purple eyes fell into the older boy’s cold glare.
He spoke again, “Just what is a new student like you doing walking around the halls at this hour?” he asked, his dark blue eyes staring at her.
Akira stood her ground and straightened up.
“I could be asking you the same thing, only ex-out the new student part…” she added with an embarrassed grin and a nervous chuckle.
Zane seemed to soften a bit from the comment.
“I am not obliged to tell you anything, but I was looking out at the ocean.” he answered, surprising even himself. He could have ignored the girl right there, but he didn’t.
Akira too seemed a bit shocked that he answered. She looked down at her blue boots and felt an uncomfortable silence come between them.

Finally, she looked up and saw Zane was still staring at her. But his eyes, she felt as though he was scanning every part of her body under his seemingly plastered-on glare.
“I was just walking, I guess I have insomnia,” she answered back politely. She felt like she was two feet small when he began walking towards her. He stopped when they were merely inches apart.

Zane was at least a head taller than she and her head only came up to his shoulder. She looked up into his face to keep polite eye contact. But her eyes seemed to get caught in his sapphire gaze as her own eyes looked over his face. He had high cheek bones and a smooth looking face. His hair, dark blue and down to his shoulders, seemed to make her fingers itch with longing to stroke it. Akira jumped back to her senses and mentally slapped herself.
‘C’mon Akira, how stupid can you get? How could you ever even think about how soft and silky Zane Truesdale’s hair must be…Whoa, whoa, halt! What the hell am I thinking?’ Akira looked back down to her boots as she’d often done when around other people for more than a few minutes. And unknown to her, a soft blush had risen to her cheeks from embarrassment.

Zane stared down at the granite haired beauty standing in front of him. The blush on her cheeks seemed to make her look like a small child. It was kind of…cute. Zane stopped himself and mentally kicked himself. He couldn’t start thinking this way about the girl! Especially since she had just arrived at Duel Academy. But, something about her seemed so pure, so innocent, and so untouchable. Her lips seemed to entrance him, and he did the unexpected.

Before Akira knew what he was doing, Zane had pushed her against the wall and crashed his lips upon hers. She didn’t know how to react, but she felt as if instincts were taking over. She closed her eyes and kissed him back, their lips sucking at each other. Her hands went around his neck as his hands rested on her hips. He bit down gently on her lower lip and she parted her lips for his tongue to slide through and taste every single corner of her mouth.

Zane felt as if he was losing himself to his more primitive side. Her taste seemed to turn him on and he could feel himself begging for more. A stifled moan escaped from Akira’s throat and snapped the Obelisk Blue boy’s sense. He slammed her against the wall and began to kiss her lips in a rough manner. Akira just stood there shocked, only supported by the wall and Zane’s hands on her hips. She began to weaken from the early feeling and slid her hands down his chest to try and push him away, but it did her no good and he seemed to enjoy the struggle. Akira was about to try and get his lips off hers long enough to scream for help, but Zane used his knee and pressed against her leg.

Zane knew what he was doing was wrong, but his innocent, cold hearted side seemed to have disappeared to make way for this new, aggressive, lustful side. He felt the girl trying to get away from him, but he gained an idea and kissed her hard before one of his hands wrapped around her back and his other hand press her lower back towards him. Akira knew he was going to try something, and tried to resist him, but she felt something fall into place in her head. As messed up as it was, she felt as if the boy’s sudden lust for her was a sense of care. Someone wanted her, at least for now. Giving up the struggle she had been uselessly fighting with, she complied with Zane’s silent order slightly moved her legs so that he could pick her up into his arms.

Moment’s later, the couple burst through the door to Zane’s dorm room and the boy shut the door as quietly as he could to not alert others of what would be going on. Carrying the girl to his bed, he dropped her on the soft mattress and pinned her down with his hands and knees. She gave no struggle when his hands quickly unbuttoned her uniform shirt and slipped it off of her onto the floor. But she tensed when his hands slid the blue skirt down from her waist and he fingered the line of her black lingerie. Zane smirked and leaned down to bit her lower lip and kiss her roughly. Akira felt a sort of…pleasure…course through her veins when he began to stroke her exposed stomach with his fingers.

But there was also the ringing of two voices in the back of her head. One was telling her this was wrong, that she shouldn’t be here. She was breaking the rules of the Academy, and breaking the rules of her foster father.
“Remember, abstinence is a gift you must carry till you are the property of another man. No man wants a dirty little slut.”
And then there was the louder sound of the other telling her this was what she wanted. What she was craving for. She wanted to be important to somebody, even if it was just a one-time thing, if she was just being used for someone else’s pleasure. They still needed her to be there, so she was important. Right?

The feeling of skin against skin was intoxicating, and she felt herself slipping into some sort of faraway place in her mind as the feelings of slow pleasure began to manifest inside herself. But then, just as she was becoming cozy, her euphoria melted at the first slashes of pain.

Yeah, I know the first chapter’s weak, but just stick around. I suck at writing beginnings, except for one-shots, and I usually start off with something taking place that may confuse you. I know, it’s a bad habit, but it seems to work. Just hang with me if you liked it, please?

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