Graduation of Love

BY : Dante41
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Alexis walked down the road from the girl's dorm. She looked up at the bright moon that hung overhead as it casted its glow on her. It was around midnight and she had remembered an invitation to meet Zane down by their usual spot, the lighthouse. She was wondering why Zane would want to meet at this time of the night and why the day before he had to leave for the pro leagues. She shivered as a cold wind blew past her and wished she had brought a jacket. She walked down the sloping terrain and spotted Zane standing in his calm form as always near the lighthouse. She smiled and made her way down towards the older Obelisk student.

Zane heard the clicking of shoes and turned his head to see Alexis walking towards him in her normal stride. He nodded at her as she stopped next to him and turned to look out at the ocean. " So whatís up Zane?" Alexis asked him. Zane looked down at his long time friend and gave a small smirk. " I just wanted to see you one more time before I left for the pro's was all Alexis," Zane said moving a bit closer to her.

Alexis smiled and looked at the calm ocean as the wind blew her hair. She felt Zane move closer to her and smiled at him as he kept himself calm. " Anything else," Alexis asked. Zane looked down at her and gave a half smile. " Yes, I wanted to give you something before I left also," Zane said. He looked down at Alexis and then leaned down and gave her a long kiss.

Alexis was at first shocked but then wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed the kiss deeper. Zane wrapped him arms around her waist and kissed her deeper hearing a slight moan in her throat. He smirked and smiled as he felt Alexis's tongue lapping against his lips and soon parted them to allow her tongue in his mouth. He used his tongue to do battle with hers and push it back to her mouth where it explored as Alexis gave small moans. Zane could feel a tugging in his pants and grunted as he turned Alexis around and pinned her against the lighthouse. He broke the kiss and smiled at her as her cheeks turned red.

" I've wanted to do that for a long time," Alexis said to Zane. He smirked and gave her a small kiss. " I've wanted to do lots of things to you," Zane said making her turn even redder. Zane smirked and kissed her again as his hands moved to the collar of her uniform and pulled it open and down exposing her white lace bra that held her two large breasts. Zane smiled at her and moved his hand gently across her chest and the lace material of her bra making her turn red.

He then leaned down and kissed lightly on her collarbone and then sucked on the side of her neck making her moan lightly. His hands went around her back and found the clasp of her bra and removed it. Alexis turned redder as he removed her bra to look at her two large breasts, their nipples erect from the cold air. " Alexis my dear, their so beautiful," Zane said. He then leaned down and took her left breast in his mouth his tongue lapping at her nipple.

His right hand then moved up and grabbed onto the flesh of her other breast and squeezed it as Alexis began to moan more. " Zane...that good," she moaned out as she closed her eyes and moaned. Zane smiled and sucked harder on her nipple as his other hand pinched her right nipple making it more erect. Alexis let out a loud moan. " Ohh Zane I need you now," she said. Zane looked up at her and then moved his hand down under her skirt and smiled.

" I can tell by how wet you are, but first," Zane said. He stood up and began to unbuckle his pants. Alexis looked at him and smirked as the got on her knees and did it for him. She then pulled down his boxers and was surprised at the huge erected member of Zane. It was far bigger than she had thought. She smiled at him and gently wrapped her hand around the base of it and then opened her mouth and took the tip in.

She licked at it slowly making Zane groan inside his throat. She then opened wide and took it all in and began going up and down the shaft as she rubbed the base. Alexis moaned in her throat as Zane grunted above her. She ravished in the taste and feel of having Zane's giant cock inside her mouth. She then went faster and could feel Zane about to come. Before he did though he removed it from her mouth and picked her up and turned her back to him.

He lifted her skit up and pulled down her panties and as Alexis braced her arms against the lighthouse, he thrusted hard inside her making her scream. Zane grunted at how tight she was around him, she must be a virgin he thought and then began to do a slow yet steady pump in and out of her. Alexis moaned louder now and closed her eyes as pleasure and pain mixed into one. " Harder Zane, I want it harder," she yelled.

Zane smiled and went harder into her making her scream loud. His hands reached around and grabbed her two breasts as he pumped himself into her vagina. Alexis moaned with each thrust and tightened herself around Zane's cock. " Ohhh Zane, please come inside me, I'm about to come," Alexis said as her cum and juices began dripping out. Zane grunted and with one hard thrust her felt himself release inside of her.

Alexis screamed one final time as she felt his hot seed enter her and soon her climax was pushed over the edge. He moaned lightly and slid to the ground as Zane removed himself from her. She panted and sweated as she tried to regain her strength. Zane grunted and cleaned himself up before pulling his pants back up. He looked down at Alexis and smiled. He gathered her clothes and then picked up her body and walked away as the morning sun began to come up.


Alexis opened her eyes and found herself in her bed under the covers. She looked around and found her clothes on the floor and then looked for Zane. All she found was a rose with a letter. She picked the letter up and read it.

Dear Alexis,

I have gone for the Pro Leagues as you know, but remember you will always be my one and only and I
shall return one day for you, till then your love is with me and mine with you,

Love, Zane

Alexis smiled and wrapped the sheets around her as she walked out onto her balcony and watched as the ship sailed away from Duel Academy.

The End

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