Lessons in Duelling

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A/N: This is a story I had to write after I wrote a Royalshipper Story (a Asuka/Ryou story) torturing poor Jun in the process. And being a fan of his, I had to do this to... to relieve him off his pain.
I'm no native speaker (I'm German) so don't get angry, if my language is a little simple. I'm open for all kinds of critic (helpful preferred) Please enjoy reading!

Lessons in Duelling???
'Er... so... Manjoume-san...' I sat in the cafeteria - the place I asked Jun to meet me - and in my mind I was acting out how to talk him into helping me. 'You know... in the end... you could think of it as some kind of duel practice!' Nope, it wouldn't work this way. 'Hey, it's not as if you were on the losing side with this deal, were you?' And then a nice, sexy smile? Nah, it would be too bitchy. How can I make him help me? Maybe he'd help me without further support! After all, he and Junko are arguing quite a lot lately. At least gossip about this is spread all around school. But... What if he thinks, I'd be into him and his old feelings return all in a sudden! No, no, no, never, ever, this was ages ago and he hasn't talked about it for more than a year now! But I don't get time for thinking through the conversation anymore, because there he comes!
"Hi Asuka!" he greets and I wave at him weakly. "Er... is something wrong? Just 'cause... you're blushing like a cherry." Being embaressed by his discovery I'm surely blushing even more. "It's... you know... there's a favor I've got to ask you..." He looks at me all curious. "I've... it's..." I start whispering afraid others could overhear our conversation. "I want you to have sex with me." All in a sudden he turns red as well, propably even more than me. (Is there anything redder than red?) "What are you talking about?!" he shouts quietly. "What about Junko and Ryou! Have you gone crazy or something?!" I shake my head in denial. "No, of course not! It's... I need some advice for this stuff, you know?" He stares at me blankly. "One moment please, let me repeat my question. Are. You. Crazy?" I shake my head again this time with an angry look. "Do I look crazy?" "No, but you do talk crazy." "So then.. is this a 'no'?" I'm asking worried. He looks really disturbed. "I... you... we..." Then he's silent again for a while, seeming endless to me. "We should talk about it somewhere more private, don't you think?" I nod with a ray of hope and mumble: "Let's meet... eleven pm in my room, kay?" He looks at me confused: "Of course, I just walk in there and so? Then why didn't I do this before and just..." I stop him from saying anything inappropiate by shishing: "Just stand under my window, I'll take care of the rest, got it?"
A couple of hours later my view wanders through the room finding the clock which says I have only 30 minutes left. So I work on my plan again. I need to convince him, no matter how. Maybe I'll just jump at him and... Nah, this would neither be me nor fair nor the right way. It wouldn't help me at all. Damn Momoe, it's all her fault after all. If she wouldn't have told me this silly stuff, I wasn't as nervous as I am. I take a look out of the window but can't see anything, except a dark forest and some stars sparkling through the clouds. Then I return into the room to check if everything is as I've decided to put it to accomplish my plan - I think it's the 100th time I do so. After rearranging and changing half the stuff again - mainly just to beat time - I hear a sound from the outside. As fast as I can I run there and open the window. Five metres below stands a dark figure within dark surroundings staring up at me. "So, what next?" I hear a quiet voice from its direction. I hastely return into my room searching for the prepared rope under the bed and throw it down. Only one end of course, otherwise it would be silly, wouldn't it? About a minute later Jun's exhausted face appears in front of the dark sky. "THIS was your plan?" he breathes heavy. "I'm so outpowered we couldn't even have sex if you could convince... me..." Suddenly he stops in the middle of the sentence, when his eyes aim at me. "Asuka..." He swallows hard. "I didn't know you were such a manipulating person! Are you trying to seduce me with this clothes or what are you into?" I take a look at me wearing my tiniest undies, having forgotten to get changed in the hurry. As fast as possible I wrap a towl around me and blush furiously. "And what is this whole stuff for? Or is your room lighted with candles and decorated with silk all the time?" I disagree: "No, it's... I thought it may help bringing you into the right mood." He sighs and looks at me, as if I was an idiot. "Now... from the very start... why - except for the obvious reasons - should the both of us have sex?" I sit down on my bed and tell him to do the same. After a moment of doubt he follows my order. "It's like this... You know, there is this special girl thing once in a month..." "What the fuck??? How the hell should I be able to help you with this bloody girl stuff???" "You moron, I'm not talking about this girl thing. I'm talking about some kind of girls night with us coming together and chatting about stuff." At hearing this he calms down a little. "So, one of these days I was talking to Momoe about... about... er, you know. This... loveandsexandfuckingandsoonstuff." Embarassly I just mumble down the last few words. Jun obviously can't hold back an evil smile. "So then... Let me guess: You are talking about you being a virgin and wanting me to... kick it open - so to say?" I heavily shake my head: "Are you crazy??? Ryou shall be the one to... 'Kick it open,' " I mimic him, "Even though I'd prefer calling it 'give my virginity to him' or so." Jun giggles silently. "Then what am I here for? And why should I have sex with you without taking your blossom?" "It's... So, I was talking to Momoe about this stuff and she said how great it was and everything she had done and what guys she was with, so then I told her I hadn't have any sex until now and she was just like 'Asuka, how could you? What are you and Ryou doing all the time?' and stuff making me feel all nervous. And in the end she even said: 'But you DO know how this stuff works, don't you? It's just... what will Ryou be thinking when you are together for the first time and you have no idea at all what to do?' I was nearly freaking out at that moment, so I asked her for just any advice she could give me. So after a minute of thinking she said: 'You see... there was this one guy I was with once... It was just a party and we were really drunk and just this one time, you know...' Typically Momoe, you will say, but back then I was happy she could help me out. 'So... this one guy in particular really knew how to turn a girl on. So he might help you the other way round as well!' And you won't guess, what she told me this guy's name was..."
He stood in front of me flashing as red as some traffic lights. "Sh-she really said THAT about me?" I nod weakly. "Wow, didn't know I was so good," he giggles obviously nervous. I'd thought him being more self-confident. "And then she told you to come to me, so I would teach you the..." "Arts of love - as my brother would probably call it." "Asuka, this is just plain silly. I mean... just... the both of us.... thinking about our... common past." "There is nothing like 'our common past,' Jun." "Ya know what I mean. She could have sent you to anyone." I disagree. "No, I think it's a good idea, because we are friends." "This doesn't make anything less complicated..." He just sits there in silence for a while, and I can nearly see his head smoking. "No, I just can't do it. Sorry, but you will have to ask someone else, how to please Ryou..." With this words he stands up and walks towards the window. Desperated I do the only thing I can think of in this brief moment: I jump at him, tackle him, so he falls, pin him down and then press my face onto his, forcing him into a passionate kiss. At first he tries to resist, but then gives up and joins in the kiss, playing with my tongue. When I release him off my sweet lips he breathes hard. "You know, Asuka... This could almost be called rape..." Because of the joy he obviously has - I can feel it right through his pants - I'm not sure, if he's serious or not. "I don't want to rape you... I'm asking for help, please... You don't have to... fuck... me. Just tell me, how to make Ryou happy! If you want to... I... I also promise, you will get something in exchange!" He looks deeply in my eyes and sighs: "Yeah, whatever... just get off from me, ok?" By crying "Thanks, Manjoume-san!" I pull him into another kiss, which one he seems to enjoy much faster, because he instantly answers by fighting my tongue back into my mouth, playing there a hard one-on-one match with me. We're getting more and more into it, when I feel a hand sneaking up my legs, towards my ass. I break the kiss and giggle: "What are you doing, Jun-kun?" "Sorry, got lost in the game..." He rolls over, now sitting on me and rearranges his clothing. "OK, Manjoume Jun's Lessons in 'How to please a man' - omfg, I never thought I'd ever say this."
"First topic: 'Turning him on!'" He takes off his mantle, throwing it towards his entrance and then leans down again. "Turning a man on is quite similar to turning a woman on. Easiest is your looks. You are quite... blessed concerning this, because of your really sexy body, but I think you are aware of it. I don't understand, how he stands being with you, without ever trying to get you into something. So, to even increase this effect, you should simply wear clothing... exposing your most beautyful parts - being about all of yours, 'though I prefer little smaller asses. If you know, what he is most into, you can also specialize onto this. e.g. you could wear a top showing a lot of cleavage or real short hot pants. Or something revealing your stomach and navel. In general... it's easy to turn a guy on." Then he puts his lips next to my ear whispering: "Second is 'the talk'. It's not always neccessary to do dirty talk to turn someone on, most general you can just talk to him like this and it will make shiffers run down his spine. Or - if you are more open - tell him of erotic dreams or experiences you have had. Most effective of course is the most direct attack: 'I want to sleep with you, darling.' When sitting near to him, maybe even while touching him softly, whenever you only breath these words into his ear, he will surely go crazy within a sparkle of time. This leads me to the last part of topic one: 'Making body contact.'" He licks my earlob making me shake. And then a hand crawls around my upper leg, making its way towards my bottom, griping it strongly, but sensitive. "There it is quite easy as well, because men are turned on by about the same things as women. It's even easier, because we hardly get angry, when someone touches us. At least if it is a sexy girl and we are 'available'. Girls just often... block, because they feel ashamed, when someone caresses her breasts, men simply enjoy a nice, warm touch. But getting your breasts caressed IS agood feeling, especially the nibbles. Even though you need to be careful, because some people are ticklish around there. It's the same with other places. A hand sneaking your leg upwards, makes you shiffer, doesn't it? No matter if it's targetting your sexy butt, or your genitals. Also sensitive places may be... the neck, the ears, especially the earlobs, the hands and in more advanced situations maybe the feet as well. Also back and stomach can be sensitive, depending on the person." While talking his hand and lips explore my body, always following his very own instructions. When talking about the feet he kisses them, even the sensitive sides underneath, making me laugh out loud and kick him in the face almost. "For girls," he goes on, "there is another technique, which men can't use normally. Simply take a seat on your favourite's lap and cuddle up to him real tight. This way he can feel your slender legs, your sexy ass and your firm breasts all at the same time being pressed on him, and you can even whisper into his ear or kiss him passionately. THIS is the ultimate turn-on position, having a 99% chance to succeed."
He then gets up from me, placing himself on my bed. "Come here, Asuka," he orders me and I obey curiously. "Next topic will be: 'Foreplay!'" He smiles evily and I swallow hard. "Here again it's most important 'What's a girl's pleasure, 's also a guy's pleasure.' So to say, think, what you would like him to do and just do it to him vice versa!" He looks at me and it seems, as if his eyes go right through the towel and the undies. "I know what you mean, but this does not really make me feel good..." Suddenly laughing he apologizes: "Sorry, I was just... getting a little distracted." Then he leans in again, pushing me down on the bed. "First part of this is kissing. I could already experience you being quite good at this, propably even better than me, cause I think of it as one of my weak spots." I would have disagreed him, but he didn't give me any time, continuing right away. "With lips sweet as yours, it is easy to wrap a boy around your tongue - so to say. Just play a little with him, explore his mouth, but be careful not to go to deep. You don't want him to vomit, do you? Some guys are little too 'manly' to let a girl win a tongue fight. It's up to you, to make it more passionate or just hold back and let them do as they wish." He then again puts his lips onto mine, first only streaking my lips with his tongue, then while I silently gasp for air, pushing it further in, licking over my teeth. I giggle in my mind, remembering him calling himself 'not so good at this.' If it wasn't for Ryou, I'd probably been turned on enough already to allow him to do whatever he wants with me. Then I open my teeth as well, encountering his tongue with mine. We wrap them around each other's, touching the other's teeth and lips in the process. But finally I get the chance to force him back and try his advices on him, sneaking around in his mouth. After a few minutes just lying there and kissing, his left hand wanders around my towel, searching for the knot to undo it. On its way it's passing my breasts and in surprise I make a small gasp, which he uses to turn the tide of the battle, now caressing my battlefield. He wraps the towel then, or at least he pulls it off from me, breaking the kiss as well. "Hm..." he smiles brightly, "You're an excellent kisser, Asuka. If you have nothing against it, we should still keep trying, don't you think?" "As much as possible..." I cough, fighting to breath normal again. He smiles and checks my now almost completely unrevealed body. "Just as I always dreamed it to be..." He shakes his head, maybe to get a clear mind again. "So, next part is way more intimate... 'Petting.' This is... er... having sex, without actual sex. About everything is allowed, except penetrating the other's... primary sexual parts." I have to giggle, due to his anatomic vocabulary. "So..." I whisper, trailing my down his stomach, "You say we could do anything, if we do not take of our underwear?" "Generally 'yes', you could even take off your bra, cause your bossom is a secondary sexual part." "You think it's secondary?" I ask evily. He shakes his head. "Nope, I think the complete opposite..." At the same time one if his hands crawls towards my bra, griping it firmly. "They are quite extraordinary..." ...and then starts massaging them, with sensitive touches to begin with. But I already become aware of a special tension building up in my body. "Boobies... are way more sensitvive, when placed on a girl. Even though, you could also stroke a man's the effect would be way weaker. He'd never get really excited this way - or at least I do not. But when you..." He stops for a moment. His other hand goes to my back, unhooking my bra and making my breasts plop out of the cups. Then he comes clother, slighlty breathing against their tips. "... excite the nibbles, most men will react as well. Normally shiffering with excitement, or by giggling, if you are unlucky. As I said... ticklish." I act just as he says, throwing myself from one side to the other under him. When he even takes one of them in his mouth, gently nibbling at the brown spots, I nearly lose my mind. "S-s-stop..." I plead him and he looks up at me. "Don't you like it..?" he grins at me. "Idiot!" A pillow hits his head and in revenge he pinches one of my breasts with his thumb. "Ouch!" I shriek, but when he repeats it over and over again, the pain turns into a special kind of thrill. "Another lesson... little, hardly painful procedures, turn into joy quite fast, as you surely experience right now." My breath gets heavier with every second passing, as he pinches one and licks and sucks on the other. When I can't stand it anymore, I crawl away a little, freeing myself from his grasp. "This.. this is enough..." I cough. He just grins back at me, his eyes shining with passion.
"If you say so..." he whispers and releases me of his torture. "Then we will talk about other parts of foreplay as well." He comes closer again, at first gently sucking my neck and steoking my stomach. "It's important to give as much attention as possible to every part of your partner. Listen to his reactions, cause they will show you, what are his favourite spots. This way things are getting easier, because you just need to handle the special spots." He nimbles at my shoulders while grasping my ass. "You for example..." he thinks for a moment, "...should be touched here..." he bites my earlob making me nearly jump in surprise, but also sending chills through my body, "or here..." as he pinches my nibble again, so I have to react by roling on my frontside to protect these sensitive parts of mine from his way too experienced fingers! "Wow, never again do this!" I cry, after placing myself in a sitting position next to him and holdingmy hands in front of my bossom. "Why? Didn't you like it?" he asks in an childish, even innocent way. "I can actually see, how much you like it..." Following his gaze, I notice a little, wet stean on my slip. Blushing deep red I cover it with mya legs. "But I guess, you are happy as well..." I can not look through his pants, but I don't think I'm mistaken by this. "Hm... anxious about it? Why don't find out?" He lays back on my bed, giving me access to his trousers. I become a little nervous at first, but then shorten our distance and finally dare, to slowly undo his belt. "Do it with a little more passion," he advices me and I try to do by going slower on him. "I said 'more passion,' not 'less speed!' There is a significant differnece between those two!" I sigh, just as a pissed off pupil does, when his teacher tells him to practice more. "How shall I do it, oh lord?" He sighs in the way a pissed off pupil's teacher would do it. "Hm... I don't know. I do not undress men commonly... But you could distract me from it, to make it more comfortable... e.g. give me one of your great kisses!" So I pull him down to me, and while taking off his belt and jeans I place my mouth upon his and nimble on his lower lip. He snaps for me, trying to get a real kiss, but evily I draw back and giggle: "No, not this time!" He answers with a disappointed face, but once I got his shirt and pants off, he seems happy again with the both of us only wearing one piece of fabric now. "So then, sweety, I think you are ready for the last part...
'Sex' or 'Getting on the real thing!'" He gets up again, now looking right into my eyes. "I'm not going to force you into anything, so if possible, I will just give you descriptions, alright?" I nod, being relieved of him not losing his mind and doing anything inappropiate - he's just a guy after all. "So... we will start by the most simple practice: the hand job. Actually it's still foreplay, but I take it for real, cause you get to touch the other's genitals." He then looks at me, as if he could look like through me. "Are you..." he thinks about his words once more, or at least it seems so, "May I touch your special place?" I'm a little shocked by his question. Even though I was of course aware of this being porable part of the training, the real meaning was kind of foggy before. But now, sitting half naked in front of him, it seems kind of scary being touvhed by anyone but Ryou. "I... I... I'm not sure..." I think once more about it. "Can't I... do it myself or so?" He nods silently and smiles without obvious anger or dissappointment. He then advices me what do to and I follow his orders. But sometimes I doubt for a moment, when he gives a new order... "At first slid your right hand into your slip, slowly feeling about your pubic hair. Then use your index and ring finger to carefully trace the surroundings of your outer lips..." As I do so, chills run again up and down my spine, but still mainly caused by excitement, not arousal. "Then spread them apart a little and touch the soft flesh inside with your middle finger, slowly increasing the pressure." As I do as he says, I'm shaking at each stroke I do. I close my eyes in plaesure, but this way I do not notice Jun coming nearer, and then slipping down my underwear. "So then... now have a close look... This is the clit." He takes my thump and softly presses it on it, making me cough in surprise. "Oh my...." "It's one of your most sensitive spots. If Ryou doesn't pay enough attention to it, just tell him to. I don't think he'll be offended but gladly accept your hints, because... this spots makes a girl sound lovely." He moves my thumb around it, then gently sliding under it and I've got to scream all in a sudden, bowing my back up, towards my hand. "Ya see?" Now it's his turn again to giggle. "A boy should know how to do this. If he doesn't,just help him out! It's for your joy, not his. But there is something else, something more intimate..." He moves closer towards my lower region, sniffing at it as it seems. "Oral sex... or 'the taste of low:'" And out of nowhere a tongue strikes my lower lips and I've got to bite my other lip, not to shout 'OMFG, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?' through the whole dormitary. "It's more intimate than the hand job and also more arousing, if done correctly." He then does it a second and a third time, and I still do not dare opening my teeth. He pauses again. "As you see, it is a great experience, but remember... you should repay the guy, for doing this favor to you." His tongue slides deeper inside of me, while his fingers caress the entrance. I shiffer under his touch, throwing my head around as if I had gone crazy. After a short while he changes his technique again, now licking over my hot spot, so I whine silently for relieve from this torture. Finally, as I feel two fingers slip into my wet hole I can't hold back anymore, releasing my tension by screaming out loud with a shrill voice and even cumming all over his hand. He decreases his efforts and looks up at me smiling. "Please forgive me, but... I just can't stand seeing a girl laying in front of me in this state and not... helping her out." I try to smile back, but am still are too overwhelmed by the thrill. "So then... I think now it's your turn to learn something more useful. At least we are here to show you, how to please a man, not how to get pleased, aren't we?"
Now he gets up and moves away rather more than before. "This will be theory only lessons, though you shall give it to Ryou, not me. But I'll show you some stuff to help." At first he removes his boxers, revealing his already quite vivid... Jun junior. "So... this is him. Asuka, him, him Asuka," he giggles. I shake my head, due to such childish behaviour. "Now the hand job for girls, or rather for guys by girls. At the beginning grasp him carefully but tight. You might think this is easy, but applying just the right pressure without feeling it is difficult. You're either running the risk of hurting him or making him feel nothing at all. Best is to watch him again, becasue done the right way it's highly enjoyable." Then he starts masturbating slowly, so I can watch. "This is most general. You can also add other movements, such as playing with the tip or the balls in the process. Or you can combine it with the next stage: Way more intimate and also more sexy: the blow job. When added to the hand job you simply engulf the tip with your lips, gently sucking at it and maybe adding some licks, if you like." I nod as a sign of understanding him, but it seems somehow strange, no matter what... "A real blow job means taking all or most of the penis into your mouth, but then again just the same. Sucking, licking wherever and however you want to. If he cries, it's usually a good sign. You can even use your teeth carefully, but be sure not to hurt him. Your hands in the mean time, might play with his balls, or his ass, or wherever you like to put them." I look at him, stroking his penis and some strange heat enlights within me. slowly I crawl towards him, who's obviously deep in his thoughts preparing the next lesson most probably. I move aside his hands a let my tongue wet the whole length of Jun jun, ripping him out of his planning. "W-what are you doing, Asuka???" But I just silence him sheeshing "Pssst..." Then I do just as he describes it, swalloing his whole length and sucking at first carefully, making him moan in pleasure. And when I bring my tongue into the game as well, he starts wiggling around under me, just as I did before. "Oh Asuka... this is so great..." I simply go on, thinking about his other tips. So then I use one of my hands to massage his ass, while the other one caresses his balls gently. "Asuka... don't stop..." I hear him plead. But I do just the opposite, getting off from him again, smiling like an angel.
"Jun... there is something else I... heard of... plaese teach me also...how to use my boobies!" A big smile appears on his face as he says: "Whatever you want, Asuka..." He gently lays me don on my back and positions himself over me, holding his member between my breasts. "It's quite simple. At first choose a pose, as this one and then..." He holds them and squeezes them around him, applying so much pressure, I can feel his blood throbbing through it. "This can easily be increased by using the other techniques in combination..." So I press my breasts around 'lil Jun and lick his tip playfully. Big Jun in the meantime seems to really enjoy it, wiggling around like silly, trying to free from my grasp: "No way out, Jun..." I whisper between two licks and then suck with even more passion. "Asuka..." he coughs, "I'd really recommened you stop right now, cause when I get turned on like this, I can not guarantee being able to hold back anymore..." Ignoring his warnings I simply go on, even increasing my efforts. My tongue slides around the tip, playing with the foreskin, and my breasts jiggle with excitement, due to the hot sensation of his penis between them. But all in a sudden he pulls it out violently, catching my hands and pinning me down on the bed. He stares at me kind of blankly, but with a deep, kinda wild passion. "I've warned ya..."' he murmures. I try to struggle, but can't move an inch. For another time he pushes his lips on mine this time literally forcing a kiss upon me, making me shiver with fear but excitement at the same time. 'Jun, don't hurt me...' I plea in my mind. Then he lays down on me, his tip slightly touching my entrance. 'Jun, don't do it!' I want to cry, but his tongue is still in my mouth and I can't make any noise. Then I can slowly feel him entering me, his cock spreading my pussy lips, sending never expected pleasure and pain through all my bones and nerves and muscles, and at the same time tears roll down my eyes. But all in a sudden he stops and breaks the kiss. "Asuka..." he mumbles. "Hm...?" I cry very quietly. "Never forget to be careful, when opening so far too anyone. They could be playing a foul game. And not just trying to teach you a lesson the real hard way..." He hastely gets off from me, gathering his clothes and putting the most neccessary on. "Here, for the final lessons, regarding various sex positions watch this video. And then... good luck with Ryou!" With this words he lays the video on my cupboard and jumps out of the window, leaving me laying there in schock, still breathing hard, but also being terribly wet in my lower region. "Jun, you asshole..." I shriek as I have gathered my senses and realizes, he did not cause any real damage of any kind to my... blossom. I get up and look out of the window. Tomorrow I will kick his ass, real hard... And then I'll give him a kiss to thank him.

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