Yami no Suzaku

BY : Awenseth
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I. Stay on my side

It was over, he had ended his wery last duell here at Duell Academy. Tomorrow morning he would leave the island and everything that bound him here behind, his friends, his brother, her…

Zane was taking a little walk to free his mind from all those thoughts which swirled in his head when he spotted a person standing by the Light tower looking at the sea. From the figure he guessed that the person was a she, from the yellow uniform she wore he could tell that she was a Ra Yellow, the cold night wind played with her long black hair and platin blond pony. Zane gasped as he recogrinaised the person. Suddenly his hearth begun to beat faster as he made his way down to her.

He was only a five feats away when she turned around to face him. Amethyst eyes were looking in to blue ones. He needed wery much of his self control to hold up his mask in front of her, it was like as if she could see his soul. He was in a way drawn to her she was like a delicate rose in the desert. Her sun kissed skin, her graceful and proud movements she was like a goddess to him. He heard from Alexis that she was wery pissed on when Carmulla took his soul away and that she wanted to save him alone, which proved that she wasn’t angry at him anymore for his behavior around his little brother. She cared for him, but he didn’t know how much. H had already figured out that he wanted her, not only as a friend. He wanted to posses her soul and body, to hold and to kiss her, to know that she was only his and his alone, to hear her moan his name in pleasure. He shivered at the last thought, he couldn’t change that he was a teenage boy.

He remembered the time when they fought with Pharaoh Abidos. He was burning from jealousy when she bowed in front of him and he dared to kiss her hand and flirt with her. He would have immediately dueled with that bastard if Jaden didn’t interfere.

“What is it Zane?” she asked.

“Are, I wanted to ask something from you.” he tried to hold his tone firm, he could still hear the nervousness in it and he guessed that she heard it to then her eyes softened a bit.

“What is it?” she asked softly.

Zane took a deep breath and stepped in front of her. Then he grabbed her arms and forced they lips together in a passionate kiss. He felt her body tense, but it relaxed after a while when her delicate arms wrapped themselves around his neck and his traveled down to her waist. He loved her sweet taste and the softness of he skin. The time stopped around them, but Zane still could have sworn when he felt Are kiss back that he heard many dreamy sighs and groans around them, but he shrugged it up. After a while both parted panting when the need for air got to strong. Both of them were blushing.

“Uhm…Are I wanted to ask you if…if you would come with me tomorrow…” he said feeling like one idiot to act so unlikely him.

“Yes.” she said and Zane could have sworn that he heard those noises again, but that didn’t matter to him at the moment. She said yes and tomorrow they would leave together…

To be continued…

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