Aster Phoenix Lemon

BY : LilacMoonlight
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Quick Profile:

Name: Kat
Age: 17 (asters 18)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde

And just to warn you, this isnt the whole lemon, just part of it, plus this has to be edited ETC


Aster picked you up and layed you down on his bed, he kissed lightly on the lips "I love you kat, more than anything in the world" he said as his gorgeous blue eyes shined in the moonlight "I love you too aster" you replied.

He smiled then kissed you passionatly, his hand traveled down your side to your thigh, and caressed your inner thigh as he lifts up your skirt slighty then pulls your panties off and slips one of his fingers into your womanhood "Oh Aster, that feels so good" you moaned, he pumps faster "Im glad you like it, my love" he says in a whisper, he adds another two fingers, you moan louder but you want to make him moan so you sneak your hand down to his pants and undo his zipper, slip your hand into his boxers and grab his manhood.

He gasps "K-Kat, that....oh yeah" he moans, you slowly stroked his throbbing cock, his moans get louder as you pump faster and faster, you can feel it throbbing in your palm, you squeeze it till he cums over your han, "Kat...that" he said, he was still thrusting his fingers in and out of you "ASSSSTER!!!!" you screamed as you cummed over his fingers.

He then licks his fingers clean while you clean off your hand of his juices, he pulls your shirt off, and pinch's your nipple's through your bra making them erect, you blush madly "Aster..." you mutter under your breath, he pulls you forward and bends down, licking your lips, teasing you as he unhooks your bra.

He looks down at your breasts, his eyes full of love, hunger and lust, his fingers brush over your nipples causing you to moan. He licks your left nipple while sqeezing your right breast, his tougne rolls over the hard flesh, he switchs and does the same to the right, only it feels even better. You can feel his erection through his pants 'how hard can he get?' you thought.

You pull off his jacket and rub his shoulders and chest, you can feel his muscles through his shirt "this isnt needed" he said and he slowly undid the buttons on his shirt, you pulled the article of clothing off of him and threw it to the floor.

You caressed his smooth creamy chest, you flipped him over and looked down at him smirking, you slid his pants down his legs and threw them behind you, you looked down at the tent which had formed in his boxers and gave him a sly smile, your hand stroked the bulge as it seemed to get larger by the minute, you squeezed it a little then ripped off his boxers, his manhood was pretty big and the look on your face gave it were scared of the pain that would come.


Okay so ive edited most of it, but i stil need to work on it i know.
But im starting on the second part soon, and should be up even sooner ^_^

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