Heart Token

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Heart Token

Character’s: Maiden In Love, Blair, and Brett

Warnings: Manipulation (body and mind), M/F, M/F/F

Description: When Blair unleashes the Maiden in Love to fight against Yubel; things take a turn for the worse… This is my first AFF; so please review; thank you. ALso check my site for future previews.

It had all started with the small sound of a flutter of wings, and everything had gone from bad to mixed up. Blair and Brett slowly walked together; Blair supporting him in his still injured state from his previous battles. The sandy terrain making it near impossible, and duel ghouls were approaching from every side, and Blair was not going to let them touch her hero, and now her boyfriend that she was in love with. She raised a card to the sky, and summoned a weak monster; knowing it would do more then help.

This monster was young, and roughly the same size as Blair; this young monster looked out wards at all the monsters that were before her. There was massive numbers, and they were all different sizes and types. The maiden looked back to Blair; her hands together like she was praying. She was nervous about the idea of going forth to fight for anything, but then she looked over to Brett who was badly injured.

A hint of a blush was a cross the maidens cheeks; for some reason she could not help but feel an attraction. This duel monster wondered why she felt this attachment to a human like creature, but there was no denying that she did not enjoy his appearance. Still the thought crossed her mind that it may have been Blair’s connection that was causing these feelings. Suddenly the fight before her was important, and she understood why she had to.

A surge of power for the love that she felt for this young man; she knew all two well what it was, and she never believed that love could do this. The maiden was in love, but the most powerful kind; true love. The power took form; taking the maiden’s power and spreading it out across the desert environment. Heart tokens flew out; too many in number to count, and everything was infected by these beautiful red shiny hearts.

They melted into friend and foe alike; only Brett and Blair were spared from the barrage of hearts. Neither of them could understand why this was happening; the ability of this duel monster did not work like this. Even Marcel; possessed by Yubel had hearts infuse in his skin. The ability affecting even the mighty Yubel; all were very nervous about this development, and the maiden was ready to take complete control for Brett; her new love.

The hearts were like poison to Nero; this ability was something he could not believe. The closer these red hearts got; the more pain he felt. The love powered objects were cutting through his strength, and he had no choice but to retreat; leaving his objective behind, and losing the opportunity of getting Brett as his slave was disgusting. His freedom would have to wait; something that Brett’s abilities could only accomplish.

With Nero vanishing; Blair finally decided to end this, and activated her Cupid’s Arrow magic card. The affect wiped the minds of everyone; it was amazing to this young duel monster to have been so powerful, and the source of it was going to be hers. It took her strength to new heights, and every one was under her control; somehow boosting the maidens strength.

Blair supported Brett in his weak state, but the massive effect of her monster and magic card had left her with no energy left. Her legs began to give out, and Brett summed up the strength when he noticed. Dropping to his knees; he caught Blair while she fell; landing safely in his arms. “Blair…! Are you all right; Blair please answer! Don’t scare me like this…!”

Cradling Blair in his arms; Brett was worried that she had pushed herself to hard. Brett was only worried about Blair, but then he actually looked around him. It was no longer a sea of duel ghouls. Now they all had heart tokens in different places; all of them under the full and complete spell of love. Yubel was strong, but Marcel was still a human, and the vessel was under the Maidens control now.

The maiden was enthralled by this; everyone around her would follow her no matter what she requested. It was just beginning though; she could have what ever kind of fun that she wished to. All she wanted for herself was the young man that she had done this for, but she had other objectives as well. Her master was a bit of an a nuisance, and she had other things that bothered her too.

Looking over at the glazed over eyes pasted on Alexis; the maiden despised her. She was so much more developed, and the link between them through the tokens fed her memories. She watched the scenes play out; this young lady was the popular one of the school. She was loved and desired by all, and yet she showed few feelings for anyone she had been in contact with. This young woman also had feelings for Brett, and she would pay for them.

This young lady was despicable; all of the women that she now controlled were so developed, and just what the maiden was not. Still it was her choice to do what she pleased; all she had to do was get rid of Yubel, and she could do as she pleased. She would be desired, but not attainable except to those that she chose to allow the grand privilege of having her, and that would only be one man. These other developed girls would get theirs too.

Brett was still attending to Blair; to him she was all that mattered. Her safety, and he did not even bother to notice the maiden approaching him. She stood right beside him, and she could not figure out why he was so in love with Blair, and she was about to show get what she wanted. “You are mine now…”

She lifted her hand, and sent a heart token into Brett’s forehead, and it fused into him and he fell unconscious. The combination his own lack of energy, and the heart token completely overwhelmed him. He still was in a sitting position, and Blair fell to the ground below. The maiden was so happy that she was getting what she wanted; a man that she would make hers by what ever means.

Almost everyone was under her control; she could do what ever she pleased. She knew exactly what was her first goal, but the question was her master. It was exciting; reading Blair’s thoughts, and then she knew that Brett was not even human. It was going to take much more to convince him, but she had time; she had all the time she needed. Blair however was still an interesting prospect of how to be handled, and the maiden was suddenly distracted by a small moan from Brett.

With his vision blurred, and the heart token affecting his mind; Brett could not think clearly. He wondered how long he had been out; it seemed like he had a long sleep since much of his strength had returned. He tried to bring his vision back, but it was hard to focus, and then a sweet voice came from the blur. “Oh yeah; you are finally awake my perfect man… or should I call you my true love.”

That voice was not Blair’s, and Brett could not recognize it in his sleep like status. Still he wanted to believe it was Blair; “Blair is that you…? I can’t see anything… I can barely think straight; what happened?”

Brett tried to move his arms, but found he could not, and then his mind picked up on the fact that he was vertical. He could not struggle free, and then his vision finally returned, but the first thing he saw was not Blair, but the Maiden in Love. “I’m not Blair; she is over there still asleep… but you should not worry about her; because I’m your true love. You will rule all with me; I have done this all for you, and you shall love me… because I’m the only person you love.”

Those words force Brett to a full state of consciousness, and he looked around to see that he was fully held back by two Obelisk Blue students. They were under the maiden’s control, and then he looked down. The small maiden was a top another blue student who was on all fours, and she was in her illustrious dress; her hair brown and beautiful and just like silk. Brett however was nervous, and decided to test her love; “you can’t be in love with me; you are a duel monster, and I’m not even human.”

The maiden let a small feminine laugh while watching Brett fight the effects of the heart token. “So you really are loyal to my duelist; we share a special bond, and perhaps that is why I want you, but trust that my heart is true. I love everything about you, and even if you are an alien; you will su-come to my love. My slaves are rounding up the last bit of people in the school, and then I will rule everything with you... my perfect man.”

This was not good; Brett’s strength had not fully returned, and even if he could fight the heart token now; it still had some effects. The maiden ordered Brett to follow her, and bow to her will. Brett could not; the heart on his head burned when he disobeyed, but he could not; his heart belonged to Blair, and only Blair.

A few attempts to get Brett to comply, and he was nearly out of breath. He looked over at Blair who was on a nearby bed; she was asleep, and Brett had never seen this room in his time at Duel Academy, but now was not the time. He still had to figure a way out, and the maiden was tired of this game. “Please; I do not want you to suffer… you will be the only one to ever touch and experience me; the new queen of everything… and you shall be my king. All these girls that want or desire you; will be raped till they desire only that.”

Then Brett just had to ask a question; one that was more important then anything. “What about Blair; I will fight you if you dare do anything to her! She is my one true love; I have loved her since I met her, and nothing is going to stop me from being with her!”

The maiden was stunned by reaction, and then looked back to Blair who was asleep on the bed. She had not fully decided what to do with her yet, and she thought it would be best to ask Brett. “I have not decided what I shall do with my master; what do you think? On one hand many duelists would never touch me, and I should show her some compassion. Then again… all the monster that attacked me time, and time again! I simply cannot let something so horrible slide; so she will be raped hundreds of times. Till she is lost to pleasure, and lust… of course other girls like that Alexis will be raped much harder.”

Those words caused Brett to struggle with all his might, but he could not get away, and the maiden understood Blair’s love for him. He was the same; completely dedicated to her, and the maiden envied Blair’s luck. Still she was going to be the one to have Brett to herself, and if she had to use more persuasive ways; then she would. “Please know that I wanted to spare you, but I will make you mine. You are what this maiden loves, and I will make you understand how much you really love me.”

Wrapping her arms around her small body; the maiden let lose another token that landed in the same place as the other. They melded, and the overwhelming sensation caused Brett to lose more of his will. He could not fight back as much, but the thought of Blair kept him strong. He was still looking at Blair, but now with a more lustful look. The maiden could see he was actually becoming more devoted to Blair, but then she saw that his will was fading when he glanced to her.

She smiled and leaned in and kissed Brett on the cheek; the small lips touching him made his heart jump. “Most monsters cannot even resist one of these tokens; you are so strong that I must make you mine. I will give you pleasure you cannot imagine; you are the one I want most; so please give in for me. You may all leave now…”

The mind controlled students left, but not before helping the maiden down. Brett dropped to his knees; so weak and beginning to feel the dominating effect of the tokens. The maiden could see that he was still in love with Blair, but she could sense through the connection that he was starting to love her.

Now the question became if he was that devoted to her, and she pointed her finger to his forehead and fired off another token. It melted in, and Brett writhed in pain; the over powering sensation of these tokens continually getting stronger and changing his thoughts. Blair remained there asleep; so beautiful young and pure, and Brett would hold strong for her.

The heart on his head was literally glowing now, and that flame the maiden hoped to snuff out; was still there. She could tell that it would be hard to fully extinguish that flame, and more importantly that it would damage his mind. Then she stopped; she was damaging the person she loved, and destroying who he was. That was the last thing she wanted; she wanted him after reading his friends minds and learning of his deeds. She could not risk losing that about him; she wanted him just the way he was.

The maiden looked back to Blair; that was the reason he was holding so strong, and the question became what was more important. She could have Brett as a mind wiped slave who would never do less then she told him to, or she could share. If she gave Blair to Brett; the fight would be over, and there would be no resistance left. He would be preserved, a true hero, and all three would experience so much.

It was now weighing the pros versus the cons; Blair had been a fairly nice duelist. Many would not touch her, or just use her for a sacrifice. Still Blair used her as a main strategy; the very key of her deck. She even used the maiden to show her feelings for Brett, and then the thought of sharing was suddenly not that hard for her. It may even be fun to have Blair dedicated to her too; then she could have all that she wanted. No doubt there was so much more, and Blair would cave if Brett was promised to her.

Brett was shivering trying to fight the melding tokens effects; staying true to his love for Blair, and the maiden just approached him close to his ear and spoke in a soft voice. The voice arousing Brett, and nearly making him want to end the battle by killing himself for relief from the pain. “Now Brett; don’t you love me as much as Blair?”

The maiden backed away and watched him nod, and then Brett fell victim to the effects for a moment. “I do love you, but I cannot abandon Blair; I won’t! I will not let her be raped by anyone; I love her, and I want no one else to touch her. I failed her with Yubel, and he will pay for that!!! She disserves everything, and I can not allow it; even if I love you my lady…”

It was obvious that he was as far as he could go, but the maiden did not want to play any more games. All she was going to do now was seal the deal; “my dear sweet love; I’m sorry I have put you through this. I no longer want to hurt you, and if I promise to give you Blair as yours and only yours… would you love us both equally, and obey me. You will have everything, and you must only love me like Blair, and she will be yours for all eternity…”

Again Brett nodded, but this time with less of a struggle, and he looked up into the maidens eyes. They were no longer brown, but a dark red; the effects taking away his free will. “My lady… give me Blair to protect and love, and my heart will be both yours and Blair's. I do not want to fight you, but I cannot ever let anyone else disgrace Blair… if she could be mine; I will be yours, and Blair’s, and shall be your king.”

The maiden stood up, and brought Brett’s head into his arms and near her stomach. “You love me…” The maiden continued to caress Brett’s head as tears formed in her eyes. “Give in… stop fighting and just let my tokens ensnare you, and Blair will be yours; you will have the love of both me and Blair, and you will be the only one who will ever be with either of us. All I want you to do; is give in, and be my and Blair’s hero…”

It was over when the terms finished; his eye color settled on a reddish brown color that no longer glowed, and he could relax. The heart tokens no longer hurting him mentally, but changing his mind to thoughts of love. Still lying in wait was the threat if the maiden would not hold up her bargain, but the maiden would not risk it. Considering Brett’s strength; she could easily lose everything, and the maiden rested her hand on Brett’s head. “Stay here and watch… I will craft her into the perfect form for you, and then you and I shall be the first to experience each other. You will make me yours…”

Brett complied, and stayed and watched even when the maiden left to go over to Blair. Blair was just starting to wake up, and she looked over to see Brett with the token on his forehead; his eyes still the reddish color, and the maiden started to explain. “He is so very devoted to you, and he would not give in till I promised him you. He would not give in till I promised that you would only ever be touched by him. He saved you from being raped, and he loves you so much. I know you Blair because we share a bond; so give in so we can all be happy together.”

Blair started to panic even more, and tried to get up, and the maiden fired another token from the tip of her pointer finger. It melted into Blair’s head, but she was only human, and the effects were taking over Blair easily. She did not want to be raped though like she thought she had heard, but the maiden was going to snuff that out right away. “Do not worry my dear; when you submit; you will only ever be touched by Brett and I; that is what you desire correct?”

A nod was what the maiden saw, and Blair stopped struggling to get up, and she relaxed and her eyes glazed over. The maiden wanted to finish this quickly, and Brett was watching on all fours; like an animal. “Good Blair; I want you and Brett to be in love, and you will be so happy together; so will you submit for him. This is what he wants the most; you and I; and we shall keep him like the way you remember him.”

The token on Blair’s head just suddenly set, and she would continue to be fully engrossed by the spell till the promise was broken. Blair decided to speak, and express herself to her other love; “my lady. I promise to serve you so long as I have the man I love, and that he is the only man to touch me. I will se-quest to what ever you desire me to do; so long as Brett is ours my lady. I want him to coat every part of me in his juices, and love every part of me.”

The maiden curtsied, and motioned Blair to stand up on the bed and Blair complied. “You shall have him with me, and we shall all be blissfully happy in love’s purest form. First though I will model you to be Brett’s perfect match; a gift for you since you have been so kind to me. Now begin to disrobe…”

It did not even have to start before Brett let his mouth fall open; the scene that was about to happen to great to believe. He had a hard time holding the urge back, but did out of the love he had for both these young women. The arousal made him want to masturbate so bad to what was about to come, but he had to save it for his loves. He could not wait for it to begin; now that Blair had subjected; it was over. There was no battle except Brett trying to hold back and not go over and pleasure them both right away.

Blair started to take all of her clothes off for both of her loves watching, and she loved every second the eyes were on her. She started by removing her Slifar Red vest; slipping it off, and letting it fall to the floor beside the bed. Next she slowly started to unbutton her brownish yellow shirt; taking her time with each one and getting them on the first try flawlessly. The relented pace making it even harder not to rush both girls.

Slowly the shirt split more and more down the middle; revealing skin and flesh along with a bright red bra. Blair finished the shirt, and did the same with it; letting it fall carelessly away off the bed, and the maiden intervened. “My dear; please do not be so careless; fold you clothes, and act like the princess you are now… now please continue.”

With no hesitation Blair continued; reaching back around and undoing her bra without fail. Slowly slipping it off so her breasts were free; even though Blair was young; she had already developed almost into a b-cup. Her bright pink small nipples finally revealed into the light; so perfectly proportionate to her breasts size. This time she got off the bed, and folded her clothes neatly into a pile before getting back up; the maiden smiled and nodded in approval, and Blair gently undid the button on her black jeans shorts.

Brett finally lost his control, and moved forward nearly an inch; the maiden noticed, and could tell this slow pace was torture. “Brett please come here; you should be on the bed with the women you will both make love too soon.” Brett smiled at the request, and responded in a happy voice. “Thank you my lady; it is hard for me to hold back; with both of you showing your most beautiful bodies.”

After he joined them on the bed; Blair remembered her belt, and was tired of taking her time. She removed it much quicker, and slightly more clumsily fumbling from the thought of moving forward quickly to the good part. She carefully set it down, and then the maiden held out her hand to make her stop. “Brett will undress you; he has been so good, and our love disserves a reward. Go my true love; make her body yearn for your touch; like mine.”

Brett waited for a moment till both girls nodded; he could not believe he was going to undress Blair. Brett got onto his knees, and went behind Blair; she was blushing that this was about to happen; that Brett the guy who saved her life was going to undress her. The heat between her legs and the excitement began to come to a boil and being shear torture on Blair. She hoped him to just break lose, and rip her virginity from her; the one thing she would only give to Brett, and she wanted him to take it. Brett went around and was directly behind her; it was hard to hold back, but he would endure for his loves and do it proper.

His hands snaked around Blair; rubbing her hot soft body along the way; her hips so warm, and it was an exciting journey to the button on her shorts. His hands rubbed across her hips, and straight across her abdomen; taking his time enjoying every moment. Blair moaned and breathed; enjoying it just the same, and she wanted Brett to just mount her now, and make her his forever.

Ever so slowly along her warm body he traveled; till finally he hit her jean shots top. He pulled along the zipper at a steady pace. The V shaped opening at the zipper grew till it could no more, and Brett slid her jeans down to her feat where Blair stepped out of them. Brett then looked to see her bright red panties; the same color as her bra, and Blair turned her head and smiled at Brett.

His hands moved though the air, and gently brushed her crotch; making a much loader moan emanate from Blair’s mouth. His touch made her quiver, and it wad hard not to just lose control for either, but the maiden watched, and she to was very aroused. She was ready to end it right now; this foreplay was torture, but it would be worth it.

Brett slid the panties down much quicker; having had enough of this foreplay. The maiden finally beheld Blair’s maidenhood; already dripping with juices from Blair’s excited mind; the maiden was also getting wet her private areas with the coming attraction. He went around to the front, and Blair knew what was next. One at a time she lifted her legs, and Brett removed her red foot wear, and then her black stockings.

Sliding the black cloth fabric down her legs; taking time to admire how perfect her legs were. When he finished the second; he scanned up and down, and one of his hands moved subconsciously to his crotch. It was to hard, and he had to free his throbbing erection. He was too nervous, and found his hands too shaky to accomplish his desires; then Blair noticed, and she grabbed Brett’s head and put it to her bare legs.

She suddenly felt his tongue liking her legs; tasting her beautiful skin. Blair quivered, and Brett’s hands became steady and strong; moving up to Blair’s tight firm but. He held her up, and started to lick and suck at her legs; moving up and closer to Blair’s sacred and dripping wet region. He neared it, and Blair looked on; begging him to take the plunge, but the Maiden put her finger to Brett’s chin breaking the moment.

Finally she was nude, and the maiden went to work; Brett moved aside. He moved with the maiden’s finger; the finger leading him to sit on the bed, and watched carefully. So enthralled behind this next transformation; still amazed he was so lucky. He had two loves; two loves that were equally as dedicated. At this point there was but happiness, and it was getting harder and harder to just not move in and take them both now.

The maiden walked on the soft cushiony bed; circling Blair and inspecting her naked body. Blair was blushing having both of her loves inspecting her body so with such admiration, but it was Brett’s eye she really wanted to catch, and she had. The maiden finished circling her once, and decided to explain to Blair what was about to happen. “Now my sweet loving duelist; you shall undergo a transformation from a bud; to a fully developed rose with the power of my tokens, and then you shall discover their other powers later with Brett showing you why you will be forever in love with him.”

Slowly the maiden put her hand against her lips, and then waive her hand and blew a kiss. The kiss to the air also contained a soft red heart token; the token hit Blair’s head, and was absorbed into the previous token. The effect arousing Blair’s sexual desires, and any discomfort was suddenly gone. She was feeling heat build up between her legs, and she wanted to jump Brett; the area between her legs becoming very wet.

The maiden started to concentrate, and closed her eyes, but only for a moment before she opened them. From her body flowed six more tokens; all of them circled for a moment; the lovely tokens making Blair feel like she was in a dream before finding their destinations. One landed on each arm near Blair’s elbows; two on the behind of her knees on the backside of her legs; the last two setting on the middle of her spine, and the last landing on her hair.

Blair began to moan and twitch; her tongue hanging out from the pleasure the tokens were providing, and the tokens had a much more noticeable effect. At fair rate; Blair’s body grew proportionately; her legs, arms, and back all lengthened, and even her head grew a little. She quickly changed into a beautiful teenager; her head grew slightly, but she was as slim as ever. Her complexion perfect like before, and Brett was starting to drool. Her hair grew down her back; the end still stretching down her back in the same style; right to the bottom of her but. The only thing that had not changed was her breasts, but that was about to be taken care of.

More tokens came from the maiden; lading on Blair’s nipples; causing them to grow from her previous size all the way up to a C-cup. Her nipples grew proportionately, but a new sensation was there, and the maiden could see Blair looking at her breasts wondering what it was. “Those tokens not only made them grow, but you can lactate easily if someone you love gets you excited, and what comes forth shall only increase your man’s pleasure… especially your own.”

Blair loved it, and so did Brett; he had noticed that every time a token hit Blair; that there was a heart icon. So many little hearts and formed on Blair, but they were not predominate; just a hint of red on the skin in the form of a heart. It was so incredibly arousing, and the he felt his shorts tightening even more with each second, and it was unbearable. His hand started to grope at his crotch; just trying to deal with his overwhelming arousal, but his jeans made it hard to do anything.

It was not over; the maiden made Blair stick her tongue out, and another token landed on it. The heart formed, and Blair’s tongue lengthened a few centimeters and stuck well out of her mouth. The maiden had a few more ideas, but looking at Brett she did not want to manipulate her anymore physically. She could tell Brett wanted her to keep her eye and hair color, and so it would be. He was on his knees; his one hand holding him up while the other was rubbing his crotch, and it looked like he was already ready to explode.

Only one thing remained; she commanded Brett up and to go behind Blair. The maiden could tell he was very aroused from the bulge showing in the crotch of his jeans, and she did not want him to suffer. Still this had to be done first; the maiden asked Brett to open Blair’s private area, and reaching around Brett found the area flawlessly, and slowly while looking over her shoulder; he pulled the out flaps of skin away to reveal the wet hidden pink area that was Blair’s core.

The anticipation combined with his fingers nearly made Blair come right from the initial touch. Her hero who had saved her many times was no playing with her maidenhood, and she loved every touch. Blair’s hips buckled and jerked; One of Brett’s hands landed in front of it, and Blair’s tongue shot out of her mouth. Brett looked at her eyes bulging as she came, and his other hand moved up and continued to spread her open.

Brett looked over Blair’s shoulder; after a few bucks of her hips; her area started to spray and coat Brett’s hands with her come. Brett supported her the whole time; his hand getting drenched with Blair’s come, and he was so amazed. The female cumming was so much more powerful, and just his touch had done this to Blair; her juices were exploding and splashing back on both of them. Even the scent of her come was intoxicating, and after nearly half a minute of spraying with amazing force; Blair finally settled in his arms.

Her face showed she was completely overwhelmed; her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she panted for air after the exhausting act. Brett brought his soaked hand up, and put it in front of Blair. She looked at the glistening hand, and leaned forward and sucked on a few of his fingers sensually.

Her tongue brought both the fingers deep in her mouth; coating them with saliva, and Blair loved her own taste. Brett took the other two fingers, and fell in love with the taste; loving Blair sucking his other fingers. Brett took away his hand, and kissed Blair with his tongue entering her mouth, and starting Bair towards her next explosion. The maiden simply leaned in, and inspected it; Blair was easily the same height as Brett; making it easy for the maiden to stand and look at Blair’s private area.

Carefully inspecting it was hard on Blair and Brett; his fingers wiggled ever so slightly sending Blair into a spin. He just anted to touch her even deeper though, and giver her the love she disserved. After a moment; the maiden blew, but this wind carried more tokens. This time there were dozens of mini tokens, and hey melted into each other in key places.

Some lined the outer walls of Blair’s vagina; others traveled directly to Blair’s g-spot. They made it easier to touch and pleasure; while the ones on Blair’s outer walls formed little hearts. Many fused with her clitoris; making it stick out a little more and also the air hitting it even was an amazing feeling. More went into her urethra; expanding it and making it more flexible so it could later be used for sex. Blair’s head tilted back over Brett’s shoulder, and she moaned with a feminine hint of a joyous squeal while the tokens settled; her long tongue licking the air above her head.

Blair loved every second, and Brett’s presence was making her lose control. The tokens also made Blair’s muscles down in her abdomen a thousand times stronger so she would spray and get a deeper experience when she came. Then the maiden finally decided to reveal the secret behind the tokens; “Blair… all of these tokens are pleasure points, and once you are bonded to Brett; his contact with them will provide you infinite pleasure; just from his contact with them.”

That promise was the best thing to Blair’s ears, but then the maiden and Brett switched sides. From the front she could feel Brett’s jeans touching her core; sending pleasure up her spine, and his hands reached around and spread her but cheeks apart. Blair leaned forward and kissed Brett; his hands taking control of her ass, but being gentle and careful with it. The maiden blew one token; one that created a heart around Blair’s anus, and it was finally done.

The maiden moved in front, and asked Brett to move to Blair’s side and hold Blair’s hand. The scene almost looked like they were getting married, and Blair wanted to free and see her true love’s manhood for the first time. Now there was only one thing left, and the maiden held a card to the ceiling. “Do you two both take the other as your one and only love; besides your love for me?”

They both nodded, and the maiden activated the Happy Marriage card. All of the tokens on Brett and Blair turned a light blue; they were bonded to each other for all eternity. They would only touch each other except for the maiden, and it was perfect marriage. They were bonded; never to be apart, and it was going to amazing.

“Brett… please disrobe for your two loves; it is finally time for us to begin… your patience shall be rewarded.”

Finally Brett began taking off his clothes; removing his red jacket and white t-shirt. He removed his shoes and socks, and finally relieved the pressure by releasing his manhood when he removed his jeans and boxers fell to the bed. It felt so good after watching this whole ordeal, and he rose showing off his manhood to the ladies with pride. The girls loving it, and thinking it was the perfect thing to relieve them of their useless virginity.

Both loved it; it was fully erect, and nine inches long. It was just what Blair had imagined; larger but not overly, and she wanted it inside of her so bad. Blair was about to reach for it when the maiden stopped her. “Not yet Blair; I’m going first, but I also want him to have a gift for you. Please hold it up for me…”

The request finally let Blair reach and touch it; she had wanted to for so long, and it made her so happy. It was so hot to the touch, and Blair was looking at it with glazed over eyes; the item that would bring her infinite pleasure was before her. Blair coiled her hands around it and lifted it up; her hands started to roam up and down studying it. It was hard too; the erection rock hard because of her and the maiden’s bodies, but Blair would not disobey the maiden again. The maiden sent to heart tokens through the air and onto his balls. Next the maiden leaned in and kissed the tip; leaving another token in the shape of a heart on what to her was the tip of his massive cock.

Brett looked at Blair who was admiring it; her hands were so tight, but soft around it; still roaming up and down like she was starting to ease Brett into masturbating. The hearts turned from red to blue, and the maiden looked up at him; “now you can do it as much as you want. Your stamina is infinite, and you will use it only for us. You will be able to come as much as you want; so do not hold back… now we begin Blair…”

Brett backed to the end of the bed, and watched Blair go behind the maiden. Slowly the dress came from the shoulders down, and Blair folded it after the maiden stepped out of it, and moved to the side. The maiden did not have much bigger the A-cup breasts. She looked even younger then Blair, but Brett did not see age, but the fact that he loved her.

“My love please lay down on the bed…” Blair knew she was talking to her, and it was nice to be called that. Blair lay down on the bed on her back; the sheets were so soft and inviting, and the maiden sat on her abdomen that was still sticky with come, and it was so warm. Finally the maiden lay down on Blair; resting her head between Blair’s breasts. They were soft and warm, and all of Blair’s body emanated heat. Even with the long brown hair of the maiden between them; the temperature was amazing, but it was just right.

“Blair please help me present myself for our love; after me you will get all the time you desire. A lady should never touch herself down there; finally we can express our love to our man.”

Blair’s hands snaked over the maiden’s body, and spread the young maiden open for Brett to see. Blair was already panting in anticipation, and the maiden was not far from Blair’s state. Brett studied for a second and admired how wet she was, and moved in; positioning himself at the maidens entrance; his tip ready to take her virginity away. “I’m ready the both of you; you may do what you like Blair; as for you my true love please enter me and rid me of this useless virginity!”

Brett heard, and complied by thrusting forward and pushing into the maiden for the first time. She was tight beyond belief, but she was already very wet making it easier; it was obvious that Brett and Blair were not the only ones that were excited from all the anticipation. Slowly he kept pushing deeper and deeper; the wonderful sensation made the maiden reach up and grab the skin on Brett’s back for support while he pressed in. The maiden’s tight walls squeezing his dick, and making it hard to push any deeper, and Brett started using multiple thrusts to get in deeper.

Never did Brett want to hurt the maiden on purpose, but soon he came to her barrier. He looked to the maiden, and she nodded in approval knowing the pain would soon fade to pleasure. He backed up ever so slightly, and trusted right through with more force; breaking the hymen and causing the maiden to scream in pleasure with the mix of pleasure and pain of his cock sliding so deep inside of her.

The sensation was amazing on Brett to; it was unbelievably tight, and all her quivering muscles made the young man’s mouth fall open in pleasure. Her walls massaging his cock with her juices and flesh; the sensation beyond belief. Blair finally let go just when a small amount of blood trickled out from the maiden’s crowed vagina. Blair had her own needs, and she tilted her head upwards to see Brett’s body in the light; thrusting deeper and deeper each second.

It was fairly toned, and Blair was getting too excited just from the look of it pounding the maiden. It was overwhelming her own needs, and the maiden had such soft long brown hair that felt amazing on Blair’s skin. She finally gave out and let her right hand find her breast, and began to pull and tweak her nipple sending ripples of pleasure up her spine, and making herself twitch down below. She imagined Brett fucking her, and she started to pant and moan; while becoming for rough with her breast.

After getting use to the most wonderful sensation; Brett finally started moving in and out of the maiden at faster speeds. The young duel monster found her legs adjusting in height till she found the perfect level; the legs spread out so Brett could push even deeper, and the maiden turned her head from side to side trying to deal with all the pleasure. His cock still not fully in, but pounding her entrance; making a wet noise that caused the maiden’s face to change beat red. She cold see him moving in and out; but what was more was the feeling of the long cock pushing so much deeper every time; his speed picking up and slamming her with each thrust.

With each thrust Brett drove deeper and deeper; he could was so unbelievably turned on, and it only strengthened his erection. He started moving faster and faster; stretching the maiden’s insides more and more; making her forever addicted to his manhood. He could feel the walls writhing and moving with each thrusts; clamping down on his dick trying to make him fill the maiden, but the true amazing thing was looking at both of them. He watched the maiden move with each thrust; screaming in delight while he broke her down, but Blair was there too playing with one of her breasts, and her long tongue stuck out of her mouth.

It was impossible for this young man to not drool a little from the sight, and some dripped from his mouth right to Blair’s tongue. It was too much for the other girl to deal with and she moaned even louder; that taste from Brett’s mouth knocking her mind into a spin of pleasure, and Blair moved under the maiden in pleasure. The taste of his saliva was on the tip of her tongue, and was so sweet; it started to move down her town coating it, but it rolled over the heart and suddenly Blair lost control and her hips jolted.

That little drop of saliva did more for Blair then any foreplay, and she fell even more in love with Brett. Her free hand reached down and started to play with her own needy area; unable to wait any longer for her own pleasure. It was too hard for Blair to get any real pleasure, and she moved her hand back up and started playing with her other breast. This time Blair started to squeeze and be much more violent with her breasts; scratching and pulling her nipples while she kneaded her breasts, and then she heard the maiden speak in between her own powerful moans. “Keep playing… with your incredibly soft breasts Blair… please they are so amazing.”

That pushed Blair’s excitement even more; somehow she knew Brett enjoyed the sight to, and she was more then happy to continue. Brett was thrusting so hard now, and hit another barrier; by this point he had finally worked all of the maiden’s private areas for his pleasure, and that was all that was left. Still he had more to give, and he was not going to hold back. His cock still not fully in, but he needed permission to go further while he continued to poke at the new entrance.

The feeling that he was about to come was becoming more present, and it was hard not to just let go and fill the maiden with his seed. Still he continued and pressed even deeper in the maiden; thrusting against the entrance to her womb. Then the maiden spoke again, but this time to Brett in a lustful and dominated voice. “Keep going; even if you break me my true love! I want all of you inside me!!! Rape my womb; and take me now; make me your slut!!!”

Again Brett obliged by the filthy demand, but first one of his hands moved till Blair’s shoulder. Blair finally gave into Brett’s touch. It was to much, and her hips moved violently, and her juices burst from her vagina; when she finally experienced her first orgasm. She had came to thoughts of certain men; even Brett had filled her fantasies, but the pleasure that rolled over her was too intense just from anticipation.

While Blair twitched and spasmed as her vagina sprayed her juices well past the end of her bed; Brett still pinned the maiden down with each thrust, and kept Blair down to. Blair squeezed her breasts hard while her orgasm tore her apart. Her juices violently bursting out of her and she cried out for Brett to rape her, and it was setting the maiden off who could feel Blair’s spray.

The smell hit Brett; that scent of Blair’s cum that he desired, and finally was ready. The maiden knew this would push her over the edge, but one last though drifted through her mind of how amazing it was for Blair to cum beneath her. Then a single thrust, and Brett pushed with so much force; prying into the maiden’s womb open and causing the maiden to scream in her feminine voice to the heavens. The cock pushing into her stomach while it stroked the maiden’s g-spot.

That thrust nearly sent both over the edge, and Blair continued to play with her breasts even long after the orgasm past. Blair’s mind was overwhelmed, and she continued to mindlessly play with her breasts. She wanted Brett inside her, and she was imagining it. Brett backed nearly all the way out, and closed his eyes and thrust again with an amazing amount of force. The stretched wet region just aloud Brett to keep all his speed, and slide right through sending the maiden’s head into a spin; ripping deep inside her, and causing the maiden .

Then he hit the barrier again, but this time the speed aloud more then his head to break fully through, and he was finally fully immersed inside. The maiden looked down to see that her abdomen was bulging outwards, and then they finally broke. Both hit their limit, and Brett tried one last short push before he finally started coating the maiden’s womb with his cum.

The maiden leaned her head back, and finally let her own orgasm break her; it was simply too much to handle with Brett cumming inside her. Her womb broken into and desecrated, and she loved it; especially the bulge sticking out that was caused by his dick. She could feel the streams of liquid hot cum filling her beyond her limit, and her walls squeezed down on Brett’s manhood like she would not let it go ever. From her entrance burst the mix of their juices; shot forth by the maiden’s own muscles.

Brett panted and clenched his teeth as he continued to spray, and could feel the maidens nails in his back; even her legs pressed hard into Brett’s hips, but he loved it. Her screams were mixed with long passionate moans, and finally it slowly stooped; the cock inside still spewing a near endless supply that the maiden could never hope to hold. Her eyes bulged,, and she loved all his hot cum inside her; breaking her down to a slut for him.

It was pure bliss for both of them; the maiden could feel the overflow of their juices coming from her entrance and running down her lower areas. There was so much poring out; it was amazing and she was glad she had given him that gift. Blair perked up from her first the after effects of her orgasm; she could feel the warm liquids dripping onto her abdomen and they even ran down Blair’s lower half, and looking up at Brett who was panting trying to get any oxygen he could; she wanted him so badly.

Finally Brett’s arms gave way, and he rolled over to the side of Blair. His manhood still fully erect from the tokens remained inside the maiden, and she went with him. She now lay on top of him; her small arms still trying to hug him, and minutes passed while they both recovered. Blair turned, and almost mindlessly grabbed Brett’s hand, and moved it to her own entrance; she started working Brett’s hand into her cut; wanting him to take her now.

The maiden slowly rose; her eyes sparkling with happiness from the satisfaction she had received. Brett had received the massage from Blair, and was starting to use his fingers to probe the gentle folds of Blair’s own vagina. The maiden watched, and Blair was getting fully into it; acting almost on animal instinct and writing from each gentle stroke of Brett’s fingers with her glazed over brown eyes. “That was so amazing, but I have to leave now… and you two may do as you please while I’m gone.”

Both Brett and Blair thanked the maiden, and Brett helped her up and off his erection; the sense of it coming out left the maiden feeling like she was missing a part of her. It was hard for her to leave it behind, but she had other things she needed to do; to ensure thus would never end. Blair’s heart was thumping from the thought that it was finally her turn to experience Brett, and she was going to make the most of her time.

They all got up, and helped the maiden into her dress; Blair slid the maidens panties up, but caught a whiff of her juices. Blair drew in closer; wanting to sample the taste of Brett’s juices. Her mouth drew closer and closer to her female loves entrance, but then she stopped. Blair shook off the feeling, and decided to be patient for a little longer; she was going to get all that she wanted soon enough.

The maiden was redressed, and knew what would no doubt happen while she was gone, but it was alright. The maiden could feel the still warm liquids in her womb; so much that she was still full, and she was not going to let anything leave her. On her way out; she reached for Brett’s hand and pulled him down so she could kiss him on the lips, and she then spoke to him in her gentle feminine voice. “Thank you my true love; I cannot wait for us to begin again after I handle a few things. You may do as you please with Blair; I know you both want to; so make sure you show each other how much you love them.”

The maiden left out the door, and Blair and Brett waited a full second after the door closed before they turned and rushed the other. They were both still fully naked, and it was wonderful since neither could wait. Blair leapt into Brett’s arms; her hot body beginning to sweat from the fact of how nervous she was; it was her first time, and she loved him. Blair’s much older body was the same height and build; making it perfect. Brett’s hands lifted her up off the ground, and Blair lifted her legs up above Brett’s hips and locked into his sides.

They were already so enthralled in exploring the others mouths; his tongue wrestling with her saliva drenched tongue for control. They moved their heads to opposite sides between breaks; trying to get the best way into the others mouths; wanting to go deeper. They exited, but she was letting Brett win; their lips locked together as his tongue licking hers and exploring her mouth, and it was driving Blair beyond being excited. Blair moved her hands to the back of Brett’s head and pulled in not wanting the frenzy of kisses to end, and with her hips she started working her throbbing slit to his long cock.

She could feel his throbbing member in the middle of them, and it was poking into her stomach; she could tell just from a touch that he was rock hard because of her. Brett finally moved from Blair’s mouth and started kissing and nipping at her neck; taking Blair to a new level causing moans and her head to tilt back. One of his hands was on the back of her but; supporting her, but the other trailed up her back till it hit the token.

With Brett’s tongue licking her neck so passionately, and his hand massaging the token as she slid her wet slit up and down his manhood; Blair was being driven mad by just the foreplay. It was a spike in pleasure from just Brett’s touch, and she tilted her head even further back and let a powerful moan go in her most lustful voice. “God keep going Brett!!! I want you to drench me in your love!!!”

Her scream only acted for Brett to carry her over to the bed, and they both finally lay down together. Both were sweating profusely from the heat they were putting off, and Blair rolled over on top of him; pinning her only lover to the bed. The entire time Brett was lost in the sensation of her amazing tongue taking control. Blair loved all the foreplay; especially when Brett squeezed her breast; the new sensation of her man playing with her breast forcing her to speak up. “Oh my god; I love you Brett; I want you forever!!!”

Her scream could be heard from rooms away, and Brett finally paused and rolled off Blair trying to catch his breath while staring into her eyes. Blair loved everything, and she was going to show him how much he meant. Slowly while her lover appreciated just the sight of her; Blair had started to move down and taste something she was now dying to experience. Her tongue and hands slowly trailed down his body; touching his fairly toned chest; giving him a lot to get excite about just from the touch.

Blair got up off the bed, and got in front of Brett’s legs that hung off the side of the bed. She straightened her hair so that she felt pretty enough to leave an impression; her slender fingers wrapped around his penis one at a time, and lifted the fully hard rod up off his stomach. Brett shot up and looked to see Blair’s mouth approaching his cock, and it nearly pushed him over the edge and lose control. Before Brett could speak; Blair spoke while staring at her prize with a sexually ecstatic voice. “Brett please; I want you to experience everything with you again… I want to taste you cum; just the smell drives me crazy...”

The Blair’s tongue extended, and she took her first lick of Brett’s manhood. Blair loved the taste, and soon she was licking it up and down; her tongue trying to taste every inch of it, and making Brett appreciate her. Brett was holding back, and leaned back using his arm to extend behind him and support his weakened state. Blair continued to lick, and both her hands were now wrapped around it, but she then spoke up to Brett knowing that he could cum again and again; the thought only making Blair want to go harder. “Brett stop holding it; I want to taste what made the Maiden nearly lose her mind. I love you, and I want it all in me; all that I can handle.”

Brett nodded just slightly, and Blair opened her mouth wide before wraping her mouth fully round the head. Blair’s found it hard to accomplish this since it was so big, but she was amazed at the hardness when she took it in, and she was going to take it all with no gagging for Brett to prove her love. Brett could feel Blair begin to use her tongue to massage the tip, and every so often she would lick the hole on the tip. The warm liquid that was Blair’s saliva was coating his head, and making it hard not to let lose.

The soft hands that Blair had wrapped around his cock were too much, and then they began to move up and down the saliva coated shaft. She was working it hard trying to make Brett cum soon, and he was letting it build up for her. All that Blair could be doing was so much, and Brett started to close his eyes when the pressure was near overwhelming. “Blair I’m going to come!”

That made Blair go even harder; her hands started using a tighter grip that could only encourage him; all the build up surely to make take Blair’s mouth with force. She started to suck, and use her tongue to circle and play with the tip; doing all she could to break him. Her tongued liked from the bottom to the top, and with one last thrust of her hands finally broke Brett’s endurance, and Blair grabbed cupped his balls, and his dick started to move on its own with power.

The cock let lose a massive load of cum in Blair’s mouth; each spray at first plowed into her throat; shooting beyond her tongue and down her throat to her stomach. Blair enjoyed each stream, and could feel a massive amount going down her throat and satisfying her. The smell of it leaking out her mouth as she struggled to keep the powerful item in, and that smell was just as amazing as before. Brett gritted his teeth and enjoyed the massive orgasm; panting and moving his hips a little to get the full effect; never had it felled this good masturbating alone to the though of Blair. Blair sucked and swallowed all of the cum that came from the first dozen streams. Finally the power went down, and Blair let the less powerful streams pool in her mouth, but it was not salty but sweet.

Amazing to her that it was not the slightest bit salty, but the cum was instead so sweet; the sweet taste was what Blair loved, and the smell of all that cum was made move her hips as she dreamed of being impregnated by this. She wondered if the maiden had done this, but forgot in the wonderful taste of the cum. It took half a minute before it stopped, and Blair finally let it go. The cum pooled in the back of her mouth, and she never wanted to swallow it; it was too good this warm liquid.

Then Brett pulled her up, and she decided to swallow it so she could kiss him again; there would be more if she wanted it. When she did finally swallow; all that cum made her feel so fulfilled, and she wanted more now. Brett led her to lay down on the bed with her head on the pillow. Brett kissed her without hesitation; tasting himself when his tongue touched Blair’s tongue, and he loved it since she did. When they finished the kiss; Blair had to say something that she felt important. “Do what ever you like; you are the only person I would ever trust with my body… so make me yours.”

A kiss was planted on her forehead, and Brett went straight down to her breasts. One hand went to the left one and started to squeeze and play with her nipple; the other one wrapped around the top side while Brett’s mouth connected with the nipple. She could also feel his cock on the side of her leg; it was still just as hard, but then she concentrated on her breasts. His tongue licked the small pink nipple; playing and sucking, and Blair’s tokens took effect.

Suddenly both of Blair’s nipples began to loosen ever so slightly, and the holes in her nipples began to show; incredibly small at first. Her breast got firmer, and Blair started panting when Brett squeezed again; the excitement from the man she loved causing her to take effect. Brett’s tongue probed the hole just when he squeezed, and out came milk from Blair’s breasts straight into Brett’s mouth, and he was sucking hard so he would drink it all. The breasts without the mouth shot milk up out of the nipple; coating her breast with milk, and straying it everywhere while Brett squeezed them enjoying the sensation.

Blair moaned to each squeeze; the heat between her legs built even more. Brett’s mouth was treated to Blair’s milk; something that was beyond amazing to him in taste. He paused to look up into her eyes and smiled as he spoke; his eyes not reflecting any light anymore; making him look so amazingly dedicated. “This is amazing Blair; I never want you to lose this gift; you are to perfect.”

She loved that statement, and used her hands to get Brett’s head back down to suck her breasts again. Her left hand joined Brett’s hand on the breast that Brett was not sucking, and together they squeezed. Blair’s legs twitched as more milk sprayed out coating Brett and Blair’s body; his face already covered in the most amazingly delicious milk. Each drop heightening his senses, and making his manhood surge and grow larger. More and more milk was coming out even faster the more aroused she got. Her mind overwhelmed by pleasure and forced her open her mouth and moan like crazy.

Brett never relented, and continued to love every drop of this endless supply. Finally Blair stopped, and then used her hand to get Brett’s attention. She could no longer hold back, and she was not wanting him to miss this. She could only imagine what he might do, and she wanted him to show her. “Brett… I’m going to come… please finish me off down there; I want your amazing tongue inside me!”

It was hard to stop, but he wanted to experience Blair’s first time with him when they were actually truly together. He moved down; licking at her body and taking a chance to enjoy the taste of her body, and took a good look admiring her most sacred of areas; untouched and ready for his pleasure. It glistened in the light from how excited she was; her fluids had more then begun to leak out of her entrance, and as Brett drew near he was constantly more and more excited. Her earlier times about to be eclipsed by this; she was panting more and more the closer he drew, and she could not wait for that strong tongue.

Finally Brett spread the wall apart to look at her core; his gaze breaking Blair down and causing her to twitch with excitement. His mouth got closer and closer till is tongue finally touched the inner sanctity of her walls; making Blair sit up and take notice. Many tokens were touched by the initial touch, and Blair’s back arched hard from the jolt of pleasure; her body wiping around from the pleasure while she loved every moment of this. She whipped her head from side to side, and then she felt Brett’s hand push her abdomen down; steadying her ass on the bed.

He kept her down so that she was comfortable, and she loved the sentiment. Her hands split apart to two key places; one kept working her left breast and spraying more milk down onto Brett’s face, and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the mixture of Blair’s inner juices and her milk. Her other hand went to the back of Brett’s head; pushing him even deeper into her core; his hair rather soft. Her head tilted backwards, and she moaned when Brett was pressed deeper; especially when he started doing things she never dreamed he would; her legs spread apart so he could continue, and Blair spoke in a lustful voice. “More…! More…! That’s it; you are so amazing; this can never end!!!”

The tongue roamed all around her vagina; lapping and licking at the walls of his virgin lover. He carefully probed every region; dedicated to make Blair experience the most powerful orgasms ever. He licked at regions that made her moan; the areas so wet with excitement, and he continually proved his love with more daring moves. His tongue entered her urethra, lapping at the urine flavored walls, and he did not recoil from the taste; he actually enjoyed it; the taste sweet to his tongue.

Her juices kept flowing out; almost like a reward; and they were so incredibly good to the taste. Brett licked at her cunt; lapping and searching for more delicious juices; the taste making him addicted. “Yes Brett… please deeper; I love you so much, and you are the only person that will ever experience this… rape me with your tongue” Brett listened, and he lent pressed his tongue back deep into her urethra causing Blair’s legs to violently jerk; her tongue extended out her mouth.

Blair applauded his daring moves with more deeper and throaty moans, and Brett rewarded them to. His tongue left her urethra, and started to lick the outer walls in a circle; is skill unbelievable for his first time. She needed to relieve herself from the building pressure, and Brett then started to lick her clitoris. The small orb was playfully licked, and teased; till Brett finally licked it one last time causing Blair to scream at the top of her lungs. “Oh god Brett!!! I’m going to; AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Both of Blair’s hands went straight to the back of Brett’s head, and pushed his face deep into her core. Blair closed her eyes for a few seconds, and when the she came; her eyes opened and rolled back in her head; the pleasure immeasurable to this beautiful long blue haired girl. Her juices started to spray out into his open mouth that was over top of a good portion of his entrance; the spraying juices so good that Brett was always going to want more. He drank much, and pulled away slightly letting the powerful streams coat his face while Blair violently jerked her body around from the orgasm.

Blair rested for a moment; the overwhelming pleasure making her unable to move while she collapsed to the bed, but she soon got up wanting more. She helped Brett up, and she could feel that she was still dripping from her entrance. Then she noticed that her love’s face was coated with her own juices; Blair moved and started to lick off the mixture of milk and cum that she had coated Brett with, and Brett started to lick her face in return with his mind still not clear.

Not a word was said, and they both feel down to the bed with Blair on top of Brett. She used her right hand to spread her entrance, and Brett got the message. She positioned him self above his manhood which was looking even thicker. His erection still fully ready to go; still coated with a lair of Blair’s saliva, and Blair’s entrance was soaked and ready to go. Blair waited two seconds more before finally giving in and losing her patience; “please fuck me now! I want you so baldy so make me yours; I’ve always been yours.”

“Don’t worry Blair; I will make you mine forever.”

Brett’s hands grabbed Blair hips and pulled her down; impaling Brett’s manhood into her core. Blair gasped and wrapped her arms around Brett’s back; she let her tongue stick out in an effort to deal with the large intrusion. It made her eyes bulge, and a large smile go across her face, and she was so incredibly happy that she was shaking. “Brett… I want you to make me experience the same thing that you did with the maiden; I want you to fill my womb with your seed, and make me forever yours! Fuck me with everything you have!!!”

Brett smiled at her, and said that he would in a near whisper. Brett started to thrust into the air; the intrusion moving deeper into her wet core. Blair started moving her hips while on top of him. Trying to thrust her self deeper, and Brett’s hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. The tight grip spraying milk down to his body; Blair was so overwhelmed, and she wanted to get it deeper into her core, and she started to force herself down while her liquids coated Brett’s cock.

Milk was sprayed downwards and onto Brett’s chest and face, and he leaned up and started to kiss Blair while he pushed deeper deeper. He was already deeper then Blair’s finger could have gone, and it felt so much better too; it was what Blair had wanted since she started to dream about him. Finally he hit her barrier, and more thrust met the barrier. Finally Blair let her hands travel back to Brett’s back, and she held onto him and brought her head up over his shoulder.

Brett lifted Blair up by her breasts giving them one last mighty squeeze and spraying more liquid, and gave one last thrust popping her cherry forever, and causing Blair to throw her head back and scream in pleasure. Blood dripped out of her entrance combined with her juices, and the momentary pain disappeared with another thrust of Brett’s cock. It now became pleasure, and pure pleasure; Brett started to thrust deep forceful thrust; enjoying Blair’s inner sanctum.

It was so warm together; Blair’s walls massaged and coated his manhood in more juices; making it easy to slide in further. To Blair it kept getting bigger; each thrust making her G-spot writhe in love and pleasure; each thrust form either causing Blair to give excited short moans. She continually moaned and let short screams of pleasure escape when ever he stroked her insides just right. Brett finally fell back down to the bed, and Blair took over; adding a slight forward thrust while she impaled her self on his incredibly rock hard cock. Her breast bouncing so perfectly as she thrust while she tried to get him deeper.

Brett reached the barrier to her womb, and Blair leaned back and pushed deeper; using the angle to help her get him further in. It was hard, but Blair wanted it; she never gave up on something she desired, and she gave one long push making Brett break into her womb. He penetrated her womb, and Blair was still wanting in further; her mind not thinking clearly from the overwhelming sensation of it all inside her giving her endless pleasure and taking her to a height that she never knew possible in her dreams.. Suddenly Blair could feel it all the way inside her. It felt longer then before, and it was so incredibly hard. They both exclaimed how they were about to come to the other, and then they both could not hold on any longer, and finally let lose.

Screams of cum shot out into Blair’s womb and she screamed upon her own release; her body tensing up while it got so strong that she had to sit up straight to take it any further. Her juices spraying uncontrollably against Brett lower half, her power violently spraying and splashing up onto Brett’s top half. Her muscles squeezing every last drop of cum from his hard penis, and finally they gave way and dropped into Brett’s arms; laughing nervously while she was being filled.

Her eyes were open, and she was smiling from ear to ear while her tongue hanged out of her mouth, and Blair was far from done. A minute passed, and she could still feel herself witching uncontrollably; while Brett shot more seed into her overwhelmed cunt. He was soaked, and Blair was his; nothing would ever change that “I want more Brett… you are going to coat me with your cum, and make every part of me yours and only yours. You are going to make me your slut!”

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