The Fun of Virtual Reality

BY : YoshimoSullivan
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Author's Note: With apologies to WotanAnubis for essentially taking the plot of "Between Here and There," adapting it to Téa. I greatly encourage readers to check it out, as well as other fics by the author.

The heavily dressed figure strode through the doors of the KaibaCorp front office, making quick steps to the front desk. The receptionist looked up at hir, and blinked in confusion, as s/he stopped and dug into the pockets of hir trench coat.

“Uh...yes? Can I help you...sir? Mam?” the receptionist asked.

The figure in the trench coat, fedora, and white hood, produced hir citizenship card from hir wallet. “Kaiba. 3 'o clock,” s/he explained, in a voice that even sounded like it was trying to mask identity and gender.

The receptionist looked at the card, and then nodded with an “aah,” of realization. With a giggle, she gestured towards the elevator. “Of course, M--”

The figure in the trench coat pocketed the card, and shook hir head, signalling for the receptionist to stop that train of conversation. She only giggled again, and nodded. “Right. Anyway, Mister Kaiba will be glad to know you're early for your appointment. He should be ready to see you in meeting room 1106. Just take the elevator over there to the 11th floor, it will be on the left.”

The figure nodded, and ghosted their way over to the elevator. With a ding, the doors opened, and the figure got in, along with several others in the lobby.

As the elevator went up, one of the businessmen looked to the figure in the trench coat. “Trying to make yourself invisible?” he asked.

“Mmm...” the figure grunted out in response.

“You know, that only makes you stand out more. If anything, with the hood, it looks like you're going for the comic book film noir look.”

Kaiba looked up to the knock on the meeting room door. On the phone, his client made it clear their intent to acquire a membership to his company's new, special account. If that were the case, he would've preferred to see them with the other two who came to sign up for that account in his last meeting. But, they insisted on seeing him alone, and...well, he hated to admit it, but he felt they at least deserved that much.

But this did not mean that, when his client entered the room, he was excepting, or pleased with, her dressing so..bizarrely. As the client took her seat, Kaiba stood up from his seat at the head of the table, and took one across from her, folding one leg over the other, and twining his fingers through each other. “Téa...” he muttered. He said nothing else, but his face seemed to finish the sentence: “What the hell, man?”

Téa flinched under her disguise, and began to disrobe, removing the fedora, hood, and trench coat, leaving her in her street clothes that Kaiba remembered her wearing in the Battle City Tournament videos. “Guess the disguise was a little silly, huh?” she asked.

Kaiba continued to say nothing. Téa rubbed the back of her neck, and gave an embarrassed grin. “I suppose you want an explanation?”

“It'd be a nice change of pace. I would've expected this behaviour from some of the other Scoobies you hang out with, but you...” Kaiba shook his head. “Why...?” His voice trailed off.

Téa sighed, and folded her arms on the table. “Look, you know which membership I want to sign up for. Not everyone knows about it; only people in the right circles do. And I have a friend who's in that circle.”

Kaiba nodded. “Figures she'd tell her,” he thought. “You the only one who knows, or...?”

Téa smiled. “Just me. She figured Yugi wouldn't be interested, and she knew you would never consider Joey or Tristan. Still, I didn't really want them asking about what I was doing, seeing as it's not the easiest to hide the story of purchasing a pass to virtual reality porn from Seto Kaiba.”

“Technically,” Kaiba interrupted, “it's virtual reality eroge. Not too far off, but we do pride ourselves to having gameplay in our smut.” He leaned in. “So...that's why the conspicuous trench coat?”

Téa nodded with a sigh. “Yeah. Better to play on the weirdness censor people have and make them distance themselves from the weirdo in the private eye getup, than know the girl under it is a perv.”

“That still leaves the question of why you're so ashamed of being a known member. Do you think you'll be ostracized by Yugi and...the others, if they caught you willingly paying for my VR games?”

“No! No, no, it's not like that, it's just...” Téa ground an invisible something into the carpet with her toes. “Well, I'm just doing odd jobs around the city, saving money to go to a nice theatre school in America when I graduate. But...I might have this physical need that I don't think I could fulfil any other way.”

Kaiba sighed, and pushed some papers across the table towards Téa. “A lot of people do. Just fill these out, and we'll see to getting you your pass in the next few days.”

Téa nodded in thanks, and took out a pen, filling in the blanks. Name, age, birthdate, gender...She almost looked up to Kaiba to ask why the sheet would ask for Orientation, or why it would have an “other” section next to it, but stopped and realized exactly what she was signing up for. She thought a bit on it, and filled in the circle next to “Bisexual.” Under other, she included the note, “Possible preference for women.”

The rest of the forms looked as much as she expected, somewhere between insurance forms and credit card request sheets. Some, though, were interesting... “Number of orgasms allotted per visit?” “Would you like to feel mild pain from combat?” “Would you like to feel mild pain from sex?”

Téa finished the forms, and pushed them back to Kaiba, who quickly skimmed over them. Looking back to her, Kaiba folded the top of the form towards her, his thumb underneath the line “Orientation.” “Forgive me, but I wouldn't have pegged you.”

Téa blushed, and clenched to the sides of her chair. “Realized it after the Battle City finals. Been driving me nuts, since I can't really...well, see, there's not many places for a girl to act on this kind of thing, without everyone knowing before you're totally comfortable with that.”

Kaiba nodded, and looked over the forms again. “And that's why you put down possible, I take it? Because you're not comfortable with it?” Téa nodded. “Don't worry. We have full client confidentiality here. The only ones who will know for now are you and me.”

Téa blinked. “So are you just going to plug in the information I gave you yourself?”

Kaiba nodded. “When we made this thing, I had enough writers that they could fill two of these rooms to bursting. All in one room would be for the regular members, and the ones in the other room for the private ones. All I have to do is get the system to know which array of stories to give you a choice of.”

Téa nodded in slight amazement. “Well, thank you so much, Kaiba. Hey, you mind if I ask something?”

The two stood up, their business nearly done. Kaiba nodded for Téa to continue. “Why are you so willing to do this for me? I...well, I just thought you hated us, apart from some respect for Yugi.”

Kaiba looked right at Téa, and gave her an honest answer. “I do respect Yugi. A more worthy opponent would be impossible to find. As for the rest of you, though, you really do grate on my nerves. But actually annoy me the least. You might be a bit of a friendship cheerleader, and, let's face it, an utter love freak, but you're no where near as bad as the rest of them. Plus, you're not a complete idiot like Tristan, or someone who doesn't know their place, like Wheeler.”

Kaiba glanced off to the side, and tucked the forms under one arm. “I guess I could say, and I can't believe I am, that I kind you, Téa. Not respect, like Yugi,'re a good woman.” He looked back to Téa, and nodded. “Your money's good here.”

Téa smiled at Kaiba. “Thank you, Kaiba.” She pulled her trench coat back on, and lifted up her hood and hat. “So when should I expect my pass?”

“About four days,” Kaiba explained, as Téa finished up with her disguise. “There will also be a brief configuration process when you start your first game. Think of it like a character creator, only without the--” He stopped, looking Téa up and down. He gave an exasperated sigh. “Look, Téa, are you going to wear that thing every time you come here? Private members have a room behind the main play area, people won't notice you coming and going through there...”

“Nah, I'm just gonna wear this home,” Téa explained in her disguise voice.

“Please don't talk like that.”

“'kay.” With that, Téa left.
A few nights later, Téa was standing in front of a pod that had a plush seat and a bunch of electronic equipment. She gulped, and looked around. As Kaiba had said, the rooms for the private members was behind a nondescript door at the back of the room with all the main members.

It certainly looked like a more naughty establishment. The floor was lined with red shag carpets, silencing footsteps. The pods had curtains around them that shut around the pods once VR started. There were only about twenty pods total in this room, and Téa still only counted seven currently in use.

Looking at her membership card, she ran the VR rules through her head one more time. According to the letter that came with it, based on how much she was paying for, she was allotted five orgasms, two hours, or wilfully quitting the game, whichever came first. If she went to sleep in the VR world, she could either quit, or wake up instantly at the next event flag, which was usually daybreak.

Welp! Seemed straightforward enough. She swiped the membership card on the side panel, and a small compartment opened up. She took her deck from her purse, gave it a good shuffle, and loaded it in. The compartment closed, and the pod opened.

Taking a deep breath, Téa crawled inside.
Opening her eyes, Téa found herself floating in a void of streaking blue and white lights. A ghostly visage of a young woman appeared before her. “This is the configuration Kaiba told me about, huh?” she asked out loud.

“Welcome to your Virtual Reality experience,” the woman said. “I am here to help you get started on your journey. First, allow me to scan your deck.” She closed her eyes for a few seconds, and then looked back at Téa. “Deck type scanned. You may now use your deck whenever you wish. Now, please select your path.”

“Path?” Téa asked, looking around. A few images appeared in front of her, showing super deformed images of herself in various roles: one as an adventurer, hiking through the woods; one as a scholar, lording over some books; one as a maid, bowing deep to an angelic mistress; and one as a queen, sitting before a company of fairies, the most beautiful one at her side.

Téa hemmed a bit, before pointing towards the scholar. “That one?” she asked.

“You have selected Student. You will begin your adventure as a magician in training. Is that acceptable?”

Téa thought about this. Wasn't she using this game as an escape from things like work and studying? Then again, since this was a game, the studying would probably be nothing. And considering her membership type, and what she told Kaiba, this would probably be a great chance to go through school, than before. “Yes,” she confirmed. “This is what I want.”

With that, Téa was suddenly consumed by a blinding white light.

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