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Notes: This my first story and is actually not the one I originally wanted to do. Bible black was already taken and I think the user has left so can't take it over. I know Duel academy only has 3 years but I added a fourth so as to try and match the ages up a little as I'm assuming it's more like a prep school before college rather than a high school.

Hope you like it.


IT WAS the start of a new school year and as usual Duel Academy was a buzz with happy voices of young adults returning to the island. A time of friends reuniting after months apart and old rivalry sparking into the fresh flame of competition.

It had been a busy and dangerous three years previously with the the attempted theft of the sacred beasts, then the war with the light of destruction and then just recently having the school returned from the shadow realm itself. Hard to believe that there was even time for things like exams and tournaments but as always the Academy had pulled through.

Finally the school had caught its breath and it would be peaceful. All seemed well except for one man.

The school Chancellor looked over the email for the tenth time. After putting down the phone to confirm its contents.

So it's true. He thought to himself. He is coming. But why and why know? Could it be that after all that has happened he's finally taken my recommendations seriously. No he would have done so sooner if that was the case. He must think that once Jaden Yuki leaves at the end of this; his senior year; that all these incidents will go with him. Sadly I'm afraid he may be closer to the truth then than any of us would like to admit. Poor lad had no idea of the cruel fate that would likely dog him for the rest of his life.

The death of his duelling hero at such a young age, the weight of his memory, example and deck. Combine that with the mess caused by those two exchange students and everything else that happened over the last three years and it was amazing that the boy had managed not to flip his lid; though if you were to ask some at the school he already had.

This train of thought continued until the alert from another email roused him back to the present.

It was Dorothy. Oh lovely lady Dorothy. His thoughts filled with the image of her pretty plump figure. The message was an invite to dinner tonight. This for Sheppard was like being asked by the goddess herself to come into paradise. He couldn't imagine how he had gotten through a days work with out having her to fall back on. They had made their relationship official last year. Figuring the he was getting a little too old for cat and mouse games.

Sending his reply, he took a moment to think about how different his life might have been had his relationship with Dorothy hadn't worked out.

She was by no means the only member of the staff that was available to him at the time. No he and anyone who claimed other wise would be cheating him out of the fact that for a long time Miss Fontaine had been a real possibility. That one new years party five years ago had proven that. Even now he could fondly remember the feeling of her drunken lips firmly sucking his engorged cock in, ironically, the copy room.

That night could have held many possibility if events had unfolded just that little bit differently. There was no regrets save that he wasn't twenty years

He shook off the thought for another email that had appeared. It was a notice warning that interactions between senior students had to be monitored and regulated to ensure no sexual relationships developed. He was sent this email from the Governors annually with out fail. He ignored it annually. Hell if these kids wanted to experiment with their bodies there was little he could do to stop them. The grounds where monitored after hours anyway and if the students where getting passed the staff then an announcement over the tannoy or a general school assembly wasn't going to make a difference.

He understood the reason behind it; though he did not agree with it. A gross over reaction to a student who got pregnant and yet ended up having a great family life as the mother to four children. An exception that proved the rule perhaps but it did not change his feelings on the issue. Anyway it was out of his hands. A teacher even one with the office of principle; or chancellor in his case; had very little power at all.

Suddenly a Phone call came through. It was the islands dock master. The radio transmission had been received and “he” would arrive shortly.

Damn it! If only there was more time to prepare. Maybe even figure out what this was all about.

Luck was never something Sheppard liked to depend on, even in duel monsters. Chance left for too much to go wrong were as skill allowed for an element of control. If you could turn a game of chance like a card game into something you could control then the keys to real power was not far behind. A subtle truth that few appreciated.

No amount of luck or skill however would change the fact that the next few hours would change his life forever and probably not for the better.

All he could really do right now was wait. The thing he hated the most even above luck. He had waited during the threat of the shadow riders and it nearly cost the lives of himself and the lives of his students. He also had waited when Zane fell to darkness and now his health was so bad that any hope of continuing a career as a professional duellist was out of the question.

After an hour the waiting was finally over.

Chancellors Sheppard leaped out of his seat; standing straight as the door to his office swung open and Seto Kaiba walked in with his usual scowling expression. To Sheppard's surprise a well dressed golden haired young woman followed closely behind him. She was smiling with her eyes hidden behind a neat fringe of hair that was styled up at the back but allowed for its true length to be show as fringe trailed of at the sides to shoulders. On closer inspection of her outfit he noticed to his shock that the cut of the neck and bust allowed for full view of her white silk bra. Other than that it was a business skirt; extremely short; and an overcoat.

Before his cheeks could even warn up with embarrassment at her shameless clothing, Kaiba's voice snapped him back to full attention. “Sheppard I assume you got my message about today's meeting?” He said coldly.

“Y-yes Mr Kaiba and as always it is a pleasure to be visited by our schools founder,” said Sheppard in a nervous tone. Kaiba had always made him feel uneasy. Tales of his ruthless nature in the business world paid credit to that. To think this same man who mercilessly took over his step fathers financial empire was also able to turned a weapons manufacturer into a games company and is devoted to charitable causes for children. The sheer thought of the contrasted was staggering.

“I don't have time for pleasantry's Sheppard. I'm here because effective immediately you are to be reassigned.”

So the rumour was true. Guess there was no choice now but to put on a good show. “But why?” His nerves now being reinforced by anger. “Mr Kaiba, sir this is highly irregular; you must explain this action.”

“I must explain nothing now pack you bags and get out!” Barked Kaiba in all his furry as if a cork from a bottle blew off from too much built up pressure. The strain was visible on his face; yet something in the eye's seemed to convey a pleading with Sheppard to not make this any more difficult. He was unsure if the Woman standing next to his employer had caught it also but he knew this was not the time or place to put up a fight. Trick was to be convincing with out seeming to make his stepping down seem too easy.

He gave a defeated sigh “Very well sir. Where shall I report too for reassignment?” he asked assuming his usual professional tone.

“You'll receive your orders on the chopper that is waiting for you at the harbour.” Sheppard merely gave a nod and waited for the two of them to leave the room. Before they had reached the door the woman stepped closer to Kaiba's ear and whispered something. A second later Kaiba swung around and looked straight at him with piercing eyes. “One more thing. Before you leave please have Jaden Yuki report to the staff room. I must speak with him before I leave.”

“Jaden? But...”

“Just do it Sheppard!” He barked once more before thundering out of the office. The woman followed him swiftly still smiling.

Something was wrong. That Last part about Jaden. He didn't see that coming. No plan survives contact with the enemy as the old saying goes. So it finally happened. And what was worse was that there might not be any stopping the Morimoto group. That woman then must have been Reina Morimoto. Was this really necessary? Surely there was another way to fight them? He had to do something but acting too soon might ruin the plan. This meant he couldn't warn the students. Damn it! Why am I always too late?

The Morimoto group was the biggest back door investment company in the world today. Even Kaiba corporation looked small compared to the financial kingdom of the Morimoto family. Long had the secret to their success been suspect of foul play towards the female students of the last school they had ran. Rumours of St. Arcadia sent chills down ones spine. Reina, the head of the family business and former headmistress at the boarding school was facing a list of assault, human trafficking and kidnapping charges. Finding a lawyer who could make them stick was another matter.

Kaiba's plan had better work, thought Sheppard as he started to clear his desk. Duel academy would not survive if they were to fail.

Once again their hopes rested on an unsuspecting Jaden. He would have to fight harder then ever and in a way that will be like nothing he has never before experienced. The young Slifer red had his work cut out for him this time.

It was was time to make the call...

IN THE hallway Reina Morimoto took out her mobile phone as she made her way to the front entrance to the school. Kaiba had made his way to the staff room already but she was in no rush. A voice quickly answered. “It done,” she said calmly. “Get ready to bring in the equipment tonight. I'll deal with the dock master as planned.”

There was a brief pause as she listened too the person on the other end speak. After confirming a few things she said enthusiastically, “Well have the first group of girls ready in three months at the latest...Yes and they will be enhanced just like the others...We aim to please sir. Your harem of duelling slave girls will soon be realised...Thank you mister President.”

She hung up then walked off to the staff room still brightly smiling. On her way there she passed two male students wondering the grounds. They were Ra yellows walking close to the thick woodland area.

Reina decided it might be fun to follow them. Keeping her distance so as not to attract attention, she kept the boys in sight as she entered the woods after them. They where pushing through the low branches and made their way to a small clearing that was far enough away from the school as not to be seen by anyone. Reina hide behind one of the slightly larger trees and was careful to make little to no sound. It was difficult as broken twigs littered the ground but she was happy enough with the spot she was in and was able to see out into the clearing easily.

The two boys had now met up with a third dressed in blue. An Obelisk student. They kept their voices low but the sound still carried well enough for Reina to hear them.

“Did you get it?” Asked the taller of the two Ra's

“Yip!” replied the Obelisk blue. He reached into his jacket pocket and held out in front of the two Ra's a small, thin rectangular object. A duelling card maybe? Reina couldn't see it very well. “One hacked Magicians Valkyria card. All you have to do is slap it onto your duel disk and she given you the best skin show money can by. Also for an additional fee I can rig your duel disks so you can watch your male monsters fuck her.”

“No way man,” Smiled the shorter, fatter Ra. “You've already bleed us dry of allowance money as it is. Though it sound like its something worth saving up for.”

“Yeah, I'd love to see Magicians Valkyria getting ploughed by Axe Raider but your prices are too high.”

“Hey do you have any idea how hard it is to do this kind of hack or how illegal it is? It took up my whole damn summer. Your lucky my prices are as low as they are. This is a steal.” The Obelisk handed over the card to the tall Ra and shrugged. Sigh “You guys don't know how lucky your are to have a friend like me who's able to get this stuff.

“Maybe not as lucky as you think.” Said Reina as she walked out from behind her cover and into the clearing. The three Students turned to see who had spoken. They looked around in a panic before locking on to where Reina stood. She had her hands on her hips with a dark yet seductive smile on her soft alluring face.

“Wait,” said the Obelisk who had remained calm. “who the fuck are you?”

“Yeah bitch,” said the fat Ra in an attempt to sound tough and hide the shaking of his knees.

“She's kinda hot. Check out that rack. You can totally see her bra,” Whispered the taller Ra.

“Now boys, is that anyway to speak to your new school Chancellor?” She said in a teasing voices.

“What?! No way, your lying! Exclaimed the taller Ra. “Our school Chancellor is Sheppard.”

“WAS your school chancellor,” She corrected. “Kaiba corporation just appointed me today.” Her eye's narrowed on the Obelisk blue student who was scowling at her. She knew from his expression that he believed her. It was no surprise when he spoke up. “So Miss Chancellor; what are you going to do? Your obviously not here to bust us. Not all by yourself.”

“No,” She agreed stepping forward to get closer to them. “I'm here to offer you a deal.” The other two boys looked at one another in confusion but the Obelisk kept his vision locked on her. “You see I realise that to hack a duel monsters card requires a lot of time and resources and possibly one of the high tech card scanners that went missing from the schools IT department at the end of last semester.”

The Obelisk student smiled. “I see where your going with this. It seems lads that our new Chancellor has aback bone. What do you want and what's in it for us?”

Reina's dark smile grew as she turned her head away while closing her eye's and pretended to play innocent. “That's a bold attitude from someone who has been caught illegally modifying cards.”

“You've got nothing. It's three of us against one of you and you know it.”

She looked back at him still smiling.”Now now, there is no need to get nasty. Your right, I do want something from you boys and I'll pay you handsomely.” She playfully took a firm hold of one of her breasts and groped herself in front of them;her free hand was lifting up her to show a naked shaven pussy. “The three of you can put your strong, young, throbbing, hard cocks inside any of my holes if you agree to work for me. How does that sound?”

The three of them look at each other and where now also smiling. The two Ra yellow's were already bulging at the thought of fucking her. Reina slowly began to remove her blouse and held her bra over her bust to stop it falling away as she unhooked it. “So?”She said looking at them once more still wearing her skirt as she moved her hand under it to start to finger herself. ”Do...Haagh! Do we have a deal?” She asked as her face became red and her breath heavy in heat.

“DEAL!” They all shouted in united joy as they practically pounced on her.

The two Ra's helped get rid of the rest of her clothes while the Obelisk moved behind her and grabbed her large tits; pulling at her nipples with his eager digits. Reina let out a large moan of pleasure as she gladly fell back into his arms. She felt her strength ease her to the ground where sat propped up against his chest with her legs spread wide. The Short and fat Ra got to his knees and dove as the chance to taste Reina's now dripping wet pussy. His tongue work was amateurish but enough to force out another moan that was soon muffled by the taller Ra's freed cock.

And so the Morimoto family's reign had begun with these three male students attending Reina's feminine needs. It was a most pleasing thought that added to the feeling of the fatter Ra and the Obelisk blue lifting her slightly in order to ram their hard cocks into her sex and ass. She was hungry to feel them both slam deep inside her. Two fully erect penises driving her ass and pussy wider as they pushed right to the base. Her mouth still bloated by the taller Ra's thick member. She was being urged to go on all fours so the three of them could possession themselves to get into a natural piston action with their hips.

Her mouth allowed for the tall Ra's cock to flow seamlessly in and out. She sucked hard and lick around the pulsing shaft each time he plunged to the back of her throat. This was helped by the Obelisk blue who fully enjoyed himself as he drove into her tight rectum. Each thrust was so powerful that her breasts heaved back and forth in aching ecstasy.

The fat Ra took hold of her swaying breasts and started to furiously suck and lick her tender nipples. Reina was amazed at his ability to pay such passionate affection to her chest while still thrusting deep enough to graze her cervix

Being young and over zealous, it didn't take long for all three of the boys to spray their loads of hot spunk. Reina didn't mind as there was plenty time and students to have many wild orgasms. She cooed happily feeling the warm goo flood her three holes and was extremely impressed with the the mount being jetted into her mouth by the tall Ra yellow. Unable to gulp it all down she was force to release him as let the rest gush over her face.

The announcement from the school calling Jaden Yuki to the staff room could now be heard. Reina thought to herself as she looked at the collapsed bodies of the students she had just let violate her; If he was anything like these three then Leona and I are going to love it here

A dark smile filled her seductive features once more as she began to collect the cum on her face into her right hand; bringing her palm to her lips to lick it clean.

To be continued...

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