Letters To Bakura

BY : AidaLily
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Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh nor do I make money off this fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Yugioh or any of the characters nor do I make any money off this fanfiction.

Author's Note:

I am still working on my other stories and got the idea for this one. This is the story. I will be coming out with a prequel and a sequel to this story, but I wanted to get this story out first. Why? I have no idea, but probably because the chapters are shorter than the prequel or the sequel. I hope you enjoy. :)

For this story people are known as the following. Yami no Yuugi is known as Atem or pharaoh. Yami no Bakura is Bakura while Ryo Bakura is Ryo. Yami no Malik is known as Marik.

**Hason Shita Hikari: roughly translates to Corrupted or Damaged Light. Google Translate is weird.

October 1, 2011

Dear Bakura,

Are you alone now? You might not want anyone to know about me, so before reading this make sure you are by yourself.

I miss you. I want to believe that you miss me too, but I can't when you keep the door closed. Are you looking for a way out for me? Are you looking for a way to get me out? Of course you aren't. You are the one who locked me in this thing.

Do you still think about me at night? Did you go to someone else for the love I so freely gave you? Oh wait. You didn't love me back. I don't know if you ever loved me since you locked me away. Do you feel better about yourself now? Is this what is making you happy?

I don't feel better at all. I understand your pain and anguish being locked away in such a dark place for many years. Why did you think this was the best course of action? Was it because that idiot told you that it was? Is that the only reason your nights are now cold and my life is being preserved in a machine until you can get me out of this thing? Oh I'm sorry. My life and body are being preserved until I learn my lesson.

A lesson? Why is it me who has to learn a lesson? It should have been you, or them. Yes, I know about your late excursions as much as you know about mine. You asked them for help with the situation and this is the solution. Do you like seeing them happy while you are most likely miserable?

I hope you come to your senses and let me out of here soon.

I still love you,

Hason Shita Hikari (Corrupted Light)

Bakura opened his eyes finding himself relaxed and in bed. He really needed to get something to drink and hopefully more rest. A glance at what Ryo had called an alarm clock to see that it was five in the morning. Why was he up at five in the morning or better question why was he so tired when he fell asleep around nine? Something wasn't right here, but Bakura couldn't put his finger on what it was. He got up and walked through his empty apartment.

Should someone else be here? He glanced at a picture with him and his companions on the wall. No one was missing from the picture and yet Bakura felt there was. Every time he asked about it though, he was told that no one was missing. It didn't make any sense, but he'd think a He was worried however about how his friends seemed to be hiding something from him.

He went into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice before sighing and figuring he might as well cook breakfast. Ryo would be here in two hours so they could go to work together. He didn't feel hungry though. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath before going into the bathroom to hope that a shower would wake him up. Walking into the bedroom to get a change of clothes, Bakura saw a piece of paper in the drawer he kept his underwear in. Curiously, he opened it not recognizing the handwriting style and yet it seemed familiar.

Bakura sat on his bed reading the letter. 'Hason Shita Hikari?', he thought to himself. Why would I get a letter like this? The only hikaris he knew of were Malik and Ryo, but for them to send a message like this made no sense. He put the letter in the drawer hiding it until he could figure out more. This might have something to do with the strange feeling that something or someone was missing and he knew his friends wouldn't answer his questions so he'd have to look for answers himself. With that in mind, Bakura went along with his day.


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