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Lady Nefertiti.

Summary: Pinning Tea against the wall blue eyes glared into blue…and Kaiba seductively whispered in her ear "Don't you lie to me now Gardner…"

WARNING: This fic mildly brushes upon controversial issues: Abortion, Rape/Attempted Rape, capital punishment/death row. I don't own Yugioh---as usual and don't forget to review! thanks. 

Chapter 1: School Blues…

Her locker door was open as she stared into it, not really paying attention to her surroundings or what she was looking at. A letter…It was a letter on the kitchen counter and that was all her mother had left her. All she had said was that she would be gone for god knew how long…out of the country. Tea didn't even know if her mother had any 'others.' Ever since Dad had left mother, she hadn't been the same. She was always gone…Did her mother even know she had a daughter? Her mother had no regard for her baby girl at all. She was all alone.

She would Never! Never! Admit to her friends, not even Yugi that she had problems at home…that was her business. A funny annoying cheerleader, a dancer with good grades that's all she was to everyone. She stared at her reflection in her locker mirror, her dead expression, a pale ghastly white face and she sighed. Hopeless…'I'm an Orphan….an orphan like the Kaiba's. She thought vaguely. Then suddenly there was an annoyed voice behind her.

"MOVE GARDNER ! You're in the way!" It was Seto Kaiba who glared at her.

She turned and gave him a blank look, shutting her locker she said, "Sorry Kaiba…I guess I took to long." She gave him a sorry excuse of a smile and went her way towards class. Kaiba gaped at her slumped shoulders and her sad expression….she said she was sorry? What the hell was that about? What happened to Gardner? Deciding he'd think about that later, he grabbed his books and followed her to class. Why had her expression haunted him so? He was never one to take bull from anyone but she just…..backed down.

Tea slumped as she sat in her usual seat but no one had noticed that anything was out of the ordinary, except Kaiba. She still wore that happy-go-lucky smile and was engaged in conversation with her so-called-friends. "Hey Tea' We was jus Thinkin' you wanna join us later in the game shop?" Joey asked her.

Tea shook her head and smiled all the while thinking 'I can't believe I'm going to lie to my friends' "No Guys I have to help my mom at home today…It's my turn to help cook." She smiled sincerely, ignoring the expressions of her friends. She really was the 'backbone' of their group. She mentally kicked herself and wanted to cry…..Kaiba's face might have been in a book but he was just pretending to read. He was listening to the 'geek squad' and their pathetic conversation. Her friends were so foolish could they not see she was outright lying to them, even her face gave it away…

"That's okay Tea! You can always see us later!" Yugi said happily. Even Yami was fooled thinking Tea really had to go help her mother….

'MOTHER? What Mother?' Tea thought sarcastically. 'She's been in Spain since the beginning of the school year and that's been three months already!' She was about ready to scream…She glanced over to Kaiba wondering how he handled it all…alone AND managed a company AND he had a little brother, Mokuba! Should she complain? Did she have the right to complain? She looked away when the teacher walked in hoping he hadn't caught her looking at him…..but he had.

It wasn't his business to pry into other people's lives but Gardner was a special case. She should've figured out by now (if she hadn't already) that he had Never…. Never…insulted her or called her names only her friends. The only thing he said to her was to 'move' and called her 'cheerleader' as an affectionate name…..'Hmm…What is up with Gardner these days?' He was determined to find out.

She so did not want to be in school right now! She looked outside her window and sighed wishing it were summer so she could wear her bathing suit and go to the beach. She stared at her math teacher wondering when she'd fall asleep right now or during history class…If she was lucky she wouldn't get 'picked on' by the teacher.

"Miss Gardner please come up to the board and do problem number 5?" 'Shit….no chance.' Tea thought groaning. She slowly walked up to the board, almost like a march to her death. She took the chalk from the teacher and started the problem as other students started to furiously write the problem down, everyone except Kaiba. He was busy watching her. About half-way through the problem she stopped feeling a bit light-headed. She felt dizzy… "Miss Gardner please finish the problem." The teacher said.

"I don't…I can't…I feel…" And with that said Tea fainted.

"TEA!" Joey Yugi and Tristin said at the same time. The three ran to her at least happy to see she was still alive, however, everyone else in the class panicked thinking she was dead.

'So I was right…' Kaiba thought still sitting in his desk. 'It was stress that was getting to her…' But what he didn't know was what kind of stress she had. Obviously it wasn't that she owned a huge company or had a sibling to take care of…He rolled his eyes as everyone in the room was panicking. 'People these days…' The only person that was logical or sane enough to talk to was probably Yugi…"YUGI." Yugi looked over not surprised to see Kaiba talking to him. They were both civil to one another and that was enough and if Yugi wasn't mistaken…. Kaiba had a liking to Tea even though Kaiba would never admit it. "Yugi….I just got a message and have to attend a meeting…I could drop Tea off at her house if you want."

"I think that might be a good idea…and thanks Kaiba. I'll hold Joey and Tristin off for you." Yugi said knowing that he could trust Kaiba and the fact he was the only one able to leave school without getting penalized. Kaiba stood up grabbed his things and Tea's and then picked her up, bridal style, getting glares from his fan-girls and Joey and Tristin.

"OI! MONEY-BAGS WHERE YOU TAKIN' OUR TEA!" Joey hollered at him trying to get past Yugi but Kaiba just walked out of the room, Tea in his arms. The Teacher sighed and shrugged her shoulders knowing that arguing with Kaiba would get her no where except fired from work.

"Now everyone back to their seats and Mr. Wheeler please come up and finish Problem # 5…"

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