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My name's Josh Okami, and just today I was accepted into duel academy. Right when I got to the Slifer red dorm, I saw this kid with tiny glasses and light blue hair sulking. Being a nice guy I decided to go over to him and introduce myself. "Hey, I'm a new student, name's Josh, what's yours?" I asked. "I'm Syrus, good to meet you," he said sullenly. Just then a muscular guy ran up to us and spoke like drill sergeant. "Hey, Sy, you left me right after you said the sarge was gone," said the stranger. He then looked at me and brightened up a bit. "You're a new recruit, ain'tcha. Name's Hassleberry," he said with a grin.

"My name's Josh, and I'm itching for a duel," I said as I brought out my duel disk. "Froggy, aren't ya, well me and Sy might cheer up after a good ole fashioned duel," said Hassleberry as he brought out his duel disk. Both of our duel disks activated and we drew our hands. "I'll start things off," I said as I drew my card. I looked in my hand and saw I had the cards I needed to perform my combo. "First off, I'll activate "Fusion gate" and fuse together my Elemental hero Avian and Burstinatrix to bring out Flamewingman," I said as my Elemental hero came onto the field. I then looked and saw Hassleberry and Syrus were staring as if my monster was a friend who finally came back.

"Josh, I forfeit, I was beaten by this very deck by my sergeant, Jaden Yuki," said Hassleberry and my monter along with my field spell disappeared. "Josh, I didn't know you had an Elemental Hero deck," said Syrus who was in a better mood. I then heard clapping and turned around to see a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes looking right at me. "I see we've got a new Jaden," she said with a smile. "Who is this 'Jaden', from what I heard we use the same deck, so where is he?" I asked. Then everyone went quiet before Syrus spoke up and told me everything from stopping the Shadow riders, taking down the society of light, all the way to Jaden somehow fusing with a duel spirit named 'Yubel'.

"...and that's the last I saw of him," said Syrus. I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. "I promise, I'll find someway to get your friend back," I said. "Syrus, I believe I know...just who are you," came an English voice. I turned and saw a rather intelligent guy standing there. "I'll answer ya, the name's Josh Okami," I said. "Nice to meet you, you're one of the new students aren't you, and I understand that you're originally from America, but I noticed that due to how you dress and your mannerisms. Name's Bastion by the way," said the intellectual.

I got to know all of them fairly well, until everyone had to turn in, so I went into Jaden's room since that's where I was assigned. Before I was fully asleep, I saw a bright light. So I grabbed my dual disk and went outside to investigate. What I found was a boy who was around my age with a slifer red uniform on, but he was out cold. "Bwee," there came a voice and I looked to see a winged Kuriboh. "This your friend buddy? Don't worry, I'll get him to the nurse's office," I said as I picked up the boy and carried him to the girls dorms on my back. "Hang on man, I've got to check something," I thought as we got to the dorm. I set the boy down and checked his deck. My eyes went wide when I saw that he used Elemental Heroes. "You're Jaden? Now I know I've got to help you," I said as I picked him up and carried him to Nurse Fontaine's room and started banging on the door.

"Nurse Fontaine, open up, I found someone!" I shouted. "Josh, what's with all the noise?" asked a familiar voice. I turned and saw Alexis slightly irritated at being woken up. "Lex, I found someone you might know," I said. "What do you..." before Alexis could finish I set Jaden down and let her get a clear view of his face. "Jaden...you came back," she said in tears,"Josh, thank you," she said in sniffles. "What's with all this noise?" I looked up and saw the woman I was trying to find. "Boys aren't allowed here at night," said Ms. Fontaine with a scowl. "Ms. Fontaine, this boy found Jaden Yuki," said Alexis. Ms. Fontaine came to inspect Jaden and saw it was really him. "Josh, I'll keep Jaden in my room for the night and transfer him to the nurse's office tomorrow, so you should go back to your dorm now," said Ms. Fontaine she then looked towards Alexis and saw she didn't want me to go alone so Ms. Fontaine just gave her the go ahead to escort me back to the dorm.

"Alexis, what's going to happen now that Jaden's back?" I asked her as we walked to the slifer red dorm. "To be honest, I have no idea. But, knowing Jaden something strange is going to happen soon," said Alexis. "Tomorrow, I'll inform everyone in Slifer red that Jaden's back," I said with a grin. Alexis couldn't help but giggle at my enthusiasm and when we got to the dorm she gave me a peck on the cheek before going back to her dorm. I barely got any sleep due to the excitement of what happened. But, I did eventually get to sleep and dreamed of what it would be like dueling against Yugi Mutou.

The next day, at breakfast I told everyone the news and all of Jaden's friends were literally jumping with joy at the news. During the course of the day I took a few breaks to visit Jaden in the infirmary. There was only 2 teachers that seemed to hate my guts more than any other teacher and that was Bonaparte and Crowler. From what I've heard, they seemed to hate Jaden until he won their respect through his actions. After that day, strange stuff started happening, like the girls challenging boys to duels where if the girl wins the boy will have to be her slave, and if the boy wins he'll be allowed to go free. Another weird thing is, that girls were using "femdom" decks that appeared out of nowhere. The final weird thing is that the girls that are affected have a pure white duel disk. I haven't been challenged by any of the girls yet, but Hassleberry, Chazz, and Syrus have already lost and are bound to their mistress'.

A few days later, Jaden finally woke up and saw me sitting there. "Where am I?" he asked. "You're back in Duel Academy," I said with a smile. "Alright, that explains where I am, now who are you?" he asked. "My name's Josh Okami a new student here, and your friends are still attending school as well," I explained. "Whew, that's a relief, I take it you're the one who found me," he said. "Yeah, your friend Winged Kuriboh helped out a lot as well," I said as I looked at the duel spirit. "Cool, you can see duel spirits too, huh," said Jaden excitedly. "Jaden, I know all about you as well as your Elemental Hero deck and well..." before finishing the sentence I tossed Jaden my deck and began looking through it. "So, you use Elemental Heroes," he said in a serious tone.

 We talked for awhile then I said my goodbye to Jaden and decided to head back to the dorm until... "Josh, I challenge you to a duel," I turned and my eyes went wide when I saw it was Alexis challenging me. "Why do you want to challenge me, Lex?" I asked. "Simple, this is why," she said as she help up a couple of cards and saw they were femdom monsters. "So, you want to be my mistress, huh?" I asked. "Yes, you know the rules, you win you go free, and if I win you have to be my slave," she said in a stern tone. "I don't want to do this right now," I said and as I turned away I felt something attach to my neck and then I felt a shock go through my body. "You will duel me, if you want your freedom," said Alexis with a smirk.

"Alexis, get your game on," I said as my duel disk activated and I drew my cards. "I"ll start this off with the field spell BDSM dungeon which increases all female monsters attack by 1000 points and decreases all male monsters by 500 points, then I'll summon BDSM magician and thanks to her effect if you send a female monster to the graveyard, I can special summon it to my side of the field, I will then set 1 card facedown and end my turn," she said. "Alright, my turn, I'll activate polymerization and send both Elemental hero clayman and bubbleman to bring out Elemental Hero Mudball man," I said. "Not so fast, I activate my trap, "Mistress orders" with this I can choose what cards you can play and what you can't, but if Polymerization is the card chosen instead you get to special summon both fusion material monsters to the field," Alexis explained and both Bubbleman and Clayman appeared on the field. "Don't forget about my BDSM dungeon, it collars both of your monsters and straps them down," as she said this 2 collars shot out of the dungeon and attached to Clayman and Bubbleman and they were then strapped down to tables that were big enough for their size range.

"Alright, then I'll summon out Elemental Hero Avian," I said and Avian appeared on the field and the same thing that happened to the other 2 Elemental Heroes happened to him. "Josh, face it you're going to be my slave and serve me for the rest of your life," said Alexis. "No, this isn't over until the last card is played," I said. Alexis just shook her head and drew her card. "This is the end of your life of freedom, Josh, I activated "Serving the goddess" by sacrificing 1 BDSM monster I can bring out 4 fusion monsters in your fusion deck and 1 fusion material for those monsters and all monsters are treated as female monsters, I choose Burstinatrix, Flamewingman, Rampartblaster, Steamhealer, and Electrum. Josh, no matter how you look at it, you've lost," she said. I knew she was right, she has all of my best monsters on her side of the field, when I looked at Burstinatrix she looked at me as if she was saying, "You'd be wise to do what she says." As I looked on, I noticed that I was somehow drawn to Alexis when she acted like this. I placed my hand on my deck in order to surrender.

Seeing this, Alexis smiled pleased with my reaction. The field then returned to normal and Alexis walked over to me. "I know you're not a complete slave yet, which is why I'll activate one more card, and this one is special, it works like how our cards worked in the dimension where duel monsters were real, so you'll feel the effects as soon as I play it, I activate "Enslaved Devotion" with this you'll want to serve me no matter what and will always put my needs before your own, understand , slave?: Alexis whispered in my ear. All I could do was nod at my beautiful mistress. "Hmmmm, should I continue calling you 'Josh'. I don't think you deserve a real name anymore," pondered Mistress Alexis as she played with my hair. "I think I'll allow you to keep your name, but as for your deck..." as she said this she showed me my cards and saw that the male monsters were all in bondage while Burstinatrix was a domme sitting on a throne and her name was changed to queen Burstinatrix while all the men were BDSM slaves.

"I'll keep burstinatrix, you can keep the pathetic men," said my mistress as she took Burstinatrix. "Mistress, thank you for allowing me to keep my deck," I said with a genuinely grateful smile. "You're welcome, how would you like to show Jaden what you've become?" she asked. "If it pleases you, I'll do it gladly," I answered. We went to the infirmary to show Jaden what I've become. I knocked on the door and I heard Jaden say, "Come in" so we entered. "Hey, Josh, Alexis, how's it goin'?" he asked. "Jaden, you've heard rumors about the female duelists taking male duelists as slaves, right?" Alexis asked. "Yeah, Josh told me about it a bit ago, why?" asked Jaden. "Alright, slave get on all fours and I'll sit on you," ordered Alexis. I did what I was told and Alexis sat down on my back as she faced Jaden.

"Josh, did you lose?" asked Jaden in a concerned voice. "He did, now he's my slave, but you should look at his cards now," said Alexis as she tossed him my deck. He looked through the cards with a horrified expression. "W-w-where's Burstinatrix?" asked Jaden fearfully. "She's now dominant, so she's joined my deck," answered Alexis. I heard the conversation and knew that Jaden wasn't ashamed of me or anything, he's just scared of what would happen to him, at least that's what I thought. "Mistress, Jaden might be scared that since my deck lost, that his deck might also lose," I explained and Mistress just slapped my ass in response. "Don't speak unless spoken to, but you might have a point there," said Alexis. "Lex, I don't want to see you like this right now, so please take Josh and leave," Jaden said as he handed Mistress back my deck.

We left the Infirmary and were on our way to my new home in Mistress' dorm. "Josh, there are ground rules, like for one you no longer own anything, the deck you're going to be using is just a borrowed deck from me and as such I'll have it with me at all times, 2. I do care about you, so at times I'll have to punish you if you step out of line, 3. You are to be on all fours at all times and you will be taught by Ms. Fontaine like the other slaves while I'm going to class, 4. you'll be required to sleep in my bed when I go to sleep," Mistress explained. With Mistress being so nice as to make sure I'm well taken care just filled me with so much happiness.

"Alright, we're going to have some playtime, thankfully Ms. Fontaine added a "playroom" to our dorm so we can have fun with slaves like you," said Mistress Alexis as she led me into a BDSM room. I looked around and saw that Chazz, Hassleberry, and Syrus were being "played" with by Blaire, Mindy, and Jazmine. But, I didn't know what they were doing exactly because Mistress Alexis brought me to a table that looked like it was meant for someone to present their ass. "Josh, you're going to be fucked by a strapon, and afterwards your going to have a buttplug in there and vibrators attached to your dick," my mistress told me.

She ordered me to get on the table with my ass sticking up, and as I did this she took off her skirt and grabbed the biggest strapon from the wall behind her and applied some lube after she put on the strapon. "I want you to beg for my massive cock," she said. "Mistress, please fill my ass with your massive cock," I begged. Mistress Alexis smiled fondly at me and positioned her plastic cock at the entrance of my soon to be asspussy. "Since you clearly want to be a slut, I'll make you into one," my mistress told me ass she jammed her plastic cock into my ass. I bit back a scream as she did this and started treating my ass like her cumdump by thrusting her plastic cock in and out of my ass, and while this was happening my cock was as hard as it has ever been.

"You're such a good slave, I easily bent you to my will and you're enjoying serving me," she said into my ear. She went at it until she came and I came with her. After mistress was done with my new asspussy, she pulled out and had me lick her strapon clean before she put it up. "Josh, I think I'm starting to fall for you, I mean you gave in to me as soon as you noticed you couldn't beat me and that was before you became my devoted slave. You also found Jaden and I'm very grateful for that," my mistress explained to me. When I heard this my eyes went wide that my mistress was falling in love for me despite the fact we've only known each other for a couple of weeks.

Suddenly I felt something fill up my ass which woke me from my daydream. "I promised I was going to fill your ass, and I keep my promises," she said. Then she put 2 small vibrators on my dick and taped them there. "You're such a good slave, it's too bad chanceller Sheppard can't help free you," said Mistress Alexis teasingly. "I don't want to be free from you, Mistress," I said with a bright smile. After I said that she activated the vibrators on my dick and I resisted the urge to moan in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Sheppard, Bonaparte, Crowler, and Fontaine were in a meeting. "Ms. Fontaine, why are you and the girls enslaving the boys of this school?" asked the chanceller. "Simple, we just want to be in charge," answered Ms. Fontaine dismissively. "Madamoiselle, we understand why you would want the slackers, but why the blue and yellow dorms?" asked Bonaparte. The response to this was a raised eyebrow from Sheppard and Crowler shaking in anger. "How dare you, we need to make sure all students are safe and sound or face lawsuits!" shouted Crowler.

"My, my, sounds like someone's all riled up," said an elegant voice. The three teachers turned to face none other than Maximillion Pegasus, Yugi Mutou, and Seto Kaiba. "So, why is this school going under?" asked Kaiba. "I don't know, let me see the lovely Ms. Fontaine's deck," said Pegasus. She handed him her deck and when he looked through her cards he looked as if he'd seen a ghost. "Pegasus, are you alright?" asked Yugi. "No, Yugi-boy, because I've never made these cards, but I did see stone tablets in Egypt depicting them. They were apparently used mostly by Cleopatra and her maidens as a way to control slave," Pegasus explained. "This isn't good," said Yugi. "Enough, this is my school, I demand to see some of the newest students to see if I can get some answers," said Kaiba as he stormed out and leaving the teachers with Yugi and Pegasus.

While this was going on, me and Mistress Alexis went to the dining hall to eat and after we ate, we heard someone barge into the hall. We looked towards the door and saw it was THE Seto Kaiba. "Are you Josh?" he asked looking straight at me. I looked to Mistress Alexis and she nodded giving me permission to answer him. "Yes, sir," I said. "Good, you see I checked the duel disk data base and saw you were the only new student who's dueled against anyone today and lost," said Kaiba with a sneer. "Who do you think you are bullying my slave?" asked Mistress Alexis. Kaiba blinked then started to chuckle at her words. "I'm the owner of this academy, I built this from the ground up," gloated Kaiba.

"Not anymore your not," came a voice. I looked around and saw it came from Mistress Alexis, only it wasn't her voice, but for the time she talked, I could've sworn she was glowing. "Who are you, and where is my mistress?" I asked her. "Be silent, your 'Mistress' will be back. Kaiba, you, Yugi, and Pegasus shouldn't have come here. Now that you are, 3 women from your past is coming to this island as we speak and they are going to be your new mistress'," said Alexis in that queen like voice and then she blacked out. I looked at Kaiba and saw he was shaking a bit. "Mr. Kaiba?" I said and Kaiba just looked at me then came towards me and slung me over his shoulder.

"Hey, put me down, my Mistress needs me!" I shouted. "Not a chance, kid, you're going to meet 2 more special people, and then you can return to your 'Mistress," he said cooly. After around half-an-hour we arrived at the chanceller's office where Kaiba opened the door and threw me inside only to be caught by Yugi and Pegasus. "What is the meaning of this, Kaiba!?" shouted Yugi. "Simple, this is the latest victim of this 'femdom' fad," answered Kaiba. I looked up and saw who asked Kaiba the question. "Wait, y-y-you're-" I started to say. "Oh, I'm Yugi, pleased to meet you," said Yugi with a smile. "Mr. Kaiba, why did you grab one of the students?" asked Ms. Fontaine. I looked at her and felt compelled to go to her and serve her. This wasn't missed by Kaiba at all.

"It seems that our little friend isn't loyal to just one girl," observed Kaiba. "Kaiba-boy, can't we just do an investigation without taking things that aren't ours?" asked Pegasus. "Hold it, stop everything," said a voice. I turned to see it was 3 women, one was a blonde woman, another was a brunette, and the final one was an Egyptian. "Mai, Ishizu, Tea, why are you here?" asked Yugi. "Simple, we're here to duel you, if we win you 3 become our slaves, and if you win, you can continue your little 'investigation'," said Tea. I looked at their duel disks and noticed they were white. I wanted to help keep these 3 legends of dueling free, but I knew it would be going against Mistress Alexis' wishes. "I'll take Kaiba," said Ishizu. "I'll take Pegasus," said Mai. "Which leaves me the king of games himself," said Tea.

The duel was very one sided with the girls using the same tactics as Alexis, all the way down to the final move. So I could only watch as 3 of the best duelists become slaves of their new mistress'. "Aww, is poor Joshy missing his mistress?" asked Ms. Fontaine teasingly. "Yes, ma'am," I answered. "Well then, I'll take you back to her, tomorrow you're going to learn all about slave dueling," she said as she dragged me by the collar all the way to the dorm.

A/N: Whew, I put a lot of thought and time into this. Took me a couple of days to complete this chapter alone. All answers will be given in future chapters, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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