Hassleberry the Hunk

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Jasmine and Mindy were walking down the road to their dorm.  As they walked, they were discussing who was the hottest boy currently in the school.

"Well I think Chazz is the hottest," said Mindy.  "Well what about Harrington?" asked Jasmine.  "Remember when he saved Alexis from..."  The two stopped when they saw Tyranno Hassleberry walking to his dorm shirtless.  Both Mindy and Jasmine looked at how muscular Hassleberry was, his ripped abs, his huge biceps, his broad shoulders, and how his skin shined in the sun.  Both Mindy and Jasmine got hearts in their eyes. 

"Oh my god did you see how hot Hassleberry was?" asked Mindy as they both squealed.  "He's such a hottie," said Jasmine. The two then noticed Hasslberry left his dorm room and walked to the boy's shower room.  Mindy and Jasmine looked at each other.  "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Jasmine.  Mindy nodded.  "Time to spy?"  The two then slowly trailed behind Hassleberry and watched him enter the shower room.  Luckily for them, there were no other boys in the shower room so it would be easy for them to spy on Hassleberry.  He entered a shower so Mindy sneakily got out a mirror to peek in and watch. 

Hassleberry removed his pants and underwear and turned on the shower.  The two soon saw it.  In addition to his muscular body, he had a very large penis, about as long as twelve inches and as thick as their wrists.  Trying to keep quiet, Mindy and Jasmine drooled seeing such a hunk naked and wet.  Hassleberry grabbed a bar of soap and washed his face and soon lathered his arms, causing his muscles to shine in the light.  He then lathered his abs which made Mindy and Jasmine nearly faint.  When he bent over to clean his legs, he turned around and Mindy and Jasmine saw Hassleberry's firm ass.  Both Mindy and Jasmine started to squeal lightly but then left when Hassleberry turned off the shower.  Once the two got out, they giggled.

"Hasslberry is the hottest guy on Duel Academy," squealed Mindy.  Jasmine giggled.  "I know, he's so dreamy."  They two thought about seeing him naked.  "Did you see his cock" asked Mindy.  "It was huge!" Jasmine nodded and sighed at the thought of it.  "He is such a dream," she said as she thought of Hassleberry.  Mindy moved closer to Jasmine ear and whispered into her ear, "I'll reserve the hotsprings for tomorrow for three people.  We'll invite Hassleberry."

The next day, Mindy and Jasmine saw Hassleberry in the gym, working with some barbells.  The two walked over to Hassleberry.  Hassleberry saw the two walk over to him and let go of the barbells.  He then grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off his face.  "Hi Mindy, hi Jasmine, I've never seen you two in the gym before," said Hassleberry.  The two grabbed his arms.  "We reserved a spot at the hot springs for just three people and we're inviting you," said Mindy.  Hassleberry looked at the two girls and instantly realized what was up.  "Okay let's go, ladies," said Hassleberry.  The two girls then squealed with delight and walked with Hassleberry.

The three made it to the hot springs and Hassleberry took off his shirt, causing Mindy and Jasmine two get hearts in their eyes seeing his muscular body again.  He then saw the two take off their clothes, making him blush seeing them naked.  The two girls got into the springs and then Hassleberry took off the remainder of his clothes and jumped into the water.  The two girls then crawled over to the muscleman and placed their hands on his chest and abs feeling how firm his body was. Hassleberry blushed and placed his arms over the two girls and felt their breasts.  After a few minutes, Hassleberry grabbed both girls and carried them out of the springs.  The two girls squealed with delight seeing how strong Hassleberry was.  Once he set the two down, they admired his buff body. 

"You're so strong and buff, Hassleberry" said Mindy sighing. "Can we feel your muscles?," asked Jasmine.  Taking queue, Hassleberry decided to impress them further and flexed his biceps.  Just seeing him do that, caused Mindy and Jasmine to ejaculate fluid from their pussies.  They walked over to Hassleberry and placed their hands on his biceps.  They then opened their mouths and placed their tongues on his biceps. As they felt his muscles while he kept flexing his muscles, they soon saw his armpits.  His armpits left a very masculine scent, exciting Mindy and Jasmine.  They began to sniff them and soon placed their tongues on his armpits and began to lick them, tickling Hassleberry.

Once Hassleberry was done flexing, Mindy and Jasmine took a look at his massive chest and starting to lick his nipples, pleasing Hassleberry.  Hassleberry then laid down and the two girls got down on their legs and started to lick his abs and rubbed their hands on the hunk's torso.  Finally they reached for his big cock.  Mindy and Jasmine both took a hand to it and opened their mouths to the sides.  Hassleberry began to moan in pleasure as Mindy and Jasmine caused his cock to get bigger and bigger.  Hassleberry then got up and lifted Mindy into the air and placed her pussy to his mouth as he began to lick it.  Jasmine then got onto her knees and began to lick the tip of Hassleberry's cock.  Enjoying the taste, she put the tip slightly in her mouth and gave a gentle bite to the tip making Hassleberry moan.  Jasmine then put Hassleberry's cock further into her mouth, despite his immense size and slowly more and more got his cock into her throat.  Hassleberry then set Mindy down and set Jasmine gently on the floor to continue.  He then went on all fours and crawled to Jasmine's pussy.  He stretched her legs and began to lick Jasmine's pussy while Jasmine continued to suck on Hassleberry's big cock.  Mindy then stared at Hassleberry's firm, beautiful ass.  She kneeled down and placed her tongue on his rectum, running it up and down, making him moan again.  Jasmine stopped sucking on Hassleberry's cock and Mindy grabbed it with her hand, feeling how big it was.  She began stroking it and placed the tip in her mouth to taste him as well and continued to stroke his cock.  Jasmine then grabbed the cock and continued sucking his cock while Mindy continued licking Hassleberry's ass. 

Hassleberry soon stood up and Jasmine and Mindy sat down.  He then sat down and grabbed Mindy first.  He placed her on top of him and then grabbed his cock and placed it into Mindy's pussy.  Mindy opened her mouth to scream as she felt his huge shaft go inside her.  Mindy placed her hands on Hassleberry's chest and felt her pussy get hot from his cock pulsing inside her.  Hassleberry started to vibrate his pelvis, causing his cock to rub into her pussy faster and faster, getting her to feel hotter and hotter.  She soon had to get off of Hassleberry's cock to recover.

Jasmine then took Hassleberry's cock and began to suck on it to taste Mindy's pussy.  She got on top of Hassleberry and sat in reverse.  She grabbed his cock and placed it in her pussy and soon Hassleberry resumed vibrating  his pelvis.  Jasmine began to scream in pleasure, feeling Hassleberry's cock rubbing in her pussy.  Mindy then crawled over to Hassleberry's face and laced her tongue down his throat.  His tongue soon entered her mouth and soon their tongues were dancing and rubbing against each other.  Jasmine got off of Hassleberry's cock and started to suck on his cock to taste her pussy.  Mindy soon saw the cock and took a turn to suck on it.  Jasmine then crawled on Hassleberry's buff body and soon felt her breasts being squeezed by the hunk's massive chest.  She placed her tongue in Hassleberry's mouth and began to feel his tongue playing with hers.  Mindy stopped sucking on Hassleberry's cock and placed it inside Jasmine's pussy.  Hassleberry then grabbed Jasmine's legs and stood back up.  He then bent his legs slightly causing his cock to rub inside Jasmine.  Mindy then opened her mouth and placed Hassleberry's balls inside her mouth, licking them and enjoying the wonderful taste. 

Hassleberry soon set Jasmine down and grabbed Mindy.  He placed her on the ground and grabbed her legs, making her go upside down.  Still bent down, he placed his cock back inside Mindy and bent his legs causing his cock to thrust inside her causing her pussy to be filled further with his big cock.  Jasmine then went behind Hassleberry.  Taking a look at his ass, she placed her tongue on his rectum and began to lick it.  She rubbed her tongue on his delicious clean rectum while he continued to thrust his cock in Mindy.  He then lifted Mindy up and set her on the ground.  He then laid back down and Mindy and Jasmine began to take turns sucking his cock.

Hassleberry was reaching his climax and began to shout.  He then grabbed his cock and let a wad of cum shoot onto Mindy and Jasmine's breasts. Feeling his hot cum on them made both girls smile.  They took their fingers and scooped the cum off their breasts and and seeing it ooze on their fingers, began to lick it off.  Both the girls enjoyed the taste of Hassleberry's cum and kept on licking it off.  Soon Jasmine licked the cum off Hassleberry's cock and squeezed out the rest for Mindy.  Both girls then laid down to regain some stamina laying on Hassleberry's pecs.  "Did you enjoy it, ladies?" asked Hassleberry.

The two nodded with hearts in their eyes.  "We should do this tomorrow." said Mindy.  Jasmine nodded towards her friend.  "You were awesome, Hassleberry, it was the best sex I ever had," said Jasmine.

Hassleberry grabbed his clothes and got dressed.  "See you tomorrow, you two," said Hassleberry. 


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