Love is Forever

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A/N: This is my second attempt at a lemon, only this time, it's with Yusei and Akiza after they get married. It's their first time doing it and I hope you will enjoy it!

As Yusei went to bed, he sat on the edge of his bed and sighed. Tomorrow was his wedding. It wasn't that he wasn't happy. Heck, if Yusei could show just how happy he really was, people might
send him to a mental hospital. He was marrying the girl of his dreams and he was bouncing off the walls, deep down inside, with excitement. So, why was he sighing? Because he was scared...about what will happen after the wedding...about the sex.

Yusei admitted that, despite loving so much about Akiza, from her personality, to her laugh, and best of all her smile, he had to admit it: She was hot. When Yusei first saw her, he instantly
saw an intimidating woman, that he saw as scary. However, once she was able to show Yusei that she was human, at the Fortune Cup, Yusei was able to see her as something other than scary. Which
soon lead to other things and other thoughts. Yusei was embarrassed to admit it, but the night after he helped Akiza at the Fortune Cup, he found himself being able already jerk off to her hot looks. It was then that he remembered when Martha caught him jerking off to Akiza and she was the first person to realize his feelings for her.


Almost overnight, Yusei was immediately attracted to Akiza's looks. Yusei felt guilty, but he didn't feel it once he was in his bedroom alone jerking off. Still, Yusei knew that he didn't get
to see many attractive women in his life, so he just attributed it to him being a typical guy. However, after his duel with Kalin, Yusei was stuck in bed for a couple of days. He got to talk to
Martha and tell her all about his adventure in New Domino City. When he had to talk about Akiza, he stressed how much he worried about her and how he wanted her to be safe. Martha was quick to ask, "Are you in love with her?" Yusei quickly looked away. "I'm love," he replied, "But I do admit that she's very very pretty." Martha didn't say anything more, but she knew something was up.

As Martha was making Yusei dinner, he couldn't move very much. He immediately started remembering his friends, but it quickly turned to Akiza. Then, her attractive features. Yusei quickly took
some tissues from the bedside, which were used if needed to cry or blow his nose, and stuffed them into his boxers. Yusei then closed his eyes and starting masturbating. As Martha was bringing him
his dinner on a tray, she stopped, and watched what Yusei was doing. She saw his eyes closed, with his mouth slightly opened, and his arm was moving slightly back and forth. Martha then watched as
she saw his right hand moving, his handiness one, and saw his bed sheet moving just a tiny bit. Martha giggled and knew what Yusei was doing.

In Yusei's mind, he didn't know Martha was there, but he knew he was close to releasing. Suddenly, a voice brought him out of his train of thought. "Yusei!" Martha snapped and Yusei's eyes shot open. His hand froze and his face turned scared. However, his friend downstairs was on the verge of exploding. 'Hold it! Hold it!' Yusei thought, but it was no use, as he soon came all over the
tissues in his boxers. His mind then quickly turned to Martha.

"Yusei! Are you masturbating?" she asked. Yusei's voice was frightened. "," he lied. Martha smiled and her face turned almost happy. "Yusei. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I've
orphaned dozens of young men and dealt with this topic with just about all of them," she replied as she set the tray down next to the bed, on an end table. Yusei still didn't want to admit it, as
he might end up spilling who he was thinking about. "Really Martha. I wasn't doing that," he answered. Martha smiled a knowing smile. "Oh really. And if I checked you boxers right now, I wouldn't
find cum and tissues?" Before Yusei could reply, Martha lifted the cover up, to find Yusei in just his boxers. She then quickly pulled down his boxers and found exactly what she said would be
there. "Martha!" Yusei cried and Martha giggled.

"I see now that I was right Yusei." She went back to the tray and got an idea. "You were obviously fantasizing about a woman," she noted, "I wonder what woman it could be?" Yusei quickly
replied, "It was not Akiza!" Martha smiled as she brought over some of the food. "I never said you were thinking about Akiza," Martha noted, "But now that you mention her, it would make sense for
you to be fantasizing about her." Yusei quickly looked away and blushed. Martha saw his face and continued teasing him. "She's about your age, only a year younger, and she does look very
attractive." Yusei quickly turned around with his eyes closed and he was blushing red. "Martha! She's just a friend. All right? I have to have her join the Signers first, before I can even think
about all that stuff." Martha smiled. "All right. I'll just leave it at that," she replied and started to help him eat his dinner.

End Flashback

As Yusei looked up at the ceiling, it seemed like that was only yesterday. Yusei couldn't even recall how many times he had fantasized about her, let alone masturbated to her. It had to be in
the thousands. Still, tomorrow night, he would be doing something completely different. He would be having sex with her. He was still a virgin and he remembered talking to Akiza about what he wanted on their first night. /


Yusei and Akiza were sitting on a couch, at Yusei's Tops apartment a few nights before. Akiza had already moved in some of her stuff and Yusei was helping her put the finishing things together. Once they were done, Akiza asked Yusei to sit down, because she wanted to talk. Akiza took a deep breath and looked him in the face. "Yusei. I want talk about our wedding night." Yusei
smiled. "Oh. Our first dance together," he replied, "Want to..." Akiza shook her head.

"No. Not that," she answered, "I mean our first night together..." She paused for a moment and then spoke. "When we have sex..." Yusei bit his lip and said a soft, "Oh," as he looked away.
Akiza breathed through her nose and continued. "I know you're still a virgin Yusei and I wanted to know what we can do to get ready for the first night." Yusei nodded and looked up. "I understand," he replied, "Do you want to tell me what you wanted us to do?" Akiza didn't reply for a moment. "Actually...I want to know what you want." Yusei gave her a confused look. "Me?" he asked and Akiza

"You helped save the world Yusei. You deserve to be happy, especially in the bedroom. I want to make you feel good." Yusei was touched. "Akiza. That's so sweet." He leaned over and gave her a
kiss. "But...seeing you happy and having you feel good is what I want as well." He took both of her hands. "I want us both to feel good." Akiza then smiled. "Oh Yusei." She leaned over and rested
her head on his shoulder. "How did I get such a great husband?" Yusei chuckled. "By having the most beautiful smile in the world," he replied and Akiza blushed with embarrassment.

Akiza leaned back. "But should really be happy in the bedroom. Now please tell me: What would make you happy in the bedroom?" Yusei wasn't expecting to tell Akiza this like this,
but if she wanted to know, now was the time to do it. "Well..." he said slowly before answering, "I'd like for you..." He stared into her beaming eyes and knew he had to say it. "To be on top of
me when we do it," he finally finished. Akiza looked confused, with her mouth in an, "o," shape, and Yusei added, "The whole time." Akiza was now stunned and looked down. "But...are you sure?" she
asked. Yusei hugged her close.

"Yes," he replied, "I want you to feel good and having you on top is the best way to do that. When I see you're having fun, then I'll have fun." Akiza blushed. "Yusei...that's so thoughtful of
you. Especially since..." Akiza hesitated before finishing, "I'm a virgin." Yusei gasped. "You are?" he asked and Akiza nodded. "I thought..." he started, before Akiza quickly answered. "No. Sayer
and I never had a relationship like that," she explained, "Even though I was grateful for what he did for me, giving me a home and such, he had the power to get more women his age to do that for
him." Yusei nodded. "I understand," he replied, trying to move away from that subject, "But to remind you, I'm a virgin too. So, this is the first time for both of us." Akiza nodded and, for the
first time, both of them really got serious about their conversation.

"Akiza, if it's all right with you, I'd like for there to be no toys or anything like that. Maybe some lube, to help with the pain, but other than that, I want it to just the two of us." Yusei
looked away. "That is...if it's okay with you." Akiza smiled. "That sounds fine with me. Oh and don't worry. I'll go buy the lube." Yusei looked at her. "What did you have in mind?" he asked. Akiza giggled. "I'm not telling," she replied, "After all, we don't have to worry about birth control, since I did get my tubes tied a while back." Yusei blushed. "I know and that was an amazing thing
you did for us Akiza." Yusei leaned over and kissed her cheek. "You're welcome Yusei and like I said back then, we can always adopt a kid." Yusei nodded, but looked worried. "I'm a bit scared about the whole thing," he admitted. Akiza kissed him on the cheek this time. "Don't worry Yusei. It'll be amazing. Maybe not perfect, like in the movies, but it'll be fun just being with you." Akiza
smiled and Yusei looked at it. Soon, he smiled too, and felt a whole lot better.

End Flashback

As Yusei finished his flashback, he rolled over, and tried to keep his thoughts on other stuff. Soon, he found himself getting worried over the wedding, and having sex with Akiza was soon off
of his radar screen.

As Akiza was about to hop into bed, she was having thoughts about the wedding. However, once she did a quick rundown of everything during the day, she then got to the night. Which then
involved them and then involved sex. Akiza blushed at the thought. She had had hundreds, probably thousands of times she fantasized about him. Yet now, that was all coming full circle, and for the
first time, she would be doing the do. She remembered the same flashbacks as Yusei. However, she then thought about how it was going to go. What if Yusei started as a nice guy, but soon Akiza would on the bottom and getting pounded? Akiza bit her lip. Yusei wouldn't do that. Would he? Akiza sighed. Yusei was the guy who helped save the world. Shouldn't she do what it takes to make him happy
after all? On top of saving the world, Yusei helped Akiza save her life. Akiza started to feel as though she should just lay on the bed and let Yusei do whatever he wanted with her.

She looked down and knew what was first: her breasts. Akiza cupped her two ginormous breasts and looked at their tremendious size. Akiza knew that have breasts that each weighed at least 10
pounds, if not more, was going to be hard to keep from getting played with. Akiza's breasts had become a fixture of her every day life for, what now was, a majority of her life. She got stares even when she was a little girl and they continued both at Duel Academy the first time and the Arcadia Movement. When Akiza finally made it back to the Duel Academy, she had to send back her uniform
multiple times, before she could finally get one that fitted. Even then, she had to reorder a few times during the year, as he chest got bigger.

Speaking of her chest getting bigger, Akiza remembered when she first met Yusei. Her chest had to be at least half it's current size back then, if not even more. Yusei had watched Akiza's chest expand and grow and grow even more. Akiza was certain Yusei fantasized about her chest, even before she confessed her feelings for him. She knew other guys probably did too, but she felt a bigger
concern with Yusei. If he had watched her chest expand to the massive size it was now, he probably had tons of fantasizes of what he would do with her chest by now. Akiza cupped her heavy breasts
and tried to lift them up. They were so big and so heavy. Akiza worried that they might be more pain from Yusei then pleasure. She hoped he would be gentle with them, but she figured that Yusei
could easily turn into a wild animal and go crazy on them.

Akiza got up and went to the mirror. She took off her bedtime clothes, until she was just in her bra and panties. She looked at the rest of her body, besides her large chest. Akiza wasn't as
thin as she used to be. She had put her hair back into her pre-medical days form, with her hair piece holding back her bangs. Yusei admitted to liking this look and Akiza wanted that on her wedding day. She started to worry that Yusei would expect her to look like she did before, with people wondering if she could become a super model, instead of a nurse. Akiza knew that Yusei knew she wasn't like that anymore. Still, she wanted to look good for her soon-to-be husband. Akiza put her clothes back on and went to bed.

The next day was like a blur for Akiza. Before she knew it, she was at church, and they finally let Yusei come see her. When he did, all he could say was how amazing she looked. Akiza blushed
and finally got to tell him how handsome he looked. Yusei looked all shy and embarrassed, making Akiza giggle at the sight. Soon, Akiza was walking down the aisle to her future husband. They
complimented each other once they were done and soon, they finally said their, "I do's." Neither one could describe the joy when they got to kiss one another and make it official. They were so happy and they were quickly at the reception area. Before long, it was now time for them to leave. When they got into the limo to the Tops, with Luna and Dexter, the older couple felt very nervous. They quickly said goodbye to Luna and Dexter, before heading to their own apartment. When they got there, they both knew what was next and what was in store for them.

As they both got ready for bed, they got ready in the same bathroom together. However, it was also the first time that they realized it: they had never slept at the other's house. Ever. Even
when they were really tired or it was really really cold out or there was a bad storm, neither one of them wanted to stay at the other's place. So, this night had an even greater meaning to it as
well. Akiza quickly got ready and made sure she stayed in her wedding gown for, "Yusei's surprise." Yusei watched her go into the bedroom and sighed. He knew it was show time, but he was scared. He looked down and pulled out his boxers.

The great Yugi Muto, Yami Yugi, Jaden Yuki, Jessie Anderson, Jack, Crow, and, heck, even Atem were all known for having double digit length, in inches, downstairs. It was as if all the past
number one duelists had one. Yet, Yusei was considered number one (even if he didn't duel professional) and he had a penis like Syrus Truesdale. It was little and not even close to average. Yusei
knew that it was going to be awkward stepping out of his boxers and showing his tiny junk for Akiza. Despite the fact that Akiza had seen his little junk before!

Yusei sighed. He was worried about Akiza not feeling good and that's what he was most concerned about. He wanted both of them to be happy in the bedroom. However, his tiny size might hurt that. Yusei sighed and felt the butterflies in his stomach. He slowly turned off the bathroom light and slowly walked to the bedroom door. He opened it and Akiza was sitting on the bed and was still in
her wedding gown. She smiled at him and seemed really happy. Yusei sighed, hoping he could keep that smile on her face. Her beautiful, unmatched, perfect smile.

Yusei tried to smile as he came over to the bed. "Hey," he said and gave her a kiss, "I love you." Akiza smiled. "I love you too." Yusei now was able to smile naturally. "So...I suppose we'd
better get started." Akiza nodded without a word. Yusei watched her reach underneath the bed and get out a big bottle of lube. Yusei's face was red when he saw how big it was. "Um...we're not going to use all that tonight, are we?" Yusei asked. Akiza giggled. "No silly," she replied, "We can use it lots and lots of times after this one." Yusei blushed and looked away. " think you
could undress for me first?" Akiza asked and Yusei looked confused for a moment. Akiza instantly looked worried. "I'm...I'm sorry if you don't want to." Yusei smiled and knew he had to calm Akiza
down. He leaned over and gave her a kiss. "No. It's no problem," he replied and Akiza suddenly calmed down.

Yusei took off his suit and put it on a hanger. He then slowly unbuttoned his shirt and, once he had enough buttons, slowly pulled it up. Yusei was by no means a hunk in the body department and most women would shrug at his average looks. Yusei's stomach had no hint of abs in it. His chest muscles didn't stand out and you could see his man boobs. His arms were lean and thin, with no
muscle to speak of either. Still, Akiza didn't care about that. She still thought he looked like the hottest guy on the planet. Yusei then hanged up his shirt and stood in front of Akiza once more. He unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of it and showed his hairy legs. Again, they were by no means muscular or hot, but Akiza still thought he looked great. Yusei bit his lip as his hands went to his boxers, knowing what lied beneath. However, Yusei was so focused on getting naked that Akiza put her hand on his boxers. Yusei jumped, as it was right on top his junk.

"That can wait," Akiza noted, "After all, we still have to have our foreplay first." Yusei nodded and Akiza got up. "Have a seat," Akiza suggested and patted the bed. Yusei sat down, in
nothing, but his boxers. Akiza walked a couple steps from him and turned around. She gave him a sly smile and Yusei watched her hand go to her back. She zipped down her back and her dress fell down to the floor. Yusei's heart skipped a beat and he caught his breath. Akiza stepped out of her dress and Yusei knew he was staring at an incredible woman.

Where to start was the question and Yusei decided to start at the bottom. Yusei looked at her long legs, not as thin as they used to be, but still good. As Yusei panned up to her thighs, Akiza
turned around and Yusei watched her bend over and pick up her dress. Yusei could see her butt crack clearly, as she was wearing tight fitting panties. Yusei watched her hang up her wedding dress on the hanger and she then started walking towards Yusei, like a supermodel on a runway. Yusei looked at her face and saw a confident smile on her face. She must have dreamed about doing this for a
while, as Akiza's smile was the same as she was about to win a duel. Akiza put her hands on her hips and Yusei found his eyes now on her, still, hourglass stomach. Like her legs, it wasn't nearly
as thin as it used to be, but it was still good. However, Yusei finally looked up and saw the gold mine.

Yusei stared at her big chest. Yusei gulped and instantly felt nervous. He had so many fantasies about it, but now it was time for it to be real. Akiza leaned over, giving him a good view down
her rack. She saw the nervous look on Yusei's face and giggled. Yusei eyed her huge bra, as it could have been turned into two face masks, since each cup was as big as her face. Akiza slowly sat beside him and Yusei just looked like he was hypnotized. Akiza smiled and was so happy that she could make Yusei feel like this. She wrapped him in a hug and pressed her chest against his. Yusei jumped at the contact.

"You ready?" she asked.

Yusei nervously nodded. Akiza could tell that Yusei was uncomfortable and took him out of his nervousness. "Yusei. It'll be okay." She gave him a kiss. "Now, how about I explore that hot body
of yours?" Yusei laughed. "Akiza. It's not that..." Akiza put her hands on his feet and Yusei jumped at the contact. "Hot!" he cried and Akiza was examining his toes.

Akiza quickly got an idea and started to tickle Yusei's feet. "No...wait...Akiza..." Yusei cried, but he soon was roaring with laughter. Akiza smiled, getting to hear him laugh had been
practically impossible when he had to save the world. Yusei had slowly opened up when they were dating and Akiza now hoped he would finally have his doors down when they were married. Akiza
continued to tickle and it made Yusei roar with laughter. Akiza started laughing too and it really helped them both calm down. As Yusei continued to laugh, even as Akiza stopped tickling him, she
got on top of him, and gave him a big kiss. Yusei finally looked down and saw Akiza playing with Yusei's hairy legs. She slowly went up them, past his boxers, and back up to his chest. Akiza then
put her head next to Yusei's and rested her body on top of his.

Yusei gasped, as he felt her breasts spilling over his sides. Akiza wiggled like worm on top of him. She then brought her head down and rubbed her cheek against his chest and stomach. Yusei's
breathing became inconsistent, as he worried she was about to put her face in his crotch. However, Akiza did no such thing and instead turned to Yusei's lean arms. Like she noticed earlier, Yusei
didn't have muscular arms. She felt some balls of fat underneath his skin, as it was a family genetic thing, but it didn't harm him by any means. She then focused on Yusei's face and quickly gave
him a deep kiss on the lips. Yusei let Akiza have complete control and just the fact that Yusei did that for her made Akiza more and more excited. Yusei wasn't fighting her and wanting her to feel
good. So, Akiza let out some loud moans, letting him know just how excited she was.

Once she was done kissing, Akiza felt her panties. "I'm getting wet, so why don't you have your turn?" Akiza offered. Yusei nodded and they moved to switch positions. As Akiza sat in front of
him, she tried her best to talk and look sexy for him. "Do whatever you want Yusei," Akiza informed him. Yusei just gulped and didn't know where to start. "Can you...lie on your back?" Yusei asked. Akiza nodded and did as he had told. However, Yusei quickly changed his plans, and started tickling Akiza's foot. Akiza laughed immediately and Yusei enjoyed hearing it. "This is payback for
earlier," Yusei replied and Akiza continued to laugh. Even as Yusei stopped tickling her foot, Akiza continued to laugh, as Yusei went up her long legs. Akiza had shaven them just that morning, so
Yusei got enjoy her silky smooth goodness. Yusei then went over her panties and went to her stomach.

Once again, Yusei started ticking her, but this time on her stomach. Akiza roared with more and more laughter. "Yusei...stop...please!" Yusei just laughed and smiled, as he saw her doing the
exact same thing. On top of that, Yusei could feel her hourglass figure at the same time. Yusei finally stopped ticking her and climbed on top of her, something he almost never did. He then gave
her a big kiss on the lips. When he leaned back, Akiza smiled, and wrapped her arms around his neck. They then had another deep kiss, although Akiza got Yusei to explore her mouth instead. When
they were done, Yusei leaned back and Akiza knew he had missed two very important parts of her body.

"Yusei. You didn't touch my butt yet." Yusei gupled. "I...just...didn't want to make you uncomfortable Akiza." Akiza smiled. "Awww. That's sweet Yusei, but here." Before Yusei could say another word, Akiza took his hands and put one on each of her butt cheeks. Yusei's face turned red with embarrassment. "Don't be afraid to explore them a little bit," Akiza noted, "Feel them." Yusei gently and slowly felt her buttocks. He didn't try any pinching or squeezing, much to Akiza's surprise. Still, Akiza thought he was waiting for the second half of his missed opportunity to do that.

"Not only did you miss my butt, but also my chest," Akiza noted. Yusei let go of her butt and became even more nervous than previously. "Yeah, but...I..." Akiza smiled. "Didn't want to hurt
me?" Yusei nodded. Akiza smiled. "Yusei. It's okay. You're my husband. Even as my boyfriend, you have special privileges that no one else has. Besides, maybe the reason you didn't touch my chest, is because I still have my bra on." Yusei's cheeks turned redder and Akiza smiled wider. "Do you want to take it off?" she beckoned. Yusei looked away. "I don't know how to take a woman's bra off.
Crow and Jack do." Akiza smiled and put a hand on his left shoulder. "Don't worry about it Yusei. I'm more than happy to do it myself. After all, my bras are custom made and fitted for'unique type.' So, I'll do it for you." Before Yusei could say another word, Akiza knew what it was and put a finger on his lips. "And I'm not mad," she added and Yusei stayed silent.

Akiza then closed her eyes and, after a few moments, undid the back of her bra. When she was done, she opened her eyes and watched Yusei's expression as she finally took the front of her bra
off. Her chest shot out of the cups, to an even bigger size. A size that Yusei, nor almost any other human being, got to see before either. It made Akiza's chest even wider and made her boobs even
bigger. Yusei gulped, but Akiza smiled at his nervousness. Akiza then moved, only slightly, and her ginormous chest bounced.

Yusei gasped and Akiza smiled. "Now that my bra is off, my chest is going to be bouncing like crazy," Akiza informed him. Yusei looked nervous, as Akiza shifted her position, with her chest
bouncing the whole time. "Ready to explore my breasts?" she beckoned. Yusei nodded nervously and slowly leaned in.

Akiza had no idea what Yusei was going to do. So, she prepared for the worst and closed her eyes tight. However, to her surprise, she slowly opened them, after experiencing no pain. She looked
down and Yusei was being incredibly delicate with her left breast. He was cupping it with both hands, looking, and moving it like a little child with a brand new toy. Akiza relaxed and watched as
Yusei turned to his left and pressed his cheek into her one breast. "So big and so soft," Yusei noted. "Yeah. They are," Akiza noted. However, she took notice that Yusei wasn't doing anything with
her nipple at all. No pinching. No biting. Nothing. Akiza watched as Yusei played with the breast and then suddenly leaned back. "Are you doing okay Akiza?" he asked, "Are you in any pain?" Akiza
shook her head.

"No. I feel great Yusei," she answered, "You're so gentle with me and my breasts." Yusei smiled. "That's what I was trying to do." Akiza smiled as Yusei went back to playing with her huge
breast. After a few more minutes, he then moved to the right one, which was equal in size. Again, he was soft and gentle with it. After a few moments, Yusei leaned back and again asked if she was
doing all right. Akiza said, "I am," and Yusei smiled, as he went back to playing with her breast. When he was done, he leaned back. "Are you aroused Akiza?" he asked. Akiza felt her panties. "They are a little wet, but they could be wetter." Yusei nodded. "So, what should I do to make you get really excited?" he asked. Akiza smiled

"Simple. Just do the sweet, romantic, and affectionate talking that you enjoy doing for me." Yusei blushed. "Okay," he replied, "But I want you to know that I only do it for you and only you."
Akiza blushed and she pushed Yusei back onto the bed. Yusei hugged her and whispered sweet sayings into her ear.

"I'm so lucky to have the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the whole wide world," he started with. Akiza blushed and Yusei continued. "You have the best smile in the whole wide world
Akiza. There's no one in the entire world with a smile better than yours." Yusei looked as Akiza turned to face him. Her eyes were so soft and she was so touched by his words. Still, Yusei pressed
on. "You're so amazing Akiza. You are so good at so many things. You can cook, you can dance, you can duel, and the list just goes on and on. I never believed I would end up with a woman as amazing as you. I love you Akiza with all my heart." Akiza leaned into Yusei's shoulder, wanting to cry. "Thank you Yusei," she said as she leaned back and looked him in the eyes. "You saved the entire
world and could have any woman you wanted. Yet, you chose me. I'm so lucky and grateful for that. You return my love and my feelings for you right back to me. You're so sweet, so gentle, and have
opened up the soft side of you Yusei. I'm so happy that I get to experience that side of you and I'm happy that I get to be with you for the rest of my life and for all of eternity." Yusei nodded.
"And I'm happy that I get to be you forever too. Akiza." Akiza leaned in close and all this sweet talk was making her more and more excited downstairs. She reached down and traced her finger tip on her panties.

"I'm soaked," she informed him, "Are you ready Yusei?" He nodded. "Yes. So letís get ready." Akiza nodded and leaned back. She then got off of Yusei, who then got off of the bed. Yusei took a
deep breath and reached for his boxers. He could barely make out a tiny, tiny lump sticking out of his boxers, but he knew he was fully aroused. He closed his eyes and pulled his boxers down. He
then stepped out of them and set them next to his bedtime clothes, which Akiza had neatly folded for both of them, before the wedding. As he leaned back up, Akiza examined his fully nude body.
Still, the most obvious area, was his groin, and his little junk.

"It's beautiful," Akiza commented, as she leaned in close. Yusei's face was bright red with embarrassment. "I...I don't think it's so beautiful," he replied. Akiza stood up and smiled. "Yusei.
It's beautiful, because it's your junk. That's what matters to me. I don't care what size it was. If it's you, then that's all I care about." Yusei's eyes widened and he smiled. "Oh Akiza," he
replied and gave her a hug. Yusei could feel himself getting aroused with Akiza's bare chest against his. They leaned back and Akiza smiled. "I guess it's my turn," she replied. She stood up and
Yusei sat down on the bed. Akiza then pulled her panties off, making her completely nude. Yusei blushed as Akiza then went over to the bottle of lube. "Do you want to put it on or should I?" she
questioned. Yusei blushed.

"Can you do it?" he asked and Akiza smiled. "Of course," she answered back. She just needed one pump, as it was more than enough to cover Yusei's entire penis. She then used some extra on his
balls, to help make sure it all got covered. "Okay. Now it's time to get in position," Akiza noted. Yusei then laid back and held out his hands. Akiza gratefully took them and then positioned
herself over Yusei's body. "Okay. I think this is good," Akiza noted and she looked up at Yusei.

Yusei looked at her and she looked at him. They stared deep into each other's eyes. They were so close to doing what they had wanted to do together for so long. Still, both of them had
butterflies in their stomachs and aches in their head from the nerves. Suddenly, Yusei got an idea. Just like when he first professed his love to Akiza, before she flew to Germany, he grabbed both
of her hands with his. Akiza did the same and Yusei had some words for Akiza. "Akiza. You're going to be great. I know you. You're going to do the best job that you can." Akiza smiled, but Yusei
had more to say. "Still, just go slow and take your time. After all, getting to do this with you is what will make me the happiest of all. It doesn't matter to me if it's not perfect. What matters
to me most is that I'm having my first time with you." Akiza blushed.

"I feel the exact same way Yusei," Akiza explained, "I'm happy that I get to do it with you. I will go slow and take my time. I want to make you happy, just like you make me happy." Yusei
Blushed and replied, "Yes, but seeing you happy makes me happy. I don't want to get too into it, until the pain for you is gone and you're able to find pleasure in it." Akiza nodded. "Okay. I'll be sure to tell you when that happens," Akiza noted. Yusei nodded. "All right. Finally, no matter what happens. I love you." Akiza smiled. "I love you too." Yusei smiled back and then they both looked down at Akiza's crotch.

Akiza slowly went downward on his lube covered cock. Akiza closed her eyes as it went in. She had a pained look on her face. "Akiza!" Yusei shouted. However, Akiza was able to get over half of it inside, before she had to stop.
"It's okay Yusei," she said in a gasp, "I'm all right." Yusei breathed a sigh of relief. "I stopped for the pain and we'll restart once it goes away." Yusei nodded. "That sounds great. In the mean
time, what do you want to do?" Akiza smiled. "Can we talk sweetly to one another?" she asked. Yusei nodded. "Of course!" Yusei replied excitedly.

Akiza started. "I don't mind if you don't have big muscles." Akiza felt Yusei's long, lanky arms. "Or abs." Akiza then felt Yusei's stomach. "I still think you're a hunk and the sexiest guy I
know." Yusei smiled and blushed. "Well...even if you didn't have big boobs." He didn't touch her chest and instead, nodded towards it. "Or an amazing smile." Akiza blushed at this notice. "I would
still think you're the best girl in the whole world." Akiza blushed and gave Yusei a big kiss. She then got to explore his mouth and Akiza then lead Yusei to explore her own mouth a little. After
they were done French kissing, Akiza leaned back.

"I think I'm ready to keep going," Akiza noted, "The pain is a lot less now." Yusei smiled. "So, it's gone?" Akiza shook her head. "No. I still have some, but it's fine." She looked down. "And
some blood..." Yusei looked down and saw some blood next to their groins. "It's all right. We can wash that out when we're done." Akiza nodded. "Can we hold hands like before?" she asked. Yusei
smiled. "Always," he replied and they held each other's hands. "I love you," Yusei said with a smile. Akiza smiled. "I love you too." Yusei smiled back and then they both looked down at Akiza's

Akiza closed her eyes and screamed as she slowly went down. "Akiza!" Yusei shouted, as she squeezed Yusei's hands tight. However, with Yusei's small size downstairs, Akiza was able to get to
the bottom on his rod. Akiza then took some deep breaths, as she tried to endure the pain. "You did it Akiza!" Yusei cried as he gave her a big hug, "We are no longer virgins." Akiza and Yusei
faced one another. "And I gave you my virginity," Akiza reminded him and he nodded. "And I gave you mine," Yusei replied. Akiza then hugged Yusei once more. "And I couldn't think of a better guy to give mine to." Yusei squeezed Akiza in a hug. "Me too," he replied, "There's no other woman in the world I would give mine to." Akiza leaned back. "While we wait for the pain to stop again, do you
want to kiss?" Yusei nodded. "That sounds great. Just be sure to wait until you're ready." Akiza nodded and the two kissed for a while.

Finally, Akiza leaned back and looked at Yusei. "Okay. The pain is much more tolerable now. Should I start going?" Yusei looked at her firmly. "Go when you are ready," he replied, "And just be
nice and slow. There's no need to rush it. No matter what happens, you're going to be great." Akiza nodded and slowly pushed herself up. She accidentally went too far and made Yusei's penis fully
exposed. "Ooops," she replied, but Yusei gave her a quick kiss. "It's fine," he replied. Akiza nodded and carefully brought it back down. She then slowly brought it back up, making she didn't
go too far. Yusei watched and could tell that she was lazar focused on the task at hand. She went up and down slowly, taking her time. Akiza kept doing this for a while. However, as much as Yusei
wanted to wait until she felt good, she was already making him feel good. Yusei leaned back, closed his eyes, and moaned.

"Ahhh," he moaned.

Akiza smiled. "Does it feel good?" she asked. Yusei nodded. "It does, but I'm so sorry Akiza I didn't wait until it felt good for you. Plus, I didn't say your name when I did it." Yusei looked
sad and it made Akiza stop going up and down. "I'm so sorry," he added while looking down. Akiza smiled and leaned in close. "Yusei..." He looked up. "I'm so happy that I'm making you feel good. Plus, it doesn't bother me if you didn't say my name right away. You were just doing what felt right." Yusei looked at her in awe. "Akiza..." he stated in a whisper. Akiza smiled. "Just do what feels right," she replied and she started moving up and down again. As it started feeling good for Yusei again, he leaned back, with his eyes closed, and said what he should have said the first time.

"Akiza," he said in a moan.

Akiza smiled. She was making Yusei feel good. Still, she did still feel some pain and it took a lot longer for it to go away than in adult movies. However, as Yusei continued to moan Akiza's
name, Akiza finally started feeling some goodness in all of it. "Ahhh," she moaned, just like Yusei. Yusei quickly broke out of his trance and looked. Akiza flashed him a look and a smile, before
leaning back with her eyes closed and saying...

"Yusei," she said in a moan.

Yusei smiled. Akiza was finally starting to feel good. Still, he wanted to be sure and put both hands on her shoulders. Akiza stopped going up and down slowly and she looked him in the eyes.
"Akiza. Are you feeling good now?" he asked, "Is there anything I can do to make it feel better?" Akiza smiled. Here they were during sex and Yusei was asking her how she was doing. Not only that,
but he wanted to make her feel even better. That was so nice of him and certainly showed he had more of a heart than most guys in adult movies and stories. Akiza put her hands on his shoulders and

"I'm doing good Yusei. How about yourself? Can I do anything to make you feel better?" Yusei shook his head. "You're already making me feel amazing Akiza.Ē Akiza smiled. "I'll do my
Best to keep it up," she replied and quickly pressed him back down to the bed, as she started going up down and again. Yusei quickly started feeling aroused again and he felt even more aroused, when he finally saw Akiza's chest. It was bouncing up and down like crazy. Even before they started doing it, Akiza's breasts would move and bounce with just the slightest movement from Akiza. However, since Akiza was moving her body in a much bigger way now, her chest was practically a blur, as her chest bounced in just about every possible direction it could. Yusei watched in amazement at her chest and
Akiza smiled as her, now husband, looked on in awe.

However, Akiza couldn't just let him stare at her chest all day. So, she slowly leaned in and Yusei took his eyes off of her bouncing melons and at her face. Akiza slowly closed her eyes and
stuck out her lips. Yusei didn't have to be the smartest guy in the world to know what to do. He closed his eyes and their lips made contact. Akiza pressed Yusei down onto his back and continued to ride him. As she did, Yusei and Akiza were so happy at that moment in time.

Both of them were feeling good, not just one of them, and they let the other know it with their moans. They hugged one another and kept the other close. As Akiza's butt was in the air, she
continued to go up and down Yusei's penis, at a slowly, gentle pace, not pushing it at all. When the two weren't kissing, they managed to get short, romantic sentences. "I love you Yusei," Akiza
said in a gasp. "I love you too Akiza," Yusei replied. The two continued kissing and holding one another, happy with what they were doing to make both of them feel good.

However, as much as Akiza was making Yusei feel good, he felt as though his penis was getting a little too close to feeling good. He knew that he was getting close and that he had to alert
Akiza. "Akiza! Stop!" Yusei cried, once he got a moment of air. Akiza's hips came to a quick stop. Yet, it took a number of seconds until Akiza's breasts could finally stop. Akiza became worried
that she was doing something wrong. "Oh Yusei! Are you okay? I'm so sorry!" Akiza cried. She quickly hugged Yusei and looked him right in the eyes. "I'm so so so sorry," she repeat and Yusei

"No Akiza. You're doing just fine," he replied, trying to calm her down. Akiza didn't believe him. "You're just saying that," she replied and Yusei put his hands on her shoulders. "No Akiza.
It's not that. It's just penis is..." Yusei paused before finally admitting it, "Almost going to cum." Akiza looked stunned then confused. "Wait. Really?" she asked. Yusei nodded.
"The reason I stopped is that I know you're nowhere near ready to let go are you." Akiza looked down. "Um...that's not true. I..." Akiza couldn't finish her sentence, because Yusei put a hand
under her chin.

"It's okay," Yusei replied, "It's just that I'm premature ejaculating. I'm the one who should be sorry." Akiza shook her head. "No. I should be sorry. I've made you too horny," she said in a
sad tone. Yusei laughed and Akiza looked up. "Are you kidding? You will always make me horny. Besides..." Yusei paused for a moment and leaned in close. "You're doing an amazing job Akiza," he said softly, "I just wish I knew what to do once I came. I'd hate for you to have to stop." Akiza smiled. "I know!" she replied excitedly, "I'll keep going." Yusei frowned. "With my little, shriveled up penis?" he asked. Akiza nodded. "Yeah! So, what? It's your penis and that's all that I care about," she said with a wink. Yusei smiled and became more confident. "Okay," he replied, "Just as long
as you want to..." Akiza nodded.

"Okay," Yusei announced, "Then letís have a great finish." Akiza nodded and pushed Yusei back onto the bed.

Akiza quickly got her hips going. Although this time, her hips were nearly a blur, as she humped Yusei like crazy. Yusei quickly became aroused and Yusei got one last good shot of Akiza's hips, breasts, and face. Akiza watched as he closed his eyes, prepairing for his release.

"Akiza!" Yusei started, "Akiza! Akiza! Akiza! Akiza!" Yusei then said her name for a sixth time, just like there were six Signers that helped him save the world.

"AAAAAAAKKKKKKKIIIIIIIZZZZZZZAAAAAAA!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

As Yusei came, Akiza's hips didn't stop. She contined to go up and down, even as his penis shrunk to an even smaller size. Akiza's hips continued to be a blur and her breasts moved
like crazy. All of this made Akiza really horny and helping Yusei release had help her speed up her orgasm too. She got one good look at his lean body and face, before closing her eyes, as Yusei watched her prepare to

"Yusei!" she cried, "Yusei! Yusei! Yusei! Yusei!" She then said his name for a sixth time, for the same reason and way that Yusei did.

"YYYYYYYUUUUUUUSSSSSSSEEEEEEEIIIIIII!" she cried as loud as she could.

Yusei was waiting to catch her, as she released, and fell into his arms. Yusei hugged her and waited for her to finally lean back. When she did, they shared a kiss on the lips. "I love you,"
Yusei said softly. "I love you too," Akiza replied back and they kissed once more. Yusei's eyes and then Akiza's looked down back at their groins. As Akiza moved hers, they saw a mixture of blood,
semen, and Akiza's vagina juices. "We'd better clean that up, before we go to bed," Yusei noted and Akiza got up out of his arms. "Hey!" Yusei started, as Akiza then grabbed her bra and other
clothes. "I'll get a bucket and some water," she replied as she put on her bra and panties. Yusei nodded. "Right and I'll clean up here, while you get your bedtime clothes on." Akiza smiled and
winked at him. "You got it," she replied and then headed for the bathroom.

Once Akiza left, Yusei got his boxers back on and made sure he knew where his bedtime clothes were. Akiza got a bucket from the bathroom and put some dish soap in it, from the kitchen, before
adding water. She had an old rag from the bathroom and knew what to do next. She went to the toilet, sat down, and let out loud farts, as she let her body reject all of Yusei's semen. With her
tubes tied, none of that would be entering her vagina and certainly not be making her pregnant. She then got up, flushed, washed her hands, and then decided to focus on her clothes. As she put her
shirt back on, it wasn't custom ordered, so her neck line became her cleavage line, as usual with non-custom ordered clothes. Akiza put her pajama pants on and then fixed her hair. Surprisingly, her hair clip hadn't fallen out of hair the whole time they had sex and Akiza's mind then turned to Yusei. She had just had sex and given her virginity to her new husband. The man who had saved the world and was the best male duelist in the whole world. He could have toured, made millions of dollars, and had just about any girl throw herself at him.

But...he didn't do that. Instead, he decided to stay in New Domino City, wait many years for Akiza to get her degree, manage the time difference so they could stay in touch throughout the whole year, spend time with her during her Summer and Winter breaks, and finally decided to marry her. It was all such a rush, but Akiza was so happy about it. Yusei had helped save her life and, even
when she was a mean person, he still found it in his heart to forgive her, and even love her, like no one else would or could. Akiza was so happy that Yusei loved her with all of his heart and she
returned all of her feelings right back to her. To think, she was so scared of confessing her feelings before she left for Germany, but now look at how far she had come. Akiza was so happy, that
she almost forgot the bucket and rag, and she quickly carried it to the bedroom. There, Yusei was waiting, with his bedtime clothes in hand.

"You sure you don't want me to clean it up?" he asked. Akiza shook her head. "I've got it," she replied and dunked the rag in. As she started scrubbing, Yusei tapped her on the shoulder.
"Here," he said and put his hand out for the rag. Akiza gave it to him and he gave the spot a couple of rubs. "There. Now I won't feel so guilty about not doing it." Akiza laughed and Yusei got to
hear it as he walked out of the room. Akiza continued to rub the spot and was able to get it to turn a light pink color. "I'll just put this in the wash tomorrow," she said to herself out loud.

As Yusei got to the bathroom, he set the clothes down, and went to the toilet. He farted loudly, multiple times, and then let his penis release any more liquid from it. Once he was finished, he flushed, and washed his hands. After drying them, it was now time to focus on his bedtime clothes. As he put his shirt on, he remembered how Akiza never judge him for his looks. She was never upset that he didn't have huge muscles or abs. A woman like Akiza probably had tons of those guys throwing themselves at her, when she was studying in Europe. Still, Akiza ignored their looks, and instead focused on Yusei's heart. She told him he was sweet, kind, and oh so affectionate.

Martha told him that too and the last one was one that she had to force out of him. Yusei had worried that Akiza would reject the soft, gentle, and affectionate Yusei, that he had kept hidden
for so long. He was scared that Akiza saw him as a bad boy, who was tough, and violent. Yet, Yusei wasn't like that. He hated violence, did his talking with his deck, and, most notably of all, was
a big softy. He was deep down a kid at heart that didn't want to be like Jack and Crow. He put on an act, to make them happy, but now that they were traveling the world as Duelists, he could open
up the side of Akiza that he wanted her to know about.

As Yusei put his pants on, he thought about how Akiza could just sit on the millions of dollars her Dad had and not have to lift a finger for the rest of her life. She could have used her hot
looks for modeling jobs or to get any guy she wanted. However, she had feel in love with, normal looking, poor, and shy Yusei. Yusei was so happy that she was head over heels in love with him.
Yusei had held a crush on her for so long and, when Akiza's parents had called and told of her plans to study in Europe, Yusei was scared Akiza would leave without knowing his true feelings.
However, when he saw how scared she was and how she had tried to tell her feelings, even if they weren't straight out, it made Yusei incredibly happy. He was able to tell her his feelings, again
not straight out, but they both got the message clear as day. Yusei remembered how scared he was that Akiza would reject him, but now look at how far he had come. Yusei was so happy, that he almost forgot to turn out the light. When he came back, Akiza was done getting the spot out of the sheets.

"Here. I'll do that," Yusei said, taking the bucket and rag from her, "You get comfortable and we can talk when I get back." He gave her a wink and a smile and Akiza happily crawled into bed.
Yusei dumped the water out into the bathtub and then hanged the rag on the side of the tub. Yusei then walked back to the bedroom and made sure the door was shut tight.

Yusei turned around and Akiza was lying on her side. She lifted the covers up, giving him a spot to come into them. Yusei walked and then crawled in and he then hugged her close. Akiza did the
same and they stared into each other's eyes. "You were amazing out ther Akiza. You did such a good job," Yusei complimented her. Akiza smiled. "Thank you Yusei. You were so great in showing care
and concern for my well-being. Most guys wouldn't do that, but you did," she said, as they continued to look at one another. "Of course and you were amazing on top," Yusei noted, "Do you think..."
He paused before looking away. "You could be on top all the time?" Akiza giggled. "Of course," she replied.

Yusei smiled. "Great! It was so fun getting to see you on top of me Akiza and it was so nice that you had control. You were able to do what felt good for you, you were able to go your own pace, and seeing you happy made me feel happy." Akiza smiled. "Thank you Yusei," she replied. She gave him a kiss and they took notice of the time on the alarm clock. "I guess we'd better get to sleep," Akiza noted. She then turned back to Yusei. "Do you think..." she paused and looked away, "We could fall asleep in each other's arms? That way, we'd be together, even when we sleep?"

Yusei giggled. "Of course," he replied. Akiza smiled. "Yay! That way, we can be together. Even in our dreams. Besides, I like getting to be close to you," she replied. Yusei smiled. "Me too
Akiza," he replied. Akiza then turned to the night stand, next to the bed, and they each put their glasses into their designated glasses case. She then handed Yusei his eye mask and she took hers.
Just before they covered their eyes, they wrapped their arms around one another.

"I love you," Yusei said. "I love you," Akiza replied.

The two then kissed and then closed their eyes. They put their eye masks over their eyes and then hugged even closer. As they started sleeping, the clock struck one. This showed that the two of them were no longer two separate people, but one. It shows you that love is forever.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed it!

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