Hassleberry the Stud

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Mindy and Jasmine finally got to their dorms after regaining their stamina after having sex with Tyranno Hassleberry, the dinosaur duelist.  When they entered they saw a group of girls standing in the hall talking about boys.  "Jaden Yuki is pretty cute," said an Obelisk Blue girl with long blonde hair and green eyes named Sophie.  "Bastion is pretty hot," said Jackie, a girl with long red hair making it look like fire and brown eyes.  Mindy and Jasmine giggled hearing them.  The girls turned to the two.  "Is something funny?" asked Sophie.  Mindy and Jasmine looked at each other and smiled. 

"Tyranno Hassleberry is the hottest guy," said Mindy, causing the two to both sigh happily.  "He's so buff and strong and handsome and he has such a huge..."  Mindy stopped before she finished.  "Huge what?" asked one of the girls, "A huge dick?"

Mindy and Jasmine blushed.  "We just had sex with Hassleberry and it was amazing," Jasmine blurted out making the other girls open their mouths.  "What was it like?" asked Julie, a girl with shorter black hair and green eyes.  Mindy and Jasmine sighed dreamily as they told the three girls about their experience with Hassleberry at the hot springs.  "He knew just how to please us, said Mindy, "He knew when to be gentle and when to be rough.  He flexed his muscles to impress us, he even lifted the both of us up with one arm each, his cock filled us completely.  His body was so ripped, we didn't even feel an ounce of flab." 

"He had such amazing stamina.  He kept on going for hours before he finally climaxed," said Jasmine.  He came on our breasts and there was so much.  It was so tasty when we scopped it up and ate it.  When it was over, he let us lay on his massive chest." 

The other girls started to get hearts in their eyes hearing the story.  Mindy and Jasmine then told them about when they spied on Hassleberry in the shower.  "He is a muscle god," said Jasmine.  "When he washed his abs and caused them to shine in the light, we thought we were going to faint." 

"His ass was very firm and tight," said Mindy.  "It was so sexy that when he bent over, we both had shots at licking it.  It was so sweet tasting and clean." 

The three girls soon had to leave the dorm.  Do you know where Hassleberry is now?" asked Julie.  Mindy pointed to the boy's shower.  "He said he was going to take a shower.  There's no one else in there right now if you want to check him out." 

The three girls soon headed to the shower room and saw Hassleberry without his shirt on.  He had just finished his workout at the gym so his muscles were shiny with sweat.  Seeing his muscular body caused the three girls to squeal in delight.  Hassleberry heard them.  "Hi girls," said Hassleberry.  The girls blushed.  Hassleberry noticed.  "You three know about what happened with me and Mindy and Jasmine, huh?"  "Mindy and Jasmine told us?" said Sophie.

"You three want to watch me shower, don't you? asked Hassleberry."  The girls squealed again.  Hassleberry let them inside and soon turned on the shower.  As soon as he took off his pants, they saw his huge cock.  Though it wasn't erect, they could tell it was big.  Hassleberry stepped into the shower.  He grabbed a bar of soap and started to lather his body just like how Mindy and Jasmine saw him.  As soon as he lathered up his abs, the girls' excited screams echoed in the shower room.  Soon Hassleberry grabbed a towel and the girls saw little droplets hang from his abs.  Hassleberry put on new pants and walked up to them.  "Did you enjoy the show?" he asked.  The girls nearly fainted but nodded.  Hassleberry smiled and headed to his dorm with the three girls in pursuit with hearts in their eyes. 

"It's getting late, ladies, it's time for me to go to bed, but I should have more energy tomorrow," said Hassleberry.  "However, this time, I'd rather go one girl at a time."  Hassleberry closed his door and soon the three girls headed to their dorms and told other girls about Hassleberry.  Soon the gossip spread and before night hit, every girl on Duel Academy wanted Hassleberry.  Hassleberry smiled as he slept, knowing he was going to have a good semester.

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