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A/N: OK, before you read this, just let me warn you now: this is my first work of sexually "graphic" writing, if you can call it that. So, just let me apologize now, for any cliche', badly written, corny, etc. lines/termonologies you may or may not encounter, as well as over-wordiness, rambling, and so on. Kind of like what I'm doing now. XD

Also, another small note: this is an... exerpt, of sorts of a story I have have in-the-works currently. I wrote this to kinda... get comfortable with writing lime and/or lemons scenes. So... I hope you'll forgive any mistakes that might be found, and so on! Enjoy the practice-Heartshipping-Lime!


Long, docile fingers brushed a strand of paper-white hair away from his face. The pads of those graceful digits paused a moment, skimming over the surface of his pale cheek, before hooking behind his ear, and drifting down the sensitive flesh of his neck. A subtle shiver rolled down his spine as gentle, loving amethyst gems gazed into his own light brown. For some reason, they made his face flush pink, and his body temperature increase, if only by a little bit.

Those petal-like lips moved in a hushed whisper, making Ryou have to lean forward, just a smidgen more, in order to hear the words that drifted from them like a spring breeze.

Are you alright, Ryou...?” Yuugi murmured to him, eyes never glancing away from his love's for a second. He leaned closer, and Ryou's blush intensified, as one of his boyfriend's hands brushed down his side. “You look a little...” His lips came to Ryou's ear, pausing to nip at the lobe, and making the albino bite his lip. He nibbled gingerly, almost as if he were afraid to hurt the other male, before uttering a breathy finish to his sentence.


All Ryou could comprehend next, was Yuugi's hands clamping over his wrists, and the slightly-taller teen shoving him backwards, slamming his body onto the bed they had been seated on. A sharp, shuddering gasp left Ryou's lips as he felt his body press into the mattress, prone and trapped beneath Yuugi's form as the adolescent pinned his arms up by his head, just outside of his white tresses as they fanned out around his skull. His legs were poised on either side of his boyfriend's hips, leaving the other feeling exposed, vulnerable, and completely at the trinette's mercy.

And in complete honesty, that thought turned Ryou on.

Ryou only blushed more at the provocative position, looking upwards to Yuugi's face a second time, only with a mixture of confusion and timidity in his gaze. He sucked in a sharp breath at the other's expression.

Yuugi's eyes were lidded with what could only be desire, his lips quirked up to one side in a cocky smirk, and the softest of pinks warming his cheeks. A chuckle – deep, rolling, and husky – was practically purred from his lungs, and it only sent a tremble across Ryou's flesh, the sound ricocheting across his body, before coming to a crashing halt down south. “Y-Yuugi...?” he murmured, eyes wide. Said person only chuckled more.

Yes, my Heart?” he mused, with an almost teasing lilt to his tone.

Wh-Wh... What are you doing?” Ryou managed, throat suddenly running dry.

The orchid-eyed teen only smiled more widely in response, “Silly Heart,” he playfully chided, as if the answer were obvious, before leaning closer. His hands increased their pressure over Ryou's wrists, almost to the point of discomfort. “I'm going to help you cool down a little...” Yuugi drawled sensually, so close that Ryou could feel the breath of his words wisp over his lips. There was another chortle. “Or... maybe not.”

Ryou shivered, biting his lip again.

That... had gone straight to his groin.

The next thing he knew, Yuugi had ensnared both wrists in one hand, while the other quickly snaked its way beneath Ryou's blue-and-white shirt, gliding over his skin easily, as if it had been slicked with oil. Yuugi shifted his weight slightly, adjusting as his fingers came to lightly touch one of Ryou's nipples in passing. The sensation made the whitenette gasp quietly, more and more shivers rolling across his body, to gather into his quickly-growing arousal. Yuugi only gave that hoarse, rolling purr of his, before placing his free hand on the outside of Ryou's pectoral area, the fingers curling below his outstretch arm for leverage. He rubbed his thumb across the sensitive bud, applying just a little more pressure than before, and Ryou squirmed, withholding a perverse sound. Yuugi continued his ministrations, rubbing his thumb up and down against it, applying more and more pressure with each pass as he went. Yuugi then swirled the digit in small circles around the hardening bud's outline, leaving Ryou involuntarily twitching and trying to free his hands from his boyfriend's firm grip.

What's the matter, love?” Yuugi teased, “Is something bothering you? You're looking rather tense.” Ryou's eyes were lidded as waves of desire crashed through his veins, sending all blood 'south for the winter', so to speak. He opened his mouth to try and make some sort of communication with the other, but all that came out was a choked whimper as Yuugi then decided to add his index finger to the equation, tweaking and rolling the hard tip between it and his previously-circling thumb. A wickedly playful gleam came to Yuugi's lusty, violet eyes. “Let's see if I can help you relax some, hmm?”

Ryou squeaked as Yuugi moved once more, one leg wriggling between his knees, wedging them apart, as the pale adolescent leaned down, and cast his tongue over the spot of Ryou's shirt where his other nipple would be. After brushing the fabric with his nose, with a sly, breathy chortle, Yuugi latched down onto the spot with his mouth, continuing to roll and stimulate the other half of Ryou's chest with his fingers.

Ryou began to pant softly, face steadily darkening to a burning crimson, as he felt the dampness of the King of Games' tongue begin to seep through the absorbent cotton fabric of his shirt, chilling the sensitive skin beneath it as he stroked rhythmically upwards with it. There was a quick swirl of the muscle, curling the shirt ever-so-slightly around it as he did so, before Yuugi pressed his mouth close, and bit down. None-too-gently, might he add. Ryou let out a sharp, ragged gasp, as simultaneously, Yuugi brought up the leg that was between his own, and gave a sharp rub to his crotch.

Ryou's shirt was shoved away, bunching up beneath his still-trapped arms. He gave another puff as the damp cloth was replaced by Yuugi's hot, wet mouth, his tongue flicking firmly up and down the hardened nipple. Then, shaking things up a bit, the duelist latched down and suckled like a newborn child, applying more pressure here and there with his teeth.

With each suck, his occupied fingers kneaded at its counterpart gently, while his knee was less-than-so, as it rolled fluidly up to press against the growing bulge inside of Ryou's jeans. The hot, steady friction pressing against his straining erection was enough to make the albino's body tremble and his flesh crawl with raw desire, while his brain turned to mush. Any words that tried to pass his lips were nothing more than incoherent babbles. His pants and huffs turned into whimpers and soft grunts, which quickly melted into sweet moaning. As the first ripped from his throat, and heard that same, throaty chuckle leave Yuugi's lungs as he spoke onto the moistened patch of Ryou's chest he had been busying himself with. His breath chilled him, and only succeeded in making Ryou writhe and press back into the sheets, his hands vainly tugging for freedom as a result.

So naughty, my dear Heart,” that deepened voice hissed seductively, his leg pressing upwards for emphasis, grinding almost painfully against his still-clothed member. When Yuugi made no move to pull the limb back, Ryou gave a strangled moan, face red. The stimulation sent his nerves burning with sexual frustration and hypersensitivity. “Still fully dressed, and you're already this turned on, whining like a bitch in heat. How lewd of you...”

Yuugi rocked his weight forward, and the resulting sensation that rolled up from Ryou's groin sent another, wanton noise from his throat. “Nng-!” He hissed as Yuugi repeated the movement, sending a curse from his lips. “Ahh- f-fuck!”

He wailed in pleasure as Yuugi's teeth bit down on his nipple, none too gently, as if to scold him for his foul mouth. “Such dirty words,” he grunted again, adding more enthusiasm to his movements, and Ryou knew from the red flush painting his cheeks, that Yuugi was just as turned on as he was. His leg quickly moved, and was replaced with his waist. His lower half wedged itself firmly between the other's thighs, splaying his legs apart as they clamped around the trinette's waist for any kind of leverage. Leaving absolutely no other say in the matter (not that Ryou was complaining at all in this current situation).

Ryou and Yuugi both cried out as the growths of their sensitive arousals collided, and the latter grit his teeth, leaning up to hiss smooth, salacious words into Ryou's ear. His hands moved back up to grip Ryou's own, lacing their fingers together, while still holding the limbs at bay.“You like it when I – ngh! – p-pin you down like this? A-Ahn!” he groaned, grinding his hips forcefully into the whitenette's, rolling against him with quick, fluid movements. “Wh-When you're – gah! – help-helpless and, a-a-and-!” His words cut off as Yuugi gave a loud, sharp moan into Ryou's ear, one that made his toes curl and his frame shudder with lust.

Y-Yes!” the one pinned to the bed cried, his body burrowing deeper and deeper into the covers as Yuugi's thrusts intensified in both speed and pressure, “G-Gods, yes! I-I-I l-love it!” He could feel the exposed skin of his back slip and slide over the bunches of fabric that made up his shirt, knotted beneath the bend of his arms, and the hot, burning friction of the blankets that threatened to rub his skin raw. At this point, he was going to make a mess of his pants, but honestly, he couldn't have given a single, flying fuck. “O-Oh, Gods! H-Harder!”

He felt a playful tongue pass over the shell of his ear, and Ryou's clothed member throbbed in time with Yuugi's breaths as they panted across the side of his face. “You little minx...” he chuckled, though the sound was broken up by grunts and hard puffs of air. His hips rocked heavily against Ryou, and the submissive male found himself beginning to swing his own in time, to move roughly against the direction his lover was going. Yuugi's name mixed with Ryou's moans as he felt a tight coil of white-hot pleasure begin to twist at his belly, that tell-tale tension making his movements more jerked and erratic.

Y-Yuugi...!” he crooned and sighed, the one above him catching the edge of his ear between his teeth again, before shifting quickly down to his neck. “Yuugi!” Nips were placed strategically over the edge of his jaw, before closing gently over the smooth column of the front of his neck, tongue swiping over his throat coyly as he did so, “Go-Gods!” Ryou keened, “Yu-Yuugi!”

One of his legs wrapped over the small of the other's back, and Ryou added more power to his trusts with every last dip and twist of his lover's hips. A soft, drawn out groan of “Ryou” was heard, as said male felt his love's hands tighten over his own. Ryou returned the pressure best he could, Yuugi moving to the junction of his throat and latching on, dead-set on leaving his mark behind on his other that night.

The moans escaping their bodies became more frantic and loud, hitting pitches of desperation as the cries of one another's names dripped into the ear like a sinful honey. The bed creaked and groaned in protest beneath them, the entire frame rocking to and fro with their erratic rutting. Ryou could feel the tension quickly building to a climax, his engorged erection straining painfully within the confines of his jeans as he bucked up into that of his lover's.

S-So close,” Ryou whined, his back arching into a sensual curve to press against Yuugi's gyrating hips, desperate for that painful relief the steamy friction between them brought, pushing him nearer to completion with each and every thrust. “I'm so cl-close!”

Yuugi panted and moaned loudly, chin still firmly tucked into the bend of Ryou's shoulder, “M-Me too,” he replied huskily, “Oh, G-Gods, it's al-almost-!” His thrusts became more forced and frantic, pounding the slight albino beneath him into the bed with the desperate need to climax. His teeth suddenly bit into the skin of the whitenette's shoulder, driving another carnal noise from his lungs.

Ryou felt a scream of completion rising in his throat as-



A sharp, trembling gasp escaped Ryou's lips as his chocolate-brown eyes flew open, so going so wide it almost hurt. His throat constricted tightly, raw and parched, around the growing scream that had been on the verge of escaping. He quickly clamped his mouth shut, biting his lower lip harshly to quell the sound, leaving it as nothing more than a choked whimper. His fingers curled into the messy sheets below him, clawing for some sort of purchase as he was forced from the clutches of an erotic dream.

Yuugi's sleeping right down the hall! his head (the one above his shoulders, that is) screamed, forcing him to instinctively remain as silent as possible, Gods know what he'll think or say if you wake him up, in the dead of night, screaming like a bedded slut! His hands fisted into the covers more, knuckles going white, as his body continued to tense and writhe against his will, desperately trying to bring itself to relief. Without sparing a single glance, Ryou knew that there was a prominent tent in the covers around his lower abdomen, and he screwed his eyes shut with a muffled grunt of frustration as he felt his upcoming climax die away without release. His chest heaved, and a light sheen of sweat lined his pale flesh. He could already tell that he'd have a serious case of blue-balls come morning.

He huffed in a combination of vexation and discontent as his shivers began to die down. Gods above, it ached! He needed to cum, but he didn't know how quiet he could be after such an... invigorating dream. And with Yuugi crashing on the couch, just down the hall...

He groaned quietly, legs pressing shut and rubbing subtly against each other with a mix of strain and discomfort, and he slowly began to sit up, hoping that some sort of movement would help wake him, and distract him from his... problem, until the effects painstakingly faded away... Ryou blinked his eyes open slowly.

And that was when he saw a certain, amethyst-eyed silhouette standing in the doorway.

Ryou paled, his breath hitching, and his face going bright red. “Y-Yuugi?” he stammered, humiliation and shame beginning to swirl in his gut at the appearance of his boyfriend.

His hair was tousled, his night-pants loose and twisted haphazardly over his hips. At his sides, Yuugi's hands had been clenched into subtly quaking fists, his tensed fingers twitching every now and again. And, most importantly, his amethyst gaze was widened to an almost painful-looking extent, with a definite blush highlighting his cheeks.

The teen seemed to start, at hearing his partner's voice, before stammering out strings of words, trying to make at least one of his sentences sound coherent enough to understand. “I-I-I was asleep, an-and I woke up, and I-I...” he swallowed, and Ryou tried to not let the movement of the pale column of Yuugi's throat distract him from the predicament at-hand, “Y-You were crying out in your sleep, an-and I thought that you, uhm... you might've been... having a bad dream...” His face darkened in shade, and he looked a little uncomfortable, though also... understanding, almost. “And... you, uh... erm, well, you started to... say my name...?”

Ryou followed Yuugi's gaze as it slowly tracked down from his eyes, before coming to rest on a prominent bulge beneath the blankets... Ryou gave an “eep!”, and quickly covered his shame by slamming a pillow over his crotch, which only jostled and tempted his otherwise-fading erection back to full attention. He hid away his eyes, hands covering his face as he bent over, murmuring a mantra of apologies to Yuugi. The gamer was quiet, before giving a soft “it's fine...” in reply.

Ryou half-expected him to leave. But, he was rather shocked when he felt a weight push down the mattress by his waist. Gentle, cautious hands picked their way at Ryou's own, carefully working to pry the fingers away, hiding teary brown eyes beneath their barrier. “Hey,” Yuugi's quiet voice whispered, sweet and consoling, “It's alright, Ryou, really. I'm... Well, frankly I'm flattered you find me suitable enough to... 'dream' about.” Ryou allowed his hands to be moved away from his face, relishing in the feeling that ran down his spine as Yuugi laced their fingers together. The Game King gave a soft laugh. “Better your boyfriend than someone else, yeah?”

Ryou fidgeted, stubbornly refusing to meet Yuugi's searching gaze. He could sense to concern that lingered in those endless, orchid pools before him. One hand left Ryou's, and he absently closed his now-empty palm into a fist, already missing the warmth. Those slender digits had now drifted themselves up his chin, gently tilting his head so their gazes could meet. He saw something melt in Yuugi's gaze when he noticed the starts of tears that lingered upon his pale lashes. “Hey...” he repeated, oh-so-sweetly, giving a kind smile, “It's not that big a deal, Ryou. I mean... if it makes you feel any better...”

Yuugi began to blush.

“Well, honestly, I've... had a couple of dreams, myself. Only, about... you.”

Ryou flushed deeply, but found his lips murmuring the word, “Really?” before his head could even register what was leaving them. Yuugi gave a tiny, sheepish nod, complete with a flustered grin, before shifting a little closer.

And, that's when Ryou noticed that he wasn't the only one with a... not-so-little, late-night problem.

His eyes immediately snapped down to the slight bump that dared to push up at Yuugi's sweatpants, and though it was only about half-raised, and therefore smaller and much less noticeable than Ryou's full, raging hard-on (still hidden by the pillow), it was still enough to take note of. He saw Yuugi flush with deep shame. “S-Sorry...” he muttered with disgrace, “I guess, uh... seeing you dreaming like that kinda... turned me on...?” There was a nervous chuckle.

Ryou was silent, as he found his one, free hand uncurling from its tense grip, the ends of his fingers hesitantly moving forward without any conscious thought. Ryou looked at Yuugi, who's eyes were looking at his hand, cautiously tracking their movement as they inched forward, bit by bit, towards his crotch. Moving slowly, making sure Yuugi could pull away if he wanted, the adolescent silently gauged Yuugi's reaction thus far. He made no direct moves to stop whatever it was he was doing. For some reason, he just suddenly needed to try and feel his love's most private of areas – in fact, he caught himself actually hoping that Yuugi would let him touch it...

His fingers skimmed the fabric above the small bulge, and he heard Yuugi give a sharp inhale. He stopped, eyes darting back to Yuugi's face. As he went to pull back, however, Yuugi's hand quickly caught Ryou's own, keeping it firmly in place, hovering just above his growing need. Getting the message, he allowed his arm muscles to loosen partially, showing the other teen that he wasn't going anywhere. Hesitantly, Yuugi released his hand, and Ryou could sense the mental apology that lingered in the slow, receding touch.

As if to tell him it was alright, Ryou gently increased the pressure his hand put on his half-aroused cock, moving to cup the slightly-firm length fully with his palm. Again, there was another hiss of air between teeth. Fascination soared through Ryou, as he felt Yuugi's member begin to pulse and stiffen below the fabric and touch of his skin. Yuugi's arousal began to press more insistently against the cottony confines, as if begging to be placed in the hold of his lover's capable hands, and a blush began to heat his cheeks all over again. Ryou tentatively rubbed his hand upwards, towards Yuugi's navel, being sure to mold his palm around his sensitive, still-clothed flesh the entire time. There was a soft, nearly inaudible gasp, and amethyst eyes slipped shut, in nothing short of pure bliss.

Ryou dragged his arm back again, with tantalizing slowness, rubbing more securely against Yuugi's passion. He repeated the cycle, still slow – deliciously so, Yuugi would have added – and still indecisive. This was, after all, uncharted territory for the young couple. Yes, they had their playful, dirty-minded teases to try and catch the other off guard, and the pair had their fair amount of heated make-out sessions, but... they had never actually... touched one another like this before. Granted, both knew where caresses like these could head (and they could do so very quickly, for that matter), but they could both just... tell, that those particular... scenarios wouldn't play out tonight. They had agreed to take it slow at the start of their relationship. This was just a little stepping stone, leading up to the main event, someday in their futures together... and Ryou wanted so badly to not screw this up....

He hardly noticed Yuugi had slid the pillow from his lap, until he felt the other's own fingers curling loosely around the standing proof of his arousal moments after. Ryou inhaled sharply, body shaking, which made his own grip subconsciously increase pressure over his boyfriend's length. That little squeeze seemed to be the trigger that both had silently been waiting to be pulled.

With some hesitation, Ryou watched as Yuugi's hand crept its way to the hem of his sweatpants, pausing for just a moment, as if he were waiting for the albino to protest. But, when the whitenette remained silent, his fingers dipped behind the fabric, tickling against his lower abdomen, and wriggled their way into his boxers. Nervous anticipation fluttered in Ryou's chest, making his breath hitch, as Yuugi's hand slid closer, and closer, still giving Ryou time to pull away, or tell him to stop.

But he didn't.

His eyes widened a little, a puff of air passing his lips.

Oh, Gods...! he mentally swooned, as Yuugi's hand went there.

The amethyst-eyed adolescent was studying his face closely now, gauging his reaction, looking for any signs of discomfort or doubt. Ryou's shoulders subconsciously began to arch upwards, face growing warm, as those fingers moved from their curled position at his base, to slooowly slide upwards. He inhaled heavily, Ryou's own hand gripping Yuugi's still-clothed member more snugly. He saw Yuugi's expression falter, as a tense sort of pleasure made him bite his lip, but the hand kept moving.

Ryou's body began to shake as his closed fist moved down again, this time with a little more speed. Then, it ran up the length of his shaft a second time. A loud gasp left his lips when Yuugi pressed his thumb over the head of his rigid flesh, sending electric sensations down the base of the stiff cock, to gather with a sensual heat in his gut. Ryou's eyes squeezed shut, his chest beginning to heave as he panted, mind whirling from the stimulation. He could feel Yuugi's own desire pulsing insistently beneath his bottoms.

Without thought, his pale hand dove into the confines of the loose, nighttime material, slipping Yuugi's need free of his boxers. The action was brash, bold, and rather surprising for the two of them, considering the albino was usually not so... forward with intimacy, be it through kissing, or even something as simple as holding hands. Yuugi showed his appreciation by increasing his grip, and pumping the pulsing dick in his grasp with more vigor. Ryou moaned, his own digits reflecting the other's actions as they curled easily over his boyfriend's hard-on, moving quickly from its base, up to the head, and back down again. His chest heaved with soft, gasping cries as Yuugi sent him higher and higher on his pleasurable cloud, that not even Ryou had managed to bring himself to whenever he... did this to himself, on a few, limited occasions.

His spine arched when the edge of the trinette's thumb pressed roughly over his frenulum, the hard pressure remaining as he forced his thumb over the bend of Ryou's head, and rubbed across the gathering essence that had started to pearl over the slit of his cock. Ryou bent forward, pressing his forehead into Yuugi's shoulder as he huffed and whined, trying to keep his moans as quiet as possible, so he didn't disturb the other occupants of the apartment complex. His hand still moved over Yuugi's hardened shaft, but these movements began to falter as he could only focus on the white-hot, mind-numbing pleasure being given to him.

He felt Yuugi shift slightly, and Ryou followed him forward on instinct. His pants began to fall lower, exposing his sensitive flesh to the cool air around them. Sweat snaked down his temple.

“R-Ry',” he heard Yuugi moan breathlessly into his ear, mouth moving to press a light kiss to his neck, “R-Ryou, c-can I...? I wa-want to- ngh!” His feathery pecks turned into hot, open-mouthed kisses that the whitenette was almost certain would leave behind a mark. “I want t-to taste you,” his boyfriend practically whimpered, his hand slowly stilling. Ryou gave a desperate noise, not wanting this amazing sensation to stop. And, to his frustration, the other's hand gently took his wrist, forcing his hand to stop its frantic pumping over Yuugi's straining need, as well.

Ryou pulled away a little bit, catching lusty, violet eyes in accusation and confusion. Yuugi licked his lips, wetting them. “I want to... taste you,” he repeated quietly, and Ryou stiffened as his lover tightened his grip, ever-so-slightly, across his cock.

Doe-like eyes went wide in realization, and his pulse began to accelerate.

Yuugi locked gazes with him. “C... Can I?” he asked, eyes pleading.

Fuck yes.”

The teen was actually rather shocked by how quickly Yuugi got his pants to drop.

Little time was wasted, both adolescents just so desperate for that sweet release that nothing else truly mattered to them in that moment. Ryou's head was already spinning, as Yuugi's hot, wet tongue traced its way down his shivering body. He tracked its progress with what little mental functions he had left, his eyes squeezed shut and his teeth gnawing hard at his bottom lip to keep the moans at bay. For a moment, he relived a segment of his erotic dream from before, as Yuugi teasingly swirled his muscle over one nipple, pinching and twisting at the other, painfully-stiff peak with his fingers. He switched places, and started to suck on the other one – slowly, sensually, as if he were teasing Ryou with promises of what was to come (no pun intended).

With a long, over-exaggerated lick to the hard bud of flesh – which sent tremors down the other's spine – Yuugi quickly finished his play, and descended to the source of their little late-night escapade.

Six, nearly seven inches a proud, flushed man-flesh stood before Yuugi's salivating mouth, and the trinette blinked owlishly in a mixture of admiration, excitement, and intimidation. Ryou managed to squint one eye open, just a little bit, to see his boyfriend on his knees, nose almost brushing the edge of his pulsing length, and he couldn't help but to find himself thinking, I wonder how much he can fit in his mouth?

Yuugi, not really knowing how else to start, stuck out his tongue a small ways, and quickly flicked the tip over Ryou's reddened tip. He tilted his head to one side in a mixture of curiosity and fascination as the albino tensed, a strained noise catching in his throat as his fingers fisted into the duvet of his bed. He repeated the action, going slower this time. Then he did it again... and again... and again... and again-! Ryou released a choked, whimpering moan at the feelings rushing through his body.

With each swipe of his tongue, Yuugi slowly eased the head of Ryou's cock closer and closer to his lips, before it prodded against the seam of his mouth enticingly. His lusty, violet eyes lidded, before the teen pressed a light kiss to the warm tip, and carefully foldi his lips over it. “Ah-ah!” Ryou moaned, trying to keep it quiet, and nearly failing, as the warm wetness of Yuugi's mouth finally engulfed a small part of his aching dick. It took every ounce of willpower Ryou had to not grab the other seventeen-year-old by the hair, and start brutally fucking that sweet mouth of his until he filled it to the brim with his cum. As a poor alternative, his fingers twisted themselves even more into the bedsheets.

Yuugi's tongue swirled around Ryou's head, and he sucked noiselessly on it, as if savoring a tasty treat, rather than his boyfriend's (equally tasty) cock. A few droplets of precum smeared across his pale lips, and Yuugi pulled back just long enough to lick the thick essence away. When he returned, it was with even more vigor, as the tri-color-haired boy easily slipped another inch or two into his mouth without pause, until he felt that weeping head brush the back of his throat. He slid his tongue rhythmically along the bottom of his lover's shaft, silently marveling at the feel of veins as they pulsed beneath the slick muscle.

Ryou gasped loudly, his breathing becoming raspy, leaving him in unsteady pants as his face burned crimson. Unable to keep his hands at bay a moment longer, he began to stimulate and tease his own chest, and trying to silence the resulting cries by slipping two fingers of his other hand into his open mouth, tongue immediately beginning to caress and slip around the digits in nothing short of desperation. His gasps quickly changed to moans, though the sound was significantly muffled by the fingers they had to escape along the way.

Yuugi, hearing his lover's sensual sounds, felt his own need throb and strain with desire – a desire that vented itself by unleashing an onslaught of cruelly delectable sensations upon the wanton adolescent's body. His head started to bob back and forth, sinking his mouth onto the stiff flesh until he felt its head hit the back of his throat, and then pulled away until its leaking tip nearly left his lips. With each swallow of Ryou's passion Yuugi couldn't help but to let a hushed moan rumble from his throat. The vibrations shook the other teen to his core, his teeth biting into the skin of his fingers as he gave a loud cry of his desire, face burning deep crimson. Yuugi, feeling daring, loosened the walls of his throat, and inched his way farther up Ryou's prick with each pass.

He nearly gagged the first couple of times, not used to an object with such girth entering his throat the way it did, but eventually, he settled into a comfortable rhythm. His head tilted this way and that with every last move, both transfixed and turned on by the lewd idea of that proud, pulsing meat claiming his throat every single time he went back for another taste.

With one hand squeezing at Ryou's thigh hard enough to bruise, and another gripping tightly at his own knee, Yuugi grew restless. He wanted more, and merciful Gods, he wanted it right now!

His free hand raised from his knee, legs spreading apart to shimmy his drawers farther down as he went to grip at his own, painfully-hard flesh. The feeling sent Yuugi's mind whirling, and he surged forward unintentionally. His lips met with the skin of Ryou's groin, as every last inch of that hot, proud length disappeared into the silken confines of Yuugi's throat. He froze for a moment, unable to even breathe with his lover's pride blocking his airways. He could feel it sitting there, throbbing and pounding against the walls of his throat, choking him, although he could easily pull back at any second for a gulp of precious air. He swallowed instinctively as sluggish trickles of pre started to drip down his throat, and he heard Ryou whimper from above him, feeling the boy he had practically skewered his throat with as he began to shift and sigh, often making soft, crooning sounds.

Yuugi, still not daring to pull away, though his lungs began to ache, decided that he wanted a look-see at the source of those beautiful noises. His dark, hazy indigo eyes glanced upwards, and he could have just died and gone to the Afterlife at what beheld him.

Ryou, his angel, his beloved, beautiful Heart...

His eyes, now locked on Yuugi's own, were dark, nearly red-tinged, with his desire. While the fingers of one hand still pinched and tweaked at his nipples, his mouth was now free of the muffling digits he had been sucking on minutes before. No, now, that hand had slipped down, and disappeared behind his back. Yuugi saw the partially-hidden arm shift, and Ryou groaned, bucked his hips, and nearly choked his lover with the unexpected surge. And it was then, that Yuugi realized, where, exactly, those fingers had vanished to.

Ryou was fingering himself, while his boyfriend eagerly sat on his knees before him, and sucked away.

Yuugi gaped, wide-eyed, as his lover looked him dead in that face, while pleasuring himself in such a way. His cheeks turned a steadily darker shade as the saliva that Ryou had apparently used to ease the way made wet, perverted sounds. Had it not been for the fact that his waist was anchored in place by Yuugi's mouth, he'd be willing to bet that the former-Brit would be bouncing and riding along on his own hand in his search for relief.

Yuugi's hand jolted and squeezed and played over his own abused length, tightly, and the King of Games gave an unbidden moan around his mouthful of cock, swallowing hard as his body started to shudder and jerk with release. White flashed before his eyes, and he heard Ryou's voice release a beautiful, loud, wanton moan, the cry ripping from his lungs as those thrusting fingers and clenching throat hit their mark. Yuugi, in a brief moment of forethought, quickly pulled his head back, and took in deep lungfuls of air through his nose as his airways were cleared of a certain, stiff obstacle.

As the duelist's release was stroked from his shaft in long, delicious, toe-curling shots, Ryou emptied his seed into his lover's early waiting cavern. Filling his mouth with spurt after thick, salty, spurt of his delectable cum. He thirstily swallowed all his Heart had to offer him – though some drops did manage to leak past his lips – hand slowing over his own shaft to lengthen the afterglow of his climax. Yuugi gave a few more, achingly slow bobs of his head, gaze never straying from Ryou's own as he licked, almost reminiscently, at the softening flesh in his mouth as he cleaned it of any and all traces of their... 'actions', that night. He pulled back, releasing the now-limp sex from his lips with an artful pop, and teasingly licked his lips clean of any remaining seed that had managed to seep from his mouth, drawing his tongue across them with tantalizing delay.

Wordlessly, he raised his hand – the one he had been stroking himself with – to Ryou's lips. His tips of his fingers were sticky with his essence; it was rather messy, he had to admit. But that was fine by him.

Not needing any further prompting, Ryou opened his mouth, and cast his tongue slowly over the ends of each digit, body tingling with a leftover shiver at the obscene, oddly appealing taste of Yuugi's cum as it coated his palate and made him release a soft moan. He took the fingers into his mouth, sucking on them in slow, salacious passes of his tongue as Yuugi slowly, shakily, got to his feet. Wanting more of this wonderful treat, the white-haired teen gently-yet-firmly grasped the other by his hips, and willingly worked on cleaning up the mess Yuugi had left on himself. That surprisingly skillful tongue dragged mischievously over his boyfriend's exhausted cock, and along milky-pale thighs, carefully wiping away all remnants of the night.

Had he not been so tired, Yuugi would've considered a second round of their foreplay. In complete honesty, he looked absolutely stunned by Ryou's bold “special treatment”. He blinked.

Then he smirked.

Needless to say, Yuugi Mutou looked like the cat that had gotten the cream.

Sighing heavily as exhaustion tugged at his muscles, and seventeen-year-old flopped unceremoniously onto Ryou's bed, next to said bed-owner, dragging him down as he went. After some awkward, sluggish shifting and writhing around, the two managed to redress themselves, and crawl beneath the duvet for some well-needed rest.

Silence, and then: "Wow... I wasn't expecting that to happen," Ryou laughed airily, "I need to have these kinds of dreams more often, if this is the result!"

A second laugh was breathed into the air, which now smelled like sweat and sex. But it didn't bother them much. Nothing opening a window couldn't fix. Well, if they could be bothered to get up, that is. “Gods, I love you, Ryou...” Yuugi sighed heavily, a dreamy wake to his voice, “Thank you so much for that. Really.”

There was another quiet, breathless chuckle. “I should be the one thanking you,” he pointed out with a yawn, “After all, I'm the one who got sucked off by you.”

They shared a quiet, amused chuckle. “Dibs for next turn,” he half-joked, unable to resist the suggestive tease, “If your mouth is any better than it was on my fingers, then I'm going to be in for one hell of a ride the next time we do this.”

Ryou gave a weak, albeit playful punch to Yuugi's shoulder in retaliation. “Idiot,” he grumbled with a fond smile, sinking into unconsciousness. “Oh, and Yuugi...?”

“Yes, my Heart?”

“I love you, too.”

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