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Disclaimer: I do not own any of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM or the Characters in this story hese are owned Kazuki Takahashi and related companies. Nor do I make any money from writing this story.

Authors Note: This is an Item Swap Au where Ryo gets the Millennium Puzzle and Atem (not revealed yet), and Yugi ends up with the Millennium Ring and the spirit inside of it. And Because Anzu's loyalties are really tied to Yugi, the main girl in this story will be Miho, just to switch things up.

On another note, this story is based highly on the manga, as for events and such. And starts out at when Ryo is introduced. Once all of the Ryo-Oh! Story is done after seven major stories containing pre Duelist Kingdom events, Duelist Kingdom, Duel City (made into Two Parts), R!, and Memory World are done, then there will be a few minor stories such as Ryo-Oh! Origins where it shown how Ryo gets and solves the puzzle and how Yugi receives the Ring and the events that lead into first chapter of this story right here. Along with a few other stories to tie up some loose ends as well. With will be Ryo-Oh! Extras! And Ryo-Oh! Unity!.

So in all 10 stories. And the updates will try to be once a day, and even 1+ chapters a day. Since I am a college student I might nor make it everyday, but here's to trying my best. Durring my semeter off (which I do every summer like a wennie) I'll probably be much, much more active.

I hope you enjoy my story, and please leave a review, if you so desire. I love knowing what the readers think of my work, and what they think I should work on more, or keep up.

Just a few more things that would be needed to take note of, since in the canon Ryo is refereed to his last name (like everyone else minis Anzu and Yugi) that is how Yugi will be called by everyone, so he'll be called by his own last name 'Mutou'. And Ryo will be called Ryo by everyone.

And once Atem and the Spirit of the Ring are introduced you all should know that Dark Ryo/ Other Ryo they will be talking about Atem/The Pharaoh, and when they talk about Dark Mutou/Other Mutou they are all talking the Spirit of the Ring/“Bakura”.

Ryo-oh! - Chapter 1 - "The Boy with the Millennium Puzzle"

          The day was like another for the students chatting about the classroom, in Domino High School, before the start of their first period. Seeing friends their first thing in the morning for most of them, chatting about what they wanted to do for break, what they brought for lunch- and other such trivial manners that made the school day more bearable. All but one boy who sat quietly and alone. That was until a female students came running into the room from the hall shouting to everyone there- breaking the normal routine.

          “Hey guys! There's some big news! Our class is getting a transfers student! And it's a guy!” She ran to a small group of friends who gather up front by the door to listen to her, Yugi listened in- for what else did the boy have to do with his time? Besides maybe he could finally make a friend.

          “Oh wow really?” One girl said.

          “Did you see him? What does he look like?” Went another.

          “Oh I saw him and he's really cute!” The originator went.

          Suddenly the door the started to open and girls ran to their seats as the teacher walked in with the boy. He had long white hair, pale skin, green eyes. He had a school uniform on, and a large looking gold pendant, in the shape of an upside down pyramid, hung around his neck from a brown rope, that was what caught Yugi's eyes the most. His hand went to feel his own under his shirt. He had to keep it hidden there, his own goelen pendant, to make sure bullies didn't try to take it... Yugi wanted to know more about him already. Feeling drawn to the boy and his pendant.

          “He really is cute!” After that all the girls where whispering about themselves, and the boy grumbled under their breaths.

          “Attention everyone!” The teacher called out into the classroom, making the chatty students go quiet. He seemed pleased with that. “We have a knew student joining us today.” he turned to write the student's name on the chalkboard as the boy introduced himself.

          “My name is Ryo Bakura, I'm very pleased to meet you all.” He greeted everyone, and turned looked Yugi- catching him staring, making the other boy look away.

          “Now where to have you sit” The teacher musing caught Ryo's attention and he turned to look at him, waiting for his instructions. “Ah- I know. You can sit next to Jounochi.”

          Ryo went to where the blond boy was sitting, much to the dismay of many girls, and sat down next him. The started talking and hit it off right away, talking about games and other such things until the teacher hushed them and started his lesson for the day.


          “Ryo these are my friends! Honda, and Miho!” He grinned introduction all everyone to each other. Everyone was gathered around the new kid, and Yugi was busy packing up his things. Listening in like always.

          “It's nice to meet you!” Miho smiled at him- clearly she too had been taken in by his looks. “Say Ryo do have any hobbies?”

          “Oh I really love games.” He smiled at her, he was about to say something else when Jounochi piped up.

          “Really? Hey Mutou over there” He gestured to the boy- Ryo stared at him, it was the one who had been staring at him before. “His family owns a game shop.”

          “Really?” Ryo turned over to him, he wondered if Yugi liked games as much as he did. “What kind of games do you play?”

          “… All sorts.” The short teen admitted, a bit sheepishly. “Although my favorite is Duel Monsters!”

          “That's a game that's really popular in the United States right?” Ryo asked him.

          “Yea... but it's becoming more popular here too. My grandpa sells lots of cards all the time.”

          “Hey how about we all go to the Game Shop tomorrow! We can get Mutou to show use some Duel Monsters stuff. He's pretty good at the game.” Jounochi said excitedly, and grinning. Thinking he came up with a great way for everyone to spend time together.

          Ryo looked at Yugi's face, noticing that he didn't really seem like this idea very but before he could say something about it Yugi asked him a question.

          “Um... actually I was wonder about your pendant Ryo... where did you get it?” He asked to change the topic and because he really wanted to know.

          “Oh... it was a gift from my father. It's my Millennium Puzzle, it came from the tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh.” He smiled he was so happy when his father gave it to him, it was so much to work on all of those years. Giving him something to do.

          “Do you mind if see it?” Yugi asked, and Ryo shook his head- telling it was fine, before taking it off from around his neck and handed it too the boy. “I also...”

          Suddenly Yugi felt a sharp pain in his chest and with a shaky hand, handed the puzzle back to Ryo.

          “What's wrong Mutou?” Ryo asked, taking it back. He looked so worried, did something happen? He didn't know.

          “It's nothing...” He tried his best to brush it off, to convince Ryo everything was alright but it did nothing to reassure the other teen. Just when Ryo was going to try again a group of girl's crowded around him and dragged him off to give him a free tour of the school. Giving Yugi the chance to escape anymore questions.


          Yugi hide away in the boy's restroom. Going in front of the one of the mirrors and pulling out his Millennium Ring- it was a golden just like Ryo's puzzle, but was a ring with a right side up triangle in it with an eye on it, and five spikes hung from it's bottum.

          Why does my chest keep hurting? He though to himself, looking his pedant. Ever since I touched Ryo's puzzle... it looks so similar to my own.

          Yugi frowned but, gave it no more though, placing his pendent back under his shirt and heading out of the restroom and to the school's exit. Just as he was about to leave he thought he heard laughter- but he knew he was alone... he brushed it off to be his imagination.


          Meanwhile Ryo was being shown around the school by the group of girls who whisked him away. Pointing out different school rooms, to him as they walked through the halls.

          “Here's the music room!”

          “Here's the bathroom!”

          All the while Ryo just awkwardly tagged along- he would have much preferred to just stayed hanging out with everyone else from before. It was much more fun talking about with Mutou than... whatever this was. He just wasn't good with girls. That was when the gym teacher came out to yell at them all for not being in class.

          “Shouldn't you all be in class? And what are you going around with a flock of girls.” He looked at Ryo with a hrd glare, already not liking him. “You're that new kid aren't you? I heard you had problems at your old school- However we have rules at Domino High and his long hair is against them.”

          He grabbed a fist full and yanked on the white locks hard. “Listen here mister fashionable, I expect you to have a crew cut by tomorrow and only then I'll treat as a student of this school!” He left with a laughed, leaving the girls to fuss over Ryo.

          “He's just awful!”

          “Are you okay?”

          Ryo sighed, glad that the teacher was gone. And he turned his attention back to his company. “Yes, I'm fine. Although I think wan to be alone right now.”

          The girl begrudgingly let him be. He met up with Honda, Jounochi and Miho as they where leaving the school, they all ran into Yugi on their way out.

          “Hey Mutou!” Ryo smiled at him. “We got talking any where wondering if we could come over tomorrow to play Duel Monsters… if not everyone could over to my apartment, I have a really fun game we could play there.”

          Yugi, really looked like he didn't want too. Ryo frowned. “If you don't want too that's okay.”

          “No! I really want too! I want to play games with all of you... ” he frowned, and continued on. “It's just.... bad things have been happening around me. I don't... I don't want to have any of you get hurt!”

          In their confusion Yugi ran off, to get home as fast as he could, not even looking back. He would love to make friends with them, play games with them... but people around him getting hurt, even if they were bullies it filled with him guilt to even think it was his fault. He didn't want anything to happen to the people he actually cared about, it would kill him inside.


          Later that night, Yugi was sitting alone in his room. His mother was out, and his grandfather was sleeping like a log. Yugi was glad to finally have some time alone. He was really only distracting himself, he sighed- giving up on his homework when he heard the same laughter from before.

          It's that voice again! He looked around his room trying to find out where it as coming from. It couldn't have been his imagination this time! “Who's there!”

          /Oh so you can hear my voice now, can you?/ The tone of the voice was patronizing, as if it where a god taking the time to notice an ant to not step on it. It made Yugi's blood run cold, he couldn't speak, he was still frozen in shock. /I guess from now now, I'll be able to speak with my Host. Truly a day to remember!/

          The voice laughed again. /And there is something else worth remembering too! I finally met him! The boy with the Millennium Puzzle! After 3,000... It must be because you touched the puzzle that you can hear me now./

          Yugi was afraid, was this voice going to hurt Ryo?! “Who- what are you!”

          /Who am I?”/ The voice mocked him, treating like this question had the most obvious answer in all the world. /Why... I've been with you a very long time, and in the Ring of Wisdom- the Millennium Ring even longer./

          “Millennium Ring?” He tried to pulled the ring out but it wouldn't come- and he felt it tug on his skin. Frantic he unbuttoned his school shirt to find that the five spikes the hung from it had drug into his torso. “Th-the pendant!”

          Yugi was left in shock as the voice rang in his ears again. Filled with sadistic mirth it chuckled.

          “Stop it!” Yugi cried out. “Get out of mt body!”

          The voice rang out again, Yugi tried covering his ears to block it out, but it was no use, if anything the voice seemed to enjoy these action. /Now, now... don't be so cold. Believe me when I say that it feels really good in you!- besides that haven't you noticed who I've been helping you all this time? I am not cruel-/

          “What do you mean?” Yugi was confused. “helping... ?” A slow and horrific realization was rushing over him. “All those bullies?! That was you?!”

          /Bingo! It's been my rent up till now!/ The voice sounded like it was praising a dog that learned a new trick. Still completely patronizing. /But I can grant wishes too. What was your greatest wish? The the wish for true friends- one who wont ever leave you. I can help with that! Besides I can get something I want out of this too! The Millennium Puzzle!/


          It was strange, Ryo had no idea how he got there. The school was empty, and he knew he had gone home. Confused he walked out of the building, in was the dead of night outside. And he stared to run home, Domino was full criminals just like any other city would be and he didn't not want to get into a stick situation.

          What he did not know was the teacher from earlier in the way, the one had given him so much trouble was now lying unconscious the floor.


          The next day Ryo, Jounouchi, Honda and Miho were walking down the street. Chatting among themselves.

          “Did you guys here about Mr. Kartia?” Jounouchi said, Ryo looked over to him confused, but his question was soon answered by Honda.

          “Yea, I heard he was found in the school and had to be taken for the hospital. The teachers wont say what happened though.” He looked over to Ryo. “Wasn't he the teacher you said was giving you trouble yesterday?”

          “He was... ” Ryo grimaced. It wasn't the first time something like this happened. Where someone was cruel or mean to him and ended up hurt. Badly sometimes. One of them even died. “So about Mutou?”

          “Yea, Mutou didn't come to school today.” Miho said, as they all walked and stopped in front of the game shop, the boy's grandfather was out front of the shop sweeping. He looked up once he noticed them all.

          “Are you all friends of my grandson?” He guessed at that, since the Game Shop was close for right now.

          “We are!” They smiled, and the old man showed them inside, telling them Yugi's room was upstairs and how to get to it. They knocked on the door and it opened- Yugi nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw them- needed to get them to leave...

          “Hey Mutou! You weren't in school today, so we deiced to check up on you!” Jounochi grinned at him, being friendly. “And now you can show use that Duel Monster stuff you where talking about before!”

          Oh no.... “You guess all need to leave- “ He tried to get out, but where was change. His appearance altered slightly, and a strange smile spread from his lips. The voice from before had possessed Yugi's body. “Sorry. I'm so glad you ll could make it. I'll gladly play with you. You are my friends after all.”

          He showed them into in Yugi room. And everyone ooed and awed over the games the boy had collected up there.

          “How about well play duel monsters now! … I now it is rarely one a two player things but I bet if everyone put their favorite cards in Ryo's deck it would be a lot of fun.” He grinned when everyone started saying how much fun it was going to be, and praised the idea.

          “Yea it will be like we're fighting together!”

          Only Ryo looked at 'Yugi' with suspicion.


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