Spawn of the Incubi

BY : Ocean_Eyes
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Anya twirled the lemon within her coke, almost wishing it were something a little less carbonated and a little more…emotionally numbing. Honestly, all she felt was pain and wanted it all to go away, though going to a club with a few girlfriends, Tea and Mai, was not what she had in mind. She knew they only wanted to help, but whenever they went to a place as active and packed as it was that evening, they only had one thing in mind.

That was something that Anya did not want, nor something she was really ready for. She sighed, remembering that that was one of the main reasons that her last relationship crashed and burned.

“Girl, you need to get over him,” Mai said, swishing around her glass of tequila. “You’re not doing your self-esteem any good by locking yourself in your apartment and painting those disturbing portraits.”

“They’re an extension of my emotions…” Anya retorted tiredly.

“They’re a mess is what they are. You really need to get yourself some action or else this break-up is going to eat you alive.”

Tea nodded after taking a gulp of her Bloody Mary, “Mai’s right, Anya. You need to at least do something to get Lupin off of your mind.”

Rolling her silver eyes, Anya let her mind wander around the rest of the club. All of the dancing bodies grinding against each other. The bodies that weren’t on the dance floor were all drinking, talking, and laughing together.

Oh, how she envied them. What she wouldn’t give to be able to interact and become so intimate with such ease. Her self-esteem was already tragically low from the beginning, but after forcing Lupin out of her life, she wasn’t sure how she was going to recover-

Anya’s whole body suddenly went stiff and a shudder suddenly racked her spine. Her eyes scanned the entire scene, knowing full well that there was some sort of powerful presence within the room that made her react like this. Silver irises kept searching, but then her pupils dilated as they settled on what she believed was the very source of her unsettling tension.

Among the group of swaying and sweating bodies, one in particular shined among all the rest. And it was clear that everyone else thought so as well.

His head was thrown back violently, scattering his ivory locks before lashing back at the back of his black leather jacket. His pitch black jeans hugged his legs and hips in the most delicious of ways, especially with the way that his body moved along with the music.

Speaking of his body, Anya thought for a moment that she was looking at some sort of porcelain-skinned Adonis. He wasn’t overly muscular, but the silky crimson red shirt had its few open buttons reveal that he had a six pack at the very least underneath. His face, just like the rest of his body, was well-sculpted and seemed to be soft, but in a masculine way.

His eyes were lidded, obviously allowing the passion and endorphins take him over, but it disappointed her in such a strange way. She wanted to see those eyes, and she also wanted to see if those eyes were as perfect as the rest of his body was.

“So, you see, Anya. We’re doing this for your own good,” Tea said. Her eyebrow arched as her friend’s eyes were glazed over, showing that she was drawn to something else entirely. She and Mai’s eyes went to where Anya was looking, and even they couldn’t help but be drawn to the god on the dance floor.


Bakura’s smirk couldn’t have grown wider, though in in a very minute way, he felt like he was cheating his way to his prey this evening. After all, the thrill of the hunt is what made the feasting of their sexual energy so much more satisfying.

But it was quite amusing to see everyone squirm each time he excreted his powerful pheromones. How the young women basically threw themselves at him, trying to get so much as a grind or two against him.

Time to raise the bar a little.

Bakura could practically hear all of the women around him purr in desire as he slowly slipped his jacket off of his body while never missing a beat to the music. The leather was removed to reveal the rest of his dark red button-up shirt. With a twist of his body, he threw his jacket out into a random direction before arching his back and jerking back up. He ran his fingers through his snow white bangs, brushing them back as the song ended.

While many of the women had went back to dance to the next song, quite a few of the women had still stuck around him. For the first time since the song began, he opened his mahogany-colored eyes and began to scan the area for his jacket.

It wasn’t until he looked to his far right that he found his possession, along with a few candidates as his meal for the evening. Three girls, two of them having their eyes on the third, who was staring at the leather jacket that had landed in her lap.

Her onyx black hair, held back by a yellow headband, ran down to the middle of her back from the looks of it. She wore a violet V-neck with a black undershirt along with a pair of dark blue jeans, black boots, and a pair of black elbow-length fingerless gloves with various tears along the arm. Certainly not the most flamboyant hen in his rooster house, but very attractive nonetheless.

Oh, yes. This one was definitely worth looking into.

Bakura’s smirk remained as he stepped forward, landing quite gracefully off of the raised platform and over to the table.


The fact that the black leathery piece of clothing was thrown into her lap in the first place was surprise enough for Anya. However, she did notice something the moment she picked it up slightly. Not the feel, not even warmth of it, but the smell of it. Without even bringing it close to her nose, the very scent of the jacket stirred something within her. Something primal and somewhat

“I believe that belongs to me, and I would very much like it back.”

All three girls darted their gazes to Bakura, who quirked an eyebrow up at Anya suggestively. Her breath hitched in her throat as she tried to think of what she could say or do. What she did do first, however, was get a better look at the masterpiece in front of her.

She could tell completely by his smirk, his chest stuck out, and his eyebrow arched in just that certain way that he was full of cockiness. The glint in his chocolate brown eyes also sent a message that was quite clear to her.

He knew she was watching him and liked what she saw.

Anya gasped softly, lifting the jacket to its owner, “Oh! Sorry. Here’s your jacket…”

The young man grinned, almost maniacally, as he reached his arms out. Poor Anya didn’t even see it coming as his hands stretched past the jacket and latched onto her forearms. The black-haired beauty squeaked as she was pulled up from his seat and just about three inches from the two being chest-to-chest.

Bakura leaned in close to her neck, taking in a deep breath of her scent before letting out a lustful breath of warm air right at her ear. She shuddered as he whispered, “Divine. Simply divine. What is your name, my pet?”

Anya blinked, her silver eyes beginning to glaze over and her thoughts became harder to process…Of course, it wasn’t entirely her own fault since Bakura was using his pheromones to their full concentration.

With a shake of her head, Anya pulled away slightly and replied, “A-Anya. I’m Anya.”

Oh yes. This one will do quite nicely for this evening.

“Well, well,” Mai whispered to Tea. “It looks like we found the solution to Anya’s little problem.”

Tea muffled a giggle with her hand. Meanwhile, Bakura pursed his lips, letting them smack softly before letting his sardonic smirk return, “Anya. Come and dance with me.”

Whether she wasn’t thinking clearly or that she didn’t want to be rude, Anya merely nodded before being dragged onto the dance floor. The black leather jacket was dropped carelessly onto the floor, obviously neither of them caring of what would become of it.

Anya had no clue what she was doing with herself. First she was wallowing in her own bullshit about her ex, and now she was allowing herself to be lead into an unpredictable night with this stranger!

Granted, he was a very hot stranger, but he also had some sort of aura that just…didn’t feel natural. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she felt as if something was manipulating her thoughts and emotions to make him all the more irresistible.

You’re so hypnotizing

Could you be the devil?

Could you be an angel?

Bakura’s arm latched around her, his palm resting on her hip while the other hand slithered its way up her back and tangling his fingers through her hair. Anya, while still keeping in beat with the sway of the music that was slowly picking up, planted her hands on his shoulders. She had never really cared for dancing, and therefore didn’t do it that much, but this was clearly a powerful exception.

Your touch magnetizing

Feels like I am floating

Leaves my body glowing

Her resistance to his pheromones was astounding, Bakura thought. Even for this long, he could see within her silver irises that she was fighting off the sexual desires that were beginning to course through her. If that were the case, then he would need to kick it up a notch.

Anya gasped softly when he tugged lightly on her hair, tipping her head back as far as it would go. He nuzzled his nose against the heated flesh of her throat, going so far as to let out short, harsh pants against her skin.

They say be afraid

You’re not like the others

Futuristic lover

Different DNA

They don’t understand you

Hesitantly, Anya let her hand wander down his arm, feeling both the silky material and the lean muscle of his arm. Her intended next move, she thought, was an incredibly bold one, at least in her case. She didn’t want to seem so inappropriate, but she just couldn’t contain herself for much longer.

So, after closing her eyes and counting to three, Anya removed her hand from Bakura’s arm and slid it up through the bottom of his shirt. Her being shuddered as her assumption was correct:  his abdomen was warm to the touch and packed with lean muscle.

Bakura inwardly smirked. She was completely hooked.

You’re from a whole other world

A different dimension

You open my eyes

And I’m ready to go

Lead me into the light

“Wow. I didn’t think that one guy would get Anya going like this,” Mai commented, she and Tea watching with wide eyes from the side. “I don’t even think Lupin ever made her look like that.”

“Does she even know his name? Who is that guy anyway?” the brunette asked.

“Don’t know,” Mai shook her head. As the barkeeper passed by, she tugged at his apron, “Hey, Doug. Who’s the hunk up on stage? White hair, red shirt, dancing with Anya.”

Doug’s eyes roamed up onto the stage before shrugging his shoulders, “Don’t really know much about that boy. Showed up every night for the past three days. All I know is that any girl that’s danced with him like that don’t go through the night without getting her world rocked. Your girl still a virgin?”

“Like a nun,” Mai blandly replied, “but quite frankly, if I had to choose between fucking Lupin and staying a virgin, I’d say she chose right. He was a complete pig.”

Kiss me! Ki-ki-kiss me!

Infect me with your love and

Fill me with your poison

Take me! Ta-ta-take me!

Wanna be a victim

Ready for abduction

Anya went against Bakura’s hand, leaning her head down and placing her ear where his heart would be. She was unsurprised to hear it practically pounding against his chest, much like hers was. It seemed that he didn’t mind the move she made and, in fact, made him let his fingers run out of her hair and place his free hand upon her waist.

Boy, you’re an alien

Your touch so foreign

It’s supernatural


Everything was going along smoothly so far according to Bakura. However, he had to make sure to keep this mortal aroused and begging for more in order to secure his meal. So now it was time to demonstrate what else he was capable of.

Anya gasped as she just now noticed the searing heat coming from her groin. The dance between the two had just barely started and she was already feeling like a bitch in heat right in front of a complete stranger.

You’re so supersonic

Wanna feel you powers

Stun me with your lasers

In an attempt to relieve some of the heat, Anya moved her leg away, inadvertently brushing her knee against his crotch. Even above all of the music and noise, she heard her mystery dance partner let out a strained moan, though that’s not the only surprise that she was met with at the action. Her cheeks and even her ears flushed visibly when she felt something warm and hard press against her leg.

Bakura mentally cursed himself at how easily he allowed himself to get aroused, and especially this early into the hunt. It was a good thing he was the only one of his kind in this area of Domino and as far as everyone else knew, he was merely a hot and horny young stud looking for a good time.

Your kiss is cosmic

Every move is magic

You’re from a whole other world

A different dimension

You open my eyes

And I’m ready to go

Lead me into the light

Anya’s silver eyes snapped open wide, only to meet the pair of brown ones that looked down upon her. It felt as if ever since she was lifted from her seat that she was placed in some sort of trance and had now awoken, but couldn’t bear to tear herself away.

Kiss me! Ki-ki-kiss me!

Infect me with your love and

Fill me with your poison

Take me! Ta-ta-take me!

Wanna be a victim

Ready for abduction

With all the willpower she had, Anya lightly pushed herself away from the man. Bakura’s eyes never left hers, though both they and his face were impossible to read at the moment. So whether he was disappointed, angry, or expecting that reaction, she didn’t know.

“Anya, no! Why the hell would you turn down the most attractive guy in the club?!” Mai whisper shouted.

Boy, you’re an alien

Your touch so foreign

It’s supernatural


Bakura inwardly groaned. So, Anya was one of those virgins. The very few that he’s had to deal with that actually could fight against his influence. Well, if he couldn’t win his meal with his magic, he’d just have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Anya let her eyelids drop down slightly as she sighed, turning away to leave the dance floor. Why the hell couldn’t she allow herself to get comfortable with a guy? Stupid Lupin…

However, she was about to learn that this evening between she and this stranger was far from being done.

She stiffened like a board when she felt a pair of hands grasp her hips. Her arms were already at her side, so now she was basically a prisoner to his advances.

This is transcendental

On another level

Boy, you’re my lucky star

The black-haired girl gulped when his groin pressed against her from behind, grinding lightly against her. Her eyes slid shut and her head tipped back in ecstasy, which was exactly what Bakura wanted.

His soft lips made contact with her heated flesh, eagerly kissing and nibbling at her neck. Anya’s pleasured moan was lost to the chaos and volume of the music in the room, but was not unheard by her enigmatic partner.

I wanna walk on your wavelength

And be there when you vibrate

For you, I risk it all

Anya couldn’t help herself but grind back against him, whimpering in need as she felt his denim-covered erection press against her own covered desire. Bakura smirked triumphantly, hissing in pleasure at the thought of taking this young woman’s virginity. It had been such a long time since he had done that, perhaps about a few decades.


Kiss me! Ki-ki-kiss me!

Infect with your love and

Fill me with your poison

Everyone on the dance floor backed away, their eyes locked onto the pair of dancers that seemed to be in their own little world. Bakura traced his lips across her heated flesh and up to her ear, breathing on it before taking her earlobe between his teeth.

Anya gasped, her eyes opening, trying to blink away the dizziness that pooled within her vision. Frankly, she thought, it was too hard to do, and was better off waiting until their dance was over to try and clear her mind.

Take me! Ta-ta-take me!

Wanna be a victim

Ready for abduction

Boy, you’re an alien

Your touch so foreign

It’s supernatural


“That’s what I’m talkin’ about, Anya!” Tea cheered for her friend. Mai merely leaned back and watched, obviously satisfied that Anya had reconsidered possibly going to bed with this model-worthy masterpiece. Well, either it was that, or that guy just knew how to press a woman’s buttons in just the right way.

Bakura released Anya’s hips and spun her around, their chests pressing together and leaving no space between them. Bakura was greatly satisfied to see that Anya’s focus and resistance was as good as gone.



Boy, you’re an alien

Your touch so foreign

It’s supernatural



The two were left panting harshly, spending their high looking into each other’s eyes. Well, at least Bakura was. Anya was merely trying to regain her focus and leave the stage to get back to her friends.

“Well then, why don’t we finish our little game somewhere else? Perhaps at your place?” Bakura purred to her, brushing a few stray black bangs back behind her ear.

Anya slammed her eyes shut before opening up wide again, finally regaining their concentration. They darted up and down, noticing and panicking at how close she was to him before pushing herself away from him.

“I-I’m sorry! It’s not you, I swear. I’m just…I’m sorry, I have to go!”

Anya turned away without waiting for a reply and fled from the scene. Bakura’s disappointment was well hidden, but that wasn’t enough to relieve the awkwardness on the dance floor. Now he had to start all over again for his meal since it was quite clear that he was going to get nothing from this one.

“Those were some impressive moves there, stud.”

“Hmm?” Bakura looked over his shoulder only to become face-to-face with those two friends of Anya’s. The brunette held his jacket in her arms while the blonde had a hand on her hip.

“Please don’t be offended by Anya. She’s just really shy.”

Bakura merely closed his eyes and smirked, “Is that so?”

“Believe me it is. Well, wish we could stick around, but the night is still young,” Mai said, taking Bakura’s hand with both of hers and shook it. “But, if you are interested, Anya’s place is at the Easton Building on Parkington Avenue. Should we tell him which room, Tea?”

Tea shook her head with a small frown, “Come on, Mai. Don’t you think we’re giving this guy too much info?”

“Room 8A, handsome,” Mai pulled her hands away and turned on her heel.

Tea sighed and rolled her eyes, handing Bakura his black leather jacket, “Have a nice night.”

As she turned and walked away, Bakura held his hand up, gazing down at the silver key that Mai had slipped into his hand. The smirk he wore on his face grew more sinister as he slipped on his leather jacket.

It appears that my hunt is not yet finished.


Anya sighed as she unlocked her apartment, throwing her jacket and purse to the side before locking her door. She pressed her back against the door, breathing heavily as her moistening arousal was becoming too much to handle.

“Fuck, that was close. I don’t think I can take much more of this.”

She pushed herself off of the door and rushed to the bathroom. Discarding the sweaty clothing she wore, she dressed herself in a silky white spaghetti-strap nightgown. She turned on the faucet and splattered her face with cold water, trying to get rid of what was left of her aroused daze.

“Get a grip, Anya. It’s all over,” she spoke to herself before turning off the water. As she exited the bathroom, she smiled as she crossed the room and leaned against the table and the large cage on top of it. “Hey, Reggie. Did you have an exciting night?”

The large python within didn’t appear to regard her in any way. Anya blew out a breath of air, allowing herself to sit down on the table.

“My night was…eventful. I’m just glad that it’s over…”

“Don’t be so sure of that, my pet.”

Anya gasped, turning sharply around and her hands grasping onto the table. Bakura, with his signature smirk and all, leaned against the doorframe of her apartment entrance with his arms crossed.

“Wh-what? How-“

Bakura merely held up the silver key between his middle and index finger, “If you don’t wish to have unexpected visitors, you really should find some new friends to trust with your key.”

The girl in white closed her eyes and growled out, “Mai, Tea! They do this to me every time!”

The white-haired boy merely cocked an eyebrow at her, “I honestly don’t know why you’re making such a big fuss over this. You should be flattered that you've managed to entice me enough to not let our evening end so soon.”

Anya quirked her eyebrow, “You sound so confident. It’s very…”

“Sexy? Arousing? Please, stop me when you find a proper term.”

Her eyebrows lowered, “The word I’m actually looking for is annoying. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to leave.”

Bakura merely shook his head, “No, I don’t think I will. If you wish for me to leave, you’re going to have to physically remove me.”

“Fine. I’m plenty strong,” Anya merely shrugged, striding across the room.

The demon grinned at the challenge, I’m afraid you aren’t strong enough, little mortal.

“All right, out ya go!” she grunted, pushing with all her might against his shoulders, but it was like pushing at a tractor. Anya pushed at him even harder, “Come on…! Move your stubborn ass out of my apartment!”

Bakura shot her an amused snicker, “You must have more fight in you than that.”

Anya shouted as she threw her body at him, knocking them both out of the apartment and onto the hallway floor. While he had to admit that the wind was knocked out of him, Bakura was in no position complaining.

“Well, well. I quite like the predicament you’ve gotten us into.”

Anya looked down, flushing harshly at the incredibly provocative position the two were in. She on top of him with her hands flattened against his abdomen and his hands wrapped around her forearms.

Defiantly, she turned her face away as she began to get up, “Good. You’re out of my place, now if you’ll excuse me-“

She yelped when she was flipped over, Bakura now straddling her hips while holding her wrists out completely. His smirk was sardonic and obviously showed how pleased he was to be on top.

“I don’t think so. This night is far from over, my pet, and from now on I’m in control. Now, our little dance tonight has left me in a very generous mood, so I’m going to offer you a choice,” he spoke softly, yet so dangerously that Anya shrunk down a bit. “Your first choice is for the two of us to finish our business within the confines of your home and I am not asked to leave until I have what I desire.”

Trying to not allow him to intimidate her, Anya gulped a bit before asking, “And…what are my alternatives…?”

Bakura chuckled darkly, moving down next to her ear and whispering, “You’re only other option is that I take you by force right here and now. Either way I shall attain what I desire, but it is your choice entirely to where it happens. If you choose this, then I will have my way with you right here in this hallway, no matter what happens next or who happens to come upon us.”

Anya’s eyes widened in horror. Yes, her virginity was important to keep intact to her, but now it appeared that she had no choice but to give it up. Who knew what this guy was capable of doing to her. Plus, if she did have to give it up, at least she was lucky enough to be given at least some say in the matter. Not only that, but she was well-known in this building, and this particular one was filled with peers her own age and children.

After receiving no response, Bakura hummed, “Have it your way, then.”

He licked his lips as he slid his hands along her thighs upward, brushing against the nightgown and right up to the hem of her panties. She gasped before hastily grabbing onto his arms,

“Stop! Please, stop! You win!” she whisper-shouted. “I’ll give you what you want, just please let’s do this inside!”

Before she knew it, Anya was chest-to-chest with Bakura, her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands grasped onto his shoulders.

“You’ve made a very wise decision.” 

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